Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day! May Day!

Scary title! But we need to feel a little scared. There is nothing but bad or ridiculous news in the papers today.I have not bothered to watch television. Last night, I was asked to participate in Arnab's panel discussion on the Aarushi murder case. I thought about it, and opted out. Okay, so now the mother has been marched off to jail. Well, this is hardly the place or the right moment to gloat and say, "I told you so!" But really, I HAD told everybody so right after the murder took place. And invited wrath. Major wrath. Friends of Mama Talwar and Papa Talwar hyper- ventilated and retaliated across channels, and my hate mails multiplied five times over. I was called all manner of vile names for daring to suggest Aarushi's grieving mother could well have been the accused. All because I made a reference to her body language and cold expression when she addressed the media. Today, the story has changed dramatically, and Nupur is cooling her heels in a stinky jail in Ghaziabad. No point rubbing it in. There is justice in the world after all. But one still wonders what that poor little girl must have done that made her mother insane with rage. Insane enough to kill her own flesh and blood. What sin did Aarushi commit to warrant such a grisly end? Perhaps, we shall never know.... perhaps, it's better this way.
Maharashtra Day, and the papers are full of Ashok Chavan's misdeeds. 'Aadarsh' is going to be his albatross. But what about the others? Kalmadi did nine months inside. Just nine. Months, not years. Chavan may not do even nine hours. Hey Devaaaaaaa

The daughters who did not accompany Avantikka and me on this trip are glaring at the carefully picked gifts  for them in a rather hostile way. They love the presents. But they would have loved to be with us in Monaco and Paris even more. How should I make it up to them??? Advice? Suggestions?
I am terrified enough (of the two) right now to refrain from sharing all those wonderful pictures I have shot.... including aerial views from the helicopter  (HeliAir) that took us from Nice to Monte Carlo. You guys want to see them, right??????


Pooja Rathore said...

Picsssssss please!!!
Your daughters who could not join u...there is always a next time.
nupur act shocking!!!!I liked your take on mr chavan well put.

Jacob Kuriakose said...

you said it "I told you so"

venkat gaddam said...

Im sure your daughters know how much you travel. they can just hop in the next time you visit someplace, maybe another short trip elsewhere would do it :P

venkat gaddam said...

WANT to see photographs. you've a thing for photography, they're so interesting, guess all you need is the eye for it! ;)

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The Y said...

More than 15000 farmers are driven to suicide each year and noone bothers to talk about it. The enlightened India is busy getting justice for the jessicas and aarushis. More farmers will die of destitution and more children will die of malnutrition, but we will continue to derive pleasure out of a few sensational murders.

I tell you so...

*Aham* said...

good that you opted out of arnabs show. in fact thank you. i dont have to watch the hyperventilating arnab as a package deal with the sexy you. you are always a delight to watch on screen. you have so me adaas that make you look ravishing. also all your bade-bade accessories add to the masala. you are intellectually sexy. and arnab is one non-stop-moppet from bhadralok who gives an impression of shoving his opinion onto peoples throats .


ashok chavhan.. haii devaa.. i thought he was for a change, a little net-savvy thoda sexy looking minister. but ki kara, paise ki bhook ne usse bhi bigaad diyaa.


yes yes. share pictures.
i toh love making people J.
especially if they are my kith and kin. :)

NAT said...

Ms De why not opt for President of India post. You will get all the perks at the exchequer's expense.
Oh!oh! forgot you are no rubber stamp.

cuongthao said...

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