Friday, September 26, 2008

Wedding Belles

Last night I received the perfect gift.I'd staggered home after a long, demanding fashion shoot for a soon-to-be launched International Men's Magazine (what am I doing in it?? Never mind. Watch this space), and even though I adore the photographer R. Burman, and he had got me going by playing Santana (Black Magic Woman - perfect. Appropriate), I was still reeling. Add to my woes, there was an eager and earnest television crew from Belgium waiting in my living room. I wanted to yell, 'Go away,guys.... find someone else." But one does not treat mehmaan so shabbily. So... i went ahead and 'performed', while in my heart I was plotting their murders. That done, I rushed into the one room where i find my self, my peace. The bedroom.And voila! there it was. A book. Not just any book. But an exceedingly well timed one , given my present position as mother-of-the-bride. Wedding Belles has been published by Chikki Sarkar of Random House. And it is a life saver for people like me, who don't have family 'elders' to turn to, and are pretty out of the loop themselves when it comes to rituals and rivaaz. This book has been such a Godsend! Armed with it, I am readying myself for what lies ahead.Wish me luck.... and vast reserves of patience.
Here's a recommendation to anybody who lives in Bandra or beyond.I had dinner at a gorgeous restaurant located in the Taj Land's End, called PURE. Why PURE? The cuisine is organic - and therefore pure. Please note: Organic. Not strictly vegetarian. And definitely not to be confused with health food. Organic suggests a chemical free approach. The ingredients are organically grown and cooked. My five course meal, designed by the executive chef, Anirudhya Roy was perfectly paired with rare Single Malts (which I do not drink, but my husband is a connoisseur of), by Rishi Mehra, the restaurant manager. All of this was overseen by Rohit Khosla, who we used to know from his days at The President Hotel next door, and who now runs the Taj LAND'S END with his customary finesse. This amazing team made sure our table of ten had a memorable evening. Check this out :Seared Tamari shrimps and scallops on sugarcane skewers, Himalayan Trout in tangerine tomato broth, and a dessert that was created out of no less than 8 pure textures of chocolate (Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise 2003 complemented this heavenly treat to perfection).
Am off to Alibag to keep another dinner date with my husband. He has promised me shrimp curry. I can't wait. Salivate!!!


Anonymous said...

My favourite :
Home-made food/Highway Dhabas

Arjun said...

i just finished some pastries from BIRDYS.... but I need some of that shrimp!!!!

Harish said...

:-) yeah... see the apathy... like always, girls are seen in men's magazine. how sad. where do i go. i get to see only girls. womans magazine, mens magazine.. every where... :-( we need to tell these mens magazine fellas taht Gay BOMBAY is the biggest yahoo community. and its just Gay "BOMBAY" not Gay "INDIA".

But yes, i eagarly look forward to seeing you in the cover... it always feels proud to see my o so dear blogdost on TV on print on type. Im sure you will look Jhakaaz. And ofcourse with your bindaas attitude will add a chaar chaand to the picture. You are beautifully natural and naturally beautiful. :-)and tum toh na De, can give any nayee naveli chokri a run for her money. and naa naaa i dont mean to flatter you...

sunoo naa, i wish to see you host a television chat show or something... I wonder why TV producers have not thought of it. Or they have approached and You are depriving us of the opportunity seeing you on TV. If so... Then We are definitely Katti with you.

Athithi devo bhava... is the age old wisdom. But, in modern times toh the dictum is "Devo Athithi Bhava".. we treat god as a guest... remember her only in times of crises. lol.

yes yes yes..Chak De! we are Salivating... :-)

smiles :-)

Al Walling said...

ooh. wat would you be involved with GQ for??

sanju ayyar said...

single malt, hmnn, thats something i love. shrimp wimp toh bas sun ne ki baatein reh gayi hain. go and have a blast as i go to the fish market and haggle for a decent bargain and a good catch. tata.

Amandeep said...

Good luck and best wishes for your daughter's upcoming wedding!

I can very well imagine what it would be like to organize everything without anyone's guidance! I myself am getting married in January, and here there are so many people to guide me and my parents (not to mention one's opinion is diametrically opposite to the other's) that we feel totally confused and lost! :-)

All the very best to you! God bless...

Parv Kaushik said...

real cool life!!!


Kris Bass said...

Organic food! I hope I can have some decent food at least!

Maddy said...

""And it is a life saver for people like me, who don't have family 'elders' to turn to, and are pretty out of the loop themselves when it comes to rituals and rivaaz" "

Shobha.....At 60+ I guess you are in their shoes for parents who are younger than you.

May you be blessed with vast reserves of patience to enjoy every single moment of the happy occasion in your family. Wishes to you daughter too.

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

De... where is Kiran in NYC these days? Don't you miss those blogs? I know I do! Btw what views on Saas Bahu or Sensex and Welcome To Sajjanpur?
Kuch likho bhai... been a while! By the way, another wave of blasts in Delhi again? What the *&%$?

Double Seven said...

@ ek-ladki-anjaani-si: Yeah and it is been popularly believed to be a new module of people carrying this blast this time- that could be a major political party attempting to gain some electoral poll against the Congress in upcoming elections too?? Nobody can know that for sure.
But what one thing what is for sure though on the good extreme part of it is that Carlos Santana is one of the greatest living legend in Rock.
He rocks... and Black Magic Woman is one of his all time hits... but De listen to Smooth, The Calling Feat. Dave Matthews Band and also listen to Carzon Espianado... Good too!!!

@bobo- You wrote- My favourite :
Home-made food/Highway Dhabas

My favorite too... Nothing else can beat those ever!!!



Anonymous said...

How goes it Rajyadaksha-bai?

It's all looking very very good from here.

Haven't been to "Pure" yet so can't comment on it but what to say of Taj Land's End in Bandra?! Well,it's too loud and in your face if you ask me: classic Marwar sur Seine.
Yummy! pickled currry. Say no more : I am invading Alibaugh (minus the bag). And while you are at it devouring the pickled curry you may want to also
lick " A case of Exploding Mangoes".

Shobhaa De said...

guys. aren't we all missing our just another kiran from new york?? where are you lady? we need your wit and sassy comments. come back soon. all is forgiven! de

Harshita said...

Honestly..I am very confused with this article..What is it really about? The Men's magazine? Pure? Wedding Belles?..Why the title Wedding Belles when there is no justice done to the title?

Unknown said...

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