Monday, November 10, 2008

Quantum of Boredom. Bond with the Worst!

Okay, all you Craig\Bond freakos and fans.... throw me out of a burning plane, riddle my body with dem bullets, make me drink oil..... but don't force me to say I liked this dumb film. For starters, I must be the only woman on earth who does not find Daniel Craig hot\sexy\devastating\irresistible. He is a chunky piece of meat.... but no heat. Am I mad? Do I need therapy? Glasses? Several martinis?? Maybe. But this guy leaves me cold. Thanda matlab Daniel Craig. As for the plotless \senseless mayhem that is trying to pass for a Bond classic, even Dame Judi looks bored - who wouldn't in her place? The new Bond babe - sure, she sizzles - literally so. She is half-cooked through most of the film. The Bond era is over. Sorry. Kill me for stating the obvious. I know the figures at the box office are staggering. But if you ask me why, I'd say Bond has become a bad habit. You have to watch the latest Bond, no matter how terrible it is. You know Bond will never die or get seriously injured even if he is nuked. So why watch a movie when you know the ending? And you also know it is always going to be the same ending??Senseless action in Bolivia, a trite plot, banal dialogue and the worst crime of all - no sex. In a James Bond film, for Chrissake!! No glamour either. No romance. Illey. Even the much looked forward to title track and the graphics were forgettable, devoid of the expected oomph. What does that leave? Oh, popcorn at Inox, and the promise of great 'Swati' snacks at the newly opened food court. BTW, the hall was half empty.And because I was so bored, I had the choice of taking a much needed nap or eating. Guess what I picked???


ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

I assume you picked the snacks - as I would have! You know I had a choice this weekend, but I decided to see a movie called RELIGULOUS. Heard of it? It's a poor man's version of the infamous, The God's Delusion, by Dawkins! Banned in most theaters, we decided to drive to Lincoln Park and sat in this horribly dirty theater called the Davis theater and watched this flick. Amazingly, theater was almost full! Perhaps, you should consider watching this movie, although I feel if you've seen Dawkin's documentry, you may not find this as educational, though it was hilarious as hell! Also, chose to see Madagascar 2 instead of Bond! It was more like Madagascar meets Lion King (or something like that) Also saw EMI - totally time pass, and Another Vivaah - OMG Rajshri sucks! After almost a month, and really hard work, this weekend I decided to catch up on your blogs, and movies! Must say, blogs were more interesting than the movies! What next De? Where is Another Kiran these days? *Aham I know is there - since I spoke to him just Friday. Any plans of visiting the Land Of Obama De? P.S. I still have the OBAMA fever!!


hahahha.....wat an with the best ki toh band baja di aapne.....


well u knw ....shobhaa mam...we will be more happy to see ur blog ...if u will reply our comments....giv little bit of ur time to us also....

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

oh my...i am a die-hard fan.
i heard though .. many of those things that people use to associate with Bond movies are gone. Some for no obvious purpose or reason.It wasn't enough for them to take away Moneypenny, Q, the gadgets, the humor and witticism, his "shaken, not stirred", the line "my name is Bond, James Bond." They even ditched the famous opening gunbarrel-sequence, and you won't hear the James Bond theme right until the very end.

Even after reading the review by you i am going to watch the movie..i know it will disappoint me but still i will watch just for the Bond's sake.

Double Seven said...

De you are right there was no sex, not much superficial gadgets involved in this movie- but that was actually the plot of the movie- that he was quite depressed and sad that his girlfriend of Casino Royale died in the last scene of Casino Royale. So basically he was trying to take vengeance against it- it was not actually anything personal but on the orders of M. I think the movie was not that bad also.

Please refer to my feedback below.

Double Seven said...

Director: Marc Forster

Starring: Daniel Craig, Mathieu Amalric, Olga Kurylenko, Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, Giancarlo Giannini, Gemma Arterton

Studio: MGM

"Brutal and breathless, Quantum Of Solace delivers tender emotions along with frenetic action. Not as good as franchise reboot Casino Royale, but still an impressive entry to the Bond canon."-

Bond, James Bond!

And Bond with the best. (apparently the opening scene took 10 Aston Martins to complete the whole sequel; I was devasted at the end of that to see what happens to his car! It was shattered with his side of the door blown away!!)

It is NOT as good as Casino Royale. Period.

Having seen it the second time, I could point out a few flaws in the movie- though there are just a few and not any more any less that I would like to emphasis further in this little novice attempt of mine to write a "movie review".
End could have been much different and much better though.
Except for the ending, you would be engrossed to each and every frame of the movie.

Many have argued that Daniel Craig was not the best fit for Bond movies after Casino Royale came out- he didn't have that slick appeal like Pierce Brosnan, his predecessor. He was much buffed and he was overtly muscular (especially his shoulders). But I think for this movie, he has reduced some of his buffness! He looks cool.
Well that apart-
The plot is not difficult to understand but a bit difficult to predict.
Actress Olga Kurylenko looks raw and looks Brown!- she is hot!- her accent is unbearable like Kangana Ranaut though.
But she has acted quite well and has done justice to her role. The scariest thing on her body though was some burnt scar behind her back. That looks ugly but that also has some significance and something to do with her personal vendetta that she wants to carry out against the Bolivian military dictator(something like Musharraf) - one of the villains of the movie. That dude wants to rule Bolivia and he can do anything to get that job. He is corrupt and he is a womanizer!
There's one scene where Bond wants to catch hold of the assassin who attempted to kill M (formerly Money Penny). He jumps off along the roof of a house and falls down crashing at the adjacent house's balcony. The fall seems as though it was exactly copied from a Bourne movie (don't know though which one but Matt Demon has done that exactly already in one of his own action series).

Exotic locations make up for the loss of this movie- Italian Alps, beaches of Italy, some traditional horse racing of Italy, deserts of Chile and as such are simply eye-candy to watch.
Lot of Sony products visible throughout the movie- that seems as if Sony was actually advertising and promoting their upcoming products. Same thing was prevalent in Casino Royale, but on a much lighter scale.
Opening credits are a big let down I think.

I am actually bored now!

I will give this movie 2.5/5.
I know people who haven't watched it can't wait... So I am saying that don't go with too much of expectations also (like how De must have done)- you will come out frowned and dissatisfied. Go with open mind and you will like it.

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

@ Double seven

i am gonna try to have less expectations ..but it would be difficult.
nice review though

take care

Double Seven said...

If you adore Daniel then you would like it. He is hot!


•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

@ double seven
when i am 40 i want to have a physique like him ;D

i have DAniel Craig fever.

hey..have u seen "Layer Cake"!

Double Seven said...

No I have just seen Casino Royale before this.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Anjaani Ladki... idherich hoon!

Daniel Craig is lovely! Nuff said. Havent seen the movie yet, but I did drool over the cover photo that appeared on EW.

So Vithals of my childhood has been usurped by Swati Snacks? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Very Hmmmmmmmmm.

Shobhaa, what publications do you write for and where else are you syndicated? Folks comment on and refer to articles that appear elsewhere and I am always flummxed without reference to context.

Nadine Gordimer sounds like a delight. I should be half as "together" at 85, as you describe her. I have followed her writings from 81 onwards. She was awarded the Nobel prize at a time when the global anti apartheid fight was just begining to be in full bloom. On the global stage, what a terrific symbol and powerful voice she was for protesting against and correcting the wrongs in South Africa.

On the whole I find her intensity as a political activist and HIV advocate more intriguiging then her literary works. Did she speak much about her activism?

Another Kiran in NYC

ek-ladki-anjaani-si said...

Arey Kiran!! Diwali mubarak - Belated hi sahi :-D You must watch RELIGULOUS! Did you ever see The God Delusion? Book was better ofcourse, but if you haven't they are both a must catch!

Bakee sub changa?

Anonymous said...

Sean Connery

*Aham* said...

Daniel, he has no oomph... though tastes vary from person to person... i find him ugly. really ugly.. his body isnt droolable and he is definitely not 'do'able.

I wonder why they make sequels after sequels and dilute and poison the essence of the character and the brand image that it has leveraged over the years.

Latest I hear is Shekhar planning a sequel to Mr. India. Luckily though, he believes that Sridevi's character could be played only by sridevi and no one else... Sri is my fav actress but i donot want her to make a comeback with a sequel, she cannot reach the standards that she herself has set... that charlie sequence... the parody song... wao...

*Aham* said...

yippee! another kiran has an email id... peda baanto... champagne mangao!

and another Kiran, mast Blog Title haan.. Chammak Challo!


sanjuayyar said...

Its got to be a pretty simple guess. First, it must have been a lot of snacks, obviously followed by assured sleep. Not a bad way to catch up on some sleep.

Mister Crowley said...

"...even Dame Judi looks bored."

She would, wouldn't she? I mean, she's on screen (in QoS) for all of 13 minutes!!! (I counted, I swear)

Ash said...

Shobha..u have company...i hate Daniel Craig too..i thnk hes the worst bond EVER!!! I could drink the oil with you!!!

BTW...for lesser mortals...Shobha De is a very celebrated author and journalist. She has written many books and also writes for many being The Times of India's- 'Bombay Times' Im surprised Kiran doesnt know much abt her.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Ash, thanks for sharing the info. I do know and appreciate that Shobhaa is a very celebrated and admired writer. I am familiar with and have read some of her books and articles. However, I have not kept up with all regular periodicals that she may contribute to in India. Hence my question. Do you have an exhaustive list that you can share with me?

Warm regards

Maddy said...

Guess you picked up nap after eating ""Swati".

Though we know the plots,the sequences and the ending, we watch bond movies, just to tickle our brain cells to understand how we can be fooled repeatedly!!!

My choice of James bond

Sean Connery
Pierce brosnan
Roger that order.

mystiquedew said...

is it? haven't watched this one...

looks like this is the only bad habit i havent picked :D

incidently i dun think craig is hot..not even cute..looks and feels like an uncle..

nice post :)

Literary News Service said...

m k harikumar

kavya sharma said...

He he! All I can say is that Shobhaa De is definitely not the only woman who does not find Daniel Craig even remotely appealing. I think he looks UGH! Something about his face screams " STUPID" to me....please don't kill is only an opinion

Rhett said...

I find him okay. I think they chose the wrong man post Pierce Brosnan. Anyway, I'll see the movie to beat boredom...

Niedhie said...

I cannot agree with you anymore that Daniel Craig is thanda. The tickets at Odeon, Leicester Square were all sold out and I felt myself fortunate to manage two cancelled tickets. But it was surely not the best Bond movie.

Just wanted to tell you that you inspire me. I look upto you for being an opinionated woman. However, I have written a post on my disagreement with you on the recent Maharastra issue. A google of your name gave me your blog link, would now be regular here.


saru said...

well u r not d only 1 who doesnt find...daniel craig.....not so hot\sexy\.....i agree completely vth ur opinion bot him!!!!

i agree vth every word u say!!!

keep writing in...

loved ur article....

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