Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ravinar! Ravinar! Ravinar!

Thank you, 'Dirty Picture' and Vidya Balan. Phew!
Entertainment!Entertainment! Entertainment!
To that let's add Ravinar! Ravinar! Ravinar!
The missing link....must check it out one of these days, now that I know of its existence.

Enjoy piggy-backing, guys!

And do look up the meaning of 'Plagiarism' while you are at it.


Suresh said...

That wasn't too funny! And this is more arrogance than acknowledgement. I am sure you will feature there on soon :-)

Rati Parker said...
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DivSu said...

The website is amazing - thanks for the pointer.

Rati Parker said...

Shobha De! Shobha De! Shobha De!
Forgets she was once a lowly scribe
Of the rag "Stardust" of Bombay..
Ravinar's list of 10 r sure her tribe!

Ash said...

I'm a new blogger...not as versatile as you, just a Mummy blogger. I happened to come across your blog by accident. I'm not yet familiar with your work...though I will start reading. I got taken aback by the tone of comments to you by some readers. Do they affect you at some level ? Anyway, it seems you are a successful woman and I congratulate you for that. I'm too sensitive to survive anything like this so I'll just stay Mummy for now :-)

Love and Regards

goodluck said...

I think the list is anti UPA as it omitted other worst journalists who are pro modi.

As for plagiarism concerned, I dont know. You should have given the link only.

Seems you were too happy that some names are sullied like that.

Would you have published this list if you were tops?

Lambert's Outlook said...

I am not really into Bollywood movie, but Dirty picture is indeed entertaining.

oh! and by the way, i am immersed on your book "Superstar India, from incredible to unstoppable", right now n i really enjoyed the book, Not only witty but also thought provoking....

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Pooja Rathore said...

My favorite journo- Arnab Goswami- he is really good-debates on his show are really worth other favorites,I don't miss your column for sure I am your fan and admire u a lot ,liked your column on Cannes fest.

Sunita Ghosh said...

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Unknown said...

Haha! Mediacrooks makes for interesting reading, while not straying from factual information. It takes some spine and gumption to state facts and stand by them. Not as simple as talking about people from Bollywood and their dramas.

Good for him, getting publicity through you! :) May his tribe increase.

srikanth major said...

Hello Mam,

I have been following the blog for quite sometime and i believe he is offering an alternative perspective. If you feel there is some issue, please let me know. I am really curious.


Capt. Ajit Vadakayil said...

hi araiana,


here is a JEALOUS guy , who will give his eye teeth to sit on arnab goswami's chair.

his whole life revolves around 6 TV anchors , with whom he has an HATE axe to grind with.

and all of them including barkha has better integrity and culture than him.


capt ajit vadakayil

Kagitapus said...

Thanks Shobhaa, You said "plagiarism", so you atleast agree that whatever posted on mediacrooks is truth. Please do one more favour, for the sake of awareness of the readers, just let them know from where did mediacrooks copied the content??

half soul said...

Suresh--show her right place soon else see her ferocious face in the mirror on saterday morn!woman with experience n power more than any other in media.delay will be dangerous for u n vice versa!

half soul said...

Suresh--show her right place soon else see her ferocious face in the mirror on saterday morn!woman with experience n power more than any other in media.delay will be dangerous for u n vice versa!