Saturday, September 22, 2012

Didi-giri... Cholbey na! Cholbey na!!

Don't you just LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE these two images? I clicked them at Sonar Tori (Golden Boat), a magnificent restaurant on the banks of the Ganga at Raichuk. Anandita and I were invited by the Neotias (Harsh and Madhu, whose brainchild it is) ... and am I glad we took them up on it!The art you see is by a talented young painter, Narayan Sinha, who has also created the artistic interiors. The Zamindaari Feast of West and East Bengal ( now Bangladesh )was an absolute treat.... and I was in great company, sitting across the erudite Governor of West Bengal. The conversation was as fascinating as the cuisine.... who could ask for anything more? ******************* This appeared in Asian Age today.... Didis and Dadas of Desi politics… I happened to be in Kolkata when Mamata Banerjee made her dramatic announcement to pull the plug on the UPA. Nobody was surprised. There was a bus strike in the city, and people were rejoicing! It meant there would be far less traffic on those clogged streets, less pollution in the atmosphere, and more time to focus on the Dengue outbreak that is obsessing Kolkattans. Every time there is even a hint of a mosquito buzzing within a five foot radius, locals duck for cover or start flapping the air frantically with anything handy – even a sturdy handbag. Didi’s latest stunt doesn’t cause a single ripple. “ It was expected,” says a corporate honcho tiredly. Apparently, anything and everything is ‘expected’ from the mercurial Didi. And no, people don’t want her to leave her hard won gaddi. Not yet. “The commies are waiting to get back into the saddle… but that’s not happening,” announces an industrialist as we nibble on exquisite salads. Life appears to be looking up for those who have embraced Didi’s extraordinarily eccentric and imperious style of governance. There is a great deal of hope invested in her ability to somehow get things moving in that sluggish state. While people wait for the miracle, those close to her are reaping the myriad benefits of being Didi loyalists. Their projects are getting cleared phataphat, and money – a great deal of it – is being made. In such an upbeat scenario, it is foolish to argue with the converts. Didi is their savior. She has rescued them from the maws and jaws of the previous regime and granted a carte blanche to go forth and mint money – no questions asked. In the process, her party hasn’t done too badly either. There’s something to be said about friends with benefits in these difficult times. Like Didi’s faithful followers who argue (rather unconvincingly) against policies Didi refuses to endorse , there are the non-believers, albeit in a conspicuous minority, who articulate their misgivings over watered down Scotch, while reeling off glories that once were Bengal. They are least bothered about the neighbourhood kiranawalla’s future and what will happen to his shop once the biggies enter the market.Walmart politics are for those who live in Delhi. Diesel prices affect interstate truckdrivers, not them. Didi’s got it all wrong, they sniff dismissively, as the old bearer in their favourite club, pads around getting refills. Similarly, the young, rich and restless are worried about Kolkata’s non-existent night life, given the early curfew and the absence of lively hang-out places. One of them was earnestly urging a high ranking official to ‘reconsider’ the spoilsport policy since shutting bars at 11 p.m was such a downer… a barbaric ruling, he called it, without a hint of irony. A disconnect this deep is hard to bridge. It is happening all over India. And those who refuse to address the growing divide are going to pay for their resistance eventually. Most people are living in a fatalistic zone, worried about day to day adjustments and compromises. They are totally disengaged from the bigger political picture that, in fact, does impact their lives on every conceivable level. I watched the images of Vishwakarma in Kolkata and asked around how the preparations for the annual Durga Puja celebrations were progressing. Was there a sense of panic at rising prices… did the escalated cost of diesel dampen their enthusiasm? Was their confidence in Didi shaken? What about the prospect of a mid-term poll disturbing the tempo of their lives? Were any of these issues of any significance? Bilkul nahi! The Vardan Market was full of shoppers making early purchases from small boutiques that specialize in selling designer knock-offs. Speaking to a few women haggling over an Anamika Khanna fake, they stared at me like I was crazy. Roll back or no roll back, they were going all out to enjoy a great Pujo, minus any cutbacks. Whether it was the aggressive art mart or the gold mart, going by the enthusiastic shoppers crowding bazaars, nobody could possibly have believed Didi had just dropped a bomb shell. How things unfold after the flop Bharat Bandh, will be interesting to monitor. The key word being flung around is ‘consultation’. Assorted netas are going purple in the face about not being consulted by the Congress Party before taking such a momentous decision. But hello! Since when did the Congress ever consult anyone…. Allies included?Countless ad hoc decisions have been imposed on the nation in the past… been weakly debated and eventually junked . Most times, the aam janata has seen through the charade, shrugged and gone on with life. This time too, the pantomime will be ignored till a staged ‘resolution’ is offered and instantly accepted by the Opposition and Allies. The Prime Minister, emboldened by the positive market sentiments to last week’s googly, will once again disappear behind the purdah and wait for the Didis and Dadas to calm down… which they will. Our political masters have read us well. They know all it takes to buy time and get on with business as usual is to make a big noise and threaten to withdraw support. The natives are satisfied that at least someone is doing something. It’s hogwash, of course. But everybody goes to bed feeling happy. Meaningless threats and protests have a way of dulling our senses and making us believe we actually count. So, has a new era of Didi-giri and Dada-giri dawned? Will the latest flexing of political muscle make even the smallest dent in the status quo? Or will we – stupidly and passively - stay mum even after the 12,500 crore Teddy Bear’s Picnic erroneously referred to as ‘Bharat Bandh’? As always, this expensive joke is on us.


Anand said...

MANGO PEOPLE (Aam janta) : Is there any politician in our country who are selfless and devoted to serve our struggling nation.. Like we see in our movies, will there be a protagonist hiding there who will come out someday to combat all the illegalities, clear out the corruptions, tear all the masks of the so-called good people, exhibit good relations with our neighbour countries (neighbour states is the priority), improve trade relations and all the spic and span required to shine our country.. It gives me nightmares in just thinking our country is in such people's hands who are not giving us any trust or hope.. We get promises in the election manifesto during polls.. And the ALL OF A SUDDEN alliance among political parties sounds so silly and absurd, I mean they are so unstable.. There is something called value and ethics one needs to have in whatever he does.. I'm 23 now, I think I'l die complaining till i'm 83.. Bush iii or obama ii or queen of england will be ruling us by then..

Shilpi Karnani said...

very well written..somehow the magic you can infuse on your readers with stringing words together is always leaves me wanting for more..
Its really sad on how the commoners like us are actually getting affected by all this political melodrama..but still we fail to realize it..But I am positive that things will change 5-10-20 yrs down the line..We have had enough..

Tsomo85 said...

Anand! Loved the name; it's rather very very close to my heart! Any ways, expecting good things from politician is nothing but joke! Let me tell yeah the secret, while growing up politicians had always been best subject to ROFLMAO with my elder cousin sisters at home! They've had always succeed in having rocking bad impression. Specially, after demanding such huge amount of $$$$$ for every little work that needs to be done. That, only a business men & women knows the best! Their true color! Now you know why a children from decent family would never dare to sacrifice their children into politics unless the parents must had lost their mind or the patents must love the nation more than their own children! So the best is let them do what they're best at even if it's lie or robbery; it will be foolish to take them seriously! The best is you stay true to yourself, be well informed, be kind & nice to others, earn a sky rocking good deeds because at end that's all it matters. Wasting time on pretending to be smart or trying hard to impress digital human is equivalent of masturbating & if men, won't increase the size of their crown jewel or if women, won't grand them with good looking
child! I tend to judge people by looking at the ugliness of their children! For example Mayavadi, Mumta Di, Akailesh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi, Diggy, Namo, etc! It's equivalent to if we take good care of flowers & animal we tend to have good looking children! HAHA So take a chill pill & ROFL at them!! Whenever someone try to act smart over important figure like Dalai Lama right away I check out the ugliness of their kids & mostly it does full on justice; on top of that they are often out of shape, combo of both skinny & fat. Haha which explains the status of how healthy their patents are! Hehe so buddy everything is equally weighted. Don't get pissed; just piss & laugh on them! Their rate race is nothing but joke & only fooling themselves! BAHAHAHA

Tsomo85 said...

Ops I mean rat! There's some typos kindly avoid since i can't edit! :-$

Anand said...

Its just that m such a movie buff and I always want a happy ending.. People go through lot of miseries and finally the evil fails and they live happily ever after.. I just wish it 'l be same in reality.. What a fool I'm.. We need to bring changes and reform the whole system.. The government moves things at snail's speed.. With this pace I dont foresee any twist in the drama.. All I can do is work for a 5 figured salary and live happily ever after.. But the disobedience pisses me off.. I mean what the beep, i'm going to stop watching happy ending movies, have to start some crime or ghost movies where everybody dies at the end..

Anand said...

Death, disease, famine, homelessness, abuse. I cant even watch the evening news. When did we lose control and do we rebel. Take a look around, we're on a rocket ship to hell. There could be an answer, it may not be too late but it involves a transfer. Try love instead of hate, all you can do is be good to people and hope that those people will be good to you too. But good luck I doubt it.

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