Monday, August 18, 2008

Kissing coach required

'Bachna...' was just so much fun!Worth the pricey ticket and popcorn. A far better entertainer than that silly Kinng flick. The sardars were more authentic, too. Especially the dishy Kunal Kapoor playing a love lorn husband.Nangu Kapoor did not have to display his butt in this movie, but had the kudis swooning nevertheless.He is a serious cutie, this Kapoor boy, with his droopy, crossed eyes, sad sack expression, rosebud mouth, obvious hair weave, lantern jaw and fixed up teeth. Slouchy, hip sex appeal a la Hollywood heroes. As an actor there is an effortlessness and ease about his performance ( last seen in 'Rangeela' - Aamir's most consummate role to date) that reaches right out of that silver screen and aims for the audience's heart. Everyone loves this goofy guy - even other guys. He is non-threatening and adorable. Only problem? He looks a richie rich kid every inch of the way.Big plus in a breezy movie like this one, but may limit his roles in future. The three deviyaan look incredibly awful in the first half. Strange. Did they hire new designers, stylists, make up artists for the post-interval segments? Prakash Padukone is far, far prettier than his daughter Deepika (she can act, but is no looker), Minnisha and Bipasha looked like Ranbir's much older cousins - at least Bipasha looked scrumptious and hot in the Capri sequences. But the Lamba girl was such a wash out. As for the kissing... oof, one would have expected the two real life lovers, Ranbir and Deepika to get it right. But no.... Our actors can't kiss, saala.Kuch coaching-voching ho jaye??The best thing about the movie? Its contemporary tone, lingo and situations.Definitely worth a dekho.Bips is like melting hot chocolate on a cold Alpine night. Or several shots of tequila in a Mexican bar.Entirely and unambiguously delicious. Like her boyfriend John Abraham in the promos of Dostana, Karan Johar's official Gay film.Can't wait to see this one...


Double Seven said...

It's a privilege that I happen to be the first one to comment on this particular blog post. You're definitely the most honest and a credible critic as previously informed by others. I love you for that.

Without being gay or anything, I must tell you that I will go to watch 'Bachna...' only for Ranbir Kapoor. He's a cool dude and very natural. It clearly seems that he never pretends or try-to-be (a wannabe). As opposed to probably Salman Khan who often pretends and over do certain things. Salman is very fake. Well leaving this aside, and talking about the girls in the movie- as I have seen them in promos and teasers and billboards, out of the three kudiyas I have only liked Minishha for some reason. She looks uber-cute! I have to see the movie for what you have just said about her... Deepika looks okay not as gorgeous as she had looked in OSO. Plus I hate the way she speaks... she doesn't seem all-that glamourous after I hear her speaking in English. I observed that at a recent interview on NDTV. She was not good at all. And in that same interview I got the (mis)opportunity to see the horrified new looks of Bipasha Basu. OMFG! She looked so slutty... She looked as if she's ready to **** someone right there. With her oversized looking eyeballs and on the top of that long intense kajals she looked very raunchy and seducing (in -ve sense). She also looked horrifying because of her new hair do. Man!!! Those front locks (I don't know what girls refer that to as) but I think you might have come across her picture in BT or something. hair looks absolutely malfunctioned!! Like Seriously! I am not finding proper words/ adjectives to describe her new look... whatever but... waiting for Dostana and to see its Miami videos on TV very soon... Do Take care De... Love & Respect as Always- Suyashh

Oxy said...

Bang on!!! I guess this can be your most unbiased take. Half the people write the review in their mind long before any YR films hit the screen and other half write without seeing it. I ain't no fan of them and no personal grudge either. It's just I am indifferent to them. For me, their existence (or not) do not make much difference. RGV, Kashyap kinda (dis)interest me more. So, I saw this and was an usual OK experience as I said their offerings do not affect me in any way (sad or happy)..

Lamba girl can give any southie leggie run for her money. Bipasha looks same for at least 2 years and then she goes for makeover.. She is still in her 'Race' avtar. Deepika is no looker (I agree) but she is one helluva actor (I agree again). Ranbir is Ranbir, a real superstar. No pretensions... Dude manager to kiss them all though... and spare him if he doesn't get it right.. Probably in K-Jo's movie he will get it right. *wink* (yea, u got it!!!)

rainboy said...

the kissing fundas are all wrong here...the actors are not confortable doing it onscreen i think...haven't seen anyone other than the serial kisser to do it with ease.
Maybe he's the coach they should go to.

kaleidoscope said...

Dear De.

Thanks to YouTube, when I saw the promos of KJo's Dostana - the first thing I cried was "Not again".

Not again does another mainstream Indian film have to make gays a laughing stock for the rest.

Not again do Indian films need to take recourse of comedy to discuss homosexuality.

And not again do Indian film actors need to use effeminate lip-gestures to act gay.

Is Dostana the Indian take on "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry?" Fingers crossed. I sincerely hope not.

But then I also breathed a sigh of relief thinking that for every Abhi-John, Chuck-Larry and of course our Kantaben; thankfully there is an honest Abhay (watch Irrfan Khan in Migration: AIDS JAAGO), a real Nikhil Kapoor (watch Sanjay Suri in My Brother Nikhil); and a personal favorite Andrew Beckett (watch Tom Hanks in Philadelphia).

While I am glad that more and more "mainstream" Indian actors are taking up roles with alternate shades, I just wished there was more audience for films like the latter and more directors in a more real relationship with the reel.

Arjun said...

EMRAN should be able to help out here... he's the guy who generally gets it right!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...quite an honest review there...but u know, I actually like deepika and I think she's nice looking too and has a tremendous screen presence. Its her character that I think was the problem, not written well at all!

Kris Bass said...

I passed a chance to watch the movie free yesterday evening. I guess, that was a mistake. Or was it? You think that Ranbir is cute? I think Imran is.

@ Kush: I haven't seen the trailers. I'll see them. I so wish someone could capture you and me in a film or something. The Indian public will know that all gays aren't effeminate and stuff.

Harish said...

De, Nangu Kapoor is so so sexy... adored by gay and straight alike. He knows the trick, thoda dikhao, thoda chupao . he is the opposite of the adage " jo Dikhta hai woh Bikhta Hai" I mean he made India a Butt crazy nation.

Deepika, I dont find her to be super sexy, I somehow find her as a smaller version of Priyanka Chopra. But haan she is a good actress. liked her in OSO. She is like hema malini(in sholay, ek chadar maili si... that is) in interviews when we see her one would wonder if she can say dialogues without an accent. But on screen woh nahi dikhta hai. I kind of like her. I find her grounded and articulate (until now)

Smooching, ouch! offscreen itna kar liyake on-screen passion mar gaya.. bilkull nazar nahi aata. Anyways, I dont find deepika Kissable... but Nangu... Anytime...

Speaking about cousins, I wish to see Ranbir with his chacheri behens Karisma and Kareena in a film... what a treat it would be to see 4th gen Kapoor khandaan together and if sanjana could also leave prithvilok and comes to filmlok. Sone pe suhaaga.

Minishaa ke liye Bachna... is a big ticket to fame. And I liked the fact that she has been equally well promoted with her popular female counterparts. For once, no one is treated like a doormat in a films promotion. (If Ranbir and Deepika hog the limelight at times, we cant actually complain. They are a couple. An ingridient for Media scoops)

Dostana, I am eagarly awaiting the release too. But I feel, Ranbhir (gay God, lol)or neil nitin mukesh could be better than abhishhek... I cant visualise him as gay. Donno. y. John is anyways one of the hot fav.

Reflections said...

Damn cdnt u put this up 2 days back. Just cold shouldered Bachna... & watched Tropic Thunder yesterday.
For once.. the better half actually asked me whether I wanted to watch Bachna... & I said no coz I thot it'll b dumb.


p.s- aaah but u r not singing praises abt the movie are u;-D?

Unknown said...

Super analysis on Bachna....I completely agree!

The film was a smooth ride no doubt....The songs touched the viewer (unlike other 'new age' films where the camera comes across as plain nervous and shudders more than the stars who are being filmed...blame it on the plastic expressionless actors I guess)

But I really wonder what is it with these actresses? Why do all of them look so old? What has happened to their skin? What kind of weird diets are they on? Lastly, if this is how they look now, I seriously feel that the term 'ageing gracefully' will be a thing of the past!

Ranbir Kapoor- In my opinion, he is not the proverbial good looking lad. But yes, he is much more. He has a handsome attitude, a positive energy and a natural exhuberance.He has not let his lineage down....After very long, we have someone who we want to fall in love with.....(no, I promise you, I am not going through my hormonal hysteria phase of life)

So yes, all those references (too many) to DDLJ seemed appropriate.....Come fall in love...again!

WhatsInAName said...

Let me digress for a moment. I am your fan and when a friend of mine passed me your blog info, I was more than thrilled! Really good to see ya here!
On this post now, well, I did see the movie but then... except Bips, I did not like the movie much! ... or maybe I need to get my romantic cells some serious polishing !

Anonymous said...

BAH is of the silliest movies I have seen recently (silly even by Bollywood standards)! I felt like asking for a refund - on the other hand, don't deserve it, 'coz I actually sat through this whole mind-numbing experience, not knowing how to react - laugh, cry, doze off? Not a single geniune moment in the entire film. Rotten script, average performances. the best thing about it - the "Dostana" promo, which was totally fun! And oh my god....John Abraham is just the hottest man ever!

Ananya said...

I am straight yet cant stop myself from saying that Bipasha was like an ice waiting to melt at your touch in Bachna...

Unknown said...

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