Monday, October 18, 2010

Is the Bigg Boss in the house....?

Sorry about the late uplaod of the Aurangabad pictures... but here they are.... just to give you an idea of what the campus of the Rafiq Zakaria College for Women looks like. The lady in a green salwar-kameez is Fatma Zakaria - the moving force behind the college. The others are teachers and students of this extraordinary institution that has already transformed the lives of thousands of women in the historic city of Aurangabad. Ladies and gentleman, you are looking at the future of India. If more of our Muslim women receive the same opportunities to a great education, India will be that much stronger as a nation. Jai Hind!
This appeared in the Sunday Times yesterday...

Is the Bigg Boss in the House….?

Oh God!! So much hot air – not just in that 40 crore helium balloon floating over the stadium at the closing ceremony – but all over India. There are those who’ll be saying, ‘Thank God the Games are over…. and India’s pride is intact’. Just like they’re saying, “Naak nahi kata, yaar.” All those horrible people who had criticised the blessed Games ( villains and vamps in media, please stand up!),should now curl up and die, eat their words, suffer! India is crowing, “ Look world - we did it! We put up a great big show – kya kool hai hum”. Well… okayyyy guys. Sure we did it. What exactly that ‘it’ is, don’t ask. Our medals haul? The way our beleaguered athletes jumped, ran, stretched, punched, lifted and shot their way to glory? Of course! Our grand finale which once again relied on tribal dances without a trace of irony? Hmmm… why not? Don’t we want to watch Zulu dancers when in Africa? Red Injuns and Cowboys in Amrika? Maoris in New Zealand? Aborigines in Australia? Buddy, best to give the duniya what it wants – glimpses of incredible India, Kalaripayatu, Naga land dancers, why…. let’s also bring on those bagpipers in kilts as a bow to our Colonial Cousins across the seas. This is us – we are bhel puri and dahi misal, chorchuri and avial, a messy but irresistible mix that celebrates the country’s diversity. Sanskrit chants, drummer boys, mantras and tantras, lasers and techo trance – the closing ceremony had it all, even as a grim faced Sonia Gandhi sat through the proceedings like she was presiding over a public hanging. Oh dear. Perhaps that was a taste of things to come? Though, knowing how we generally deal with a successfully executed national event ( shock and awe, followed by euphoria ), chances are we’ll remain on a high for a while, congratulating ourselves on something we actually managed to pull off. That’s the good part. The understandable part. If India is taking a collective bow right now, it is well deserved. God knows there is not all that much we do with any level of excellence, so a little chest puffing is essential, given the sleazy background to the Games.
Now comes the hard part.
Will there be a post mortem ( mind you, the correct term is just that – post mortem, not witch hunt) now that the party’s over, and the track suits have been moth balled for a while? Or are we going to say philosophically ‘All’s well that ends well – full stop.” One certainly hopes not. Last week’s drama involving The Czar, Commissioner, Emperor – whatever it is that Lalit Modi calls himself these days - unfolded like a vintage Salim-Javed script. How so? The Modi-Kalmadi episode is like a classic story of brothers separated at birth. But there’s a small twist this time. Instead of a good brother (cop) and a bad brother ( dacoit), there were just two bad boys ( no prizes for guessing the other baddie’s name). Both were given a carte blanche by someone( we still don’t know the identity of this mysterious person). James Bond had a license to kill. Modi and Kalmadi had a license to make a killing! Will the average Joe ever get to know the dirty details? Naah. A lot ( seriously… it’s one hell of a lot) of lolly was made – no questions asked. We were told there was a Bigg Boss on the scene monitoring the stash. Who were the other inmates in the house? Now, that’s asking! Were there any Pakistani molls involved? Local thugs with criminal records? Ex- beauty queens and trashy models? Drugs, sex and rock’n’ roll? Come on, guys. Grow up. Boys and their toys go together. We can keep digging, and some foolish journos can keep hyperventilating. But the Mystery of the Missing Millions will never be solved. You know why ? Nobody really wants to know. Most importantly, nobody cares. We confuse efficiency with morality. We are so sick of incompetence, so embarrassed by our inability to get things off the ground, that anybody who is seen to ‘deliver’ suddenly becomes a demi- God. Right now, even Kalmadi’s most trenchant critics are shaking their heads and saying, “ Maan liye… he did it!” As if that feat nullifies the rot that preceded it . Modi’s sworn dushman willingly concede, “ Boss…. only a Lalit could have pulled off the IPL.” All true. We adore bulldozers and bull ****ters equally. We worship people we believe are “capable”. Capable of what?? Don’t be stupid. We know the answer.
Kaun Banega Crorepati? A bit late in the day to be asking such a dumb question.
Ab jaaney bhi do, yaaron. India won. We lost.
Happy Dusshera.


Malvika said...

Well written and articulate. You seem to air the thoughts of the millions whose voices have been drowned

Divya Virmani said...

Very well written article. Looks like you were there to witness it all...
Now that the games are over, let's see how the auditors will bring their reports to parliament. Bet they are also corrupt. Wonder what will happen with our country...

computer said...

good post

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

I never relate with your posts... I dont know why.. U r little crazy and more over mad.. Sorry..

Neha said...

I read this in the paper on Sunday. I wonder if any good will come out of the so-called investigations!

Good, but small, write-up on the institution. Do tell more about it.

*Aham* said...

the hazaar karod balloon did manage to shift our focus from kalmadi who was chewing india like he would some bubble gum.

when our desh was rangeela, peela peela was our sheila...

no wonder while the world was waking up to glory of india, sheila was busy singing " you are my sonia"... sitting baaju-baaju with the mrs. of gandhi.

all are hand in hand .. big boss and candyfloss.. devi, devil and the wohs... with added attraction by sena's who never shy from showing their "mard taange wala" attitude and press the trigger with no agar magar. Big boss is definitely tempting... we love gupshup about love sex and dhokha, more than we love "love or sex".. here voyeurism gives us more orgasms than what an human organism would.

as they look into the matter,
the other critical matters get overlooked.

our gajnified memory, benefits our kalmadi, our modi...

soon it will be worthy to be kalmadi...

like it is mod to be modi!

Buzzintown Blogger said...

Typically liked these lines

'We confuse efficiency with morality. We are so sick of incompetence, so embarrassed by our inability ...'

great post

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Theyoginme said...

Thanks for writing something about the games. I thought the opening ceremony (I could only watch on Youtube) was amazing, especially the yoga portion (for obvious reasons, but the patanjali chant, which we all iyengar yogis do at the start of our practice, made it all the more special).. and the $10 million balloon was certainly a fantastic idea.. So alls well that ends well and India came second.. my last recollection of CWG is from 1978 Edmonton Games...lets say we have come along so far in all aspects in 32 years and lets celebrate that and then work on putting all the corrupt folks in prison, and let them do some hard physical labor, like operate a manual least they can earn their bread in the prison, if not pay back the millions they stole.

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