Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey guys. My daughter, yes, another one, sent me this really witty mail from Vijay Mallya, who in true 'King of Good Times' style, is not licking his wounds and sulking somewhere dark and quiet LIKE SOME OTHER IPL OWNERS WE KNOW!! He is sensibly urging all his supporters to go get themselves a chilled beer - at work! The only way, he says, he can get over sinking 400 crores into this disaster, is to have lots of people out there, happily glugging down his beer. Not necessarily in a pub, mind you. I love it! The guy knows how to take defeat on the chin - and hopefully profit from it, too!! So.... what do you say? Game for it? Get your boss to join you for a pint or two. It may just improve productivity and keep everyone awake.
I'm off to Colombo for a few days. Work, silly! It's always WORK! Not that I'm complaining. I love the place. And happy to get onto that flight any time. Nothing can keep me away. Not even the prospect of getting my head blown off. Joking!!
You may not see a fresh post for a bit. But hang in there. Why? Because I'm worth it!! And you thought only Ash could say that ??

Just another manic wednesday. It could as well be tuesday.... saturday. Even sunday.... who 'rests' on sundays any longer? Not even God, I am sure. With Mumbai Indians and the Knight Riders out of the IPL, half my interest are gone. In any case, I'll be in Sri Lanka, enjoying String hoppers and some wonderful company of old friends. Yes, they will want to know what's going on with our cricketers... is SRK sulking big time, has Sachin taken responsibility for that disastrous last over bowled by Fernando? Was the umpiring fair? Will Preity still be hugging her men, well after the last match is played?
As of now, all eyes in Mumbai are on the Bandra-Kurla link.... it's looking very photogenic. Let's hope it sorts out all those hideous traffic problems that drove poor Jeffrey Archer nuts during his short visit to Mumbai. He made a reference to Indian traffic conditions at every single press conference. When was the last time Archer tried crossing the road at Oxford Street back home?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I went kicking and screaming to watch Jannat, after paying an arm and a leg for what are called 'Priority' tickets. It was sunday night and the natives were restless.... I was hungry and resentful (daughters can be the world's biggest bullies). And then the movie started.... I was never an Emran Hashmi fan.... even less so when I saw him on a flight last week. This lipless wonder .... and a serial kisser??? And he has the nerve to talk about being swallowed up by Mallika Sherawat's large mouth?? But you know what? After watching the film, I could see what the Bhatts see in him - a competent actor. Forget the crazy anomalies in the script and the presence of a seriously irritating co-star ( Sonal Something - the same one who is dealing with stalker problems), the movie worked. It had some terrific moments. And most importantly, I didn't end up cribbing about the high price of my priority ticket!

Asian Age, new look

I must say I've been monitoring the new look Asian Age closely .... and am delighted to report it is reading as well as its spiffy appearance. Though, I do miss M.J. Akbar's BYLINE, I now read that online! Check out the revamped paper, which is likely to give other pretenders a run for their money. It has already won my vote as far as design is concerned, and going by the zippier content, I'd say we have a winner!
Of course, I wasn't at all surprised to read about Mahesh Bhatt's outrageous announcement - he will be making a movie on Neeraj Grover! Come on, Mahesh. The poor guy hasn't been dead for a month, and you are ready to exploit the tragedy ? I guess Maria gets to play herself? The murderer Jerome, isn't too bad looking either.... has he also been signed on?

Monday, May 26, 2008

My Blogging Experience

Hey Guys. This is going to be sooooo exciting.... writer's blog??? I think I have licked it...