Saturday, August 16, 2008

Raksha Bandhan. Whose raksha.... what bandhan?

This may sound like sacrilege, but the whole business of rakhee tying has lost its meaning and significance in this day and age. I'm sure a lot of women will agree when I say that men need our protection much more than we need theirs these days! I have never relied on a man to 'protect' me, even as a child. Often, I have found myself coming to the rescue of guys who appear far weaker.... physically and emotionally. Maybe it's time to reverse the ritual and get brothers to tie those fancy threads on the wrists of more capable sisters. Better still, why not make it more democratic? Let it go both ways. Just like the mehendi ceremony at desi weddings these days, which encourages the participation of the bridegroom and his cronies. It is not unusual to see henna-ed paisley patterns on the palms of hirsute male invitees at society weddings..... nobody laughs.
The most meaningless practice of all is the custom of 'adopting' rakhee brothers. I don't really get it. But if it works for you....? Virtual rakhees are equally silly. But in these days of virtual love and more...why not?
My painstakingly written patriotic blog disappeared into cyberspace last night. But, I must wish you all a belated Happy Independence Day regardless. Like I'd written, I was immensely pleased to note that more and more people are proudly flying the tri colour now. This was the mushy mood in which I met one of my all time heroes this morning - our former President, Dr. Abdul Kalam. And he said something wonderful to the assembled students - let the tricolour fly in your heart. He said several more , equally inspiring things to the audience, in a manner so humble, childlike and spontaneous, that he instantly won a lot of hearts. Such a shame he was not given a second term as Prezzie - ironically, due to his growing popularity!! How devilish our politicians are. And how passive are we to allow them to manipulate us with such ease.
Salman, Tussi Great Ho! Imagine HIM, of all people in Bollywood, posing grandly on the cover of BT with the Indian flag , while reminding readers that it's important to adhere to traditional Indian values ! Rich irony. Great timing. Superb p.r. Will that save the film?? Too early to say.But his smirk says it all, anyway.
Did Rajdeep Sardesai have to all but keel over with gratitude thanking Aamir Khan for gracing an Awards' function? It was embarrassing, to say the least. And insulting to the Unsung Heroes being honoured on stage - it was supposed to be their moment, remember? Not Aamir's clever brand extension ...TALKING OF WHICH, this smart Khan has outstripped the others efortlessly. He has been roped in to sell India, by the government. What's the bet he's up for a major national award next year. Bhushan or Vibhushan??Who knows, BUT the Padma is his for sure.Aamir is smart.Very, very smart.He will sweep all the awards this year, and send his little mascot, Darsheen to pick them up.Perfect way to have his cake and eat it too!Aamir Tussi Amazing Ho!


alex paul k said...

commenting on rakhi i had an interesting conversation with one of ma female friends 2day n she told rakhi s a sort f small business which yields immediate profit & wen i asked her how,she replied-wen i tie a 5 rupee rakhi on a fools hand he returns a 100 bucks gift back.....the latest she got was a parker them or shud we call it women empowerment?

yeah the polititians were indeed guilty f checking their vote banks 2 bring in a completely out of place woman president in place of hr matchless predecessor....APJ is a hero especially for the younger generation

aamir khan strikes the rod when the iron is hot....he is d smartest of khans without ne doubt

Anonymous said...

Spot on Shobhaa, with the men needing our protection more than us!!.. am the twilight.. i dont need their protection, yet like the rituals...the sanctum of them all..raakhi or mehendi, ramzan or marriage if one believes..
"raakhi brothers" sure gets my goat huh! sorry if am offending anyone here.
And Aamir Khan is not smart to me at ALL. I find him the meanest manipulative. Period.
Hope he knows before he reads here, in anycase he'll only be able to feed my anonymous voyeur, since am not at all sorry if i offend him here.

Kush said...

On sacrilege. Well, your blogpost reminded me of my conversation with my cousin in Prague last night. I ended up thanking her more for the hand-made greeting than the enclosed rakhi. In fact, I asked her if I could wear the rakhi as an anklet instead?

So there are relations and then there are relations. The former are traditionally and/or emotionally grounded while the latter are convenient one-time bandhans. Many in today's age and time live their lives somewhere in-between.

Speaking of meaning then, there is absolutely no denying the fact that culturally associative meanings change with changes in culture itself.

So whether or not, it is about reversing the ritual, adding meanings to it or doing away with it entirely, I think the society at the level of both the individual and the overall system, should "appropriate" customs/rituals to changing times; lest the progressive brand us as being hypocritical and the extremists tag us as being sacrilegious.


๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑ said...

women are always emotionally more stronger than men @ indian men always need to be nurtured..they can't live on their own..while women can.

Mr.Abdul Kalam should have been given the second chance but the democracy of india is always been manipulated by these assh**** politicians.

Aamir he's smart ..hehe

Crazy Sam said...

I caught the first two lines of "Jhanda Ooncha Rahey Hamara" when my google reader picked it up. But then I clicked to reach the page, it was "page not found."

I would advice you to not at all depend on your blogging platforms while making drafts. Prepare the draft in Word and in that way, even if you lose the post, it's only a matter of copy and paste.

Arjun said...

rakhi... not what it used to be... there used to be an aarti... there was a feeling that she needed protection!

Now we've come a full circle.. at least in our mind!!

nevertheless... if we can celebrate Va;entines day.... for the women around us... why not rakhi.. for the sister(s)... in our family - it signifies a BOND.. so my bua ties me a rakhi.. my mother ties her uncles a rakhi.. my wife ties one to my dad...... it's all in the heart

Anonymous said...

Rakhi vakhi, mooh bola bhai, sab kuch chalta hai. Its all about the feasting and presents. And why not? The symbolism is for those who want to see it. Those who dont want that part to interfere with thier festivities can admire the baubly threads on thier wrists and eat mithai instead. Jaani log, I think we over think the whole process.

About Aamir, I think he is smart. Period. His smartness is AMORAL. Unlike the blatant illegal alleged and proven shenanigans of many other prominent actors who should know better, being supposed role models to impressionable folk. No people are harmed in the process of Aamir's master plan implementation. *play either epic or spy style music here*. Toh woh bhi chalta hai. Neeeeext!

Another Kiran in NYC

*Aham* said...

rakhi and mooh bola bhai is often an eye wash. Its another day like friendship day. Though the customs and traditions are wonderful and should be followed. Yes, I tie a rakhi to my younger sister, as she is the one who protects me. :-) I dislike Behens asking for protection. Times Change. we need to change with times. Though Symbolic customs should persist, and efforsts should be made to conserve it. the option of who ties the rakhi to whom should be given to individuals.

A PR friend of mine from Hanmer told me that you were in the HR college ka function that was attended by APJ Kalaam. Where is Kalaam and where is Prathibha Patil. Is she really the president?.

Aamir Khan is a thinking actor. he has evolved, I remember the times when he used to give scatterbrainish interviews, this khan has come a long way from there. I also spotted anil kapoor very candidly saying in Sajid Khan's show that Aamir has been paid by shahrukh for not accepting awards. darsheel is a good bait. But whats wrong,infact its much better that only means more recognition for the childstar.Irrespective of the intent.

Smiles :-)

Kris Bass said...

I'm not getting into the matter of who is more stronger men or women. I have defended women in many an argument with my chauvenistic friends. But again, I don't think, as educated, responsible adults, we should be saying one is better than the other.

About the actors - I guess the actual personalities do come out on their blogs. Both Aaamir's and AB's blogs are a little self-indulgent and egotistic.

And De, I also back Sam's advice (He's got many blogging awards). Besides, I would also suggest to format/spell-grammar-check before you post it. :)

secondfiddle said...

Stumbled upon your page. feeling very fortunate to get yo read your opinions. im now totally in awe.

Chaitra said...

hi shoba,

i quiet dont agree with you about the rakhi comment. ofcourse this is a subjective opinion, i think its one of our traditions commercialised by business outfits. but still there are those millions of sisters and women who tie rakhi not expecting protection but taking an opportunity to express feelings and emotions of sisterhood. all the commercial aspects attached to the event is a passee, and the proof is that the tradition is followed by all religions and sects of the society whether they consider rakhi their festival or not.
regards, chaitra

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