Monday, September 29, 2008

Ab Dilli Door Nahi

Blogging is such sweet sorrow.... Shakespearebhai, do forgive me. To Blog or not to Blog, is the question. I read the Bloggers' Ten Commandments in some paper over the weekend, and felt a little sheepish. It said, 'Never on a Sunday'. I had all the time in the world ( well... not ALL... but). I nearly blogged... but remembered the golden rule . And refrained. Monday morning blogging is never the best plan. I feel rushed, stressed and more. Am making a stupid trip to Delhi, for something avoidable. But slyly combining it with some important work. I have less than 24 hours to achieve all this.... and make a speech, which should be reasonably coherent, if nothing more inspiring. I'll , of course, give it my very best shot. So, wish me luck.
But as of now, my mind is on getting to the airport on time. It is an absolute nightmare from where I live. Anything between 2 or 3 hours, depending on the traffic.
I have recovered from the hectic GQ launch party at the Four Season's. The party was fun enough. But Four Season's ?? Those guys need a crash course in desi hospitality and basic courtesy. At those insane prices.... one expects a modicum level of efficiency. Agreed, it was a huge party. With a cast of 500 very glam people. But hello! the hotel was aware of the numbers well in advance. Right? It was difficult to get any kind of service. Drinks? Forget it. Food?? Was it really there? Thank God for the music. A dj from Ibiza, Blues on another level. A free floating crowd (too many wannabes). Porsche - you are too posh a brand to get your reputation diminished as chief sponsor of this event. Ask for your money back. Four Season's - get your act together, buddies. Your time starts now!!


Harish said...

Hey Dé,

You WILL have a wonderful time in Dilli (Now, bangaluru, kolkatta , mumbai, so delhi ko kyun chod rakha hai bhai... terrorism is quite a quotidian, name change is top priority... Quick Politicos.. Delhi mein badlaav lao... Delhi ko dilli banao.) And your speech toh will be Shat Pratishad... Maar-Tod Jhakaaz and will resonate in their minds for long long time... :-)Amen!

Achaaa.. which is that paper that is trying to ploy and instigate you to deprive us of your blogentries... Give me the name. You toh just gimme the name... I will strangle them. huhhhhh!

Airport from Colaba.. Joke it is.. sachhhiiii... I mean... people reach poona from sion quicker... than people from colaba who rush to Vileparle in peak hours. so Phunny... You na.. I suggest... ask your driver to get the luggage to the airport and take a first class train ka ticket... and take an adventure trip to vileparle station from churchgate... We will get to read about your local train trip.. (hahahhhaha... my Ravana laughter)

Khaana nahi diya Fourseasons ne... Itni Jurrattttt... bangalore ke bachhon se seekhoo Khatirdaari kya hoti hai. Duhhs


Anonymous said...

Goodluck !

Unknown said...

and i thought Four Seasons is one of the better properties in India.. Vir Sanghvi has even written a long article on the brand Four Season!
Shouldn't G Q be held responsible for the chaos there?? I mean its their event and they (with the power of Vogue) would hv invited a lotta people (underestimating the power of admit 1-which admits 2!!)

Double Seven said...

Even four seasons there at Bombay is shit expensive and in a not-so-good location..................................
But GQ is essentially THE SHIT!!


Double Seven said...
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Double Seven said...

But I do for the first time fully endorse the views of *aham*-
Quite a good suggestion I must say to travel all the way from the tip of Bombay to Santacruz... better to take the train De.
Sion to Pune does take less time than your route for sure... lol

First class in Mumbai Local! are you kidding?... there should be a very special cabin for the extra VVIPs or there should be some monorail system transporting people from far limits of the South to travel to/fro Mumbai CSI Airport...
*right now listening to P. Diddy I'll be Missing you- & loving every moment of the song*


rainboy said...

good luck ji

Scribblers Inc said...

where in Delhi? WHAT in Delhi??

Scribblers Inc.

Shabbu said...

No Blogging on Sundays??
Looks like a tough rule for me atleast. I prefer blogging anytime, anyday, anywhere... No Strings Attached!!

Aditi Chauhan said...

Can I get ur personal email id or any other communication address as we wanna invite you for a college event:-)

Anonymous said...

Blogging is such sweet sorrow; I will have a crew cut on the morrow. I tell you anybody who's nobody today( yours truly included) has a blog their own to boot. Does it also say somewhere in the Ten Commandments your blog should be your own musings and yours alone? Sorry, no pens-for-hire allowed! Our very own pretentious Pali-wood mandali are a case in point and helping out these Johnny-come- latelys on to the blogging scene are, I suspect, free lance journalists and tabloid writers.

On society dos ( & don'ts :) why, Kakoo, you have opened an interesting can of worms there! Would you describe it as a fair and accurate characterization that at most such dos, similar to the one you attended at the Four Season's, the snob quotient is head and shoulders above the glam quotient?

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