Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Assuming you are interested.....!

A bit of self- indulgence doesn't hurt....!
This one is for those blog dosts who live overseas and may have missed the current issue of a magazine I am exceedingly proud of ( ahem - I was the founding editor many, many moons ago!).


anamika said...

Self indulgence....

looking nice but proud of being 60 it really true;)

Sadiya Merchant said...

wowwiee...u look elegant! :-)

Unknown said...

Very nice interview, and fantastic photo shoot! some of your best pictures, and the comfort level with Society shines through the lens. said...

nice look stunning1

uthamanarayanan said...

Good that I am able to read the few pages you have given in your web; happy to have read the ageing factor looked in its eye and an inspiring factor to read through and being confident of going up the steps and do something more with more energy.
Thank you Ms.De.
Bye bye

Neha said...

Simply pretty! With all the travelling and hectic schedules that you have, how do you manage to keep fit and radiant? You have to share your secret!

Maddy said...

Dost De,

Been in India for Two weeks. Searched for your book and happy that I got a copy of the classic glossy one. Read couple of chapters in the airport and hopefully to complete it soon.

Enjoy your ageing and have fun!

SEPO said...

you look great mam....! you could give many a young girls a run for their money.....!

Mansee's Point Of View! said...

"I dont want my most profound relationship in life with a blackberry"...thats great but then why do u carry ur cell phone to ur washroom and why the urge to pick up calls while bathing?? and life coming to a standstill bcoz it slipped and ur phone crashed??

Lady, though I admire that you look sensational for a 60+ lady but pl be true to ur profession and WRITE RIGHT...i.e. what u actually r - not how u want to be projected/percieved...

Buzzintown Blogger said...

You look great but whats the secret? All beauties go under the knife to maintain or enhance their beauty. How about you?

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avidblogger said...

Thanks so much for sharing. Its a real treat.

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

shobha De ki khoobsoorti kA raaz?
`Walking is a good exercise'
Yeh andar ki baat hai....chalte jaao seheth banaao :) Journalist se kaun panga lein!

Congrats for being a Society `front runner':)

Rama said...

Shobhs! Thank you for posting. Krstin and I are sooooo excited to see you in person in November. Can't hardly wait!! woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Beauty is a jewelery And a gift by God to few chosen people.

Jyostna said...

The second picture says it all...poised, elegant, stylish n almost makes anybody forget to comment abt age

Unknown said...

not to dare to comment about the article and the beauty.amazing articles and awesome beauty.

goodluck said...
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goodluck said...
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Suryatapa said...

Dear Ma'am,
Thank you for this was an excellent and enriching read. You look fabulous, as always. I will be thirty in two years and often find myself thinking about this process of your interview and that gave me an encouragement to accept the inevitable in a graceful manner...:)Thank you.

Pooja Rathore said...

I liked The cover photo( nice outfit ) you look great!
Finished reading your book ( currently applying your mantras) loved the book , learnt a lot.

Unknown said...

thanks for posting this interview....I m delighted to read it ..waiting to buy ur book on my next visit to India..

sharmila said...

Dear S.De
Plz visit "Alex"(hair-dresser) Oberoi Delhi.
You need a more modern cut
Glamour-chic like how you are.


goodluck said...
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Sameer said...

Good one Shobhaa..loved the statement where you says "I don't believe in sitting on the fence". How I wish more and more people in India start doing that -- stop being hypocritical and state the truth. Great interview and pics. Btw, when can we see real Shobhaa -- I mean I can't believe you don't have a single grey hair. If we are saying accept the realities of life as you age, why can't we have natural hair colored Shobhaa on the cover page of Society or Vogue for that matter? Again, I am not saying why people should or should not color their hair but why not be as real and as dashing as one can be. Since you are the role model to so many, why can't you carry the touch of grey with style and lead the way for many more...just my thoughts.

Unknown said...

congratulations, mz de! now that the 60+ female population knows what standards they have to strive for, the beauty spas are going to get crowded. and yes, some may call it self-indulgence but it is purely self-realisation.
and as far as the snobs are concerned, why not have our chauffers and "kaam wali bai" on the ramp? since when has breeding and high birth ensured a presence on the catwalk? i thought all one needed was chutzpah and looking good against silk and satin.

Unknown said...

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bibhash k jha said...

well u got to read Tuesdays with Morrie ..proud of being 60 is just too small :P

Cries of Silence

Serra said...

From the pictures to the words.
Elegance personified would be quite a crude way to put it, but the only I can think of.

Way to go!

Harish said...

u look suuuuper!

:) what assuming we would be interested.

we of course are interested. :)

Deeksha said...

madam, I always wait to read ur columns & books. I read ur book shobha at sixty & was left hankering for more. please start writing part II of the book soon. best of luck & I wish u happiness always....

Unknown said...

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