Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn Leaves...

This is creativity and devotion coming together neatly... a Ganpati crafted out of leaves! I have been singing Dhakku Makum all day. It's now close to midnight. I have gobbled up the best modak I have ever tasted! A fresh batch of modaks was thoughtfully sent to me by a friend of Aparna's called Chitra Phadke. God bless her! My modak moment arrived after a lavish dinner. This is a bit too disgusting to admit.... but I had also indulged myself at the Sea Lounge earlier, and polished off half a portion of bhel (minus sev and aloo,I might add). Is this what they call nervous eating? Or plain greed?


Pooja Rathore said...

Ganesha pic.wow!
Its okay to indulge sometimes(yet u have kept out what needs to,so it's ok)plain greed;)

rupam sarma said...

Truly Awesome

archie said...


goodluck said...

This is the best ganpati. Eco friendly, simple and beautiful. Why spend lakhs on dangerous paints and other plastic things?
I feel Raj Tahckeray and Bal thackeray with their hold on marathi manoos, can go for constructive changes like advocating eco friendly ganpatis, less noise, good infrastructure, going for simple lifestyles, corruption free society etc. They can take the help of Anna. Make Mumbai a clean city.

Aditya said...

Nice Artwork
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