Thursday, May 17, 2012

Íshqzaade'- Romeo and Juliet in U.P.

Isn't this gate just too beautiful words? I clicked this inside the magnificent Opera House in Monte Carlo, during an engaging tour conducted by the very charming and passionate director of the historic Opera House, that has played host to just about every major Opera singer in the world.

This appeared in Bombay Times today....

Romeo and Juliet in Uttar Pradesh...

Even if Director Habib Faisal is no Franco Zeffirelli ( his remains the definitive ‘Romeo and Juliet ’movie in my book) what he has managed to do with such energy and passion in ‘’ Ishqzaade”( such a tongue twister!) is still worth the 2-hour long watch. I caught it on a weekday at a late night multiplex show...and after ages and ages, I had tears streaming down my face when the lights came on. The ending came as no surprise.... we all know how Shakespeare concluded the classic. But it was Faisal’s deft treatment and Hemant Chaturvedi’s lyrical camerawork that made the climax so effective. Yes, the movie is an ode to violence. But seen in the context of how political games are still played in the badlands of Uttar Pradesh, where guns and gore are more eloquent than words and negotiations, the doomed love story of Parma and Zoya becomes that much more poignant.Especially since the dynamics of old enmities are clearly established right at the start of the narrative.Arjun Kapoor makes an impressive debut as the reckless , brash grandson of the Hindu MLA (superbly played by Anil Rastogi).While Parineeti Chopra as Zoya, the firebrand daughter of the Muslim MLA (and Rastogi’s arch riva)l looks ready to carve out a major chunk from Vidya Balan’s acting pie and positioning. Here’s a spunky actress with guts, talent and dollops of oomph. Hers is perhaps the toughest role in this raw, brutal story. But it also happens to be the best written one – fully fleshed out and minus any false notes. I particularly liked the unexpected chemistry laboratory scene that builds up into a bloody shoot out. Not only was it clever(underlining the ‘’çhemistry’’ between the reconciled lovers) , but it was also touchingly romantic, tender and very moving because of its implicit innocence.

Faisal knows his turf well. The language is rough, coarse and bawdy.Generously giving the peachy Gauhar two sizzling item songs AND dialogues in a couple of key scenes is also an inspired move. ” Chhokra Jawaa’’ is danced with vigour and overt virility by Arjun, while ” Pareshan” shows music man Amit Trivedi at his raunchy best.What movies like Íshqzaade’are doing is interesting. Backed by big houses ( this is a Yashraj film with Aditya Chopra as producer), they are throwing up new talent and fresh faces, thereby injecting a much needed booster shot into the stale, tired rubbishy Bollywood formula. Keeping budgets realistic, giving breaks to newcomers and not skimping on production values, will inevitably lead to new dynamics and better movies. Film makers who understand this hungry, demanding market and go boldly into fresh territories, will succeed on the strength of their originality and talent. Content is definitely king... at least in this movie. And perhaps it is time to get down on our knees and thank the Bard for providing inspiration to so many.


Enough mileage has been derived from actors exposing their buns. When John Abraham lowered his neon green trunks for ‘Dostana’’ and became an overnight Gay icon, it marked a first. Poor Tusshar Kapoor may just end up becoming the butt end of mean jokes. Keep those trunks on, Tusshar. Never mind, for once, what sis Ekta orders!


About the Wankhede episode involving SRK.... I said what I had to on Arnab Goswami's show earlier this evening. It was a pretty fiery debate... I'm sure you can catch it on the Times Now website, if you are interested.


MdShafiqM said...


pepguru said...

Watched it yesterday. Mst say I was disappointed in you. I expected you to empathise as I am sure you would have lost it on several occasions, when people have tried to "go by the rule book" because they feel good harassing a celeb (be honest..).Which brings me to the possible reason (conjecture I am sure) So are you cribbing about SRK's behaviour because Mumbai Indians lost,or is it because he asked the officials to speak Hindi not Marathi ?

maglomaniac said...

I agree with you that ishaqzaade was one helluva ride.
But then it was not a launchpad for unknown newcomers but it was a well planned movie for the heirs.Rough language and dark movies are now not a rebel but have been the accepted genre,the perfect recipe for a hit.
Amit Trivedi has time and again without doubt proved himself.

And yes my take on the SRK issue:


EQcoachindia said...

liked your views on Arnab's show yesterday night....bang on....was appalled to hear MN wonder we are a defacto banana republic where power and money puts one above any rule or law....

Pooja Rathore said...

i watched the debate on srk at 1pm (recorded)version the moment Arnab said our guest tonight...shobhaa de(thats enough to glue me...)it was very intresting,though i was quite disappointed with MN singh and shaina nc and their views( i just loved the way Arnab throws questions..straight...with a attitude take it or leave it.i have huge crush on him)simi chandok was straight about her stand,many celebrity issues turned up during the debate(all valid)all in all great debate.
My view - SRK body language and the clips showed he was abusive and sadly during press conference he did not apologise ,no doubt in our country there are double standards and differential treatment when it comes to executing the Law to common Man and the so called celebrities.
In my book SRK is an actor(defenetly the best we have)beyond that i dont really think much about him.

*Aham* said...

aiyooo.. o toh didnt like ishaqzaade. it was super funny. though im in love with parineeti chopra. think she has a lot of substance... where as her badi behan priyanka is "experimenting" with roles but ends up looking more predictable than what shah rukh khan is.


poor tushar cant even become the butt of jokes. butt hi nahi toh joke kahaan se. :) i wonder why sister strategist took all her badaas out on her brother by asking him to pose in his chedds. But thanks to him who ever asks me what MOOBS are, i just have to show them this picture of man boobs. i would be eternally grateful to Ekta for busting a lot of myths about men busts and buns.

And i wonder how he suddenly became the Gay Icon.

I feel "garibon ka john abraham" could have been a better branding for him.

The Opaque Prism said...

Pepguru, I am sorry but i must disagree. This was nowhere the case of a celeb being harassed because he was a celebrity.In fact, being a celebrity and the owner of a team should put greater responsibility on the shoulder of SRK to conduct himself with dignity. Shobhaa de was bang on. MNS and the MD of percept were disappointing. You can't have double standards. As per as your insinuation about marathi manoos and mumbai losing, it is beneath comment.

NAT said...

With the way things are going on in this lovely Country one cannot have a hero/heroine in Public life. Trust me I have no affection for SRK or any other person in the industry, but if SRK is right about the security personnel handling his Daughter and friends, then he has every right to behave in this manner. It is because people do not do so, that we have come to this situation that when a girl child is harassed (please remember how that B harassed your own Daughter at the swimming pool downtown and how you went from pillar to post to see that the rogue was punished. If you were a man I am sure you would have taught him a lesson on the spot). Sometime back I caught a security guy with one child in a school. I made it very clear to him that he should not come back to that school again. Another parent along with me said what are you doing? Do you want the guy to take it out (revenge) on your grandson? I said God is good. I have saved a child. He will surely look after my GSon.
Trust me that rogue never returned. I have no standing in society, no God father, but the guy must have got the feeling that he would be booked, taken to task.
If one is afraid of the bully. He will go out of his way to continue the harassment. One protest and he will run and keep running...

philosopher90 said...

If what SRK is saying, about the guard manhandling the children is true, then I think he was right in whatever he might have done even if that was abusive. I mean agreed he is a celebrity, but he is also a father or a guardian of those kids here. If I found some stranger manhandling my kid brothers and sisters, whatever his position, I am still not gonna like it. And probably be abusive and violent. I think same goes for SRK. And just to be clear I am not a SRK fan to sympathise him or something. And if the incident took place after the game and what I read, after the presentation then why will he try going on the ground? His team is in the dressing room, doesn't make sense. Or May be I got the wrong info.