Sunday, December 27, 2009

Paris is a state of mind...

Last night I watched 'Zorro - The Musical' at the historic Folies Bergere, and fell in love with the music of the Gypsy Kings once again. It was an exhuberant and passionate production. How wrong can anybody go with flamenco and fencing, fabulous sets, gorgeous costumes and great singing? No wonder it is such a huge hit in Paris. I followed the plot in bits and pieces, but it didn't matter at all.Diageo and Luisa ki love story kept me enthralled. I even forgot about the cold and was ready to brave the wind chill factor and go in search of dinner. We found 'Toi', after walking in and out of Cafe Chic, which as its name suggests is indeed tres chic.
Earlier, Arundhati and I had changed God knows how many metros and travelled the length and breadth of Paris in search of the perfect Galette de Roi, which is the season's treat and is sold with a paper crown. The trick here is the li'l gift that is baked into the gateau. Kids love it and so do adults. The other X'Mas speciality is the clementine, which is a juicy, tiny orange. Dried figs and marons are two other yummy offerings, along with the classic macaroons ( Pierre Herme macaroons are packaged like haute couture and considered top of the line).
We walk and walk and walk. I have bought a pair of pale blue Uggs, to protect my aching feet. The Grand Palais beckons. There is a cirque inside its imposing interiors. There is also the Dali exhibit, this one featuring the master's work in gold. My darling daughter is being super patient avec moi. Let's hope I don't wear her down.


supriya said...

quite a classical description of paris shobha ma'am! Seems you alongwith your daughter having a ball there! keep rocking...

The Panorama said...

I love Paris:) It's a city you never get tired of. Enjoy your stay!

Anonymous said...

Am a new blogger and great to read ur blog Shobha mam. Can't forget your visit to Christ University in Bang :)

Well.. Your experience in Paris soundS Tres excellent :) ..
The French words in the blog gives it a real French touch... Love the language and Paris :)
Season's greetings mam.

Alex Engwete said...

As I read this second post of your Paris travelogue, what Walter Benjamin, also a great lover of Paris, said about the Paris dandy “flâneur” (stroller) of the 19th century comes to mind: “The street becomes a dwelling for the flâneur; he is as much at home among the facades of houses as a citizen is in his four walls. To him the shiny, enameled signs of businesses are at least as good a wall ornament as an oil painting is to the bourgeois in his salon. The walls are the desk against which he presses his notebooks; news-stands are his libraries and the terraces of cafés are the balconies from which he looks down on his household after his work is done.”
Now, Madame, you’ve turned into a Parisian “flâneuse.”

Jogeshwar said...

I liked reading this post, seems like you're having a lot of fun in Paris. It is interesting why is Galette de Roi sold with a paper crown, you love it because there is a li'l gift that is baked into the gateau or otherwise :)

gaelikaa said...

Paris in winter sounds nice!

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Manjiri Kale said...

I don’t know about western music, bcoz I am not listening. Hope, you both was enjoyed. “I am the typical marathi mulgi” (ha….ha….)
I want to share one thing to you that whatever I was reading about Arundhati in your books, her maximum quialties are matching with me.
(Sorry for any grammatical mistake bcoz my English is not so good. )

Vaidehi said...

it always feels gr8 to read ur blogs shobha ma'am....

ur paris description has taken me back to the French lectures during college days..which i hardly understood... :)
have a happy stay..take care

Theyoginme said...

Its great you can enjoy Paris this way with your daughter. Happy New Year!

cmpershad said...

so many dishes which i have not heard leave alone tasting :) hope you enjoyed paris sans paris hilton :)

mahatru said...

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