Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paris is always a good idea....

It is drizzling in Paris. Do I care. Naah. I am in Paris. And the weather does not matter. It is cold. But then my heart is warm and my spirits high. I am told by concerned friends back home that they are shocked out of their skulls about Rekha being nominated to the Rajya Sabha. Why, why,why. If Jaya B is making an impact as an M.P. Can Rekha be far behind. The age old competition continues. And it would be an absolute treat to watch the Silsila Episode 2, so many decades later. Meanwhile, I shall pull on my boots, carry by parapluie and sing in the rain. My daughter is taking me to dinner at one of our favourite restaurants here, Costes. We are in full Paree mode. But a bit of us has been left behind in Monaco. The last night there in one of the great restaurants of the world, Alain Ducassse driven Le Louis Quinze, was truly a moveable feast.... The memory of which will no doubt linger and linger.... What that genius Ducasse does with vegetables from Provence, is so delicate and refined, it is as if an angel is working in the kitchens after tending personally to the petit pois and the asparagus. A bientot. Avantikka is on a mission. It has a name. I believe it is Goyard. Au revoir, mes amies.


NAT said...

Very soon you will be writing your blog in FRANCIASE....ha!ha!

Jogeshwar said...

How can Rekha be far behind after all Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma....Sub ki pasand Nirma.

MdShafiqM said...

Silsile se

Life Unordinary said...

I was in Pareee 4 weeks ago myself, twas cold and drizzly but i loved it.

Ambika said...

Why not bring out a travel book? You have lovely pics and a different perspective. Will love to read a book on Cuba!

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