Monday, February 15, 2010

Indian Intelligence Agencies or Dumbos??

How many more terrorist attacks are we going to endure in the near future before citizens wake up to the tragic truth that our elected government is sleeping on the job??Do we need 'hints' from army experts that rdx was used to blow a crater into Pune's German Bakery?Do we need the Americans to remind us that they had warned India about the possibility of terrorist strikes in Pune more than a month ago, right before the visit of Robert Gates? Now we are told Nagpur, Nashik and other Tier-2 cities are on the hit list of our 'Good neighbours' ( SRK'S certificate of 'good conduct' to Pakistan).Despite the horror of the tragedy,P. Chidambaram is still making excuses for the abject intelligence failure and desperately trying to cover his department's exposed a**. Sorry dude, it's too late to make lame excuses. What took place in Pune was a disaster foretold - even the locations ( German Bakery, Osho Commune, Chabad House ) had been identified as targets. Yet, nothing was done to protect innocent lives! Our over- worked and underpaid cops were rushed from their absurd and unnecessary movie theatre duties to the spot at Koregaon Park where a powerful explosion killed 9 people and injured several more. All this carnage took place despite prior warnings and a discernible pattern to such attacks, which we are told are a part of the dreaded 'Karachi Project."
Citizens want to know what went wrong this time? What is the weak, unconvincing alibi for such a monumental intelligence failure? Who needs post-mortems and excuses? The stupidest part of our response is that we always step up security at the very location that has been devastated by a bomb, instead of anticipating and preparing for the next attack - an attack which is inevitable, given what soft targets we have reduced ourselves to. What is the point of beefing up security at the German Bakery after the deed is done and the place has been reduced to rubble?
What is the point of bringing in David Headley ( same guy who roamed the length and breadth of India freely till the Americans caught him!) each time there is a crisis? Why keep retracing his recces if nothing emerges from those trips? If our cops knew Headley's plans as they now claim, why couldn't they prevent the attack? Whether Headley stayed at Surya Hotel behind the bakery etc etc is a matter of zero interest in the context of what happened.Turning the Osho Ashram and Chabad House into fortresses now, also has little relevance. As for Chid's banning press interviews with the injured, it is such an obvious sham. What will it achieve? It is the right of journos to have access to the survivors struggling for their lives in city hospitals and file reports. How does that impact investigations? Chidambaram is nonchalantly saying it is not possible to check every student and every back packer. True. But it is definitely possible to follow leads provided by foreign agencies and take some preventive action. All our government posturing is reserved for 'later' - all explanations are given post-attack. All those amazing theories surface after the tragedy. Our ministers routinely pass the buck and trot out pathetic excuses for their own failure. Let me quote Chids again: " There is no intelligence failure, but please remember this is not an overt attack by gunmen. This is an insidious bomb that had been planted by what appears to be a backpack. It is practically impossible to check each backpack..."
This is our Home Minister talking !
In that case, why not abandon all efforts to enforce security at airports, hotels and other sensitive locations?? Why bother? Why not just sit on our butts and wait for the next attack since the government has all but thrown up its hands and conceded its helplessness in the matter?
Dumbos performing in the Jumbo Circus display higher levels of intelligence. Shame!


R@kHe$h said...

wow..u are bang on shobhaji...i was waiting for someone to spk the truth..and here u are..unlike rajdeep or barkha s**king upto these actors and politicians...we need moreppl like u..pls start a news channel...

Maria said...

Yes, yes, yes. Why don't they get their act together?

mitusingh said...

dear shobha de
thanks a lot for giving out your mind on pune blast and that too in ur usual (hard to digest) style. I was looking fwd to such a write up from u and in times like these ...we have to and we must !! speak out. The people holding those higher offices need to be held accountable. I completely agree with you when you address our intelligence agencies as dumbos..!! they surely are just that. i was so shocked myself to read the statement of Chidambram sahab tht it was not an intelligence failure and that New Delhi was AWARE OF IT???????????????? WTF!!! If they were aware of it..then was he interested in watching a diwali fireworks??? that he and his so called intelligent asses kept sitting on their asses and did nothing about it!! and on top of everything he now has guts to tell the nation that it was not an intelligence failure??????? wtf!! do these people think that Indian citizens are morons and they can give us any stupid statement and we will buy it?? damn sometimes i really feel sorry for letting go like this, but somewhere deep inside ..such attacks on my India and loss of innocent lives hits too bad....

Unknown said...

"It is the right of journos to have access to the survivors struggling for their lives in city hospitals and file reports. How does that impact investigations?"

Let us suppose that one or more of the survivors could provide some clues that could lead the investigative agencies to the attackers. Should those be immediately broadcast on television and printed in newspapers so that the attackers could be alerted and aided in making good their escape?

BTW, SRK spoke out in support of Pakistani cricketers playing in the IPL. How many of the players were or are likely to be involved in terrorist activity in the future, according to you, simply on account of the fact that they are citizens of Pakistan?

Din0410 said...

Mr. Sharukh Khan we want you to tell Pakistan now " Stop Killing Innocent Indians" Why are you and your supporters are not coming openly now on all channels now ? Where are you hiding ?

Nikhil V said...

Terrorism cannot be defeated by the government or the police alone. The responsibility to be alert before an attack and the ability to give measured response after an attack depends on the preparedness of the society as a whole. India is not prepared to fight terrorism because Indians are complacent and reactionary.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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HU said...

Nice article!! Thumbs up!!!

Yes, we need to snub trivial issues like MNIK, and should start looking at how our hard-earned tax money is being utilized by the Government.

It's high time that Government concentrates on issues like creating employment, developing products and technologies in-house through more research and development, strengthening our State and National security. However, as you mentioned these ministers are coming up with weird and lame excuses to justify the intelligence/security failure. It's a treat to watch them handle trivial issues like MNIK leaving aside issues like economy, security and development.

And SRK, fyi, LET has plans to attack other cities in India with the help from our good neighbour's government agency, ISI. They have even coined a name for this project: 'Project Karachi'. Does it ring any bells? Where have you disappeared all of a sudden? Please appear on TV shows and please share your views on what diplomacy needs to be practised against our 'good neighbour' to avoid the forthcoming attacks from LET and ISI.

Anil Anuragi said...

This is wot i like about your writing. At the end of the day Truth is truth!!

Ameya AB said...

How do you manage to write in the way almost every commoner thinks? Great!

Djoh said...

What a pity to read again and again this kind of articles.

US and other developed countries have infiltrated the terrorist groups, they listen to everybody's phone conversation, they have records for all the citizens and those records are there for the past XX years.

What do you expect from a country which is developing fast - yet counts so many poor and uneducated people.
There are bombs blasting every so and so in Assam, a place where the Indian growth does not apply.
This time, Pune has been targeted, as a developed place (which still has its count of poors).
Nothing at all could have been done, and arguing that Chidambaram or the Gov is useless won't change it.
Cops are still getting their salary from bakshish they can manage to get, they still are illiterate and not trained properly.
This is the origin of the problem, and blaming Pakistan won't change anything to that either.
For your information, the terrorists are not Pakistanese - a terrorist doesn't belong to any country, their goal is to create anarchy and make the peace process between india and pak fails.
Stopping the discussions give them the success they are expecting after the blast.
Blast which could not have been avoided - with the cops education level, it doesn't matter if the Indian Intelligence Agency works hard or not.

As a matter of fact, I've been to the German Bakery many times. I've seen the cops recently around that place, supposedly to check whatever was happening and whatever people was coming. But with such a low budget, it was in fact two fat guys sitting on a chair all day long, checking nothing but some way to increase their salary - and who could blame them ?
They would only complain about the PM the way you do, about the government...

Unrestricted_Gate said...

A bit harsh this time Shobhaa. Written from the heart. But, the real problem is not the Intel. agencies. Its the no. of intelligent people that work in the Police forces and the extreme narrow minded agenda of the politicians who with their grade z security don't have to worry about bomb blasts.

Balvinder Balli said...

While it is agreed that the police and intellingence agencies react to a stuation rather than taking proactive measures by beating the ground when the snake has passed but at the same time no amount of intelligence or security arrangements will work unless we citizens wake up to the threat lurking around us constantly. In most of the bomb blasts that happened in the recent past, incuding the one at Pune, the unidentified baggage, contaning the explosive device, was handled by common citizens triggering the blasts. In case any unidentified object is seen lying somewhere,the people present there should immediately move away from that place and alert the experts without handling the object themselves.

Theyoginme said...

Shobhaa I was at the German Bakery several times last year and given the number of foreign tourists in that shack of a place (a cool shack!), it would have been smart of the owners to employee at least a token metal detector, and checking of bags at the entrance. This is common sense and doesnt require "intelligence" from the gov't. At the same time you are absolutely correct - it is the job of the authorities to have ensured such a public and obvious place to have been asked to or provided some protection. But the lack of intelligence is not just with the govt, its a systemic problem and part of the chalta hai mentality in the people of India.

supriya said...

shobha ji...what i feel is..these guys don't have the balls to take any actions. They can just serve their asses..!! bloody assholes...!

I really pray for the victims and their families!

Mukesh Bhatia said...

This is absolute pathetic of our govt. It seems v r a total failure on intelligence front & a mess @ security front. Now a "Common Stupid Man" of The Wednesday fame feels like reacting or perhaps retaliating.

Tramp said...

Perfecto! Hope our 'non-terrorist' Khan reads this blog.Somebody please post the link to him.Oh but wait he may not give out a statement against the Pakistani terrorists since it may affect the sales of his 'My name is Khan' tickets in Pakistan.He will go to any level for cheap publicity to sell his movies.And talking about our govt and intel agencies, after every blast we hear that these high and mighty folks 'had information' about the bomb threat prior to blast.It happens EVERY single time.Then why dont they do something to stop them damn it!!It is really frustrating to hear them say cockily that they had prior information about the blast.Brilliant post Shobaa De.Thank you very much.

Cool4u said...

Well! while most people would agree with u on what u say, I must share my opinion, which is somewhat different. Well, Ma’am, agreed we had prior information of impending strike in the vicinity of Osho Ashram. So? What would u expect, gun toting security personnel standing guard outside German Bakery and frightening all customers away. And for how long? The int report is already six months old. And if they did stand guard, another target could have been chosen. After all German bakery was not the only joint being frequented by foreigners, there are scores of them in Koregaon Park. Yes, the Pakis, if it was them, (probably yes) chose their timing well. They attacked when the police were busy guarding multiplexes. But then, wasn’t that required as well? Should we just let the Sena goons have free citizens dancing to their tune all the time.
My point is simple, a generic input about impending terror strike in a city is not enough to prevent terrorist strikes altogether. Look at Iraq, where the marines are using Guns, tanks, heptrs, aircraft and what have you............. and with the intelligence reports from CIA. Have they been able to prevent all attacks on US citizens? Yes they have done it in US, but it’s only a matter of time before Al Qaeda strikes again. They almost did, a few weeks back.
Our Govt is vigilant so this is the first terror strike since 26/11. However there is always room for improvement. As they say, sky is the limit. Ordinary citizens have some responsibility as well. Are we vigilant enough ourselves? I leave u to answer that yourself.

Crazy Blogger said...

"Chidambaram is nonchalantly saying it is not possible to check every student and every back packer."

That is NOT AT ALL a good excuse


yes...that is fact,we all know...but where is solution? Every one talking and questioning.According to Chidambaram it is not possible to check every student and every back packer.Its why do we always blame to Government? but the issue is...what should be do? so come with solution and solution is not come from individual.So Just think ...

Vaudeville of Exhilaration said...

Every bit of ur write up is undoubtedly veracious. We all are upset with the incapability of our system to prevent such macabre blasts. people say pen is a writer's biggest weapon.we all write about de dirty politics and stuffs dat bother us but it's high time we do something beyond jus penning down wat we like n wat we dont and we need pioneers like u to do something substantial.
Last but not the least we want a good and effective polititians and not the mere public speakers.

Unknown said...

it is very irresponsible of a journo like you to talk abt this like every emotionally charged Indian.. PC was handed over a completely decrepit ministry.. you cant change the whole sysem in a day.. i am sure he is working hard to change the system.. remembr the year 2007 and 2008 when every month there used to be a bomb blast.. we r far better right now.. and please dont act like the Thackeray's.. every pakistani is not a terrorist.. there might b many, but please dont generalise.. please act like a RESPONSIBLE JOURNALIST for god's sake..

Pooja Rathore said...

Dear ma de,
someone i know lost her best friend in the pune blast very sad innocent lives lost for no fault of theirs. last year we did not have any terrorist attacks our home minister said it was our good luck i think this year the home minister wil say it is our bad luck they rely on luck not on self we pay such huge taxes, they are ready to pay big money after death due to attacks why not use the same money before for security, you are right they are not very serious about terrorism or they dont know how to handle the issue especially when they knew the places of target, what more intelligence they need with this intelligence they have failed we cant hope much from them.
I think instead of home minister going to pakistan why not send SRK for talks hopefully his positive belief (good neighbours) may put pakistan in action , you rightly pointed that such large number of police force was employed for SRK movie why not for our security bcoz he is Khan and we are nobody .
prevention is better than cure is the affirmation our homeminister should practice.
you have put the truth as it is , your blog is very informative and one can get the right perspective your judgement excellent.

Unknown said...

The affair that lasted 32 years ended last night. On Valentine’s Eve. Dad broke the news out to me when I returned home with mom.
Blast at German Bakery.
I went — okaay???
Like many things, this too sunk in late. I woke up feeling empty. Numb. Angry. Confused. Directionless.
They killed my city. The only single constant that I was in love with all these years.
I want to pass by the wreckage. To take it in. But then I know, I’ll always take South Main henceforth. I am not strong enough.
I am almost in tears as I write this. I knew about the affair. That I was going around. Even before I saw ‘I heart NY’.
Pensioner’s Paradise. Oxford of the East. Mumbai’s poor cousin. Laidback. One of the safest cities in the country. All the adjectives possible. None of them given by Punekars. They’ve always been heaped by the ones who’ve visited and gone back enamored.
Well not really.
Deepak was back to posting comments on homosexuality. Taran on movies, SRK, MNIK. And these are the people who’ve stayed … no lived … an important part of their lives in Pune. Does it mean nothing to them? Or is it just me?
The true Puneites will bitch about it amongst themselves. But they’ll stand up if some outsider takes it on.
I can never forget this and go on with my life as if nothing happened.
I have been biased. But then that’s just me. Or is it?
I love(!) someone more for their flaws than their qualities. And no. I will not list the flaws here. There are too many.
This is an Obituary. Coz I know, I’ll never feel the same again. It’s dented. Broken. Irreparable. Irreplaceable.
I am single again. On Valentines. And it does not feel good.

Nirbhay said...

@Shobha & Bloggers,
Please do not do Paki bashing like Sena for they are good neighbours.And if you do that, our SRK will get upset.
You know what happens if he gets upset.He will call his Moma "Sonia".Suddenly all India is after Paki bashers as
a) They are good neighbours
b) SRK understands their agenda than acting.
c) We really like what Pakis do to us.

goodway said...
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Jyostna said...

I wldn't throw mud on the Intelligence Agencies, as it the responsibility of the higher authorities to give a nod to proceed. Our folks are so busy promoting/dramatizing SRK's movie that they hardly cld care a damn abt this voilence. Do the Senas think that Pune is not part of Maharastra..wherez all the fuss thatz been happening for the past week.

curtainz_fire said...

blah blah blah..Gone are the days when one used to say it was all unexpected and now its all expected though these brain washed fellas have been so effectual in their nasty plans. What is the most crucial thing missing here is we are running out of using 'ONE WORD'..You could just imagine that if this would have all happened in US then how they would have dealt and retaliated. Government should make a priority list to deal with as there have been enough issues cooking up in our country.period.
I completely agree with you about calling intelligence agencies as dumbos. We got tactful minds but lacking of enough strive.

Unknown said...


What ever you wrote is very true.
It is on each and every Indian's mind, but can never be told/expressed.

Very true our Netas commit the same mistake of 'Bolting the stable after the horse has fled'.
There is no preventive action/plan on board.

We all depend on personalities like you to write/speak the truth, but do you'll? or is it only to suit your own whims and fancy? to hit out at one another.

I do not agree with some of your blog dost, that you are firey,fierce and speak the truth.
If it was true, then you would not spare your own people by calling a spade a spade.

Why do you fight shy and treat them with woollen gloves.
They are as bad, or even worse off, than these terrorists, as they beat up and destroy their own/our Country men and property.
Yes they terrorise the weak and break/damage property, which cannot fight/hit back.

Our forces cannot contain the known terrorists, that they see every day. How do you expect them to
aprehend these mf's who have no God. They are not HUMAN, as they snuff out innocent lives in such a ghastly manner. I am sure even SATAN will not want them in HELL.

I understand that this is your space, but I am sure you will not scowl like the big B, who gets offended when brick bats are thrown at him. It is all in the game.


Bertie said...

Dear Ms. De,

For the first time I have liked an article by you.

I wonder what made you stick your neck out and canvass for the same Party during the elections... (overtly, if that is any solace)

Think once!!

Latha said...

SRK is an artist. And artists need everybody's support to survive & cannot afford to have enemity with anyone.
Whereas your MNS & Shiv Sena are sooooo concerned about Marathi manoos ? Where are they ? What are they doing ? The tigers don't even meaou now ? Have they become voiceless suddenly ? Have they done anything for the manoos they are so defending vociferously ?
Having said that let's hope that the security people will install metal detectors in Nashik & other soft targets. It is not the police but specially trained anti-terror sqaud that should be posted when there is prior warnings. Citizens also have a role to play in being alert. Let us inform every uneducated person like waiters who have no access to media to inform the police if they find an unidentified article instead of meddling with it themselves.
Kaafi khoon beh chuka hai. Ab aur nahi.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Someone needs to slip truth serum into Chidambaram's saambar!

All that emphatic mundu flapping while absolving security agencies under his command, works only for Rajnikant movies. After Rajni flaps his mundu, atleast he does take on the bad guys AND THEY DONT RETURN! Idher pe, Chidambaram is going home to enjoy his payasam until the next blast. Until then his orders for the security apparatus probably is, "look for gunmen actually shooting in an overt attack because only that is actionable intelligence".

Unknown said...

Our leaders should have taken stock of the situation & beefed up the necessary security post 26\11.All this buck passing only goes on to prove sheer irresponsibility.How many more lives before anyone takes heed ?

RAJ47 said...

Hi Shobhaa,
It is indeed sad that the terrorists have been successful yet again.
But we must understand certain aspects which I feel are being missed out.
Everyone can’t distinguish RDX especially after it is blown off. It does need real experts who are professionally extremely qualified.
The intelligence received from external intelligence agencies is always generic i.e. no time, date or place is mentioned. Have any arrests been made on their intelligence till date? NO! NEVER!! It is always easy to say we did warn you. Even with the mightiest of intelligence infrastructure the US could not predict 9/11. That is so much for their efficiency.
We all as good citizens should be extra vigilant at public places knowing our extra keen neighbor and our lack luster government. I am sure all of us would have felt extremely humiliated if all persons coming to German Bakery or Osho Ashram or Chabad House were frisked and our backpacks checked for more than a month or till the explosive was found. The owners of these places themselves would have objected to such a check.
Not permitting journalists to interview the survivors is done if the police suspect one of them to be the culprit.
Are we ready to pay extra taxes to pay the police/intelligence agencies so that they can run more efficiently than Western nations?
Can we support/force the government to teach Pakistan a lesson, once and for all?
Does our government have the courage or resources to occupy Pakistan as US did Afghanistan?
Does anyone of us have a really intelligent plan to sort out this neighborly menace?

RAJ47 said...

Please read this too!!!

goodluck said...

You have supported indirectly sainik's grievances or agenda behind violent attacks. Thus these terrorists may have some grievances and agenda. Thats why dont try to support one type of violence because it makes others to justify there violence. Why blame Chidambaram when the problem is so complicated? Instead of playing the blamegame everytime, do something positive. Why make fun of sambar and mundu showing regional intolerance? It seems all of you are taking this incident just to bash the government which tried to bring some order to the society? It shows a degree of immaturity and childishness.

goodluck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
goodluck said...

The only silver lining is that this MNIK is rejected by the masses. I am sick of SRK's arrogance and the way SRK and KJO try to influence the entire media into giving their movie undeserving praise at the cost of good movies.The nexus these so called critics have with this duo is clearly exposed once again. They may be thanking SS for making their film draw the initial crowds and now they may be thinking of some other controversy.

Unknown said...

mz de, ever stop to wonder why events occur when they do? what led to the police being deployed at theatres on this weekend? why was the focus on IPL and pak-indo talks and not the info the americans gave us? terrorism is always planned in such detail that the obvious connections appear innocent. "ghar ka bhedhi lanka dhaaye". and also, where were the man(h)oos? instead of saving their state from other indians, why don't they save their state from homegrown terrorists and cross-border attackers? the headleys, ranas, the kasabs will never succeed if they did not have willing helpers in our country. so, shame to fellow indians who are instrumental in actually killing their own countrymen. it was not a foreign hand that compiled the bomb, placed the bag in the bakery. it was also not a foreign hand that docked the boat at the Gateway. it was also not a foreign hand that opened the doors at the taj to let the monsters in. stand up and be counted as cowards, my brave, so-called indians!! and hats off to Chids and Krishna for bleating about advisory to students in australia and threatening that govt. what about an advisory to indians living in india? "Indians advised against living in India until the Indian Govt re-assures us that Indians are safe in this country" or "Indians advised against baked goods, public transport, places of worship till Indian Govt apologises and starts departments devoted to safeguarding Indians". what to do?

HU said...

A weak Home Minister, who believes that 'good luck' can save our country from terrorism. In one of the shows aired on NDTV sometime during 26/11 anniversary, he was questioned about how can we put diplomatic pressure on Pakistan by a guy who happened to be present at the Taj hotel during the 26/11 attack. Chidambaram's befitting reply was 'You tell me what to do?' Good!! Keep it up!!! Enjoy some more sambars and idlis and then come up with some weak and irresponsible replies. At least don't make yourselves a laughing stock by making such statements publicly. Go, get a break and watch some Rajni movie and better hand over this responsibility to someone else from your coalition who can manage it well.

Pallavi said...

Being a Punekar now(after marriage),I feel very insecure.But once we as students always wanted a job in Pune and loved the its like, oh my god we were better at our small cities(small earnings and small requirements).Here we are already half dead with the rising traffic pollution and crowd. And now weekends at multiplexes and malls will be accompanied with the fear of a bags,bombs,guns,kasabs and dont know what else .God we dont want this..innocent countrymen who had nothing to do with religion and caste politics are dead .Who is our real culprit?

A D N A N said...

good ..seems u have more information than RAW !

A D N A N said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iravatee अरुंधती kulkarni said...

Abysmal failure on government's part, that's for sure! Who cares how you beef up the security after the bird has flown the cage!! Shame on all those self-absorbed, self-promoting people like SRK, Chief Minister, Home Minister, Thackareys etc. Chidambaram's white-washing and lame excuses don't fool a common citizen anymore!!

- Arundhati

Sing, Dance, Meditate, Celebrate!

Unknown said...

Please don't assume! :)

Ravi Patel said...

How much has much of our compromised media and the human rights mafia and ofcourse politicians played a part in emboldening the islamist scums of the earth to spread their wings far and wide and carry out terrorist acts almost at will? Our security agencies do not have to deal only with the threat of Islamist terrorists but also an effective fifth column in the form of a significant section of the media, human rights gangs and politicians like lallo, mullahlayam,digvijay,antuilay,karat,yechuri and many many more. An ungratefiul nation which keeps these dregs of humanity in business has very little justification to complain about terrorism. It is not too late. One can make a start by,in one's own little way boycotting these treacherous parasites. For a start make that pakistan a " a good neighbour" creature, Shah Rukh Khan an example by taking a vow never to see any of his movies ever again.Develope some backbone and start acting now before it is too late otherwise we should stop complaining.

Harish said...

there is no explanation for an abysmal failure of state machinery that could be satisfactory.

headly headed where... ate where and slept where and with whom is none of our concern. What concerns us is the preemptive action... we always rise *after* the occasion.

Also, did they need lord shiva's teesri aankh to understand that foreign establishments are attacked?

And thank you the sena! your goondagardi and dadagiri over MNIK only gave this shameless government to hide their inefficiency and lacuna under the pretext of MNIK by saying " Ohh All bandobast was for MNIK... no police left for gunning down terrorists."

huh! am angry. very angry.

Neha said...

Is there just nothing we can do??? Why are we electing such b****** and giving our country to them??? Ms De, can't you bring this up on the national stage...we have MNIK and all that drama...but nothing for a cause that we should be doing something about!!! Please take it on national television...we WANT our dear leaders to please stand up and answer!

Neha said...

Is there just nothing we can do??? Why are we electing such b****** and giving our country to them??? Ms De, can't you bring this up on the national stage...we have MNIK and all that drama...but nothing for a cause that we should be doing something about!!! Please take it on national television...we WANT our dear leaders to please stand up and answer!

Neha said...

And yes, I have taken your words with Chid's remarks and posted them on FB status msg.....high time that our status messages spread some message! I hope you won't mind.

adrija said...

and we say 'we are proud to be indians.'
are we???

Raefah said...

Chid: Sambar or payasam end of the day, whether it is not an intelligence failure or the state's implementation or 'screening back pack' failure. innocent people died; a mere Rs 5 Lakh compensation was paid to the families; Naxals are pushing from other side of he fence! On top of it, Telengana is still burning. Here is a suggestion, Chid... Why not share the intelligence with soft targets so that they can hire few private security personnel at least to protect the innocents and their businesses, if not, people at least will stay alert around that soft targets. Did any employee of the bakery know about the soft target? I guess, NO !!! Chid.. you start packing your back pack when Madame Soniaji packs you next as a Governor for some state !!!

Bala said...

Everytime there is attack it is set sequence of events that follow
1. Immediate panic in the neighbourhood of attack
2. Heavy security in the area and at important locations
3. Center saying that intelligenece provided to state
4. State refusing that specific intelligenece was available
5. Media and journos like Shobhaa De going gung-ho over the issue for few days
6. Usual blame on Pak based terrorists
7. People including me commenting on this article and forgetting later

What we need is break this repeated cycle and think rationally
1. Is there awareness and sensitivity among general public about security. Can general public be more vigilant wherever possible.
2. There is obvious support from locals, there needs to be serious discussions on how general public can report any suspicious activities going around
3. All the big places needs to put security systems in place.

I think there are lot of things government needs to do and I feel that government is doing possibly everything it can but media need to ask tough questions not just in the week of incidence but they have to keep it asking everyday. Just like the way MNIK, SRK and Shiv Sena issue was battled out by media, media needs to highlight terror issue as well.

I think just shouting against government won't help. We need to be part of solution and not just the part of question


Anonymous said...

Ma'am, am sharing this poem i wrote on aman ki asha:

Aman Ka Tamaasha

Aman ki aasha, ka liye bataasha,

Sarhad paar chale hum, liye ek naya tamaasha.

Laut kar dekha, to sarhad par khoon laga tha,

Khoon nahin bhai, yeh ketchup hi hoga,

Jo kisi fauji ne is paar phenka hoga.

Wireless par aatankwaadiyo ki dhamki sunaai di,

Dhamki nahin bhai, yeh gaane ki farmaaish hi hogi,

Jo sarhad paar, chaai ke tapri se kisi ne guzaarish ki hogi.

TV on kiya to dekha: ek bazaar mein bumb phat gaya,

Bumb nahin bhai, yeh mehez chund pataakhe honge,

Jo us paar se kisi ne Idd ka jawaab Diwali se diya hoga.

Nafrat ke trishool nahin phenkne humein,

Magar pyaar ke mantar bhi nahin japne hain.

Us paar saare aakhir apne hi to hain.

Din mein dekha to kya hua,

Aman ke khwaab aakhir sapne hi to hai!

Is Gantantra divas par aao us paar haath milaaye hum,

Haath kat bhi jaaye to kya hua, haath to badhaaye hum!

Saath phir sur milaaye hum,

Desh mein log bhookhe mare to kya,

Aao Kasab ko biryaani khilaaye hum!

Aman ke geet behro ko sunaaye hum,

Pyaar ki paribhaasha anpadho ko sikhaaye hum.

Apni har aah ko, aman ki aag mein aao sekein hum.

Gaate, muskruaate agle haamle ki, aao raah dekhein hum.

- Prakash Gowda, Vadodara, Gujarat

Nikesh Rathi said...

the criticism might be fair in its own right, but i think ofter "good works" done by them get unnoticed because when the work fine, then "nothing happens" ... let us at least give them some credit for this.

Theyoginme said...

Its interesting to see most blame the govt - its the govt OF the people, BY the people and FOR the PEOPLE.. You people need to stand UP and take the responsibility first for electing morons into the govt and NOT standing up when you see BS. Perhaps when you have transformed will you see the people you elect transform. You are part of the problem and not the solution !!!!

Latha said...

Wah wah ! wah wah Prakashji, you are not only a poet but you also seem to have a keen sense of humour. Your name suggests that you are a Kannadiga (like Deve Gowda). It's amazing that you are so proficient in our Rashtra Bhasha.
Of course, we south Indians can talk & write Hindi.
Looking forward to more such poems.

shailysahay said...

It's hopelessly inefficient our intel agencies are..I have absolutely no idea what our IB is upto!

Jessie said...

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archit jain said...

Shoba if u have more inteeliigence then people who r on job why don't you go and give them training .Its very easy to comment to blogs and magazine ,go to field and do somenthing.....