Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jail Bharo! Rasta Roko! Uske Baad....?

BlogDosts, I am in no mood to share bright and happy pictures from some distant land, when there is so much going on in our own backyard. But this image is apt - and it isn't Dharavi. The slums outside Mexico City stretch for miles and miles. And yes, corruption rules there as well. Guns do all the talking. Right-minded people are waiting for a Messiah to save them from venal politicians. The story is pretty simlar. And an unlikely poet has managed to inspire the youth... just as Anna Hazare seems to be doing in India. The poet, who was virtually unknown till he took on the powers that be after his young son was shot dead by trigger happy cops, has since devoted his time to demanding change , but in a peaceful , law abiding manner. So far, his campaign has worked brilliantly with thousands of young people supporting him as he travels from city to city, village to village, demanding change and transparency.

Has India reached the Tipping Point? Not quite.

Anna is the messenger. Not the message. The cause is far bigger than the individual. Take away those TV cameras, and front page coverage, and see what happens. Everybody is jumping onto the Anna bandwagon, even those who don't quite know what this is all about. Let's not confuse issues and personalities. Let's leave Mahatma Gandhi out of this protest. Why not demand a National Referendum and ask the people of India to vote directly? Does anybody have the guts \ political will to go for this option? Of course, not! Dramabaazi gets more eyeballs. And which person today is above and beyond encouraging a personality cult?

Corruption is a national evil. That's a given. But a politician by any other name, is still a politician. Let us resist the temptation to deify an individual and bestow instant sainthood on the person, because it makes us feel more virtuous. Millions of our people starve... yes, starve! What stops us from giving up a meal for them? Candle light vigils look good on TV - they don't fill those hungry stomachs.


Satrupa said...

Shobha .... U r trying to do what the politicians do, talk rubbish and try being against the wave. I totally understand that us your way of grabbing attention. Don't try to preach ..... what have you done to eradicate poverty ?? Your foreign trips and photo shoots/ photographs too won't feed the starving.
May be corrupt people like you who belong to a particular status are scared that the power is slipping out of ur hands and into the hands of the common man.
And if you have the guts then write a direct article, rather than using pro nouns !!
The entire country is with Anna and yes he is the saint and the Gandhi of today .... no body cares what you think !!

Ice Maiden said...


If you think that Anna will remain the "common man" for long, you are mistaken. He is already NOT anything like the common man. Just wait and watch - this is happened way too many times, with various individuals to ever change the outcome. Which ofcourse, is that the common man (you and me) will always suffer, without knowing that we are suffering.

Ice Maiden said...

Oh and one more thing - given a choice anyone would kill to be on those foreign trips. :) Its just the fact that she is, and you are not. Its easy to criticize but difficult to practice what you preach. :) Goes for both you and the author of the post.. and me as well. :) Just human behavior.

Satrupa said...

@ Ice Maiden .... I appreciate your frankness but I certainly don't agree with you. Anna is not doing it for his own self interest. What will a 74 year old man who has no family gain from all these ??
He is doing this to make our life and the life of the future generations better ... in short to build a corruption free country.
Only some people are jealous of his hard earned popularity due to his credibility. And as about the media ..... he has not invited them to cover him. Rather the media is behind him to increase their TRP. The media very well understands the pulse of the people and what they want to see.

kakaka said...

fine...yeah . everyone is corrupt. But this time the corruption was of a greater magnitude and let's address the elepant in the room.

People dont like MADAM HIGH COMMAND. and where the hell is she.

Second. if we dont protest now, the government will take it for granted that they can get away with it. Then what will be the difference between India and China?

Then how does this government get to decide whether or not sanctions should be imposed on Syria?

Do u really think it will be great in egypt again, muslim brotherhood may come to power in egypt and may be then eyptians might be in a bigger mess, but that does not mean they sould be putting up with Hosni Mubarak.

The fact that there are so many people out on the streets goes to show they are unhappy with the governance. and yeah it would be great if these leaders stop strutting around and going for foreign visits and claiming we are the biggest democracry


Satrupa said...
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Satrupa said...

And yess @ Ice Maiden ...

About the foreign trips. I have myself travelled the whole world. Right now sitting in the foot hills of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado .... but I do have a sense of timing ... I don't think this is the time to post pictures of my travel and brag about it on my blog .... especially when people in my homeland are struggling for a cause.

AAD said...

Hi Shobha,
Interesting post. I think part of the reason that the 'Anna' phenomenon has become this big in India, is that Indians basically want someone else to fight the fight...never themselves, "shivaji janmava pun shejarchya ghari" (Shivaji should be born, but in the neighbours house). We don't have the gumption to stand up ourself for what's right and so when the country sees an old man doing something, they are junping onto the bandwagon, without a second thought...I think either this or some other bigger jolt is definitely needed to bring India out of it's slump and make the requisite changes. Whether this even acts as that catalyst, remains to be seen, I for one sure hope it does.

Jyostna said...

I second what Satrupa is definitely behind him to gain TRPs. Many people are coming out to support him for the cause that he is fighting for, not for the man's sake.
But,I personally do not support fasting as a means of protest.

Bikramjit said...

Totally agree with you .. I remeebr getting the same comments as you got the first one when i said something about baba ramdev.. Well where is he now .. once all the things came in open he seems to have vanished .. even ANNA sidelined him..

I think its in us indians we act too fast ..

People are coming out no question about that, He is the new leader that we have now amongst us .. lets keep fingers crossed he does what other KHADI WEARING DONT DO..

its a long battle and One ANNA cant bring about a change , he has started the light lets hope we as citizens are able to keep it burning ...

But I will still say as you said lets not rush to make a saint.. we did that with Gandhi and look what history told us when the secret papers and all came out ..

end of the day its all politics .. and polictics is a very dirty game especially in india.. Its only in the long run things come out ..


EQcoachindia said...

Nothing can feed hungry mouths by that means, not even your opinion on any platform for that voiced your anger when 26/11 happened and refused to be calm...why? because it happened in Taj/South Bombay? why not same anger when it happened few weeks back! Your intellect cant drive people, this is not about Anna or janlokpal bill, people are venting their built up anger and frustration because they are fed up!...and if this wont work, pl suggest alternate methods rather talking abt mexican escapades...its not always cool to just oppose what people are doing for the sake of 'intellectual supremacy'.

Ice Maiden said...


Thanks for being civil! :) :)

See, I am one of the disillusioned people living in Mumbai, who has lost friends and relatives, not once but twice, in tragedies that have destroyed whatever faith I had in the Indian judicial system. When I see the candle marches and the bandhs, all I remember are the useless times the same things have happened and not ONE thing was changed. How am I to believe that things WILL change this time around? How am I to believe that IF at all things DO change, that someone else wont come along once the unrest is over and simple turn the clock over? I have seen too many things remain unchanged to believe that one man can actually bring about the change. Even if we believe that the nation has indeed been united, I ask for how long? How many people I see on my Facebook and Twitter are NOT simply reposting someone elses sentiments and posts but would honestly go to jail need be? I took one long look around and I say none. Which is why the pessimism at the current scenario. My heart pains that I dont feel a thing anymore, but I dont want to be disappointed again.

Dibyojyoti said...

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Anonymous said...

Why you guys worried about Shobhaa De. She has already written:
an interesting and unpredictable package

Chintan said...

We need to change first, Anna can not do anything on his own or by fasting or adopting an age old gandhian approach. Each one of us has to change and be corruption free, we talk but would pay 50Rs quite easily after jumping a traffic signal.! We all are corrupt, as simple as that, no one can deny the facts. Fix your self, nation will be fixed on its own.

Divya Virmani said...

200 % agree with Satrupa...
Mrs. De, is a high class personality. She's minutely affected by such protest. But howcome, she's writing about the poet of Mexico who's bringing a change in his country. Why are you so anti-India, Mrs De? Is it because you are not getting media attention? Speaking of media; if TV channels are covering every second of Anna's anshan then why are you getting bothered? Would you like the tables to be turned around you? Weren't you flaunting in your last blog that you got numerous calls from channels but you turned them down!
Tum log kudh toh kuch kar sakte nahi ho...aur jo kar raha hai usse daba rahe ho! If you can end corruption in India then get up and take charge!

Divya Virmani said...
Anna Hazare!

ashwini said...

M'am, Great what the poet is doing.Just proves charity begins at home. And there are no saints in this world only humans. But a change is required, people are losing jobs and things are too expensive hence the people are protesting and joining movements- all over the world not just in India, for some little difference. After corruption I hope the focus goes on other issues as well, but let people wake up and start thinking why and who they are voting for, but are the ones who want change voting at all?

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

Agreed.... corruption is everywhere as slums are, but there should be alimit and when that limit is crossed, revolutions take place.

exaolteacher said...

i don't understand how to react. while i am with Annaa I do not know why Annaa is collaborating with likes of sri sri ravi shankar who them are neck deep in to corruption which is not only financial in nature but also spiritual corruption ( fooling people in the guise of spirituality)

blue sky thinking said...

>> Candle light vigils look good on TV - they don't fill those hungry stomachs

Oh yah...what a discovery. Only this fancy yuppy intellectual has figured this out. Shobha De is talking talking down to people who have spark and guts to stand for something instead.

Anna is the fire behind this glow that we see in entire nation...Shobha De is a dimwit snob who is trying to throw her bit of cold water on this fire...

Satrupa said...

@ Ice Maiden

I understand and feel sorry for your losses. I can empathize about your anger coz I too have lost faith on the government and the judicial system. And sure there are thousands like us who have no faith on the so called law makers / politicians .... and that's the reason people like you and me have more faith on a common man like Anna instead of the Prime minister.
But somebody somewhere needs to take this challenge up of changing the country and making it a better one.
I would also back Shobhaa De instead of Anna if she is willing to come out and go on the streets to support the cause of a common man.
But the question here is, Will she ?? Shobaa is doing exactly what people around u are doing .... post status on FB/ Twitter/ Blog and nothing beyond that !!
So instead of pointing fingers at others ,
Ms Shobhaa De should try to be the change she wants to see .... let her take the reins of making this country starvation free. I will be the first one to stand by her. BUT .... all she can do is write and criticize instead of acting. SAD !

I am not a celebrity, a politician or a freedom fighter so I take pride in being a Civilian :))

Desi Babu said...

Candle light vigils look good on TV - they don't fill those hungry stomachs.

I love the way you ended your post, Mrs. De -- it is as if you built things up to a crescendo, and then, reminded us of hunger. And, abject poverty.

When was the last time you went without food? I know of at least one person sitting in a jail in New Delhi, who has been without it for the last couple of days. And, he has been doing it for you and me.

I am sorry, I will leave "you" out, since you seem to be doing quite well. In Magnifico Mejico..


goodluck said...

I congratulate you for being politically incorrect.

kuch to log kahenge
Dont care and carry on with your life.
They are all jealous of your lifestyle.

Satrupa said...

@ Desi Babu .......
Please read Me De's post on 'Shravan ka Mahina n all that .... ' Rather please read between the lines :) (

Oh yeah she does fast on Mondays and goes to temple ..... She feels virtuous doing all that !!
She only breaks her fast with a Faraal Feast - 10,000 calories to be precise.

Ashwani said...

Ah no then they ho home & grow old and not so gracefully just like u De. What stops you from giving a meal to starving kids every day, why the sudden outburst today? Not the time to be cynic or is it that you think of someone so far above the page 3 high society pseudo nationalist that you cringe when you so many lowly citizens on the streets?
There are more people who suffer everyday because of corruption every day, you wouldn't know about that, you have many servants to do your chores for you.
This is a step in the right direction, 50 years too late and I am proud to be a ort of it on the streets and so are majority of Indians - 92% as per times to be exact.
Vande Mataram!
p.S: Sleep well on your soft mattress while we make India better and you criticize because those who do not take responsibility, they are left with criticism only.

Sushma Harish said...

Reading your blog posts equal to having champagne. I just love both- I ensure you.

Shwetha said...

Anna is triggering us aam junta to step up and challenge the ways of the corrupt folks up there. I whole heartedly support his agenda and the huge need for change and a public arising.

As a well known personality, it would count so much if you pledged your support to his cause in place of making cynical comments. Yes its garnering a lot of media covereage, and I say the more the better. That's the only way millions of folks will sit up and notice,a nd participate in this peaceful crusade.

I live in California and was part of one such rally supporting Anna's efforts in having an India free of corruption. A modest 40 of us grew to 100+ y the time we reached the finish line. Creating Awareness and keeping the momentum going while Anna's team work their way in getting a fair bill passed is of utmost importance, and I hope you understand and are sentitive to this need

blue sky thinking said...

Swetha. nice to hear about your rally. In new jersey also 100s of people showed in pouring rains. It was an electric atmosphere.

I think it might be too much to expect sensitivity from likes of Shobha De. She has been a social climber. She has made a career out of pandering to elites. Pigs need to wear lipstick. The corrupt and greedy need to demonize someone like Anna, so that they look good. So here comes lipstick Shobha De.

Saurav Chatterjee সৌরভ said...

Anna Hazare, is being undoubtedly over-hyped. I do not think that creating a system of "Jan Lokpal" working parallel to the Government is not a perfect solution to the "Corruption" Problem ! Who can guarantee that these "Jan Lokpal's" wouldn't be corrupted??? is the biggest question that stands out !

Yes, WE ARE FED UP OF CORRUPTION ! But we cant deal with it this way! Most of the people who can be seen on the streets are blindly supporting "Anna Hazare" & are not even aware of the "Main Cause" ! We must not start comparing "Anna" with "GANDHI" or any other leader of the past ! Thats a huge mistake !

Corruption can be stopped and completely overcome by changing the mindset and moral values of the people of this nation! We (I admit even i do at times) pay bribe to get our work done faster be it a govt. official or any other "lulla-pulla" public ! What we think is about "Ourself" not the nation as a whole. The Mindset of our people should change !

If the people understand this. n our children are morally strong to deal with corruption at grassroots, then there's no need of such "Hunger Strike" movements.

[P.S. : 1.We must not forget that, when North Indians were being mistreated and beaten up in Maharashtra few years back where was ANNA ?
2. Why doesn't ANNA interfere, when people of India demand for separate states like "Telangana" etc. why doesn't he try to keep the people united.

Desi Babu said...

@Satrupa: Thanks for the link.

Mrs. De's decision to fast on Mondays is a personal religious one, and I really have nothing to say about it. In fact I should probably support her on that as a fellow Shaivite!

And, I am not trying to be critical of her opinion of Mr. Hazare. In a democracy, everyone has an opinion, and a right to it. In fact, the suppression of any kind of expression, is what scares me, since there is very little difference between that and fascism. I recently wrote on my blog about it.

What I find strange is that the so-called "educated" class in India, has to be critical of mass movements, as if, they have a fashion statement to make. And, the mention of hunger in the last sentence really made me crack up. A friend of mine recently attended a world conference on hunger: it was held in a five star hotel . Now I wonder, if it was held in Mexico!

jamesreegan said...

nice location in your photo

Rohan said...

Eliot said "Half the harm in this world is done by the people who want to feel important".True.I supplement it with "other half is done by the people who believe pursuit of perfection is an evil myth that deserves to be condemned".Ironically you volunteer to follow both without showing any sign of partiality towards any of the two.Glee.Should I appreciate that Mrs. De?I fear not,bcoz ypu might agree no one likes to encourage "harmful" objects.As EQcoachindia,here,rightly suggested you showed the same wisdom post 26/11,when you repelled harmful politicians(

Secondly,I damn ALMOST all the cynics & controversies that stand against Anna.Simple reason being Anna has a ray of hope in his hand that directly connects with the imagination of common man(count me) for corruption-free India-Jan-Lokpal draft.What do these intellectual cynics have?Reasons why Anna can not be a true Gandhi,why Anna's hunger strike is inferior to that of Gandhi's,why single Lokpal can't arrest corruption,why men on streets don't constitute real India or they are so dumb that any tom,dik & harry can fool them ,blah blah blah...everything but a solution.Irony is these cynics start dialogue by accusing others you-are-missing-central-point adjective,but at he end keep us wondering "oh no,by the way,what exactly was the central point?"

What I mean when cynics should come up with alternate solutions is this>read "Civil Disobedience"(

Anyways,as Mrs. De suggests of public referendum,I hope at the end of the day they are people that are left to chose what is right and what is wrong for their future-that democracy is given a fair chance to take its course.

Arjun said...

To some extent, what Shobha has written strikes a chord with me and several others. I've presented my view to several people to which the response is that I'm perhaps envious of what Anna is trying to achieve, and I feel a point of view placed against Anna's crusade should not be termed negative simply because there is popular support for it.
Simple case; Anna's attempt at using Fast-Unto-Death approach for a cause, as a means to first garner support and then force-blackmail the govt into agreeing to terms and conditions of the citizens lokpal bill is a path that smacks of rigidity, and lack of a desire to find common ground. Factually, the entire country has not been consulted through a referendum, the paradrafting of the citizens lokpal version, so no one individual or team can claim that they represent the citizen's group.
Just like Anna and supporters are using their democratic right to protest, the police and govt agencies are using their institutional rights to clamp down on them, as it almost seems fashionable to use the capital city as flashpoint for creating chaos, and disrupting normal life, for whatever cause.
The fasting and protest can very be conducted 30Kms away from the capital, where the whole thing can be carried out in peace, unless playing to the galleries is not one's intent.
Lastly, cant the team just hand over the citizen's bill to an elected, current, and deserving MP to represent the citizens and fight it out and debate in the parliament. Every one can see the live debates on LokSabha TV too.
As of now, it seems that one is just adamant to place one's terms and condition and force it down your elected representatives, absolutely ignoring and trashing the procedures, and thinking that this is the only time and method to bring about change and revolution. How can you just ignore the parliamentary democratic systems in place to get things moving. And if democracy is not what works well, then authoritarianism is best suited for a country like our's where people completely lose their freedom of all kinds and be dictated terms and conditions of disciplined living.
How about trying out the above method of searching for the most suitable elected MP and then wait for the whichever version to be passed and be made law. One can always protest, and demonstrate after that, as all laws can be subject to amendments if its well within reasonable logic and passed by the govt of the day.
One would say that the MPs would be bought over, but I say, the MP fighting for this cause can single handedly become a hero too, which will be incentive for him and boost his political cause for the future.

anish said...

What has changed since Anna's last fast shobhaa?You were supporting him then..anyways you have a right to your opinion like the rest of us. however why dont people like also dont understand that he is fasting for the Jan lokpal bill to be tabled in parliament!!!!!!..and he has a solution to corruption in the bill.Why dont we all give it a try?Anyways nothing is working at the moment what's the harm in supporting it ?And the civil society members who have drafted the bill have put clauses to modify and change the bill !!For once lets get rid of our skepticism and cynicisms and support it ! Afterall isnt it you who said " ENOUGH is ENOUGH" after 26/11. This is my humble request !!

Anil Kumar said...

Your arguments are similar to Govt's response towards Anna. TOTALLY CONFUSED !!

I guess with age the gey matter inside the brain does behave abnormally.

Anil Kumar said...

Nothing has changed and probably very little will change.

But it's bettter than sitting on the sidelines and criticize Ramdev or Anna. At least these people are trying to change the world.

When things go wrong these same people criticize the system, politicians on their blog and move on and talk about exotic food in Mexico or Belgium.

Great service to the nation...specially those who claim to be authors.

Anonit said...

I completely support Anna Hazare and hope this revolution eradicates corruption.

However, you have a point. God forbid another horrifying incident occurs, something like Mumbai blasts, then all the attention from the media and many people gets deviated.

Uppal said...

Hi Shobhaa,didn't like your veiled criticism of dear Anna.How could you? He has ignited a light of hope in the hearts'of the majority of India's population facing the deadly virus of corruption at all levels of our existence.Anna has not sought media attention.Rather it is media's responsibility to give a clarion call to the people on matters of national importance.In these changing times he certainly does possess some attributes of Gandhi Ji's personality.At least we should give him moral support if nothing else!

NAT said...


What was the BJP doing for seven years as an opposition. Why have they let this situation to blow out of proportion.They now jump on the bandwagon for obvious reasons, when one single and simple gentleman almost gives up his life to stem the rot.
Are they not answerable to the people too?

What are we to do with the so called authorities at the morgues, who demand a bribe to release some poor dead relative. (yesterday's news)
There are many more cases, wherein it is normal people like us who accept/demand bribes to offer services that are rightfully due to a Citizen, eg. Birth certificates, Passports etc.
We should first look into our own miserable selves. It is people like the above who have brought about this situation, and that is why this rogue politicians have taken the upper hand.

Cheers for a change...

chandanSnegi said...

Well, i guess reactions to Shobhaa's post are more interesting than post itself. First thing first, she is as entitled to her views as any of us. what pains me is inappropriate use of language by some of us and discussion moving to personal vendetta. Lot of us have rightly opined "supporting Anna Hazare is not supporting him as in person but a CAUSE, he stands for". couple the cause with impeccable and honest record of Anna Hazare, and we have this deadly and powerful campagin going on here. THIS IS IT...

chandanSnegi said...

And before any one of you reaches for my neck, i invite you to read through my blog on the same issue posted a month before the current situation. some interesting numbers and maths, you may find worth reading.

Phoenix said...

Shobha, get rid of your cynicism. Don't be one of those armchair critics who sits at home and who only point out loopholes in any revolution or movement. If you have something against Anna Hazare, don't just point out the problem. WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION? HOW DO YOU PROPOSE TO MAKE EVERYBODY IN VILLAGES PARTICIPATE? WHEN YOU POINT OUT PROBLEMS AND BE CYNICAL, CAN YOU ALSO SUGGEST SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE AT THE SAME TIME?

how can i explore ME... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
how can i explore ME... said...

i dun support anna ,i support the cause he is fighting for.he is no GOD,only He is perfect,he is one of us and the only difference is,he has got the guts to get out of his shell and show some mardangi to fight against the evil(corruption).atleast he has started something,he does not roam around the world and flaunt all his money like u do.the thing is u r one of the most respected writers of India,show some respect.we got independence because of people like bhagat singh,rajguru,gr8 bose,gandhiji and many more....but the poets of india also played a vital role,they wrote so many songs nd all that gave our freedom fighters the hope to fight against british governance.Shobha ji u r dat poet....people listen to u,dey respect u, me also.....use your power words;its ur choice what u have to do....i m not asking u to do anshan,just ask urself.thank u ...wish u all d best for whatever u do ... :)

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, why is it that even after 64 years of independence we find people who cannot afford a square meal? What is the reason that our infrastructure has not developed the way it should have? Corruption exists everywhere. The so called developed western countries also is a victim of corruption, but its at a higher level. It is not something which affects the daily life of the average common man. Yes, there are issues of increasing taxes abroad too because of the vested interests of the corporate. However, the average man living abroad in the developed countries has some basic rights which are protected. Do you remember the Jessica Lal case? How the main culprit managed to evade the jail due to the influence of his father? And how ultimately the public outcry brought about a decision and the culprit was jailed. People are tired of all these issues. If dramabaazi as you call it, is the way, so be it, I support it. It is time our system is cleansed of it. It is impossible to remove it completely, but even removing it by 70% is a big deal in itself. I do not want to count the countless scams that have happened within the country in the past 20 years. I sometimes feel ashamed at the state of affairs within our country. You are an imminent personality, who goes abroad, travels in air conditioned cars, has contacts with the who's who of India. You are affected to a lesser extent by the atrocities which are experienced by a common man in India. Writing views about something is easy, to put it into practice really takes some determination. When someone is taking it upon him to do something for the country, the least bit we can do is show him support. In this race for perfection there is no finish line. Anything has flaws in them and with time those flaws reduce but can never be completely eliminated. Its high time we had a change, and this is a change. There may be and will be flaws. We are not sure if this bill is good for us, only time can tell. However, unless and until it is put into practice, we cannot know whether it was good or bad. Neither can we rectify the flaws. If you want to know the flaws in the lokpal bill, you need to practice it. Practice is the best of all instructors. So talking about possible problems in any task is easy, facing it and eliminating it requires courage. Jai Hind!!!

azzaymaddy said...

jail bharo raasta roko uskey baad...
write novel

Anuj said...

shobha, I don't know what point are you trying to make, nor you have provided any solution to the core issue of poor governance and corruption.
Anna is not saying he is Gandhi, Anna is not begging for support, Anna is not a politician.
He has accomplished in his 74 yr life that one can only be proud of, he has served country in the war, he helped transformed village youth, he transformed farming, he fought againt corrupt Maharashtra leaders (both Shiv Sena and Congress), and now he is fighting for his last battle. Contrast that with anyone in so called elected representatives.

The only conclusion I get from your article is that you survive and thrive on controversies rather then actually caring for the state of the nation.

*Aham* said...

well said de.
you didnot even say anything against anna.. and the labelling has started. you have just shared your view.. which is just... and not exactly judgmental..

not surprising that our hearts are more hero worshiping than bleeding for humane causes.

the cause is bigger than the leader. while AnnaGiri is seen as the new age GandhiGiri... we know not much about lokpal (or jokepal or whatever is the nomenclature of a kickass copywriter/editor).

I like the PR of anna. The way he articulates himself... and he looks so plain jane. real mango person. he has catapulted from being an average joe to the who-doesnt-know... which is remarkable. The man must be something... really something.

again, i am not judging whether he os right or wrong... im just saying that we need to implement a non corrupt lifestyle in our everydayness...

I love the revolutionary spirit and the fact that one man has kick started a real thought wave that is captivating and thought provoking.

I am not discussing DumbMohan or ArunMistakely here...

Politics and politicians are nice and entertaining.

In the absence of k serials by ekta maata, they fill in my heart and soul and accelerate the trp of my knowledge on how to make a real issue of an issue...

Ok! Since all you bhai-bandhus, including me, are looking forward to a "just" society.... Let us do a quick check on whether we are willing to "adjust"

Can aaplog vouch that you....

....Will wait patiently in queue for ur turn

....Will not pay donation in the guise of "management fee" for ur education or that of ur family members.

.... Will pay the full penalty when their car is parked in the no parking zone.

.... Will not pay extra 'tip' to evade passport verification

..... Will not buy LPG cylinders in "Black"

..... Will not go to 'that' one shop which has its shutters down, yet sells liquor on "dry days"

.... Will not buy porn from the pan wala or in the gullies of flora fountain, kala ghoda

.... Will not go to heera-panna to buy cheap goods caught by "customs" dept

.... Will not buy a villa just because it is built in farm land, even if you have a tri-party agreement or something else that makes it "legal"

... Will go to the holy ganges and drown if you ever buy from chor bazaar.

.... Will not buy cheap immitation prints at cheap prices of your "favourite" authors

... Will not travel by the old fiat - non puc taxi because it pollutes

.... Will not download movies on bittorrent even if you have jet speed internet

.... Will offer the job to the deserving candidate and not to your chacha's mausi's jhetaani's grandson... or to the phataka sex bombshell....

In Short
- will not bribe, or accept bribe, or do something that's unjust... Or anything that strips the country of her natural resources.

,,, ishhhh!!! did i tickle a sensitive nerve???

Wallah! i did.. :) heheheh

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ramya said...

really shobha.....everytime there is an pressing issue at hand, people who want to sideline it will come up with this bahana...."why not fill up hungry stomachs rather" be it anna fasting against corruption, formula 1 race course track or building a nuclear power plant......its a mantra every politician and writers like you use every time they do not support it.... let me tell u that even developed countries like America and Britain have hungry children too how come that never stopped their leaders to pursue bigger things for their country.....
and please do not compare Mexico to is a country that lives on drug demands of America, thats their major occupation and corruption there is different ....Where as India is the only surviving economy in the current scenario of reccession, corruption here is affecting common man at every level and people support anna because they are fed up with utterly corrupt congress govt and its allies and they are not there to grab a piece of pie
i honestly think you are better off writing about ur foriegn trips...... and leave the politics and governance of the country to people who can understand the true meaning of democracy and essence of this country better....

Anonymous said...

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