Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bhagwad Gita

The Bhagwad Gita says, : The one who does wrong is a sinner.... but the one who puts up with the wrong is an even bigger sinner.....
Think about it.... and ACT.


Anonymous said...

Did you see We the People on NDTV today? Simi Garewal made a very pertinent observation- look out from the Four seasons, and you see Paki flags fluttering in the slums.
What is the meaning of that? Immediately, a young gentleman from the crowd pounced at Simi, and said that she is the real enemy and not Pakistan and we need to initiate a peaceful dialog with our neighbor!! With enemies within our country like that young man, do we need external enemies?!

Ashwin, Bangalore

Anonymous said...

The government asked the home minister to resign, thats all they have done. This is rediculous if anybody should resign it was the Pm and Sonia gandhi as she controls him.

These administrative changes will not do anything, we need to take tough action against pakistan or every 6 months this will keep on happening. We cannot let the politicians vote based politics of appeasement to decide how we will fight terrorism.

God bless my loving Mumbai and India!

Amit said...

Please look at the lessons learnt from 9/11 by America. Here are some of them:
Toughened security is a requirement not an option. Initially people will be feeling strange, but the heightened security brings more security to people at the end of the day
Setting up of a federal agency like the Homeland Security Agency in America. Indian politicians should take all the help they can from foreign countries like USA, Israel and UK instead of snubbing them and telling them that we can handle our own matters. The fact is we do not have a world class security infrastructure. Especially the security of our coasts is a huge question mark. Small band-aid solutions by a stupid bureaucrat are not going to work. Hire some good security companies that have expertise in this area - why are politicians working on security on the basis of our existing knowledge and inputs from armed forces. We need to rethink the paradigm by asking companies that specialize in this sphere.

Americans set the tone after 9/11 by stating: " We will not forget 9/11"
In India unfortunately our politicians, media and our public are used to saying: "We will forget what happened right away and wear our blinders. We will not learn any lessons or make any large scale changes to our security so that this does not happen again.

Equip the people with the infrastructure to report suspicious incidents. There should be a permanent hotline where people can call and convey tips of suspicious activity. It is a mystery why that fisherman was not able to convey his concern to the appropriate authorities who would take the threat seriously. Every threat should be tackled very seriously.

Chalta-hai cannot work!!! Every citizen is responsible for protecting others around him.

Let us start social movements to make contributions to the National Defence Fund and to other welfare activities for the Armed Forces including the commando units that served us when everything else has failed. The Armed forces should be provided with the best infrastructure to deal with such situations. The armed forces should have been airlifted and dropped at the Taj, Oberoi and Nariman bhavan - not being driven to and from the airport!!!! This is insane, how our newly acquired wealth is not being spent on upgrading the infrastructure for the Armed forces.

Jai Hind!

Anonymous said...

Amit - I fully agree with you. After 9/11, security has been pushed to the top of the priority list in the United States. The same thing should have happened in India after the bomb blasts in summer 2006. Let us not sit and hope, but demand that our government places its unwavering attention on security.

Anonymous said...

Vivekanada said it a while back -

Brave, bold men and women, these are what we want. What we want is vigor in the blood, strength in the nerves, iron muscles and nerves of steel, not softening namby-pamby ideas.

Amit said...

The problem is that the government's constant harping on remaining peaceful and having peaceful relations with our neighbors has caused tremendous mis-communication. Indians are throughly confused with so many ideologies! We need leaders. Period!

Anonymous said...

We the citizens have to decide this time much earlier whom we do not want to VOTE.
The time starts now...

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

it's the's our ppl.

all i can say is that.. see the bigger picture.

review the facts...

Anonymous said...

Let's each one of us do very well the duty that is nearest to us all.

Let's build strength ! Shun the weak ideas, weak people, weak leaders !

Rebuild ! Reconstruct ! Rejevenate !

Vaisakh P S said...

why we are blaming our politicians for everything?

why do we have to Nuking each every country that harbors terrorism, just to resolve the issues?

Instead of building up infrastructure to tackle terrorism, why can't we take care of the problems here?

If we can make a nation with out any difference, with discrimination of cast or creed, then we can successfully pluck the roots of terrorism from anywhere.. even with in.

Vaisakh P S said...

As well said in previous comments, what is the big picture? everyone is saying about "seein the big picture"

What is it? Even if we figure it out, why we are hesitating to act accordingly?

Is it fear of death or something worse?

Anonymous said...

Ashwin, get your facts right. Those are NOT Pakistani flags, those are islamic flags that look SIMILAR to Pakistani flags.

That makes all the difference.

That young man made a valid point, but he just got too carried away and so his point was lost.

Simi is nuts to ask us to go and wage war against all our neighbours. Has anyone even thought of the repercussions of such immature bullshit?

and then she says we shouldn't pay taxes. Sure, add to the mayhem.

And who's gonna fund these wars, if we even stop paying taxes? stop talking like immature teens.

America's 'war on terror' has beena total fiasco, killing thousands of innocent American and Middle Eastern lives in West Asia.

Are we to replicate the same madness?

Ashish Jaiswal said...

For those who lost their lives in Mumbai


Oh! My motherland!
How ill-fated and coward is your son
The eyes of who stare inertly
From the other corner of seven seas
As you bleed
As fearless brothers half of his age
Sacrifice their lives undeterred
He is squeezed in a comforting corner
With his head fallen in shame
Mother! Have you forgiven him?
This time as well?
Why are you quiet?
And those smiling lips of yours?
Have you lost hope
That he will never return
Being a mother
You have seen the fire
That has started raging in his heart
- Ashish Jaiswal,
University of Oxford

SJC Indian said...

Hi Shobha:

After watching 50+ hours of non-stop news coverage of the “so-called” Mumbai’s 9/11 - I am unable to make up my mind on 2 things:

* Was this a total mis-calculation and a failed execution on the part of the terrorists?


* Are we still being mis-informed?

If the motive was to blow-up the iconic Taj & cause a 9/11 type impact by striking the nation’s financial nerve center - why would the terrorists not start the operation until they were “dead sure” that they had enough explosive power to blow-up the Taj? Did somebody not know of the strength of the Victorian stone structure that the Taj is made up of?

I have only read reports of hand grenades being hurled & fires being started by the terrorists in the Taj. What were the terrorist planners smoking - if any comparison is to be made with a 9/11 type attack?

Somehow, the scale, the planning & the choice of targets indicate confusion & desperation, the real motive being hitherto unknown.

The high-impact target was the attack on the Jewish center & that immediately rallied the western world in support of India.

The firing in CST, the Taj, the Oberoi-Trident seemed like desperate attacks to cause human casualties using bullets & hand-grenades, but not the sophisticated bombs that we have seen in previous attacks.

The modus operandi seemed very tactical or guerrilla warfare like & less strategic.

It is only a matter of time, however, the following questions remain un-answered today:

* Why was the attack initiated if the terrorists were not ready to bring down the Taj?
* Where is the RDX (or a similar high-impact explosive) that had the prowess to bring down the Taj?
* What was the need to simultaneously attack a high impact target like a Jewish center?

Anonymous said...


Sincerely, your words touched me !

Sitting seven seas away, I watch
my motherland bleeding and
dreamy, shameful people like me taking life - business as usual.

This shall change...yes it will.


Anonymous said...

Finally, are we going to blame it on SIN!!! NEXT what else is there.. yea GREED... then...

10000 years of humanity;
We have read enough scriptures and books; but, still we are HERE as a TOTAL FAILURE still searching for ANSWERS !!!

ACT... ???? Oh yea... waiting still for some one to do something???

We, HUMANITY, just diminished to a bunch of jokers!!!

- Riaz, NJ

Another Kiran In NYC said...

This makes me want to pick up sticks and join the political fray. Family members have worked for change outside of politics, perhaps now that is no longer effective. We need to be in there, where legislation is made. I know honest political will and legislative action works in the long run. Much, much food for thought. Perhaps this episode of tragic mayhem will make some of us want to get our feet wet. I know my feet feel some dampness already. Or is it just nerves or rage?

Raksha Shetty said...

Shobha de please do something.

Congress just wants to remain in power so they will not do anything that will upset their votebank,

GOD help my Mumbai!

c - congress
c - chamcha party
c - corruption
c - chor

For 50 years they destroyed India economically and now they destroy our security. Makes me so helpless and sad.

Anonymous said...

"TO Another Kiran in NYC"::: You are talking like Advaniji... What legislations you can make in Pakistan or other Muslim 'dictatorship' countries... please get REAL !!!

- Riaz, NJ

Anonymous said...

To Raksha Shetty:

Let us nominate Shobha De as Independent against Jayanti Natarajan and end Jayanti's political career;

Let us bring 2500 volunteers and campaign for Shobha De against Jayanti.

Let us build a wesbite and sponsor this campaign.

I will campaign in India for De personally for two weeks...

Let us go for it!!!

We will teach Sonia's kitchen cabinet, PEOPLE and THEIR voices can neither be stopped nor challenged!!!

- Riaz, NJ

Bharat said...

Agree with u...
Time for ACTION!

What do u think need to be done as priority basis?
And how to do it?

My opinion: Get rid of Paki Militant/terrorist camps.
By hook or crook (Gandhigiri or Dadagiri or combination of both)
I'm up for it, would you join me?

Who'ld join me?
any man with guts or shall I do it all alone??

Awaiting reply...

Anonymous said...


I will join you provided you change to:

Get rid of Terrorism in the WORLD (just not Pak...)

The core problems in my opinion are:

- Poverty (this is where they recruit)
- Guns and Ammunition (this is what they give)
- Sponsors of Terror (The above two wont exist without them)

- Riaz, NJ

Anonymous said...

Cmon Shobha, stand for election as an independent - show the world you are not just giving rhetoric for some cheap PR, show the world you mean ACTION!

Stop talking and blaming, start DOING.

Bharat said...

@ Riaz, NJ
WE can Get rid of Terrorism in the WORLD(Lets start with Pak first because its the culprit of all!)if you are with me.

Thats too much of talking ppl now lets do something useful, lets unite and lets change current leadership!

Lets make a list of sever problems we are facing in our country, suggest answers and lets take some ACTIONS !!

Anonymous said...

Could this person identify him/hersELF??:

Anonymous said...

Cmon Shobha, stand for election as an independent - show the world you are not just giving rhetoric for some cheap PR, show the world you mean ACTION!

Stop talking and blaming, start DOING.

Before asking Shobhaa, say what you can do? Can you volunteer ?
Let us discuss & do a SWAT analysis and convince Shobhaa with a plan.

Then we'll ask her to decide.

Now, just show Shobhaa that there is a movement here just not talk to talk but walk to walk...

We can build a campaign branding: "Fight against Terror not like Jayanthi & Sonia's kitchen cabinet"... Lets go for it... Who else.. write here... please ask your friends to do so... we need 2499 volunteers!!!

We'll thank Jayanthi for creating a new brand Politician Shobhaa De and ending her career as Politician !!!

- Riaz, NJ

Anonymous said...

As Vir Sanghvi writes, and I agree, we are one of the three countries where repeated terrorism reigns unchecked...Pakistan & Afghanistan are the other two countries, just in case you were wondering! Not only our so-called politicians, but each and every citizen of India (living in the country or abroad)must hang their heads in shame. Me included. Being on par with these two does that feel? It hurts, doesn't it? So much for the emerging superpower status. We have gloated enough about these things. Now is the time for some real action and actually earn & deserve this status. Let's stop looking for any leadership & guidance from our nincompoop politicians. Today its the Congress. Tomorrow it could be the BJP that's culpable. I say, why expect any shape and form of moral responsibility from people who have no morals? I appreciate that this is not the time for Gandhigiri...but still, let us all try and be the change that we want to see in our country. Let's put together a citizens initiative. Let's look at our varied security systems (or the lack of it) and work towards putting forward constructive and helpful suggestions. Let's put our money where our mouth is!

Jai Hind. Jai Mumbai.

Chandrasekhar said...






Amit said...

Guys, first things first - All should go and make donations to the National Defence Fund and any other funds that help the Armed Forces. We need to salute the troops and show our appreciation. Shobha-ji, can you lead an awareness campaign to raise funds for the defence forces? Particularly organizations like NSG.

Also, these commandos should NOT be used for safeguarding politicians. Regular police should be used. Why are politicians using the best of the breed for their personal protection? Why this hypocrisy?

Ramsey said...

I cannot understand why some people are simply pointing fingers. No matter who our politicians are whether BJP, congress or anybody else, we would still suffer the same fate. I really think Jayanti Natrajan is an eloquent voice on various matters, so Shobha cannot be considered her rival just cause they had an argument over a news channel! As for politics, Shobha you're doing the right thing by staying the hell away from it. Its not an easy job and once in a while we should commend our politicians.

What immature kids post on this blog.

Another Kiran In NYC said...


Re... you comment regarding my writing like Advani.

I think we need to clean our house first. Legislation requires that uncorrupt and pragmatic people should be in politics and be electable. If all we say is.. remove the politicos for doing nothing and have nothing to replace that political and administrative void, do you think the nation will even survive?

India has a vibrant but imperfect democracy. Give me a democracy anyday compared to the other forms of government I see around the world. You dont need to cut the tree from the roots to make the tree grow stronger. Get the right people to nuture the tree after you have removed the diseased bits. Those right people may be you and me and Kutty, Madan or Puri who live down the road. If you and me and the other three dont get involved, how is our government to get with the program? Legislation includes laws that protect you and me and laws that lay down organizational rules. Legislation makes the rules that govern most aspects of your life. How can you negate legislation when it comes to cleaning your own house? For everyone who says do this and do that... laws must be passed first. This is where people need to get involved in government and politics. Heck even for a draconian version of Patriot Act or POTA to come into being, legislation is involved.

No one can or wants to go to Pakistan to change thier rules unless we wage war and make them a subject nation. Such things dont happen quite as easily today as when Hitler rolled across Europe and made everyone a subject nation to his evil empire. Warfare is very different today! We need to fix our rules so that we can deal with a unruly or evil neighbour. This is where legislation and politics comes in.

sid said...

I was of the opinion that we should stand united for terror and had a soft corner for muslims. But after last night's Big Fight on NDTV, I think we need to reconsider our nation from scratch...why do we entertain these sick people on tele shows that shout rhetorics "pakistan is not enemy?"...if there are paki flags fluttering after these incidents...why not single them out and send them back to pakistan where they will be gunned down ultimately....the sentiments of that young man represent alarge majority...i grew up in siwan where people use to hoist paki flags on paki wins against India. And we are told to be resilient and get can we? how can we do that with elements like those present in society? Ignore them? well they are in millions......they are making India a weak democracy...i dont know what to say here....but i feel opinion leaders like successful muslim personalities should take charge to educate this people that in india, you are bound to be Indians. and if you like pakistan...please go one is stopping you

Anonymous said...

Regarding we the people on NDTV... I never realized Simi Garewal is simply a stupid Bitch. All points that she made were very immature!!!

sid said...

I know that....but didnt we deserve an answer from people like them who hoist paki fags in such situations? you tell, doesnt it hurts? one one hand there are muslims who are as Indians as us....on the other hand there are people who do such horrifying acts....dont the need to be addressed....if we have to weed out the problems...we should accept the facts....India needs a social movement....a movement like 1857.....1947....India is not just a is a 5000 year old civilisation that is running successfully despite umpteen atrocities....lets sieze this moment where every one (except those pro pakis)want to do something ..... SHOBHA JI....please lets start a movement...let opinion leaders like something for a fragile nation in trouble

Anonymous said...

Oh 'MATURE' Ramsey Grandpa,

When you say about a FACT that the POLITICAL party ruling in the center as well as in the State FAILED to protect the very people who elected them, YOUR eloquent voice Jayanathi's response is, become the CM and change.... What do you do, Grandpa? There your eloquent voice confessed the FAILURE and challenged...

Grandpa Ramsey, staying away is not the solution; I agree, as you said, 'it is not an easy job', that is why we need talented people... We need a voice that represents common innocent man who died helplessly for no reason; we found the voice !!!

Let us do this Grandpa Ramsey.. we need 2449 volunteers... Will do a SWOT and then, let Shobhaa decide ?

Meantime, let your 'eloquent voice' Jayanthi know, how wrong she is ??!!!

- Riaz, NJ

Anonymous said...

Another Kiran In NYC:

The problem is not legislation; It is the Judicial system that implements. It takes years to get a judgment in India. Fix the Judicial system, let people get judgments within 3-6 weeks... Can any politician promise and implement that? There are people who believe that an Act of Terror can free their friends from the pending judicial trials like Kandahar hijacking...

- Riaz, NJ

sid said...

like several other blogs...this blog is also piling up wid individual attacks....yes grandpa u may find young pple's comment nonsense....but it is us..the young India who is going to take this country forward....and anonymous....better we talk about reconciling the cracks that has developed so deep that any tom dick and harry can exploit a community who lacks prolific leaders....whom they can idolize....common we have to face the truth....if you are one of the people who believes in action....lets start framing a plan ....right here..right more hindu-muslim....there is only one religion...."hindustani"

Maddy said...


Seen,heard a lot in the TV about the tragic event. I may be wrong in saying but I feel NDTV(Only channel I watch) too trying for their own mileage among other channels.

Otherday what Arun Shorie was arguing with Vikram(NDTV) is so true.

Yesterday programme of Bharka is an eye opener. In the name of democracy and freedom of speech we( the common people) will never be united. We discuss, argue and disagree and disperse.

I am waiting to see your action plan Shobha!!

Anand K said...

Did the NSG teams have the following equipment:

- Night vision googles
- Smoke masks and oxygen tanks

If not we need the government to answer these hard questions?

The NSG or any rapid response force needs its own airplanes, heavy lift gear. Coordinated communication systems are needed too - I sure hope no one died because of "friendly fire" in all this chaos.

Most importantly - I pray and hope that they have this captured terrorist in a super secure location - where there is NO opportunity for someone to kill him or for him to commit suicide

Anand K said...

This does require India to have an integrated police and law & order system. There is technology and weaponry available to solve this. All it requires is focus and attention. Here are concrete suggestions:
-Get biometric IDs for every citizen (the stupid PAN system should be trashed)
-Indians are Indians - it is ironic to call citizens migrants - free movement needs nationwide traceability.
-Put all the criminal information into databases, police FIRs should be digitally filed, every police station should have cameras to prevent abuse
-Fix your roads and cities India - ambulances and firetrucks should be able to move freely, helicopters should be able to get to places, fire hydrants should work flawlessly, hospitals should be secure and prepared for emergencies.
-Put IP cameras at every intersection, building, theatre, hotel - they cost barely US$10 each.
-Build up your coast guard and integrate water-way and coastal security
-Every cop and NSGs should have the best weapons, night-vision equipment, bullet-proof jackets, best boots, integrated communication systems, jammers, airplanes, buses. Throw away those damn antiquated .303s
-State and Federal systems need to be coordinated and tied together. A lathi charge is so 19th century - public and private property has to be protected at all costs. How many times do we have to see burning taxis, buses, shops.....any criminal event has to be recorded, criminals should never be able to hide - anywhere in the country.
-Use DNA are means to trace identity.
-India can NOW AFFORD THIS - it is stupid to think like we are in the 1950s. Put your money to better use and get ready for the 21st century.

Roshni Sen said...

Down with CONgress, who are trying to CON us for votes
c for congress
c for corruption
c for chamcha
c for chor
c for cunning
c for con
c for chalu

Rocky Sadanand said...

Simi Garewal was the only true Indian on ndtv. Love her! Smart and beautiful!

Riya Dutta said...

Ndtv, ibn, star news seem to be very political and pro congress
I can't trust one thing they say. All their news articles are opiniated and biased.

Sundar said...

terrorism is riding on the back of misguided religious and spiritual interpretation and wreaking havoc..Please let us also not fall into the trap..The Gita defines ACTIOn as against mind created conditioned activity..we cannot selectively use it indiscriminately..we need action and not activity and action merges in visions beyond realms of the mind..instead of us using the mind, the conditioned mind is today using us wherever we may be..
To me, this is the root of all begins in the mind..

It is not my desire or inclination to get into spiritual debates but we should guard ourselves against the vicious trap we can fall into..becoming the very entities we so much resent..the laws of karma stipulate that we become what we hate or what we fear unconsciously.

Yes , we need to ACT, but action is very different from activity in spiritual realms.

Terrorism is a product of deep rooted positionality processes of the mind..if we carefully observe history, the contents of the mind have never changed..the mahabharat, the ramayan,the bible , the Quran and many other have episodes of brothers fighting each other, terrorizing situations for the masses, abuse of humanity and other aspects time and again...
The universe is a multi-media classroom and is repeatedly trying to show us our erroneous ways..
we always tackle symptoms and never go to the roots..
without intending to create fear, I feel people have an opportunity to rise to the challenges within themselves which are manifesting outside.

The universe is a tough, yet compassionate teacher and we can expect the lessons to continue until we learn and grow as humans...

needless to add, my shares are not in a argumentative or confontationalist mode but my life experiences in disaster management and human crises at individual and collective levels have thought me unforgettable lessons..

God bless each of you..take care...

Anonymous said...

I agree Congress govt. has lapsed. But im afraid if the pro hindhu BJP comes to power, these terrorist attacks will only increase. If the leader is not ideologically sound, how do you expect the people to be?

God help us.

Vaisakh P S said...

In most of the comments i have read, they are suggesting to take out pakistan to eliminate the terrorist threat. Then what?

there will be thousands more to replace them. These terrorist attacks are not just aimed at bringing down the economy or killing innocent lives. They also want to inspire other people in following their cause.

We need to take care of that instead of head on attacking terrorism

Anonymous said...

Mumbai's Obama..
We definitely need CHANGE in mumbai at political level.
Looking at american example, we need to look for Mumbai's obama and my candidate for Mumbai 's obama is MILIND DEORA.
He might not be perfect candidate but he is the most eligible candiditate. He needs to take charge of Mumbai as CEO of mumbai.
He was the only sane voice among all the cacophony that we heard on various channels. He seemed to be doing some constructive work rather than waste his time giving useless sound bytes to various channels. Also, I did not hear him do the blame game ... his was the only voice of reason and logic .. His track record also seems to be good compared to others.
He is our OBAMA ...

sandeep said...

U know whats more tragic than the scores of brave police and army officers who lost their lives? THe glitteratti/page3/socialites trying to associate themselves to the tragedy. Turning up in designer white clothes to light candles and give inane sound bytes, esp hilarious statements like "learn from the US on how to combat terror" to our celeb obsessed media. Do these people have the faintest idea on how the US have actually 'comabted' terror?Of course, when the blasts took place in 2006, killing 200+ mainly train commuters, not a whisper/rant was heard from them. But when the targets are the rich, and some of the fellow socialites, the whines get louder and louder. Sample this:
Koena mitra: “i joined 6 facebook groups to show my support”.
Maninee De:” I was planning to throw a party at the Taj, but its ruined now…”
How very noble of these ladies to join online forums, sitting in the confines of their bedrooms,clicking away to glory. I can bet you that these f(l)akes have never ever visited a poll booth in all their lives.Neither have they done anything which could be of help to the community(simple things like community service/literacy/environmental issues). Now they’ve got a golden oppurtunity to make themselves heard and more sadly, will succeed since the likes of RGV were seen at the Taj yesterday, possibly for new recruits for his upcoming “hard hitting” movies. ANd of course our media, which featured the likes of Kunal Kohli and Simi Garewal, moaning the same “govt is inefficient blah blah” for a full hour in one of the chat shows.
Of course, there are a few genuinely concerned and discreet personalities from the glamour world/social circuit(Shoba de,Aamir khan,Mr Bachhan to name a few). But they are easily outnumbered by the dumb blonde oppurtunists who know fully well to be seen at the right place and the right time and most importasntly, with the right people

Anonymous said...

Mrs De,
I think NDTV should verify and correct what Simi Garewal said on national TV, on NDTV. Her careless allegation that there are pakistani flags flying is so UNTRUE.
The crescent and the star are just symbols used by muslims in dargah. You will find this everywhere in the dargahs all over the world irrespective of which country. Let me repeat , it's not the PAKISTANI flag.
I hope people realize this before we get into more unnecessary and unimportant arguments.
An Indian

Bharat said...

@Shobha de
@All Indians

Shobha you wrote this article about 14 hrs ago..
I wrote about few hours ago..

Unfortunately what it seems is everyone is just dicussing in random order but no descision or ACTION so far..!!!!

Thats awful...

I didn't get any reply except Riaz seems like there isn't any MAN writing in this blog!!

orginal msg as follows..
Bharat said...

Agree with u...
Time for ACTION!

What do u think need to be done as priority basis?
And how to do it?

My opinion: Get rid of Paki Militant/terrorist camps.
By hook or crook (Gandhigiri or Dadagiri or combination of both)
I'm up for it, would you join me?

Who'ld join me?
any man with guts or shall I do it all alone??

Awaiting reply..

*Aham* said...

I had visited Leopold yesterday. Amid the homage that people were paying to the dead, there were some FOOLS amongst us MUMBAITES who smiled and said "arey candle lagaane ko aayela hai. Is jagah nahi, udhar laga, waha pe TV waale hai." I was appalled. I felt ashamed. Ashamed for being a mumbaikar. And so Will i say, each one of us should be.

Yes, De, you said we should ACT. but we only REACT. preemptive action is not that we speak about.

Relisilience???? Bombay, doesnt have a choice. Bombay needs treatment, she suffers from chronic amnesia. And brags about it by projecting it as Resilience. Shame Mumbai Shame. Let us all be ashamed of this and its a blot in the history of India.

I agree with your article today on BT. we should NOT let the anger die.

I had sections of international media asking me "What is your message to all muslims".... I said " I thank the Muslims in the MIlitary and the black cat commondos who helped us kill the terrorists. " I couldnt control my anger when I told them after that blatently, donot try to make this a muslim issue.

De, We will not let them divide us.

I have started a blog ""

which could spread the word of empathy and "athithi Devo bhavah" . WE will not tolerate anyone trying to sell goods to foreigners at 10 times its rate at colaba causeway, we will not let people take advantage of foreigners, we will not let any one rape our foreigners, if tehy feel unsafe, we will open our homes for them. If they need information we will dispense info for them. Thats what the motto is...

If someone wishes to visit mumbai, s/he could network through this blog and already have friends to fall back on before s/he comes.

And lastly, Love you for your efforts De. Your article in BT is fantastic. It echoes my sentiments and the sentiments of billion others. Thank you de. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Simi Garewal totally. We need to attack Militants (not Pakistan) who cares if they inhabit Mumbai slums or a hill top in Karachi? The US didn't. Its time we stop pussyfooting around. Anyone anywhere that harbors forces subversive to india;s interests is candidate for vindictive action with extreme prejudice.

Shobhaa De said...

My dearest blogdosts and fellow Mumbaikars (even those who are not residents of Mumbai, but feel for the city), this is not the time nor space to indulge in cheap potshots . Let us leave personal attacks to wimps who don't know better and take refuge behind anonymity. Instead, let us engage in a meaningful, constructive dialogue - what can each of us do to help. Any and every suggestion welcome.

Bharat said...

@Shobhaa De,

Thats what I'm talking about...

My Suggestion,

1. Get rid of terrorist camps
2. Well-equip Indian security force i.e. Police (atleast change thier uniform which is more than century old and dont think its comfortable for action)
3. Change leadership for better future of India.

now how to do this?

1. Unite and force goverment to take action to get rid of terrorist camps
2. Force goerment to make necessory amendments in budget to fulfill the requirments of Polic Dept.

we can collect/donate money any uy equipment for Police Dept.
3. One of Us need to stand in next election!!

i_am_a_nymph said...

well i think its high time people stop pointing fingers at each other.when we say its time that someone really lead us to a better India,it doesn't actually make any sense to me.i believe we have a better and supreme power within ourselves as we are a part of the better power,we are leaders within ourselves.and as shobha ji was reminding us about bhagavat gita..the lord himself have guided us there a better leader than him?its just that we always tend to misinterpret our sacred it khuran,bible or the bhagavat gita.its always good to revive our selves before reviving others.i think this way of thinking will gradually make the idea of terrorism extinct.and about the politicians..there are so many things which a even a simple man can do which makes him a leader.

i think its time people know what exactly is happening in our country,especially politics.and remember even the game of politics is not one sided,so why cant we the people play with it??aiming at those power thirsty politicians..remember we are the power we gave them the power so we have the power to take them off..arise awake my countrymen...if the government is not able to give us security then the stones and sticks,sickle and knife..don't we have plenty of them???

Risha Shetty said...

I agree with Roshni Sen, down with cunning congress who have done nothing but given us misery for the last 60 years.

Enough is enough, we want true leaders not the congress chamchas who are running the country like its their personal family.

Alizée Tilak said...

While the heart bleeds for my beloved Mumbapuri the hard core Mumbai Brahmin in me is mortified at another thought - a dark black thought of a powerful uncouth lobby from the North working overtime toward creating a New Bombay; one that is separate from the rest of Maharashtra and is essentially, administered from Delhi. The events of Black Wednesday and its thereafters have given them good reason too.

Shalini Sen said...

Only in India we have this family based politics. Tell me what is the qualification of Sonia Gandhi, rahil gandhi and priyankha.....just that they are from the gandhi family.

All others have to work hard and come up and these people just misues their money and use the congress chamchas.

We need real leaders like Obama.......infact right now even Modi looks good...atleast he is tough.

Nico Demus_360DEG said...

We live in times where there is, constant and ongoing, advanced intelligence and security information. Israel has MOSSAD as it’s intelligence arm which is aware of the movements of Al-Qaeda and it’s accomplices, supporters as does the USA intelligence service, without whose knowledge these bombers of Mumbai terrorist could not have, moved, operated and entered India or it’s shores.

Thus it could be concluded that, both USA and Israel wanted and allowed these bombings, deaths to happen. Why, would be the logical response? The answer can only be to gain more support both worldwide and within India and Pakistan and or to cause confrontation, divisions between the two nations, India and Pakistan.

The USA intelligence service see the recent change to the new incumbent president of Obama as a threat. The tremendous economic USA problems would have reduced not only the budget of the USA intelligence service but also it’s staffing levels and it’s operational abilities worldwide as well as the reduction in financial support that Israel would require and need to continue it’s perceived threat to it’s country and it’s own people. Thus it was in the best interest for both Israel and intelligence arm of the USA to either assist, or allow these bombers to continue its mission and objectives, in India. For many years, USA have had intelligence and staff based in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Therefore USA intelligence would have been aware of the Mumbai bombers or used, paid people in Pakistan to look the other way. This is validated by the fact that these bombers came into India via small boats. The nearest country was Pakistan. Had they come via any other country, then the small boats which the bombers used would have needed fuel and bigger boats which would have attracted attention and their discovery, earlier. The USA had surveillance planes, boats, aircraft carriers within the area, within the Indian ocean, off Iraq and flying over Afghanistan and Pakistan, which further supports the argument of USA collusion.

China was too powerful and too protected for Israel and USA intelligence to encourage this kind of terrorist activity to occur thus, the next most wealthiest country available was India, where they knew that security was lax and where Security was lacking in investment and training.

Who has most to gain by the Mumbai bombings? The outgoing president of USA, Mr. Bush and Israel, USA intelligence service and staff and of course, Wall Street (USA). It was in the interest of USA and Israel for India to have it’s own equivalent of 9/11.

Anonymous said...

@ Nico Demus_360DEG

After reading your comment, I have no doubt in mind that,you would go on to become a hugely successful conspiracy theorist one day.Just not sure if your thoughts are helpful at this time & therefore, needed!

Sensible Thoughts.

Riaz-NJ said...

@Nico Demus_360DEG

This is total rubbish!!

U.S DID share the intelligence about this with INDIA; It is INDIA that didn't do enough, they were simply passing the bug around!!!

You should be ASKING CRIMINALs like BIN-LADEN & Co., or Dawood & Co., or ISI sponsors, to get out of the caves and fight, if they really believe that they are RIGHT; Instead of hiding and exploiting some one's poverty!!!


Nischal S said...

The Pak video of Defence Analyst who makes statement like
-->Makes statment on Window of Karkare, didn't accept money from Modi b'cos he was killed by Hindu fundamentalist of Modi(shows a clip of red band on Terror man).
It's only a barbarous beast which talks about hurting already hurt people.
-->Goes on talking about all ministers and say that not ISI chief but a doctor to treat Singh.
A defence analyst of Pak Gov can talk such nuisance. Indian Media has the extra advantage to drag Pak to roads the way they wanted. As Americans say- If you can't make it fake it.
-->Pak has to get ready and give a mooh tood jawab to India.
If this is what he is asking, let's give it them

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Tis' KALYUG. Stop quoting satyug documentation! Here only the survivor is the non-sinner!

Ritesh said...

Yes indeed it is the time to act. Action is the need of the hour. we have started a blog called which aims at finding able and willing people to come out and enter into electoral politics as a political organisation and run the country the way it should be.

Anonymous said...

hey Shobhaa, very interesting thought indeed. I read Superstar India, it's awesome. Keep writing!

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