Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend - what's that??

Sad but true. We urban monsters can no longer differentiate between weekdays and weekends.... the days blend smoothly and meld into a 7 day, non-stop week with zero time off for self.... leisure... chilling. When we are not on our laptops ( I refuse to get a Blackberry), we our frantically texting. It is a disease - I recognise the symptoms.... but realise I am a terminal case. Like millions of others. I rushed to Alibag this morning, and charged back. I was willing to 'save' time and skip lunch. But my daughter Arundhati sensibly decided enough was enough. I compromised and settled for a multigrain chicken salad sandwich (lots of mustard), a mushroom salad , and a wonderful cappuccino at our favourite neighbourhood snackbar, 'Sugar 'n' Spice at the President Hotel down the road. Am I glad I took that break. We bonded, as only mothers and daughters do, or can. Then.... she left to converse in French with Dominique ( Arundhati goes back to Paris in December.... and needs to brush up her Mumbai Francaise), and I drove off to run errands. By the time I got home, Saroj, the Antique lady was waiting for moi. Saroj deserves a book devoted to her . She happens to be one of the most knowledgeable women on textiles. There is little Saroj does not know - from French Paisley shawls to Saurashtra aabhas - both going back a century or so. Oh.... I forgot to mention.... Saroj is illiterate, hard working and underprivileged (money wise). But what riches she possesses, in terms of sheer expertise! She could teach the mighty members of the textile board of India, a thing or two. There is much I have learned from Saroj over the years. I am grateful for her friendship.


Anonymous said...

You have a lovely writing style. And yes, it is so true that we say "enough is enough" at certain times during our hummingburd-like approach to endless day-to-day activities. This post makes me want to take mom out to lunch, just us girls... Maybe next weekend... we must not find time, we must make time!

Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Rhett said...

Mrs. De has so many interesting ppl in her life.
I think you'd have the appetite for a mischievous comment, lemme give one:
The no. of interesting ppl in interesting ppl's lives multiply in direct proportion to the no. of columns/blogs they write in. tee hee hee. hope u didnt mind.

Anonymous said...

M'am 'De,
I wonder with 24x7 International News channel and India prosperity depending upon Global economy, we hardly call it a day it is a 24 hour day now.

And with our lives getting dependent on 24x7 computer servers, and back office operations the Internet and the Cell Phones, we have chosen to be what we want to be.

Few Hours of leisure each day is the new DAYEND the new Week End now.

Vinod Agarwal - Working 24x7 from an extended Holiday.

Double Seven said...

@ De-

I thought you were vegetarian, frutarian or something! I hardly am able to come to terms with these- age, and then considering your presentability factor! OMG, you are gorgeous at 60+; a role model for our Indian baby boomers.

But I wish you were a non-meat-eater at the same time as well, much like my self-
Consider watching this- It's a YouTube video called 'Meet Your Meat'

You will witness animal cruelty in the wealthiest of nations taking place at its tard best.


chandu said...

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Vinay. said...

Weekends are meant for fun.But for few lucky ones like you,every day is a weekend.Literally and figurtively.Dining and wining with celebs,zooming around in"your"merc,a large and lovely family,a silver spoon and a gold(BOLD)pen.I know it has not come easy;you have made it and you deserve it.I have been passionately following you since Stardust's been long and lovely voyage.cheerup and don't cribble even in dream.

Red Soul said...

could we see a picture of Saroj?

*Aham* said...

its sad that we value degrees over expertise... so glad that you know saroj and think of her this way.

Sunday is something that i look forward to and before i could jhapak my palak... its gone... :( so swift life is now-a-days... i am more connected to my colleagues and my blogdosts... my house is a guest house... i go there just to sleep.

Double Seven said...

"my house is a guest house... i go there just to sleep."

My apartment is a guest house... i go there just to sleep. :P



Henry David Thoroe said"I grew like corn in sunlight in those days when i did nothing but just watched cabbages growing in those vast fields" But that may be the case of him only..
you seems to be happy even if you are busy..and that is all that matters..

me too blog..

Anonymous said...

Hi Shobha,

I used to immensely enjoy your columns while I was growing up in India. I have been living outside India now for the past 11 yrs. and missed your musings once in a while. I was delighted when I stumbled upon your blog the other day. Now I am trying to read it regularly to keep in touch with everything that is "happening" in India. I love your uniques syle of writing, very simple and lucid.

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