Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Aapla Sachin, Aapli Rekha as M.P.s

Am rushing off to catch this season's sleeper hit 'Vicky Donor'. My daughters had a tough time getting tickets for it at a multiplex even though it isn't the newest movie in town. It is a part of their Mother's Day treat for me, since I will be away in distant Taipei on SUNDAY, when mothers the world over will be pampered by their kids - if the kids remember and are sweet enough to show their moms a li'l bit of pyaar-vyaar.My treat begins tonight.... and carries on once I get back. The weather in Taipei says, "Thunder storms". A little ominous. But it is my first time and I am looking forward to it!! Wish me 'Bon Voyage' abhi se. Tomorrow is another De... kyon?


This appeared in Bombay Times...

Really don’t understand what the fuss is about. A legendary cricketer and a reclusive actress make it to the Rajya Sabha … and all hell breaks loose? Par kyon? We have had worse people from Mumbai occupying those coveted seats. Why not these two? Sachin, if I remember correctly, was being pushed as the right choice , baby, for the Bharat Ratna, no less. Nobody protested. This nomination is nothing in comparison. If people thought he was worthy enough to get the nation’s highest civilian recognition, becoming an M.P. is a piece of toast. Now… fighting an election and getting into parliament through people’s votes, is a different story. A difficult one. And far more admirable. That takes guts and stamina. To say nothing of money power. But a Rajya Sabha nomination these days is a matter of the right people lobbying for their chosen candidates by ‘influencing’ decisions. If there is a powerful person backing someone, and that powerful person cannot be snubbed… bingo! A seat in parliament awaits. Sachin is way too smart ( or shaaina, as we Maharashtrians would put it) to let criticism get to him.He has already issued a statement saying he is a sportsman and not a politician. An unnecessary comment, since the Rajya Sabha is meant for achievers from diverse fields…. and is not exclusively reserved for politicians. That is the whole idea of having an Upper House. Sachin has also described his nomination as a ‘bouncer’! Which is a bit strange , as such a nomination is not a surprise, but something that is pre-decided and accepted by the nominee before the name is announced. Let’s just wait and see what sort of Googlies our Master Blaster bowls in parliament, as and when he finds the time between matches and endorsements , to actually attend a few sessions.

As for Rekha, well… she should consider herself hugely blessed. Nobody remembers which movie she last acted in. Decades later,she still remains the ‘Umrao Jaan’ courtesan in the public’s imagination. This latest Rajya Sabha role, will provide a fresh lease of celebrity to the lovely lady who has made a career out of her ‘I am Garbo’ reputation. Undoubtedly, the Bollywood -crazy Delhi media will go nuts when Rekha shows up in parliament, clad in gorgeous Kanjeevaram sarees, eyes appropriately downcast. If she does run into Jaya Bachchan, my guess is she will fall at Jaya’s feet ‘to show respect towards elders’ . That will be the ultimate photo-op, which will make it to the front pages of every major newspaper. Exciting times ahead, whichever way we look at it. The Indian Parliament was about the only platform left that did not rely heavily on Bollywood or Sports celebrities to make itself heard. Now that the last bastion has fallen to the cult of Page 3, let’s wait for product placements to debut in those hallowed walls next.


A bit late in the day to be commenting on Tara Sharma’s original and charming baby show on television, but the ‘Diaries of a New Mum’ is pretty disarming and the last episode of the season ( Sunday), features her father, the much- admired Pratap Sharma, who tragically passed away five months ago. Catch it!


Jogeshwar said...

Oops! the font is too big to fit, some words at the end of the sentence have been omitted.

Anil Kumar said...

While you are away, the journalists/TV anchors are leaving no stones unturned to PROMOTE CHUTTAD/Butthead journalism.

Sony TV's anchors are SHOWING Randi Naach of cheerleaders in the studio itself during cricket discussions. The likes of Sunil Gavaskar, Navjot Sidhu, Ravi Shastri, Manjrekar and Harsha Bhogle look like GREEDY PIMPS visitng an upscale studio/brothel in Delhi's infamous red light district GB Road. Well DONE Bastards. You will get your fat cheque soon and you can use that slutty money and spend it on your wife, children and grand children!! I doubt even if Nirmal Baba would like 10% of that slutty money you are making.

Our famour MULLA news channel NDTV 24X7 is back to Modi bashing. If there is an RTI, one should try to get the total percent of time this mulla news channel has covered kashmir and Modi together.

Barkha Dutt famously known as Burka Butt has got another paid news contract by getting the exclusive interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Kudos to NDTV team as they always get exclusive rights to interview capitalists country specially Americans. Are American political heads afraid to be interviewed by Times Now team or Mr. Sardesai.

IPL 5 has one major change. Apart from close matches, I am not seeing Nita Ambani or Preity Zinta running on to the field and hugging players. They seems to understand that Harbhajan's finger can pierce through their delicate ass - a spinning finger is always dangerous - Mukesh Ambani must have expressed his displeasure. Other raand Shilpa Shetty in this club is busy with baby shower. Good luck to her.

Sachin Tendulkar has done what players from Bombay are famous for. For them the individual honour comes first and country is second. He has given the example of Lata Manggeshkar that she also went to Rajya Sabha only once. So he agreed to associate himself with corruption ridden congress party and even met Italian Madam at 10 Janpath. He is planning to concentrate on records in cricket and when he steps into silver years his CV will say he was a Rajya Sabha member.

Kapil Dev - The man who won the cricketer of the century award for India from Wisden in England - not so logn ago. The poor chap has been sidelined from majority of cricketing affairs. Courtsey twisted faced Sharad Pawar and lobby of Mumbai players who know how to get cozy with BCCI.

Dont take it personally but so far your commentary on sports is dismal and you are close to Mandira Bedi in terms of understanding the fine points of game. But do keep writing since it opens up some topics for airing views - On other topics your views are interesting and worth reading.

The Y said...

Doesn't matter who they put in the parliament. As it is no work is done there. What can anyone take away from zilch? I am for reserving a few seats for dogs too. All we hear from the two houses is the barking sound. might as well take in those who have the natural gift of barking.

I think you experimented with your new laptop for this post, for each line has one truncated word in the end...or may be its time for me to buy a new laptop compatible with yours :)

Jogeshwar said...

BTW have you read Aamir's column in HT, http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/ColumnsOthers/Daughters-are-precious/Article1-851796.aspx
I think he has ended up stereotyping women and what is your opinion about his series Satyamev Jayte.

KohinoorDevroy said...

It was quite a task to read the blog,font is really too big.

Pooja Rathore said...

De something wrong with your blog, as put by @jogeshwar.
whatever tits and bits i could manage to read liked it ..let see how sachin and rekha perform their roles as rajya sabha MPS.

numerounity said...

Whoa...Vicky donor is a must watch! Classic after Jab we met!

The Bee-ji rocks!

BTW, ur blog text is slightly chopped off from the right...didja notice?

Unknown said...

@Jogeshwar -- you are a moron who doesn't understand English. Aamir's column has not stereotyped anyone -- it is beautifully written and factual. Why are you asking Shobhaa De to give her opinion on his show? What difference would that make?? The masses have already spoken and action is going to be taken even if it is a slow, tedious process.

Jogeshwar said...
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Jogeshwar said...
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