Monday, March 2, 2009

Seeti Bajaao...!

How does one shame the shameless? I have just written a column for International Women's Day , and that's basically what I am asking myself and others? I shall post it in this space next week, but it is important to address this key question as a run up to the 'GREAT EVENT' which has been reduced to a pathetic, commercial joke, with several opportunists jumping in to take advantage of the female consumer. I saw several saree stores offering special prices to mark the occasion. And I was appalled when an event company asked me whether I'd be free to participate in a televised panel discussion on domestic violence, sponsored by a leading jewellery brand! The fat man who drives this brand is a cunning fox who misses no opportunity to milk any and every chance to 'upgrade' his image. What better way than to associate himself with a bleeding hearts issue that will make him feel good about himself?? Jewellery and domestic violence?? Isn't that obscene? Everyone will hope to make money out of this programme - the event management company, the channel and of course, the fat man himself. Prominent ladies will also fall over backwards to show how socially committed they are ( besides - doesn't it feel great to be on tv?). Another media savvy jewellery designer has managed to rope in the usual suspects to walk the ramp for her ( I am sick of these meaningless shows, and do I really want to see a bunch of ghastly , over made up socialites preening on the ramp , pretending they are doing this for 'charity'?) Such bakwas! If these ladies would 'sacrifice' just one pampering massage (upwards of 3000 bucks) and donate the amount to paying the annual school fees of a slum kid, that would be more laudable. I always suspect the motives of these do gooders , who are out to garner publicity through their supposedly 'charitable' endeavours. Nobody bothers to examine their accounts or demand transparency from them . Who knows where that money goes?? Though I can offer a few guesses. Weekend Bazaars etc are a part of the same racket. Affluent ladies of leisure get their darzis to make two dozen kurtis, mark them up ridiculously, sell them to friends, recover their costs, keep a hefty profit, and donate a pittance to charity. The media dutifully covers these events and talks about the 'cause' and how wonderful it is of these women to participate etc etc. The 'cause' is them!
Glad to note 'Aham' is going full steam ahead with the S.I.T.A Sena. The 'Seeti Bajaao.... Khud ko Bachchaao' slogan I've suggested to him, is being worked on as well.
Oh.... what did I think of our local Red Carpet looks on Saturday? The only people who got it right were Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri.


Shrutzz said...

Hi Shobhaa, how you doing. I agree with you, it was SRK and Gauri who were rocking on saturday!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

I always felt people do charity work for selfish reasons. Our Page 3 socialites especially flaunt it to earn some Good Karma in their free time...2 prove the artificial altruist in them.

ajitha here 4 law said...

hi.... this is ajitha,,,

as u have blogged something regarding women's day..

14th loksbha sessions ended on thursday.... women's Bill still a dream? but for how long?

what is ur comment on this

Nandini Rao said...


Your facts did not surprise me. However, I believe that only a wise man should lend. If you cannot trace your contribution up to the final destination, it's as good as not contributing. It's only adding to some evil devil's bank balance. That's even worse than not helping. Social work is not a dog show where you dress up your 'favorites' one day & get rewarded for your 'efforts'. It's important to think human in order to help & act human. It takes a lot of courage to contribute. I'm not going to say it's easy.

Amazing Style said...

I have read the article and I truly think that we can come with somenthing good out of this. Besides the classical speeches, i think that the show should include one sections with questions and answers. what if somebody will ask this man to donnate the cash obtained after one day of sales to an association that manages domestic violence. he will have no chance to refuse the demand. in fact, it will be his public image in the game, and maby somebody will be helped, with or without his will. What do you think?

Rahul Nair said...

I would say you would have taken the offer and done that program.
Then you should have voiced whatever you said here on the show. That would yield a wider audience for these views. That would mean it will be food for thought for thousands of people rather than hundreds of people.

Sidhusaaheb said...

"...But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:"

A more localised version:

"Neki kar, daryaa meiN daal."

Not many subscribe to any of that any more, perhaps...

SumanSpeaksTech said...

It is pity that Shobha Dey (have I spelt it right??), is famous for her "Anga--Shobha", whichever way you look at her and she is speaking against Gold Jewelley, "Thoda Kam Hazam Hua".
Yes domestic violence can be cooled down to a large extent by spending on jewellery Yaar—kiu mazak karte ho.
But then poor husbands get greatest slaps when selling family jewels, especially of their Bibis (wives). Aha!! Jor Ka Jhatka Deera se laga”. Yes domestic violence sometimes starts for jewels and ends by selling one of the “human Jewels” to another man/women. Areey samje nahi---Divorce re!! Bar bar kiu tokta hai…bolne de yaar!! Marwaenge muje!! Bhai ata hi hoga!!
Shobha sold Sex and Sex to the gullible (or should we say pervert??!!) men who are out there to chew everything they find feminine. Be it panty or may be female condom or sweet pop-corn Female Bhaja Fry with Mushrooms!! It is not new that these pervert souls will do anything for some “Sex Soups” …
The question remains: Is Shobha Dey going to do the same tit a tat in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Palestine, Kuwait (ladies might lose their head and the scarf, if seen bare headed) or may be Taliban infested Swat Valley (There is an article in my!!
Mamala Thora Garam Hai woha paar!! Jyara Samahlke bhai!! There is chance to get ostracized first on these countries where Islam rules. Aur, A—Ham (aham) bhi to hai na….A Ham Yaahh do (two) Ham,…..Ham to Ham na…Kya!! Tum bhi na….Ey Tum suno, Bhai ko pucho, A-ham ke SITA sena ko, humare Minorities support karega ki nahi!!
Yes, Sobha Dey, you are right when you say, how to shame the shameless. Renuka Choudhury, says, "The girls and boys were doing illicit things inside the pubs because of constitutional rights". "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh......What an idea Sirji??!!" Now I think we can make another sena for those pervert souls, Sex-Sena, the name looks indeed, "Daamdar". Any suggestions regarding naming such a "rebellious outfit" is welcome!! We can then mail the name to you new found "Goddess of Booze and Oozze"—Renuka Choudhury.
Renuka and Shoba have one commonalty: not to think beyond page 3, issues. They are busy forming SITA Sena, GEETA Sena (or Gaaata Sena), Sex-Sena or Goonda Sena or whatever may be but is oblivious of what is happening in and around.
While the Religiously Insane, Taliban have taken over SWAT Valley (aaray bhai who wali SWAT analysis nahiiiiiii re baba. Yeh Pakistani wali SWAT hai re…..Thora sa Thika or kuch jyadai namkin. Haha thik suna rey. Ladkioke School ki Halwai khate hai Talibaan Log!!), but Shobha Dey seems to say again--Thoda aur Sex—Dey…!!
So the Shobha Dey Gang now be prepared to take on the more, orthodox version of Raam Sena—the Talibans.
Shobha says, “I always suspect the motives of these do gooders, who are out to garner publicity through their supposedly 'charitable' endeavours” and after that, SITA Sena Gang for Charity…....Yes Sobha you have rightly said, “Such Baakwas”!!
Lekin ek cheez manna parega: 50-Plus, lekin Sobha Dey ke soch bilkul 1st Class. Kya Baat Hai!!

Suman Mukherjee
Yahoo Group: SumanSpeaks,

SumanSpeaksTech said...

AArey yeh Chotu....Bhai ko pucha ki nahi, "A-ham" ka SITA Sena branch Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, etc, main open ho Sakta Hai ki nahi??
"No Sab!! Yes Sab!!"
"Kya re!!"
"Poocha to lekin Bhai bol raha tha: Yeh Chotku Yeh Ham kya hota hai".
"To tune kya bola??"
"Kuch Nahi Sab!!
"Array Ham ka matlab Pork re (Pig ka gost---The meat of a pig!!)" "Tum log ko Hindi main English Sikhana Parega!!"
"Jake bol yeh A-Ham (aham) wali mamla hai--a new face in the struggle for super progressive ladies".
What did he say???
"Aap ka baat sahi nikla sab"
"Bhai bola: A-ham yah do (two) ham yah 3 (three) ham...Ham to Ham hi hai to woh sob countries main jana mana hai??!!"
"Good!! Aur kya Bolela??!!"
Kuch nahi Sab".
"Bhai thoda jaldi main tha, kahi jana mangta, Ghoda Kharidna hai--nayi wala, Pakistan made, fully automatic".
"Thik hai"
"Press wale ko bol dena"
"A-ham" woh sab countries main branch nahi khol sakta, SITA Sena Ki".
"Khali India main possible kiu ki India main Hindus Majority Hai"
"Thik hai sab"
Chal I am leaving now....!!

Anon said...

Hi Shobhaa first got to tell you I love your blog! You have the courage to stand up & not mince words on issues that matter. Kudos bravo hats off to you! The Sita Sena idea is good the whistles could work & work well. What we seriously need is more awareness & that's something you are achieving big time! The world could sure do with more people like you! Please keep us updated on plans for the 8th. Keep blogging cause you're rocking!

SumanSpeaksTech said...

You love Shobha Dey's blog, whom Sharukh Khan said, "joke"?? Horrible!!
If Sobha Dey is so couragious then let her open a SITA Sena branch in Afghanistan or SWAT Valley!!
It is pity these ladies live in conditioned atmosphere, full of psychopaths!!
Educate youself a bit about her works and then give out your comments!! SHe can flex her muscles in the air-condition rooms of studios and her home. To fight the might of Talibans one needs physical and mental strength!!
Someone described Shobha Dey as a "Porn Writer".
Suman Mukherjee

Anon said...

Suman. What's Shahrukh Khan got to do with it for crying out loud & what's your gripe with airconditioning?? Another thing Shobhaa doesn't claim to be a saint & she's doing an awesome job of drawing attention to a very deserving cause! Something you sure as heck can't do!! Anyways what are you doing to fight the Talibans of this world? Haven't heard of it at all so guess its nothing compared to what Shobhaa can do!

Zlaek said...

Shobhaa auntie, you got every right to remove irrelevant comments. Trust me it wouldn't mean you're being intolerant.

@ sumanspeaks-- Some deep breathing early in the mornings should help. Eat fresh fruits, sleep for 8 hours. You'll be FINE :)

Rency Shyju Daniel said...

Being a celebrity yourself, it is really appreciating that you have voiced your opinion on such issues. Through this blog you have raised voice on our behalf.

Dr. Ally Critter said...

Ms De, methinks you have a troll on your hands!
I like this Sena idea. Also the whistle idea. More publicity please.

Anonymous said...


It appears that some people do not know what this SITA concept is about.
Correct me if I am wrong. To me it is not to encourage girls/women, or even men to go to bars and carry out immoral acts.
It does not mean that everyone who goes to a bar commits a crime. There are so many who go to relax, entertain and remove the painful stress that comes on with a hard days work.
SITA is committed to prevent these so called moral policemen/women from carrying out their nefarous activities of beating up innocents and molesting women in the bargain. These goons have no right to dictate terms to all and sundry. They have no right to force women to wear the clothes they themselves feel good with, claiming to be our culture.
We have the law (if any) to look into these matters, and they are responsible for taking action, if there is any misuse or criminal activities going on. No one has the right to force anyone to do what he/she feels is right. Each one has the right to choose what he wants to do, as long it does not hurt another directly or goes against the laws of the land. We are a democracy, not a Taliban or a Dictatorship.
As far as Saudi and other Countries going the Taliban way. I am sure their people or the responsible government should handle that. Shobha De does not have to meddle with their affairs. In fact even our Government cannot interfere in their internal matter.
We have more on our plate to tackle. Charity begins at home.
Re supporting the poor and needy, people should realize that whatever they want to donate should be given directly to the poor, as most of the organizations employ a broker to collect funds and this broker gets about 20% of the proceeds. Why should ones hard earned money go to fund another set up, instead of going 100% into the right hands. There is no accountability.
On week ends you would see (not since of late) these charity organization's vehicles with the officer's families going on a picnic. People should open their eyes. No wonder there are still so many poor who barely get a square meal and live in such inhuman conditions.
Shobha it is high time you sort out this matter of uncalled for comments. We cannot do so, as it is your space. If people do not agree with you, they should be civil and criticize constructively not in a derogatory manner. Then if they cannot agree with you, they should not log on.
I am no saint, but a woman using such filth when it is not called for, speaks......


Double Seven said...

Sumanspeaks is just Ewwweeee!!

SumanSpeaksTech said...

Yes now you have Free Sex in Pubs along with Drugs and Alcohol. in the pubs of Mangalore and Bangalore (and may be in Bombay also, Courtsey : SITA Sena, NDTV and our new found Goddess of Booze and OOze, Renuka Choudhury. Now the great Shobhaa Dey is bent on forming an Women Goonda wing to combat the hooligans (or should se say male chauvanist). "What a great IDEA Sirji" (or should we say Madamji)!!
Yes yes this is the right time Guys to Americanise India...Shobhaa Dey draws blank when armed gunmen spray bullets on unarmed Sri Lankan Players in Pakistan.Yes I indeed take some good breadh and I do not need Alchol to increase my libido.
It is good to see that people are running after a Porn writer and a wretched soul named Sobha Dey, whom Sharukh Khan once said, "Joke".
Guys educate urself about this great lady and his vicious vision of making India a Pub Country...
I have put a new video on the site (Free of Cost Viewing) on Mangalore Pub incident..Please check it if you could find time.
It is to be understood that no one is justifying what has happened to those girls, but at the same time one should not encourage teenagers having SEX inside pubs along with booze.....
Suman Mukherjee

Zlaek said...

Ms. Shobhaaaaaaaaa
Get those comments out of here.

Some of us take out the time to go through the comments in your space too... and it's really annoying.

blogdost ZLAEK

Harish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harish said...

I see S (ensitivity). I (n). T (rue) .A (ction). sena is a means of woman empowerment. Rather the start. We want our women to be protected. We want bystanders to become proactive citizens. Is this wrong?

Is it alright for our women to feel unsafe in our streets?

Is it "chalta hai" if women are raped and molested because they are wearing (supposedly) western clothes?

men could drink and booze and women cannot do the same?

Some have asked me what after womans day... ? would this be forgotten...

The answer is "NO". We wish to achieve the setting up of an SOS line...

and after that, the blog will have regular updates of woman rights issues across the country that needs our concern and we will have activities and protests if and when needed.

We will NOT engage in any violence, or break the law to get our point across. We are fighting against lawlessness. How can we take law in our hands?


SumanSpeaksTech said...

Now you will see how I demolish the comments one of the fans (or should I say Psychopaths) of the Porn writer,(Shobhaa Dey), Norman.
1.This fellow says,"It does not mean that everyone who goes to a bar commits a crime. There are so many who go to relax, entertain and remove the painful stress that comes on with a hard days work".
Answer: Some goes to bar to have free sex or taking drugs and there are large scale whispers that those girls in the Mangalore Pubs were indulging in some such activities, before being chased by the hooligans. Moreover why anyone should go to a pub when he/she is not drinking and when there may be restaurants available in a locality, remains the moot question.
Why don't you do some constructive things to remove stress like doing Yoga or listening to music rather then float one selves in the unhealthy environment of pubs?? This shows your real desire!!
2. "We have the law (if any) to look into these matters, and they are responsible for taking action, if there is any misuse or criminal activities going on. No one has the right to force anyone to do what he/she feels is right."
Answer: If you think that we have laws to counter all these, then what is use of forming SITA Sena, Parsuram Sena, Suraksha Sena or pata nahi kya kya organisations meant to encourage hooliganism??
3."As far as Saudi and other Countries going the Taliban way. I am sure their people or the responsible government should handle that. Shobha De does not have to meddle with their affairs. In fact even our Government cannot interfere in their internal matter."
Answer: Great talk from you. So can I ask you a simple question, why did the Indian Government sent aid to Gaza Victims and to the Tamils in Sri Lanka caught in between two parties?? What is the real intension of such a move??
What kind of responsible governments we have in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran or Afghanistan is known to all. Iran sill tortures the holders of the faith of Bahai Religion. In Malaysia, Non-Muslims need permission from the government in certain religious matters. A country like Saudi Arabia which has archaic laws like beheading (cutting of heads of people) or amputing of limbs (There is report at: cannot be called responsible. Which God has asked its followers to preach inhuman practice?? We should stop crime but not terrorize societies, through some inhuman laws.
Every writer or every citizen of this world has the right to criticize the evil in another country--this is the basic fundamental right. But then if a person's eyes have been blurred by alcohol he/she sees everything translucent. This lady called Sobhaa De is so pre-occupied in junks that she has no time for real work. Her mad supporters are themselves talking of democracy, but want to apply "Talibanese archaic laws" to keep me out of this board, so that junk of this lady do not come out in open. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!
4. "Shobha it is high time you sort out this matter of uncalled for comments."
Answer: My comments are uncalled for, then how is that your comments are called for?? Are you from heaven or you are the incarnation of some God??!! I feel pity for persons like you who are not only illiterate in thoughts process but are one sided.
People like you are bane of the Indian society and have to condemned in the highest form.
I WILL COME HERE AS LONG AS SOBHAA DE HAS THE COURAGE TO PUBLISH MY COMMENTS. But if she become a Taliban or apes Talibans, then I have nothing to say. Sach bahut karwa hota hai (Truth hurts)!!
Stop forming and encouraging hooliganism in India. If you have any problems with the government come out and protest but do not take law in your own hands. No one supported those hooligans in Mangalore, but at the same time one should not encourage Teenage—alcoholism or Frre Sex inside pubs. I have placed a video in my blog:, have a look at it….Also stop running after celebrities but use your reasoning and thought process to shine in life. Hope you have understood what I have said.
Best wishes,
Suman Mukherjee
Yahoo Group: SumanSpeaks

Anonymous said...

Dear Shobaa:

Sita Sena is great! I can't believe a comment I just read about Mangalore girls having sex in pubs. I study there and trust me, you can't have sex in any of the pubs there. Or in ANY pub anywhere. Some people don't know the difference between pubs and whorehouses. Pity. Amnesia (the pub that was attacked) is a good place to relax. What's wrong with a few beers now and then? Cheers :)

Kush said...

dear suman
shobha de is not the indian govt. as a citizen of india she cant possibly have any influence with the afghan way of life.

y du u keep quoting srk all d tym? if u dnt like d blog then say so. in the blogosphere yu cant hope to sound serious and stand by something that a bloke like srk said as though it were paththar ki lakeer at d same time.
which is y i wouldnt bother with anything yu wud have to say at all. said...

- Today (SUN, 8-MAR-09) I have been reading all over the places about Women's Day. In the 2 news papers that I subscribe, on TV, on NET. Everything is painted PINK.
- But looks like today is not a Women's Day, instead it is smelling as a Male bashing day :-)
- I agree to all the 10 things described here & I'm sure there are many more points that men should learn form women.
- I'm married & living with a women for last 4 yrs. highly educated & from a very good family.
- My 4 yrs. experience says, women will always be women, even if it is our President or Ms. Sonia Gandhi or Ms. Sushma Swaraj or Shobha De my wife.
- TV channel & print media is discussing about a handful of women who have access to this medium. What about rest 99% who continue playing their part without even recognising this day.
- This is a sales & marketing event both for TV & print media. To attract specific kind of customers.

naimisharnya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
moet said...

Ms Shobha,

The whole world wants to sell to one another. But they want it better thier sales, so the Fathers day, Mothers day, Woman day etc etc have been marketed by the wily old marketeers. As long as there are enough suckers in this world there will be such shameless marketing.

Our voices will be drowned and quashed in this high pitched marketing. To the extent we will be called names and vilified. Clever guys !

Unknown said...

ya true fatcs...

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RanveerChandpuri said...

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RanveerChandpuri said...

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RanveerChandpuri said...

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imelda said...

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stri said...

Shobhaaaaaaaaaa De..........

You are a frustrated writer

stri said...

I did watch you on Youtube with Guruji....
You were so stiff and blank. Could have smiled a bit (worried about
wrinkles) more so when you were talking to a Smile Guru...

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