Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bilawal-Hina: Ishq Vishq

Yes. Like the rest of the world, I have gone Gangnam mad! It is sly, clever and totally insane. Addictive, too! The other image? Simbly! Was looking for something else. Found this.... and the rest, as they say, is vanity. ***************** This appeared in Sunday Times today Why Asif Zardari hates this luv story…. Oho! Love happens. And it has happened. That the love birds happen to be Bilawal Bhutto and Hina Khar, makes this particular ishq-vishq saga most riveting, especially to those of us across the border who have recently been exposed to Ms.Khar’s irresistible charms. So irresistible , in fact, that our dapper Foreign Minister, S.M. Krishna who went totally latoo over the lovely lady , behaved like a smitten schoolboy, drooling in her alluring presence and forgetting all about the Indian agenda.It’s possible he is nursing a broken heart even as Young Bilawal (23) and Hina (34) deal with the storm that has been unleashed in Pakistan after a Bangladeshi tabloid (Blitz Weekly) ran a juicy expose on the scandal. Bilawal is a bachcha Majnu to Hina’s seasoned Laila. Reports suggest that President Asif Zardari is far from amused by his son’s dangerous liaison with his External Affairs minister. Not only is Bilawal the Chairman of the ruling Pakistani People’s Party, but he is also the nominated heir to his mother’s and father’s respective legacies. If the lovestruck chap does indeed push off to Switzerland to begin a fresh chapter in his life with the begum he adores, the repercussions of such a drastic decision could prove very costly to the government. Amidst spicy speculations and racy rumours , the buzz in Islamabad is that old boy Asif plans to rein in his handsome son , and perhaps sack the seductive Ms. Khar. Spoilsport!What a fuddy duddy thing to do. Really Asif Miya… we expect you to be far more understanding,given your own personal history. Look at it this way - Bilawal is seriously cute. And loaded. Hina Khar is seriously gorgeous. And married to a loaded guy. Feroz Gulzar ,Hina’s smart husband, has rubbished the scoop and called it ‘social media gossip’. Yes, there is an eleven year age difference between Asif and Benazir’s boy and the luscious mother of two. So what? Some of the most enduring love stories in the world have been similarly scripted. Think about it – Hina is keen to take the relationship forward, as her love notes to Bilawal establish. Perhaps her husband’s naughty affair with a junior staffer was what made her turn to Bilawal . Now that their secret is out, there’s no stopping this pyar ki Jodi. ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’ is how we put it in Bollywood lingo. Hina, Pakistan’s tempestuous minister has apparently told Asif, her future father-in-law, to keep his nose out of her ‘personal matters’. This is remarkably gutsy of her, considering it was Zardari who found the two in what is delicately called a ‘compromising position’. Known for his fiery temper and a happy relationship with guns, it’s a miracle that the President didn’t reach for his favourite weapon when he walked in on the lovers at his official residence. Instead, he tamely asked for Hinaji’s mobile phone records!What a pussycat! No point in such a silly exercise considering the lady has not bothered to deny anything! The real fun starts now. Will Zardari have the guts to fire his Ministersahiba? What charges can he frame against her? Will he send Bilawal into exile? Where will that leave the PPP? More importantly, since Bilawal is the one with access to his mother’s considerable ( but undisclosed) wealth, how can Daddyji kiss the impressive funds goodbye? Unfortunately,the most dispensable member of the cast is Hina’s ex- Firoze Gulzar. But blowing him away serves no purpose – it will be one more body in an overcrowded morgue. There is however, one solution: India could immediately step in and offer a safe haven to the lovebirds.Why go to Switzerland when there is India? We can create an attractive destination nikaah for Bilawal and Hina. Maybe thrown in a luxury houseboat on Dal Lake for the honeymoon. Sarpanchs in Omar Abdullah’s State may not be safe. But he’ll take good care of his mehmaans from across the border. After all, when it comes to matters of the heart, Omar knows a thing or two about unbridled passion . Apart from asylum in India, we could make life a lot more fun for this good looking couple. As neighbours, we owe them this much.Cross border romanticism is so much more civilized than cross border terrorism. Hina can happily shop for pearls and more Birkins in our luxury malls. We can get her to host a talk show and perhaps, design a signature fashion collection. Bilawal could consider Bollywood. He has the looks. And a surname every Indian recognizes. This is a fabulous, heaven- sent opportunity to strengthen bi-lateral relationships between the two nations. Hina Khar has already charmed half the country, and reduced S.M Krishna to putty in her presence. If India can manage to bag two for the price of one, it will rank as a major political coup. Come on over, you two. Your Honeymoon Suite is waiting!


Rupertt Wind said...

That is seriously satirical or are you serious, If you are I think its a fabulous idea. We can do offer our beloved love-struck neighbors a safe and cheap haven. But I am not sure whether this will strengthen bilateral ties or an enraged father-in-law curse cruise missiles on us. After all we must consider alternative scenarios.

But the bottom line is its so much fun to watch the turmoil in the neighbors household. It never fails to delight the Indian amm admi.

Rupertt Wind

Tsomo85 said...

Oyeeeeeeee with this picture everything else is forgiven! HAHA now we know the secret behind your long & healthy lifestyle. Loved the hair, dress, & aristocratic face! Keep it this way Mz. De! Stay happy & thanks for your daily dose of amusement! You've topped the poor & ignored-Bangladeshi tabloid. Hehe that's what's called "in search of lotus from muddy Dal Lake of Indus valley."


Kohl_lined said...

well said mrs De.

Hari Akkavajhula said...

i only hope the Indian Govt. gets to read this! hahah :)

Bigg Boss said...

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Kunal V said...

Interesting post. Though it makes it sound like whatever is crap and rejected around the world will be accepted in India with open arms. We are one of the most tolerant nations really!!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

hahahaha are you on the rolls of the Bangladeshi tabloid :) Hina Khar has a different agenda altogether. This chokra Bilawal does not appear on her hugely aspirational horizon at all, and this is a planted story according to "sources". But atleast entertainment value hai.

Your zinger was waaay down there... about Omar knowing a thing or two about unbridled passion. So something in those rumors?

Pooja Rathore said...

liked the pic you look different yet gorgeous.
love story of hina and bilawal....hatke post,liked it ,especially the last para .....India could immediately step in.......good one De.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

In other words unbridled passion keeping Omar too occupied to keep his sarpanches safe? Enquiring and political minds want to know.

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Karan Aylawadi said...

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