Monday, April 30, 2012

Ghar ki Murgi...

While it feels good to be home, my heart continues to go dhak dhak for Paris. We loved our very special boutique hotel . It is called Hotel Bel-Ami and like its name, it is full of friends, or rather friendly staff. Friendly.... and the French? That's a rarity. Plus, all the guys speak a version of English, so one doesn't have to go into that annoying 'Parlez vous L'Anglaise' routine just to ask where the bloody breakfast room is. BTW, that bloody breakfast room is so popular, it attracts non-residents from 6.30 a.m. It must be the buttery , freshly baked croissants and the golden brioche.
Avantikka is fine with all the extra calories, and insists we have walked them off  pounding the pavements of Paris. Our 'Mission Goyard' was successful... if frightfully expensive. Just as we had agreed on what to pick from this historic store (1853) just off the Place Vendome , I heard a polite greeting in chaste Marathi. It was aapla Riteish Deshmukh, and his brand new missus, aapli Genelia. Both were still in honeymoon mode and were really sweet.... Riteish with his brolly, in particular. We chatted animatedly in Marathi for a good 15 minutes in that super snooty store. And just after Riteish said his 'namaskars', I asked Guillaume, who was assisting us whether he knew a Bollywood star had just left the place. He looked slightly blank but sportingly added, " Yes.... he looked familiar."
 With Avantikka's Goyard under her arm, we decided to go for a coffee break to my favourite place - Cafe de la Paix. It was a good plan ( we love the elegant loo there). I was feeling like a Fat Duck ( the bird , not the restaurant), with all the foie gras we had been happily walloping with our Sancerre. But it was our Goyard moment.... so, we recklessly ordered more foie gras ( it is served in an exceptionally imaginative way here).
To make me feel less guilty, Avantikka suggested we walk back to the hotel - in Saint Germaine des Pres??? Not a chance! So, I am still feeling like a Fat Duck. By tonight, I shall be transformed into a ghar ki murgi.
All in a De's work.
Kal May Day hai.... dekha jayega....


Ambika said...

Celebrate tomorrow with Marathi dinner then. May 1st is Maharashtra Formation Day as well. Wonder where the State is going though..

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Goyard does not feature on the desi socialite fashion sites so your daughter's bag is going to be a trendsetter. Did you get it monogrammed for the whole Goyard experience?

I am taking notes, quite furiously, on your Paris reccomendations. Elegant toilets and all! My Paris is not so elegant, pay toilets in cafes and quiche, baguettes and fromage eaten on a bench in Jardin Des Tuileries! But the art... oh the art, that almost makes me forget the rude locals.

So do tell us, do Ritiesh or his brother have latent political ambitions? Maharashtra politics thrives on nepotism so it is a valid question.

Sounds like a good time was had by all.

amol said...


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