Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mexico images....

BlogAmigos, I picked this jewel of a hotel because of its history and grandeur. Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico, is very special. Not because it's the priciest ( it isn't), but because it is wonderfully located, small and personalised. AND - this is important - it is right on the magnificent square, in front of the Presidential Palace. The Revolution rages on in Meh-ico ( as locals call it), as protestors camp out in the square and raise slogans all day and half the night.

These images show the hotel in all its splendour. Please note the magnificent Tiffany-style roof ( believed to be the largest such in the world), and the ancient Art Deco elevator ( which works)! The massive chandelier at the entrance dazzles all those who walk in.... and I sure am glad we did!!


obssesor said...

Such gorgeous ceiling!

Tsomo85 said...

Gorgeous & looks so fragile!

Pooja Rathore said...

wow!cieling picture is great nicely designed,it feels good to see beautiful pictures ...share more pictures.
Happy friendship day friend wish u the very best, dil se!

Latha said...

Sorry to write something unrelated to the topic. But I have to say this. All sorts of foreign ships are abandoned in Bombay sea. We hear names like M V Wisdom, M V Pavit, M V Rak etc. Bombay sea has become a dumpyard. The captain of the ship was jubilant that India accepts such ships which nowhere is allowed ! Ships lie in the sea for days together before responsible 'fishermen' call the police. There is no response from the police for 14 hrs because they squabble among themselves whether it is under Versova, Santa Cruz or Juhu jurisdiction. Coast guard says they cannot guard the sea always ! A simple radar is absent. The cause given is, "Our boys are afraid to buy equipments. As soon as we buy, the CAG, CBI, CVC all come in line to investigate." Of course we cannot buy a safety pin without 10 scams.
Now a large ship has sunk leaving oil spill at the rate of around 2 tons/hr. It contains 60,054 tonnes of coal, 290 tonnes of fuel oil, 49 tonnes of diesel and 4 tonnes of lubricant oil. The iron ship will get rusted in water. The filth & grime spreading from juhu beach to Alibaugh was nauseating to watch.
Hope the drinking water doesn't have diesel. I wonder whether it'd be safe to eat sea food in Mumbai anymore.
Sources :

What a resilience we have, aha !!!
Salaam Bombay !

raj said...

some one has made good use of visibility of Ms De's blog. No harm done. I was wondering even in US we are seen as Marathi,Bangali,Gujrati
etc. When we would be Indians and only Indians? pleasure reading as usual..
raj singh

Ranita said...

I wish to rebut what you said on Headlines Today (17/8/2011). You said rise in support for Anna / Corruption was due to media coverage. I was arrested at JP Park on 16th so from 11 am and we were sent to Chhatrasal Stadium in North Delhi. I was there till 8.30 pm and then left due to my gout etc. There was NO media INSIDE THE STADIUM till sometime morning 17th.

Ranita said...

Madame Shobha, you made a comment on Headline Today about the Tshirts with logos, like India Against Corruption Tshits. Well they may have given some free to their volunteers who have worked hard for over six months. I bought 4 Tshirts for family. I paid Rs. 100 for one side print and Rs 150 on both sides. They are not given free. I hope you get that right.

Ranita said...

I wrote to comments as both couldnt fit in your comment page.I dont think you have the right to make slanderous comments on people who have worked tirelessly to fight corruption. You live in a world devoid of reality, a world where you did not have to pay bribes for small things to. Its sickening to see socialties talk like this.

jamesreegan said...

Its sickening to see socialites talk like this.

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