Monday, May 7, 2012

Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo

Guys, this is just a test run for my new laptop, selected by Arundhati and configured by a certain Arvind Kumar, who gave me a really hard time by asking complex technical questions I had no answers to. So, I played the dumb housewife to the hilt.... threw up my hands and basically told him to wing it solo. Do what a guy's got to do.... and all that fake macho spiel. Well, I guess he's done something right, Jai ho! I feel like i earned the sinful falooda I enjoyed at the Sea Lounge with my namesake, one Vikram Rajadhyaksha, who is an Ohio based millionaire ( Hydro-electric power). I was told by over-awed friends that Al Gore pops by for dinner at his home whenever he's in the vicinity. That definitely justified the Sea Lounge falooda. No regrets, no guilt.
Errrrrr, I am still looking for my stored columns. Was dying to attach a couple of the ones that had appeared while I was luxuriating in this outstandingly opulent hotel. Perhaps tomorrow? For now, I have a date with John Makinson, my publisher. It's back to the Taj. This time to another favourite haunt - the old-fashioned and entirely civilised Harbour Bar.


The Y said...

Seems like the new one is as good as the departed thing. Which laptop brand do you endorse by the way?!

Tsomo85 said...

Oh wow. Would had never guessed your son is a richie rich. Ohio? Ohhhh so close yet so far. Hahaha just kidding. And ya read your column on that Goa politician. After all that cool attitude & gesture, decided to google just as how me & my sis did with "sunny leone" with expectation of some young hunk with shirt & jeans with spiky hair but turned out to be super duper down to earth looking "uncle." lol

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Now that Al Gore is probably going to pay alimony he will stopping by at everyone's house for a free dinner more often :)

Nah, actually Al is still a good guy, but fewer people are listening to him. Thoda profile down hua.

Actually I am kidding about the alimony thing, since Tipper is independently wealthy and the Gores are so bloody staid and boring they will not provide us any entertainment in the form of legal catfights. We need more Clintonesque shenanigans for our viewing pleasure!

Good for your friend for working on alternative energy projects. Is he the DLZ corp guy?

hahaha I love that my word verification word is SAKI. I need some sashimi and I am set for dinner :)