Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grousefull-2 - 3 - 4

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This appeared in Bombay Times today....
Money down the tube….?

When one watches seriously awful movies that go all over the place without going anywhere, it hurts! I watched ‘Housefull-2’ at a reasonably packed multiplex, and was both bewildered and astonished. Why bewildered? Because I actually heard a few people laughing! That too at some of the most ludicrous scenes, like a particularly nasty one in which Mithun Chakraborthy is shown running around a tree with an English maid. Nothing wrong with it…. except that the maid is played by a dwarf. And the offensive ‘joke’ revolves around her physical stature. Surely, as senior an actor as Mithun, could have refused to enact such an insensitive scene? There are enough obligatory messages that assure audiences no animals have been harmed during the shoot, and that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. What about somebody objecting to the cruel projection of people with physical problems. There were several distasteful jibes which are blatantly racist /sexist. Like referring to a dark complexioned man as a negro and implying his wife had slept with a fair complexioned chap to produce their son( Shreyas Talpade).Most of the humour is off-colour and far-from-funny. It’s the vulgar cracks in our movies that need better monitoring. Cracks, that display our deep rooted prejudices so brazenly. Of course, the four over age and over grown ‘boys’ in the film have done their best with the lousy material and put in spirited performances despite the complete absence of any logic or even basic decency. Take the ‘painfully’ long drawn out sequence involving an alligator biting Riteish’s bottom and a python going for Shreyas’s crotch .The absurd movie hurtles along on nothing more than koila gags. In all probability, it will be declared a huge hit. Which will provide the green signal to make Housefull-3. Aaaaargh!
Finally managed to catch up with Agent Vinod three weeks after its launch. And once again, I was bewildered and amused, but for entirely different reasons.Why had this slick and stylish film been savaged and dismissed? There wasn’t a single dull or clumsy moment and the pace was breathless. Saif retained his positioning as one of the most sophisticated stars in Bollywood, with a witty, tongue-in-cheek performance in the best traditions of international spy thrillers. Who looks for a linear, credible storyline in projects like this? How plausible was Mission Impossible? Apart from Kareena’s saucy nautch girl number, with its overt lesbian moves, everything else in this ambitious film worked brilliantly. Particularly, Saif’s perfectly pitched gay scene with Freddy Khambatta, the prancing airline purser. Most importantly,one can actually see where the big bucks went in ‘Agent Vinod’.The extravagantly shot Karachi wedding sequence was pure eye candy. Still puzzled why the movie has been banned in Pakistan – are our neighbours on an over-active guilt trip??
But the movie to watch out for is a modest, high concept, small budget quickie titled, ‘Vicky Donor’. I can’t wait to see a film about a professional sperm donor which has the tagline, “Every drop counts…”


Vishal said...

Agree with you on Housefull 2. senseless comic caper and n I hardly laughed. Wonder what's wrong with Sajid? Housefull 1 was better.

Tsomo85 said...

Wow! Saves me from guilt trip that I've no time for movies. Still have yet to catch Kahani, Dirty Picture, etc from last year.

Unknown said...

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manish said...

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Hari Akkavajhula said...

I watch a lot of old black-n-white movies. The actors are so fully dressed and the movies make so much sense and the comedy is so good. No wonder they are referred to as classics even today!
Can't agree more on housefull2 but racism is everywhere around. I think I 'adopted' myself too much to accept this. Is there a way to control this? As far as movies are concerned, as you said, its high time that censor board tweaked its regulations.

numerounity said...

Oh I really liked the depiction- Grousefull! I am sure it would be quite a grossy movie than it's original avtar.

Indian comedy has gone from good to worse, wonder with so much technological advancement how our stars and directors manage to be so yucky, racist & absolutely offensive.

I heard Agent Vinod is better one and cant wait to watch it.

BTW, guy am back in blogging sphere..hoping to stay for some decent time..pl check my blog & lemme know ur feedbacks- http://ektakhetan.blogspot.in

Sorry for marketing Ms De. Hope u be ok :)

collage days said...

when i heard this type of comment on films lyk housefull-2,double dhamaal,rascals and so on...i feel very gud...becoz if we dont oppose these types of logic less movies..the directors are not stop to make audience fool...
they just want to make money...they have no scripts, no story...
they just have superstars and some sexy pieces for thier films...

Rajat Gaur said...

Just like Housefull (part 1), Housefull (2) is also a lousy movie. I recently read a review, which said that its a movie for a 4 year old child who will laugh at the characters doing stupid stuff like mocking at a physically disabled person. Quality of comedy aside, the movie is also very bad from ethical point of view.

As far as agent Vinod is concerned, I haven't watched it. But one thing that I can comment about even without watching is its music. Pritam..!.......I think you would have understood what I mean to say.
Boney-M's famous song Rasputin was dubbed as "I'll Do The Talking Tonight" and an Iranian band has also accused it of steeling the initial part if its song.

*Aham* said...


i knew it.
i knew it.

while i was watching grousefull i was just thinking.. "de will so want to give a Hi5 to Sajid khan's face"

the script writer should be called Archimedes or Newton or Galileo for to even recollect the several Jollies in the film and weave them together in a screenplay is no jolly easy task.

but you know de, i expected a gibberish stupid silly insane film and it stood up to my expectation.

how stupid and pissing-off-silly can it get.

i felt so bad for the crocodile and python. Which respectable animal would bite riteish's and tusshar's bum or crotch.

but thank god the director didnt get them to bite my Man-Mandir-Ka-Devta John's vitals. He would be out of expressions if something happens to it. (remember you said - his butt is more expressive than his face. LOL)

The stream of consciousness in this film has no fish in it.

i feel there is an L to differentiate public and pubic. The film is just dyslexic.

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