Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rock on... and on....and on...and on...

My first cousin Usha is married to Nandu Bhende - a middle -aged rocker. I know this world a little. And the good news is that 'Rock on..." is spot on!! It has the stealth approach of the best docu -dramas, that track lives over a span of years. But , let's face it... it is no ''Dil Chahata Hai.." The biggest failure is the music. And that can be a fatal flaw in a movie about music!! There is also a great deal of self- indulgence, especially in the overstretched finale with three mediocre tracks played back -to -back.The good part is the script. And the characterisation. But the real ahaaa moment of the movie , for me,was Purab Kohli's campy version of 'I will Survive..." worth the price of the ticket and more. Prachi was sickeningly sweet, understanding and loving - I'm sure she makes it to the top of the heap as every man's fantasy wife - cute, well mannered, sensitive, adoring, uncomplaining.We know she has a great smile, but it never leaves her face! Farhan Akhtar is looking and sounding more and more like his father (several subtle tributes to the old boy scattered throughout the film). The guy has the hottest bod in Bollywood (move over John),and looked incredibly attractive under the shower.... followed by the black towel scene (move over Nangu Kapoor). Farhan can act, but can he sing? So... a special award for courage. Will he get himself a parallel career as a movie star? Doubtful. But I would rather watch him than those losers who are being thrust on us (Shekhar Sumam's son , for example).
I've saved the best for last - Arjun Rampal. Brooding, defeated, restrained.... and utterly beautiful! I can well understand what SRK sees in him.Arjun broke my heart in a role that does not give him dramatic lines but exploits his vulnerability to the hilt.I wanted to instantly adopt him. The girl playing Debbie, his nag of a wife was excellently cast , as well. Yup. 'Rock on..." makes the cut. But a cult film, it ain't .Don't pitch your expectations too high, and you won't be disappointed.Yenjoy!!


Mister Crowley said...

Unfortunately, thanks to all the ad-hype, my expectations were pitched a little may be a reasonably well-made movie, but from the PoV of a rocker and a part-time musician, it was HUGE let down.

Now, 'Airheads', that was a rock n roll movie....

Neha said...

I think you get too nasty and judgemental sometimes..more often tryin to put people.

Ugh looking men (reference ur comment about Singh is King cast).then castin people as loser...God Lady, u carry unnecessary attitude!!

neha said...

*put people down

sanjuayyar said...

Yes I agree.

The biggest let down of rock on is the music. Isn't it ironic?

The editing was par excellence. and took the script to another level altogether.

Arjun / Joe was brilliant.
So was Debbie.

Farhan does have screen presence and it was a above-average debut for him.

But the very film could have been edgier. Come on, its a film on rock music and there wasn't even a hint of drug abuse which is so common. A little ganja could have helped their imagination I guess.

Purab as KD and Luke as Rob were spot on. Prachi as Sakshi was tolerable.

Rock On was good but not quite there.

But a thousand times better than the insane C Kompany. If someone wants cheap hallucination, go and watch that. Its a disaster.

*Aham* said...


@ Neha, I know De is a known personality, but she is human and is entitled to her own likes and dislikes. She speaks out openly, that many celebs shy away from. (just my view, No fights. Peace!)

>> Rock on!!

Yippee Yippee... i watched this movie before you did. And have similar reactions. Farhan, as Mom de and beti de says "Is Hot!" I so so agree. But a star... or a one film wonder, only time will say. Dil chahta hai was a far better movie than rock on. This doesnt mean, Rock on was bad, but that DCH was far better. The real star of the movie according to me was luke kenny. he was absolutely fantastic. Purab comes next and then Farhan. Shabana, the girl, Arjuns wife, is also outstanding.

But I didnt like Ramphal as much I did the other stars. I didnt feel he was very comfy with the guitar.

Prachi, she was more an ornamental piece, an outlandish moll. charming yes. Substance no. Future Dicey.

Yes, farhan's several tributes to his old boy father. The songs couldve been better. i dont follow rock. A friend of mine told me that Rock On mein there is no Rock. But the music definitely couldve been better. Lyrics were nice and youthful.

The collage of emotions were well presented.

But, Classic. Rock on?? Naaaah!

DeeplyDip said...

I liked the movie as well as the songs. Non-sensical lyrics were part of the scheme, and well I loved Farhan's voice! The fact that Frahan sang the songs himself - makes it even more welcome.
You can make out he is an amatuer singer et all, but again that's what he was potraying - a wanna be rock band!
Arjun was very good too. Loved him in long hair. I agree Prachi was too sweet and perfect to be true.

Kris Bass said...

First of all De - I have my own, very different actually, views on the movie. I have posted recently about them.

Farhan is red hot. His voice is gruffy and that's what suits the rock music. If someone such a Sonu Nigam had sung the song, it would have been so much more horrifying.

The music, I thought was okay. The lyrics, I don't know why Javed would write such stuff, were bad. But I guess the movie guys thought that cheesy lyrics would capture the audience.

The women were impressive. And so was Kohli and Rampal. And Farhan, oh boy, he really is hot, especially with the voice. Oooh, I wouldn't mind a lay with any of the Akhtars, the male ones.

@ Neha: De's expressing her own view point. I respect for that. I don't agree to her always. Yet, I look forward to try and understand what's she's trying to point out.

@ Sanju: Maybe a little bit of ganja would have helped. Having said that, I myself (a rock musician) don't do any of that. So it isn't all that common I would say.

@ Aham: Luke Kenny? I thought he was pathetic. If you want someone to look silly and to act stupid - I could have done a better job! Really!

Al Walling said...

right back at ya


๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑ said...

farhan--next "hot" thing
arjun--was best
luke--has talent
purab--should do more movies
prachi--love her *bearhug*

Arjun said...

i enjoyed it to the hilt..... have christened the maker with the title "PATHAR TAARA"....aka ROCK STAR!!

comfortably numb said...

i knw every1 has an opinion n in fact differed opinions is wht d world thrives on but seriously man..."tum ho toh" is mediocre, i think u need to listen to it again:)

Maddy said...

@neha..""I think you get too nasty and judgemental sometimes.."...

I am saying, De is brutally honest with her opinion.No mincing!! orelse she won't be Shobhaa De!! What say?

rekha said...

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one! So guys here is mine!

Rock On was NOT rocking for me at all. What is a rock-n-roll movie without good catchy music? Farhan DIDN'T look as luscious as NANGU Kapoor.. He was too stiff for my taste. All in all, this movie reminded me of a very poor adaptation of two movies combined, Dil Chahta Hai and Jhankaar Beats! Farhaan should stick to direction and leave the acting and singing for those that can't direct, aka Abhishek Kapoor (who ironically can't act either!)

As far as the rest of the cast, I agree with Ma'm De. Purab Kohli's adaptation of "I will survive," was worth it all. Luke was good as well... Bani (oh I mean Prachi) was giving me DIABETES! We all know what happens when Diabetes hits, right folks? YOU LOOSE YOUR TOES! Arjun was as uncomfortable looking as ever, no emotions, nothing, nada, zilch! I don't see what SRK et. al. see in him. Perhaps, the Diabetes (from his sweet/innocent looking character) has effected my eye-sight too!

Basically, movie was too long, actors that needed to act, couldn't and the ones who had tiny roles did the MAGIK, atleast for the box office (from what I read.)

Which reminds me... Any thoughts on Mumbai Meri Jaan, Ms. De?

Anuj Talpade said...

When Akshaye Khanna strikes Aamir Khan across his face in Dil Chahta Hai, U get goose bumps. You DO NOT want to see that dosti crumble.

Here, I couldn't give a shit!!!! the bonding TOTALLY LACKED PUNCH.. I sat there BLANK, not feeling a twitch on my face as the ego tussle between Rampal n Akhtar took a juvenile fisticuffy turn... It ceased to matter whether they ever got back together!

And 10 yrs had gone by since the BIG FIGHT, right? Was Farhan's character moving around like a bitter zombie all the while? And Prachi Desai fell in love with THAT? Put up with THAT? And smiled non-stop thru n thru? That's like taking the phrase 'GRIN AND BEAR IT' to another level.

Arjun running out of the taxi and on to the stage??? PUHHHH-leez!

And Luke rattling his tumour with that wacky headbanger's move in the finale? I thought he'll die on stage and they'll come up with a cheesy "yeh toh shaheed ho gaya"...

And I am not going to talk about the music coz my friend who is a rock fanatic died in the auditorium.

Purab Kohli's amusing and adorable - yes, the table-top, over the top jig made me smile. But did THAT scene have to be the sole point of redemption in this ROCK OFF?????

Shrey said...

i totally agree with neha.

i have read quite a lot of columns of De in the Bombay Times...n one thing noticeble everytime is that she is just negative,critical n extremely rude with her comments about an impression that she herself is PERFECT AND IS ABOVE EVRYONE.

maybe she has her own views but branding people "losers,worthless,ugly etc" just shows of her own inhuman nature and sky-high attitude...

i just dont get it what makes her think she is some kinda 'QUEEN' ruling over all mankind!

rekha badlani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renu said...

I started reading the post because I admire Ms. Dey's honesty, but dissappointed to see that now she has become biased and crude.
Nangu kapoor is much much better in looks and acting than nangu Akhtar, any blind person can even see that.
I urge u to be honest with ur opinions. Opinions may differ and we ant to read ur views, but sorry mam if u start saying day to night we cant believe it.

Kush said...

God! "Renu" strikes again!

What's with her self-pleasing definitions of "honesty" and "opinions".

Get real, Renu. De is being honest about "her" opinions. What makes you assume that the everyone shares same likes and dislikes.

Keep your Nangu Kapoor to yourself if you think he is Greek God revisited. But please, stop branding De as being dishonest just because her palette is different.

...and in the end, stop plaguing this space with your insecurities.


Double Seven said...

Her sky-high attitude is what makes this bindaas author so special... if you don't like her attitude then why read her BT articles man...!?
She's entitled to her own freedom of speech as the same way you are too.
In my mind, she's the most honest and for the most part, the most accurate critic I have ever come across.
Her critiques are 90% of the time satisfying the opinions of her fans/ readers as well. She's that accurate and speaks the mind of most of the "rational" people.
If she wouldn't be the way she is (according to you- crude and very rude and always a pessimist) she probably wouldn't be at such a high level of prominence! She's probably the only one who is so beautiful firstly, and secondly who at the same time such a celebrated illustrious author/ columnist of our country.
Be proud... be respectful... and last but definitely not the least be cautious of what you say about Dé!



ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Gosh... troubles are 'a brewing again... Ms' De could you please write another blog to calm the winds here :-D Hopefully, you got my email to figure out who I am (?)

Shobhaa De said...

Ganpati Bappa Moryaa!! Hello blogdosts. Isn't it wonderful that we all agree to disagree? Keep the debates going. Argue fearlessly and fiercely. Remember.... this is not a chamcha\pr blog!! I am not peddling anything...
BTW, I am missing my KKKKKK Kiran from NYC!!! WHERE ARE YOU GURRRRLLLL?? DE

shrey said...

Hey double seven,
Let me tell u something first - human views,expressions,opinions are like human waste(shit)…everyone has to give it out at some point or the other.Now there is a difference between giving it out alone privately or just shitting it out around in public openly!
I have nothing personal with De but I just don’t approve or appreciate the fact that being such a prominent celebrity she is just using all her creativity to downgrade,defame or insult other people in public…and all this is very much visible in most or almost all of her writings!
Im sure u certainly wouldn’t approve of anyone simply just calling you a ‘born loser’ for no might say “I don’t care what he says,its his opnion” but….inside it does hurt a bit atleast.
And one more thing you are noone to tell me what to write about De and what to not!
And if you think this argument is about having the last laugh…no it isn’t…I want you to reply me back once you read this.

Double Seven said...

Even I think that it's for having the last laugh of something... I can go on and on man.

That's what blogs and bloggers are made of.

A blog is like a "public sauchalaya" lol according to you... that is of human expressions which in your words are exactly like human shit.
So my reply is that since it is in public domain and it is managed by Google Blogspot it is hard to monitor all the posts. everyone is supposed to be cautious about what they write
especially, writing something darn offensive about the owner of this blog is something really silly and something really stupid- why would a person follow Shobhaa's blog if he isn't in terms with any of her writings of the past...!? that's very much a time wasting idea.

Without me doing all the talking (on behalf of De) or over-doing stuff- I say that if you think that the following is the truth then just learn to ignore it na?!-

her creativity to downgrade,defame or insult other people in public…and all this is very much visible in most or almost all of her writings!

And your opposition and your suggestion can be well accepted but it is not at all such that it will be followed and complied with...

Plus if you think that she should seriously think about changing her style of writing then why not email her personally rather than posting that message in the public view of others man!?

neha said...

@ Shrey - Awesome job!! I endorse your views totally.

@ Double Seven - Why are you getting so senti and touchy about criticism being thrown her way? And boy, try and understand the very rationale behind bloggin rather than teachin what to write and where to type and what to mail.Bleh!!

* Her critiques are 90% of the time satisfying the opinions of her fans/ readers as well.*

Hahhaha..Did u even hear her reviews on ndtv for the Lakme India fashion week? First go and check out the fashion shows and then her comments about 'em. It was such a mismatch!!

Time you open your eyes to the world and not just sing songs of De.

shrey said...

double seven,
No matter how much ever u close your eyes to the evil,ugly and ridiculous stuff in society...once you open your eyes you will surely get to know of it somehow!
Thats the same case with De...
I may stop reading her articles but that doesnt mean i wont get to know of it ever.

I just wanted to see a woman who can publicly criticze anyone and everyone at freewill(most importantly for stupid reasons) does she take criticism in her own stride!

And just virtually abusing anyone simply...noone is a great writer or author!
Or in another sense by being such high profile writer noone can misuse mercy and write any negstive stuff 'simply' about others!

Double Seven said...

I am not interested in india fashion week. All I am interested (somewhat) is this blog. It's fun to read... and I don't take her opinions about public figures too seriously so that's okay.
I wasn't getting senti and touchy because of some criticisms thrown against De. i don't even know De on a personal level, so there wouldn't be any need for that as of now... and secondly I thought that the guy (shrey, that is) was incorrect in saying all that to De because I had a different perception about De and her literary work and routine work also...
You can't guide me what to do and what not to unfortunately... So write whatever you feel so and I will do the same. "Different People; Different Perceptions".
Peace out!



Double Seven said...

maddy is also right... lol... Just happened to read her observation about De now.

kaya said...


I love ur blog(more often than not :)) and had sent u an email..did u recieve it?


Anonymous said...

The movie was as lousy as it could have been.Was one of the most horrifying of experiences ofter 'Naqab'. The brain tumor part made 'Rock on' all the more depressing and the character of Farhan Akhtar was unrealistically successful. Been in both Rock and stock world so can tell

Sanjay Kapoor said...

Watching Rock On, was a real rocking experience!!
The movie lived up to its name,and was really rocking!!!

The story is simple,revolving around a Rock Band,called Magic,which breaks up due a rift between the the singer,played by Farhaan Akhtar and the guitarist,played by Arjun Ramphal,over a commercial contact deal.Farhan settles in life,with a good business and family,but is unable to get out of the blues of loosing the band and more than that the friend.
His wife,Sakshi,played by Prachi Desai.notices the gloom around him,and ,in a very touchy manner,tries to bring happiness back in his and rather their life,by re uniting the band.The reunion of the friends and the band was touchy and the story ends on a happy note with the band performing in public amongst a very warm response from the audience!

The story around the Rock Band ,gives the movie a resemblance to Jhankaar Beats,but the band is just a tell the story of friendship and emotions involved in Male Bonding,a theme so close to Farhaan Akhtar's heart,almost in continuation from his debut film,Dil Chahta hai.
The story is simple,but with a relateable screenplay and contemporary dialogues.The presentation and depiction are spontaneous and succeed in creating the impact,and the emotions between a couple,and that of two mature close male friends,are beautifully expressed without any melodrama.The music is melodious and above all the songs besides being rocking are enchanting and mesmerising,especially,tum jo ho and teri meri batein!

Farhan Akhtar has proved beyond doubt that he is multi talented and an all rounder,and like his directional debut in Dil Chahta Hai,he has performed superbly in this movie with his debut as an actor and singer.Arjun Ramphal has looked very realistic,and has again given a good performance.Prachi has acted very well too,considering that this is her debut film too,and has succeeded to maintain the popularity she got as Bani in her maiden TV serial Kasam Se.Other stars ,especially Purav Kohli,as the drummer of the band have performed well too.

Rock On,is a great entertainer and a must see for all cine lovers of all ages!

Sanjay Kapoor Lucknow