Friday, November 21, 2008

Kolkata calling

Guys. I am off for the weekend. Kolkata it is. Another wretched flight at a wretched hour. You might have guessed I am not exactly a morning person. Here I am sitting at my dining table blogging away at midnight when I ought to be asleep. I'll be in Kolkata to participate in a national debate organised by The Telegraph newspaper, on media responsibility. Had the topic not been this volatile, I would have gladly passed. But this is the time to speak up. And say it like it is. For whatever that's worth . Most of the other participants are heavy duty 'intellectuals' - Kolkata loves their intellectuals. And every body in Kolkata fancies himself\herself as one. I shall do my very best to be as forthright and honest as possible. I' ll be rushing right back to attend the magical Sufi music festival at the Horniman Circle garden. Just what the soul ordered. Till then.... ciao ciao. Read my lips : No more Rahul. Keep guessing which one I'm referring to!


Double Seven said...

Rahul Gandhi?

And 'damadam mast kalandar' is a fantastic song! sufi song.

And you travel so much!


PS: Rahul Mahajan is amazing, I don't why people hate him so much.

Tia said...
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Double Seven said...

I dont know of any khan joining the blog community and except for Amitabh i dont know any other bachchan joining the same. kindly advise.


Tia! said...

Good to see you joined the blogging community too after the Khans and the Bachchans!

Btw, not that it means much there, m not a morning person either :)

Will be following your blog..

Ashutosh Didwania said...
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Anonymous said...

N C Das Rasgulla....

Vinay. said...

how do you fit into that crowd of pompous hypocrites debating media r
esponsibility? anyway,good luck

Balvinder Singh said...

Welcome to Calcutta, ooops, Kolkata. I have also brief references in my blog about media under posts "Sorry Sam" and "Media's Anxiety" You may like to read the same at leasure.
Just passed through the blog-o-sphere and found your blog on a friend's blog roll. Will be visiting more often now.

I love your writings.

Zlaek said...

Glad when u say you'll speak up...coz you are heard. Saying it like it is, is the highest tribute paid that which is being said. And it's most worth your energy and thought when relevant. Go that way all your life ma'am :)

haritha said...

heya maam

good n refreshing journey u have..i hope....
hmm...i know which rahul now....keep followin g the blog..thts d secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n obvious sufi, is a kind of heavenly tunes



കിഷോര്‍:Kishor said...

Rahul Bose, the actor?


Rhett said...

Calcutta for serious debates. Best of the luck!

Anonymous said...

Rahul Mahajan Ofcourse :))

Niedhie said...

I wish I were in the jet with you to Kolkata, I miss home so much here! Have a great time :)

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Honest and forthright is right!

The Bhadralok are in for a treat.

*Aham* said...

Have a nice trip... Honest and Forthright se jyaada, if you had just said "id be myself" we would've got it.

no no, its not rahul mahajan, you wouldnt ask us to guess something thats obvious... you are the trickster kinds... I guess it is Rahul Gandhi. Dekhte hai... Inaam kya hai for the right answer.

Anonymous said...

Umm....Fingers Crossed .... Lets See :)

Anonymous said...

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ναιвнαν said...

hello mam...i really liked ur blogs & the way u describe things ..that elegance...have a look at my blog not as interesting as urs..but still..

ashfaque ismail said...

Hopping across things is not a cakewalk. It requires extraordinary skills. So its not astounding that you divide your time between the City of Joy and City of Dreams with an ease, that no one can even imagine. By the way you have atributed the media responsibility as a volatile. Whats so provocative about it?

Pritesh Patel said...

Missin ur blog De'.
Dont forget to update us abt the Sufi music concert at Horniman on Sun...

Pratima said...

I have been a fan of your writing since many years but was quite shocked to read the article on Big Boss and how you have criticized the show and the participants. I did watch the show in bits and parts and am not a fan of Rahul Mahajan and his cronies but how can you judge a person by watching one episode???

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