Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brangelina Babies

Hadd hogi!! Somethings in life should be a little sacred? Like babies?? Your own babies, for chrissake?? How can any parent hawk pictures of their bundles of joy to the highest bidder? Crass and commercial are polite terms to describe such transactions. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt earned an indecent amount of lolly in exchange for a picture exclusive of their newly born twins. The justification is that they will donate the money to a charity of their choice. How noble ! But why not dig into their own deep pockets and donate that? The whole issue of innocent (even unborn!) children having rights , is a sensitive one. What if the twins decide to sue Brangelina later in life for intruding into their private space? Anything is possible in America.Several kids of celeb parents feel violated by the constant scrutiny they are subjected to. Some enjoy the spotlight, others deeply resent it.Who protects their interests? Closer to home, if Niketa and Haresh Mehta are compelled to go ahead and have the baby they clearly don't want, what will that baby's future be?If the baby survives and grows up eventually, there will be no escape from archival records that will show an unambiguous rejection from the parents. What a terible realisation to live with! What can be worse for any human being than to know he\she is unwanted by the very people who have created him\her!
As for Hollywood's high profile twins - God help them. As also David and Posh Beckham's gorgeous boys who will soon be up for sale to endorse various products - Armani boy briefs, maybe?? Like father, like sons. It's all in the jeans... err... genes !


sanju ayyar said...


Anonymous said...

M'am de',

It is in the JIN'S - remember Alladin...
Each one wants to use Media as their Magic Lamp to be famous overnight.

As long as the media keeps rubbing the Magic Lamp there will be JIN of desire all over as you always say FREE PUBLICITY....

And when you get money for this Why not !!

Let that be Hadd Ho Gayi? Don't we call that Breaking News and Original content?

what can be more Tez then getting publicity before the child is born?

Vinod Agarwal - Take it or Leave it !!

Kris Bass said...

De, I disagree especially with the Mehta story. If the kid grows out to be sane, he'll understand that the parents were in fact looking to protect 'it' from the trauma of all the treatment that it is going to require. And besides, I feel that the parents also have the right to not choose to live with the agony.

And about the Brangelina twins, I guess both Brad and Angelina are pros and want to make 'some' use out of the photos that any which ways the papparazi are going to get. This way, at least it's a little saner.

I agree with the cosequences for the future for those kids. But the publicity for them is unavoidable. What do you have to say?

Reflections said...

agree with kris bass's 2nd para.
Publicity for them is a way of combining it with a cause seems like a almost 'noble' things to do;-P
plus I guess they want to have a say in where their kids pics are going to be displayed rather than having papparazzi lunging out from every nook & corner(which they r going to do anyways).

Please do something abt this word verification option. It gets tiresome after a while.

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rainboy said...

this world is a scary and mysterious place ..

Harish said...

~ Bragalina

No ones Born with social conscience. Familiarity breeds contempt, that’s the truth. Though its incorrect to generalize, if this continues in the same fashion, as these kids grow up, immense media glare will in all possibility make these kids absolutely immune to the very cause that their parents exhibited them for. Yes, I agree with you, there could be other ways of fund raising. How about donating a movies fee for a cause instead. They are anyways quite a maaldaar party. They could afford that. (on a lighter note: wao… what a brand name “Bragalina” that sounds much much better than apna desi “AbhiAsh”)

~ Mehta Issue

I might sound too very curt, but I am for the abortion of the fetus. The child in all possibility grow up spending half of his/her life in a hospital and the parents would be duty-bound (not instinctively) to go through the trauma of seeing their little one suffer. To abort a fetus when its still a “fetus” and not a “baby” is not wrong. When science gives you the opportunity to discover an abnormality, they should be given the option of abortion. Anyways, if I were in their place (God Forbid) I wouldn’t have gone to the court and press. Had the decision been made in their favour, it would have rained hope for many other parents. But we think from our hearts not from our practical minds, everything that’s not appealing to the heart is immoral. (I am going to get a lot of hate mails for this comment by your others de, I guess)

Anonymous said...

shobhaaji,I m ur fan....u started a blog but did not give ur e-mail address....may I have it?

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

If Brangelina want to play smarter than the papparazzi, why not let them? Atleast they have control of the inevitable. Its quite simple really... No children are being harmed in the making of the People magazine cover. Money is going to a cause that probably needs funding. Enquiring minds in the great unwashed masses get to see the product of this coupling. I think we tend to overthink this process. Give them some credit, they seem to be exemplary parents thus far.

About the Mehta Baby case, science has given us the opportunity to see possiblities ... both good and bad... that lie ahead. Why not head on allow people to deal with the bad atleast. The abortion issue needs looking at... and quickly. This couple has no time to waste. A lot of couples have no time to waste either, and will probably end up having back alley abortions with the modern day equivalent of a metal clothes hanger. Lets not create more numbers for statistical tables of infant and maternal mortality. If science advances the law must too. Not to keep pace, is shameful.

Another Kiran in NYC

Sameera Ansari said...

It is indeed cheap!If they want to flaunt their kids,why not flaunt them proudly for free? :P

I really hope the Mehtas win their case though.It is easier to not have the baby than to see him/her suffer with some disorder every single day.

Arjun said...

USD 11 million is the rumored amount.. a large one no doubt of that!

Yes it's not really a very decent thing to do... hawk ones wares and hawk thy offspring too!

But is it any different from the loads of parents here.. in INDIA.. who push their progeny to sing'n'dance and utilize their "CASH COW" talents on TV?
It's exploitation - TALENT HUNT style...

Unknown said...

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