Monday, September 22, 2008

Bangalore made me breathless!

Absolutely true! BREATHLESS! It began at the airport itself. A sexier airport I have yet to see in India (sorry, Hyderabad!). This one takes your breath away - that should explain my condition! It is a smashing airport, far, far better than a whole lot of international airports - and I have seen quite a few, trust me. Everything works in this space, which is entirely user friendly. Planners have anticipated the future, for a change, and one can see this airport functioning efficiently over the next decade or so. The distance from the city, be damned. Soon the city will crawl up to where the airport is.... these days I can actually see our urban sprawl'walking'. I had the most charming reception committee (armed with poems and flowers) to greet my flight, and I was delighted to note the high enthusiasm levels - this is the sort of energy I feed off. Young, bright, motivated students who are unafraid to speak up!Christ College, one of the top rated universities in India is understandably proud of the institution that has recently acquired University status. This means teachers will now be able to devise a curriculum that is more in tune with changing times and expectations. Like the Lit Fest I attended on the sprawling campus. Imagine listening to a Blues Band in a city that has recently banned bands!!! Can you believe that? Young people are prohibited from dancing in clubs, dj's can't mix music and live performances are forbidden! No place stays open after 11 30pm, and everybody is supposed to go home and ..... pray??? The new BJP government claims to be on a massive clean up drive, because some idiotic club owner was caught serving 'venom shots' to students. It's a wonder the student community is so passive and adheres to these ridiculous rules without protesting on the streets.
I was ready to lead the charge myself, but had to rush back..... and the swishy new airport requires an absurd 3 hours of lead time to get there. Oh... the Kanchipuram idlis were brilliant, and I appreciate the fact that someone in the organising committee had read my blog and taken the trouble to get me the delicious idlis during the lunch break. The other meal I had while there, was at my darling friends, the Bidapa's exquisite mansion at Yellanka, where I spent the night snuggling under blankets in a beautiful room decorated with button roses from their garden. Judith had produced Anglo Indian pork, Chettinad Chicken and steamed fish in green chutney.... with fluffy, perfectly fermented sana to mop up all the yummy gravies. It didn't end there.... she spoiled me silly by making crisp, fresh dosas for breakfast, with filter coffee to go... now that's what i call a darling friend! As for Prasad, a better wedding planner would be hard to find! He is my man as I feverishly plan my daughter Avantikka's December shaadi. Prasad knows it all - from getting the various menus to match.... to figuring out the bride's colour palette for each occasion. How dearly I love the Bidapas!!They are very special people.... and I am lucky to have them in my life.


Anonymous said...

What about traffic on raods ?

Anonymous said...

correction :
* roads

Arjun said...

wedding in December...... wow you would have your work cut out for moms always do!!

Kris Bass said...

I hate Bangalore the few times I have been there. Earlier, there used to be no one who I could speak about Bangalore and sort of get away with that reaction.

But nowadays, a lot of people have started hating it.

I guess the trend's changing again. :)

About the bars/music thing - it's absurd. Totally! That itself is a reason to abandon Bangalore!

Oxy said...

Shobhaa Glad you liked the airport as our own CM disliked it and mentioned it doesn't stand anywhere close to few abroad ones.

About the 11.30 PM ban, it was there before the BJP came to power. And yes, we do protest and we have been doing it for eons now and will continue to do so. Wonder what made you generalize that students ain't doing anything after being to just one college. (Nothing taking away from Christ).

I am aghast to know that you refer students of B'lore as just passive on lookers.

Yes, I believe that a band played in college whilst it is banned in pubs. Yes, even the dancing too. Yet, whoever comes and stays here doesn't want to live after getting to know the real B'lore. A hop skip jump stay is too less to explore it.

We have our own alternatives (No, we are not escapists). We are doing our bit along with few celebs and till things get to normal we will have our alternatives. What's wrong in that? That doesn't mean we are passive and adhere to ridiculous rules.

And you are most welcome to lead any charge. We would be glad to have you amongst us.

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

i second OXY

rain girl said...

congratulations.. :D that's soo kool :)

Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

Ah good to know that you liked Bangalore :-)...Airport is good but you know sometimes you feel irritated because of the main city esp. when your job requires you to travel often! And travelling at peak time is something which is...ah you better got to experience it :-)

Anonymous said...

wish I had met a big fan of yours, specially your books.
btw, my peeve agaisnt the airport is that there are no "regular" restaurants and "normal" gift shops.
I had been on a whirlwind trip, and could not find a single reasonably priced gift for my Indain friends back in Bahrain, at the airport shops.
just some very designer and expensive stuff...
as for food, kids wanted to have a bite, and all they had was pizza, for which we had to stand in a queue.
why not good old Mac's and maybe some Indain fast food?
guess you were overwhelmed by the reception, so you failed to notice these things.
do write about it, since you have a "voice" that gets heard!

Prash said...

I missed to see Bangalore this time when I was in India last May. I really wish I did to see the change you mention here.

When you talked about Prasad, I didn't know it was Bidapa~! what a small world ! heard their wedding was great few years ago...guess you were there...

*Aham* said...

:-) De! I never followed rock or any other music but could well say that Bangalore, (i opine so, needn't be the world view) did have the reputation as the Western Music Capital of India.

Whimsical wins over the musical.
Politicos...Pity Pity. Shame Shame.

Steaming Idli's on a platter.Tasty tasty. I can quite imagine your expression when you were served... with your hands on your cheeks.. (like Sushmita Sen's Miss Universe Picture)I also want to see that look... you never know one day i will drop to your colaba abode with a dabba of Ponds Cold Cream. :-) and also a some chews for Miss Kiara De.


Double Seven said...

Who is Prasad? Sorry I am confused... is he a weddin planner and also event manager in general?

do let me know De.
You know why. (I hope you still remember that.)



Parv Kaushik said...

why is BJP and YSR acting lyk Taliban in there.... sad to hear about this.

nd u got a great taste... nice!!! best of luck fr your daughters wedding!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear, De,

It is not yellanka, it is Yelahanka babe, but it reminds me of teh days in Bangalore and an abrupt interview with Prasad, you wre talking about Prasad Biddappa right?

I am sure Bangy is going mumbai ways...every time I return to b'lore I see it's death...and mourn..

Anonymous said...

dear ms de
you look gorgeous at this as ur writing. suddenly u shifted ur focuss from women men. is it a conscious attempt?