Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hottie or what??

He's is smart. He is cute. He is hot. And he is Obama!! No prizes for guessing that one. I have just finished writing two columns on the guy. I now feel like he's my new best friend! I am sure a lot of other people the world over feel the same. Television creates a false sense of intimacy. It is like Ba or Tulsi from 'Kyunki..'. We all felt like they were family. I wanted to share dhokla and gossip with Tulsi and place my head on Ba's lap.With Obama, my thoughts are less 'pure'. At 47, this guy really has it all. He is almost too good to be true, with his picture perfect life, a photogenic family, and a mind that is so sexy, it turns on men and women equally.Once the world's honeymoon with Obama is over and the real business of actually running America begins for him, I am certain a lot of us will fall out of love with the guy, almost as easily as we had fallen in. But for now, Obama is eye candy at its most irresistible. His easy body language and the power over words ( imagine delivering a victory speech without a single pause or 'ummm', sans notes or a scap of paper) are awesome to say the least. But he is untested in the hot seat and will have to prove himself as an effective leader for the love affair to endure. The magic of Obama is the way he cuts across most barriers - race, colour, age, nationalities. I received rapturous emails from across the world. My German Literary Agent, Dr. Frauke Jung-Lindemann, was uncharacteristically effusive when she praised Obama. My teenage children watched Obama 's live telecast from Grant Hill, in awestruck silence. Friends sent jubilant text messages to celebrate his win! It was unbelievable. I think that is because Obama represented the Impossible Dream. When he said, 'Yes, we can..." we felt it in our bones, and it gave us hope. Unrelated to his vision. We believed in our own potential and dreams, even in hopeless circumstances and situations. He crept into our hearts surreptitiously. Now , the challenge will be to remain there....


Operative Knick-Knacks said...

Yeah ! the guy has a great unfying presence. Somehow every body identify with him immediately.
Its actually true to say that the black men/women are soulful and far less manipulative than the whites. My work involves travelling to Africa and i have seen this first hand.

I hope and pray that this man does some good

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

i agree with you mam..theirs something about him that attracts you to him...he has an enchanting personality.

here's something that our Director Shekhar Kapur wrote...
i have to agree with each and every word he wrote.

take care mam

Anonymous said...

Hope - The right word.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama seems to have all the answers...for now!
What had me zapped was this complete, Zen like calm without any sign of excitement or exuberance.
He seems to have it in him, to lead America.But surprisingly, Indians in USA
are somewhat apprehensive, since they feel he will raise taxes and cut down on outsourcing.
They are not as euphoric as we are...
So let's hold our horses before we go Gaga over him..

Double Seven said...

Sure it is.
Black Or White- it don't matter if you are black or white.
It's the Obamania baby!

I am loving it.
Californians are going crazy over it- not so crazy over the passage of Prop 8 though (Gay marriage is banned in California and for good)
Barack Obama has deserved the victory. People in America have agreed to believe in THE CHANGE finally.

he is the next clinton in the making. Trust me dude. The timing of his entry is so right (the american economy being in a great mess) that he has ample of battlefield to fight. And he has been a fighter all through his life- from his harvard days to he being a lawyer, to he making his stand bigger in the senate even though he was black and very young, to fighting to cope with the reality of his mom's death because of ovarian cancer at such a young age, and last but definitely not the least, he has been absolutely a near-flawless strategist and a fighter to win his campaign. Period. having icons like warren buffet, oprah winfrey, colin powell to his side I think he is a person of great substance which you are yet to explore. I wish i was american during his regime; both indian and american at the same time, a dual citizenship! :-/

Obama is definetly a symbolic progress for America and the world, but how he handles his 4 years and the results he creates will be what determines his presidency. If he messes up, it will just be another scapegoat to blame, but overall, it is a step in the right direction in terms of ethnic/racial progress. However, the economy/jobs/taxes/healthcare is another issue, many of the things he promises will be very difficult to accomplish without hurting big consumers who basically run the economy, so we'll see what obstacles he faces and overcomes.

The thing about Obama and young voters is that: people view him as this prolific speaker with impressive rhetorical skills and this deters from what he promises, how much more will he increase taxes, how much more will the wealthy pay, how can medicare be placed on an equal level for all americans (the medical/pharmacuetical industry just does not allow it)...

i tell you, pharmacuetical corporations run health care in the US, they dictate drug prices, what doctors can and cannot do, So only time will tell how his presidency falls into place, but, I must say, I did not expect a president with African heritage to be elected so soon.

The dream MLK had dreamt of 45 years ago has been realized today after 40 years since his assassination.

If you must have noticed in all his campaigns, he has never bothered to play his race card anytime. He was more concerned with the actual issues at stake such as the economic crisis and the global climate change among others. His speeches implied a lot that he wanted to bring America together- irrespective to whether he is White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Gay, Straight, Disabled or not disabled.

By the way-
Soon you will see a president with indian heritage to be elected as president.

Old man McCain's concession speech yesterday was in my mind the most honest and loaded with integrity and humility. I thought for the first time that mccain was speaking like a forward thinking revolutionary.

(I am Double Seven and I approve this message)

Double Seven said...

I am Double Seven and I approve this message. (HeHe)

Actually De,
Obama may not have experience in foreign policy but that's the whole reason why he had chosen Joe Biden as his running mate- Joe Biden just loves India and has a lot of experience in foreign relation matters. Not like Sarah not-blonde-but-still-dumb Palin- because the whole world knows that McCain decided to go for her because of her deep-rooted Christian mentality (anti-abortion, etc.) and her strong 'diva' looks because she would easily attract white women to go out and to vote for her.
For Joe Biden- especially so, he has proved in the past in the senate his inclination in the field of South Asian politics, concerning the issue of Kashmir and its volatility.
McCain at Late Night Show With David Letterman admitted in front of Dave and his studio audience that he "screwed up".
Now, nobody knows exactly though to what that "screwed up" was pointing the screw at- was it at Palin or was it at his own campaigning approach nobody would know but the fact suggests that the former is possibly true.

Obama has said to CNN that he won't have any problem conducting ground attacks on Pakistan, to hunt down bin Laden and the Pakistani mujahideens.
Pakistan is actually in grave trouble right now.


K said...


I am aghast reading your comment "...(Gay marriage is banned in California and for good)".

While I was all blissfully teary eyed and joyful over the Obama win, I was again all teary eyed but disappointed reading about measures to ban gay marriage that succeeded in Florida, Arizona and California. Gay adoption was banned in Arkansas.

Obama win is surely one historic moment and I am just so happy but then there is also this huge conundrum. Proposition 8 its success and this part of the ballot measures were surely super tragic.

And 77, your comment...just super hurtful.

But change is there for all to see. And as my dear friend here says, it's so amazing to see someone not white be the first family. That said, I see a gay couple being the first family in another 20 years. Touche!

Double Seven said...

Well I don't see the first family being a family touted with gay ideology having its place in the most heavily guarded house, and in the history of mankind. Howsoever things may seem quite possible now in America, even if Indian-American family may be one to have that status in my lifetime but the former?- NO, not at all!

Dear K,

"... and for good" = permanently and indefinitely.
(And not because I felt any good because of it)

I don't know if you are aware- California is considered by many as being the most liberal state in America where people are all soo experimental and open about various aspects- gay marriage being one of them.

I highly condemned this Proposition for the following reasons-
1) 2 of my very good friends in my college here are gay and they happen to be Indians at the same time. They don't intend to go back to India after they are done with education. I whole-heartedly support their endorsements.
2) Every living human mammal on our planet Earth has all the liberty and rights to whatever she or he chooses to practice and take that up as lifestyle, workstyle, socializing-style, etc. I am a strong believer of democracy (no wonder I love my India and I hate the communist republic of China to death- India being the largest democracy in the world, and also I absolutely love this up-to-date great nation of America- it being the greatest and the oldest democracy in history!)

3) Straight/ deep-rooted catholic and Hindu religious people are more than just welcomed to advocate, oppose, propose, etc. anything to what they believe in. Having said that they don't possess any right in any country to invade and to poke into someone else's life who doesn't happen to belong and to associate himself in their respective categories.

4) Hindus in India believe that god has created every individual with great thought and research (this may sound a bit funny but I have heard some hardcore fascist saying that). And that no individual is created to make love in someone's anus!
I feel that is preposterous and highly perverted to think about also.

5) I marched with the people with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual) traits in my campus, wearing all-red yesterday. So that means I support those unusual and "special" stratas of individuals.

Take care.


PS: i do hope that you must have surely liked reading the rest of this so-called comment-cum-article-cum-a legitimate and highly liberal-inclination review though about Barack Hussein Obama- about the end of white supremacy and the advent of a colored guy who is now gonna eat Kentucky fried chicken sitting at his house called the White House (quite ironically, but pun intended fully :)

Anonymous said...

its called teleprompter my dear, didn't you see the two panels on his left and right ahhh!!
but yeah he is quite a speaker!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

well , kyunki's getting over today , lets see about obama.
ps : it might seem silly to you , but i was wondering how happy we indians seem to be on his win as in without knowing his agenda concerning our desh *maybe i'm too not-clued-in*

K said...

Dear 77

Of course! Living in the US, I was most disappointed with ballot measures in California. Of all places, California? What were people thinking?

But thanks for the clarification and solidarity! On a more optimistic side, I consider each of these challenges as creative opportunities to work harder and at all levels. Thanks to gay allies like yourself.

All said, I am hopeful to see a First Gay Family at least in some part of the world soon. Mark my words, change is just round the corner. And coming to think of it, I think India desperately needs a Harvey Milk like cult figure to make visible the otherwise invisible sexuality but in more constructive forms. This would go a long-way in cultural sensitization.

As far as the intersections of religion and sexuality are concerned, to each his own. As long as religion is not used as an excuse for arguing against anything "alternate", people like me from within the gay community and others like yourself - the allies have less to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Obama Wins!

So my main girl Hillary was not even in the running and I voted for the alternative. But… what an alternative! My muffin man! I am shallow that way! And yes, he has a simmering low-key hotness that I think is just super.

Hotness aside, I am going to be all stream-of-consciousness on y’all while I write down some thoughts about the Great Election. No editing, just what I feel. Some cynicism tempered by a sprinkling of hope. A pinch of sugar, to balance the salt.

I took my 6 year old daughter into the voting booth with me to press the button after my final selections were made. With great gusto, she thumped on the Vote button and ran out of the curtained booth shouting “Mommy voted for Obama”. There were a few cheers, and a few boos but it was all good. I was in my own familiar territory, upper middle class and privileged and amongst friends and neighbors. People who seemingly could ride out 4 years without being decimated whatever the final outcome of the election. I followed my child out of the polling place somewhat embarrassed by her exuberance but proud that she is on the vanguard of a time and generation where democracy will mean more of a genuine equal chance for a half brown person like her.

She was so excited when we (her punching the button) voted for Hillary in the Primaries, because to her 6 year old mind, a woman President was a wondrous thing. She was disappointed when I told her this time around we would not vote for a woman, but the excitement she felt at the process of voting remained the same. Obama didn’t mean much to her, it was cool name to say and chant though. He wasn’t a woman but it was enough to be able to punch that Vote button. I pray that she will always be able to punch that vote button without fear or favor. Isn’t democracy a flawed but very beautiful thing? Sometimes we do not appreciate it for what it gives us.

To many white Americans who voted for him, Obama was”just black enough” to be their own special symbol of liberalism. He plays just enough basketball, wasn’t too dark in color, spoke no Ebonics, or had any lasting relationships with traditional black power groups. He is educated, and very importantly had a mother and grandparents who looked just like them. His wife does not braid her hair or have a name which ended with a “sha” or “ta”. Oprah and Colin Powell are his friends, rather than P Diddy and Snoop Dogg and he doesn’t call everybody Girlfriend or Brotha. He probably smoked weed as a student, just like them and wasn’t afraid to inhale. He was in effect “not scary”. For them, Obama was the best first baby step towards a more equitable equation for a racially and economically divided America. Voting for him made them feel good about themselves and their own evolution as thinking people.

For the people of color, (and that by definition includes me, doesn’t it?) it was a very passionate vote. For the older African Americans who have experienced overt racism and have seen how long it takes for change to come about, this was nothing but a culmination of their long held hopes and desires. For the younger lot however somewhere people forgot that the election of Obama is finally more of a symbol for now. For them, they were not voting for a symbol, they were voting for their immediate hopes. It was about decayed inner cities and racial profiling and economic hardship and fathers in jail and breakdown of traditional family structures and most importantly of being on the dole and losing your home. It was about being able to buy groceries without public assistance and paying the mortgage or rent next month and your son not becoming cannon fodder in the army because he couldn’t get another well paying job.

I wonder how it will play out. All these very separate agendas. Very disparate but all so necessary to the conditions that America sees today.

White America is satisfied that Black America has been appeased. A little self congratulatory back patting is in order. After all White America helped to vote in the Black President and symbol and that there should be no further complaining about racial discrimination or affirmative action. You have your guy, now enough!

Black America wants all their troubles to disappear with the waving of this magic wand. Obama is going to make it all happen. They will see good times en masse.

Everyone who voted Democrat this time around wants their mortgages paid, their retirement accounts brought back to health and for the war to go away. Obama will make that happen. And he is also supposed to make it happen in 4 years.

Or is he?

Can he?

As I see it, the situation will get worse in the short term, before it gets better. But it will get better. After all a start has been made, a new goal has now at least been visualized. The route to that goal still remains to be examined and seen. That will take time.

A child of color or a poor child can now truly believe that he can become the President. After all there is one like him up there. But will the path to that spot be self evident or even open for a long, long, long while? Will a child who knows no privilege right now, know what to do to get there? That my friends will take a very long time. A beginning has been made, but there are many who are going to be disappointed in the short term. Obama has inherited a thankless job in the worst possible circumstances. So can Obama sustain interest in his vision and sustain support long enough to be the change he seeks? 4 years is too short to do all he seeks to do. He is going to have to be more than clever to do that. He will have to be very, very lucky. I want to send him my lucky right curled “shankh” shell and lucky Ganesh ring. He needs them. Very badly!

Anonymous said...

Oh that message above was me...

Another Kiran in NYC

Double Seven said...

Another Kiran In NYC-

Your analysis I just read and I think it was not bad at all.
I envy you now more than anything else because you were able to vote; that means you are American! I don't see any special interest in being American but not Indian though- Except for the fact that I am deeply in love with Obama (I am straight just FYI by the way) and that I wanted to make my share felt in his victory like you. But other than that- I see America greatly as a big picnic spot than being the land of opportunity. I see India as my land of opportunities and I can't wait to graduate and go back to my home to achieve my "Indian Dream". :)

Well that aside-

You say, "He is going to have to be more than clever to do that. He will have to be very, very lucky."
Are you like....... KIDDING ME?
he is the 11th most powerful senator according to the latest 2008 survey by some agency. Refer to Wikipedia Barack Hussein Obama II for further information.
He is the strongest opponent for ending the war in Iraq which he had never supported before in the first place either.
He is Harvard alum, Columbia alum, lawyer from Harvard Law School (quite possibly the best law school in the whole world, just beating arch rival Yale by a slim margin :)
Warren Buffet, Paul Volcker, Colin Powell among other great American leaders and economists are there to influence him- so basically point is that he is gonna be more than just clever for his tenure.

You say, "White America is satisfied that Black America has been appeased."
I am happy and you are lucky enough that way that you belong to New York City and not Atlanta! I suggest you go visit some southern cities and states like Arkansas and Kansas and all that or may be deep down cities of Texas where people still believe in KKK ideology. People there who voted for McCain only because the way Palin looks and advocates her usual dumbness- people there still think that negros should have no rights in America and many believe that an Hussein = Arab = Terrorist! That is like the most ridiculous analogy I have ever come across. :)
They would readily go help people greatly affected by the LA/ Malibu fires where people affected were greatly only caucasians; they would on the other hand never go to help people in a New Orleans to help people largely African-Americans affected by an Hurricane.

But on the whole, your writing as always was too thoughtful and interesting to read alot; and that I am happy for your 6 year old child- I just love those age groups and especially girls :)


Anonymous said...

Double 7 you just underlined my point vis-a-vis White America resting on its laurels for voting in an African American President, but nothing on the ground really changing.

And yes I am aware about KKK and the deep south and all that. There are different types of Americas out there. Fringe groups, Main stream, a hybrid. Everything.

Thank you for reading my observations, with an open mind.

Another Kiran in NYC

Anonymous said...

Double 7, I also wanted to comment that good governance is more than being a powerful senator and being an Ivy Alum or even the best counsel in advisors. There are more factors, a confluence of which creates the conditions for progress and good governance. Obama is handicapped by past circumstance and field conditions on hand. Ofcourse that is not to say he cannot succeed, but it will take precious time. I personally want him to succeed and be more than a symbol and more than the change he wants to be. Like everyone else I want it all!

Another Kiran in NYC

Double Seven said...

So basically Another Kiran In NYC,
You agree no about what you said "White America is satisfied that Black America has been appeased.", and so NOT the whole White community was satisfied with the new found revolution called "Black Supremacy"?

I am an open person by mind, soul and also body, Mrs Another Kiran In NYC, :).
So it was all but natural that I am a wholesome openly-minded Indian too :) hehe. I encourage you to read my style of Obama thought-analysis also now- for it has already been whole-heartedly endorsed by Shobhaa De and that she said, she "read it thoroughly and digested it!!" in a chat session at GTalk we had yesterday.
It's Obamania baby!

And I am loving it. :)


Double Seven said...

Of Course! Harvard education doesn't make you a superhero or something- but it does indicate that you are smart and hardworking.
And Obama was always a better candidate than the old man McCain- Mccain had voted 95% of the time for the policies of Bush. McCain was educated in a not-known-at-all school. The advantage he had was his age, vis-a-vis his experience and his army background. Period. He was suffering from face cancer or something- which would mean that god forbid he had to pass away, then the not-blonde-but-still-dumb madam were to capture the White House and then messing things up further.

If you read my first comment on this post, then you would get further knowledge about the problems that Obama can face during his presidency.

Read on.
Fight On.
*Victory signs*


Double Seven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Double Seven said...

and it is not like Obama got into Harvard because he had any legacy or anything, unlike Bush- he got into Yale only because Bush Sr. had been a Yale alum.
I scoreD more on my SATs than the bushy man.. hehe, there's actually a group like that on Facebook- 'I scored higher on my SATs than Bush'... haha.


Uma said...

Obama - a hottie! Is that all you can write about him! Is this woman capable of intelligent thought at all? Write about his policies, such as his decision to penalize those who outsource with heavy taxes! This Shobaa a total kekta kapoor kinda insipid behenji. Now my last hope that this woman has brains is demolished.

Double Seven said...

Uma bhenji,
that way toh even ekta kapoor has brains- the right entrepreneurial-acumen imperative to make a mark in the indian television arena. If you are probably implying ekta has no brains and then comparing her to shobhaa de then you are missing out on its vitality.

good day!


Mommy Niri said...

It is so wonderful to see everyone excited about Obama. We have been praying for it for a long time after having tp suffer 8 (long) years under Bush here. In fact we are even hosting an "End Of Bush party". On a more personal note I consider myself privileged to be in this country when it happened.. magical to say the least. This is the second time I got to see a 1st time a black win presidency, the 1st was Nelson Mandela when it the 1st time I voted there. Memories like these will last forever. Seriousness aside, man what a looker!

Rhett said...

I wonder what all the fuss is all about. Like you say, they'll all fall out of love asap. we won't have to wait long to see where in the world he stains his hands with blood. Any guesses?

deepthi said...

just read your piece about obama in the week. Obama projected 'unambiguously as a sex symbol' by his campaign?? seriously, you have lost it.

Double Seven said...

She is probably right... go check the GQ magazine (US edition) for further info. (some september or august or october issue..)

deepthi said...

yes just read it. in mags like these its natural they talk about his good looks and his style. but what they focused on most part is what an quintessential politician obama is. and if obama can smooth talk and act charming, isnt that what being a politician is all about? no points in being gruff and saying what you really feel. for what its worth, hillary had appeared in bazar. its what they call being accessible and being able to relate to everyone.

Double Seven said...

yeah being a politician is all about smooth talking and act charming - that's why we have the great Lalu Prasad Yadav MAN! he's just too too good... well about Obama- her reference to his charming persona was all to do with he being black and young and successful in life even before taking up the job of the US senate. hillary's body structure is too too bad as compared to sarah palin- palin used to be a beauty queen and basketball player for her high school!! she is HOT!

You can easily relate Obama with any other black dude yaar. he is such a charming personality yaar.


Uma said...

double seven:
point noted! I agree that if behenji serials sell, then the makers can't be stupid. BUT...
kekta kapoor DOES NOT make serials about Obama, nor writes articles about Obama. She sticks to behenjis, a subject she knows well.
And Shobha De is a behenji subjecting us to her discourse on OBAMA. After reading all that crap, all I get to know is that this woman is smitten with him. Rats! I came here just to be fair and reply to those who responded to my comment, which I have done.
Thank you for making my visit worthwhile. There will be no more.

Anonymous said...


amazing how you feel all those liberating feelings looking at Obama....ok what should i say you are so American and you are so Americanized that your extended family keeps following the American election like the way the rest of india does with center cool you are so liberated, american...


88 said...

I am disappointed to see Shobhaa De writing about Obama's looks and his sex-appeal rather than his QUALIFICATIONS to be the most powerful man on earth.

Honestly - many of us are deeply scared what he could do to the world.. over the next 4 years. Fact is - Obama ONLY became President because he was BLACK.. for the first time in US history there is enough Black population that got up and went to actually vote... and they ALL blindly voted for OBAMA just because he was Black - this is RACISM at its highest level. The majority of Whites in USA voted for Mccain - the only other votes Obama got were from a few liberal whites, the GAYS who hate republicans for asking them not to spread AIDS and do so many drugs (I am gay myself btw), and other lazy minorities who live on social security mooching off tax payer money - thinking Obama being BLACK will make more money for them. The statistics prove that majority of HARD working, sincere, law abiding citizens of the US including MOST INDIANS - voted for Mccain and not Obama.

His political experience is less than that of Sarah Palin's... its a disgrace.. and America has become filled with stupid people - thats why 50 million of them dont have health insurance... I dont think Shobhaa De knows about the real problems affecting American citizens.. she is just another Bush hater who gave Obama a positive review without knowing anything about his qualifications or achievements... but then I guess she is good at writing FICTION...

p.s.- double seven is an idiot and I think most people here know about it already... after seeing his stupid comments, personal attacks and arguments with everyone on here.. on every forum thread.. i'm sure he will attack me too... but not interested... so stick it up your own arse..

Eighty Eight & Proud

Double Seven said...

I love to mess around with gay people man. (ask *aham* for more)

How could you say that Shobhaa De hated Bush that's why she hailed for Obama?
That doesn't make ANY sense- because- Bush has been the most successful president in the history of the United States in bringing India closer to the US!
It all started off with William Jefferson Clinton first.
but George W. Bush took it forward and to a whole new level. And so since Bush did good to India, that means clearly that India wouldn't 'hate' hate Bush and his policies. Bush might not be the most friendly person with the Arab world post-9/11, but that doesn't mean that he can not be friendly with other parts of the world. India still loves Bush. Period.

It is important that a stupid person like me address to your naivete, because there happens to be many gays watching out for Shobhaa De's apparently, and I am loving it. You are ill-informed; except for waving out the rainbow flag you got nothing else in life. Go to an arab country and you will be fucked both front and back (assuming that you actually are biologically deformed :P).

You got 88 problems but a bitch ain't one :P lol; that's because you are a loser; gay; and not liked by many because of your 'blonde' approach in everything political!

Obama didn't ONLY become president because of his race, but largely because of his policies for the middle class population of the United States. This middle class possesses a large chunk of electoral population, so naturally they voted out for Obama and not for Mccain (Mccain is largely influenced by Bush and the lobbyists who care a shit about the middle class)
Obama won because of his qualifications, his young age (he appealed to many young voters out there)|, because of his race of course (although he is half-caucasian, half-black), because he is a liberal democrat.

And I obviously would know why you would hate Obama so much- that's because of his policies again- he is anti-gay marriage person and also pro-abortion. That's because he like many Americans believes that there is no need for anti-abortion laws in any sense because it's upto the individual if whether or not he/she needs their baby or not. It's all about individualism at the end of the day, after all.

You say that majority of whites voted for Mccain- please go have your facts right. Mccain got voted only in the deep down red necked states of Texas, Alabama, etc.

American slavery which started at Bull Run, Virginia (largely white population) HAILED Obama, voted for him without any hesitations whatsoever.

MOST INDIANS actually voted for Obama, again I request you to get your facts right. (otherwise ask me for more information :)

What I also know is this-
Obama must have won such a landslide victory because of-
1) Sarah I-am-not-blonde-but-still-so-dumb Palin
2) The issue of William Ayers raised by the McCain campaign which held no meaning, and was termed by Americans as negative attacks on Obama.
3) Mccain would have lost even badly if he would have concentrated more on his economic policy than merely concentrating attacking on Obama's relationships with William Ayers (although it may just seem highly preposterous)
4) Obama may have won such a landslide victory because of the large scale support he was getting by the best electronic media of America, albeit undercover. (CNN, FOXNEWS, etc.)
5) Obama may have won because a large number of Hollywood celebrities who have a large amount of influence on the American junta had supported him with all their hearts and souls. (George Clooney, Matt Damon, Adam Brody, Oprah Winfrey, among many others.)
Refer to this for more confirmations-

You say that Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Obama- ROFL.
Sarah Palin is the mayor of a very VERY EXTREMELY small town of Alaska.
Sarah Palin is the governer of the least populated and highly inhabitable state called Alaska.

Compare Sarah Palin's educational background with that of Barack Hussein Obama II's educational background, then come back to me for further doubts, if any.



saru said...

ooohh!!!!m all ga-ga bot him!!!!1

itzzz quite strange...but most of our viewzz match!!!

n ya "we can!!!"is wat won ma heart!!!!

hezz truely amazing...n i believe...hezz change the world politiczz!!!!

n haan..."double sevenzz"
i agree vth u completely!!!
bush din do nything good for india!!!

all he cud think of was US (n not 2 mention he din even concentrate completely on dem..mayb he jus wanted "white house..n a name as US president!!")!!!he visited india...took many meetingzz...but nuthing ever materialized!!!

obama has the gut 2 do wat he sayzz...

n m sure...hezz d 1...whol get india...n dis whole world...out of d mess...bush has left n for good i vud say!!!!!!


keep writing....

Double Seven said...

Bush loves India. India loves Bush.

Bush made that landmark nuclear deal a reality which was seeming distant if any other person would be there in Capitol hill.

Bush is very friendly to india. I never said otherwise ever.
Go get your facts right, please.
No offense.


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