Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guns... but no roses!

Our beautiful and frighteningly posh guide in Budapest insisted on clicking me with 'those Russian guns' ( as she scoffed). It was obvious from her tone that she loathed the memory of the 40 year Russian occupation of her country. I abhor guns... any weapon.... any violence. I was a reluctant model, as you can tell from my scowl. Interestingly enough, at this impressive park on the Buda side of the city, there are a few statues from that zamaana.... but the Russian plaques have been removed , replaced by Hungarian ones that salute the soldiers who died during the many wars. Other gigantic Russian statues have been banished to a distant spot - a graveyard for old, hated reminders of an oppressive past.
On a more positive note, I received the sweetest call from a 'brother' across the border. He remembered it's 'Raksha Bandhan' tomorrow and wanted to greet me.Asif Noorani is a senior journalist\author who lives in Karachi. We have been friends for years. I do hope our calls are monitored because we speak of nothing else but friendship between the two nations. We also talk about the moral corruption that impedes this process - when both sides can boast of clean politicians genuinely interested in forging bonds, nothing in the world will be able to stop us from reaching out to one another in a loving fashion. Enough of hatred and terror. On this wonderful occasion when countless sisters tie 'raakhis' on the wrists of their brothers, all I can wish for his more Asifs and less Qasabs.


obssesor said...

Peace between the two countries is possible only when the sky and the sun merge!
or when ours and theirs political lot retire.

Roshni said...

This post really touched me emotionally!

Unknown said...

Nice pic!!!

You look hot and I wonder if you wud share the tips to stay healthy n young wth us 

I am envy of the weather in the picture ..here in London always greyyyyyyyy

I am wondering u never posted anything on Rakhi’s swaymvar ……

Love Gulshan

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

Those silent guns are a reminder to keep the hard earned independence in tact. Rakhi has no barriers of land or religion and is real secular festival. This sacred thread only knows the bond of love.

Anonymous said...

Whos that - whos that girl ???

ekta khetan said...

We must tie rakhi to all gun totters and do their muh meetha with "kinley" water...Jai ho!!!


Neeraj Tandon said...

The two nations need a mental cleansing-- something like the ethinic cleansing we witnessed in Bosnia. For long, generations in the two contries have been brought up to the idea of an "enemy" which has always been identified as the "other" nation.I am one of them and it requires a mature and educated outlook to get over this mindset. Expecting the masses who have been indoctrinated to develop this view is unrealistic. The latest terrorist attacks have further aggravated this situation even more.

Anonymous said...


It should be NO QASABS AT ALL.


Noel said...

War is the end result of evil thinking by some psychopaths who believe that war can earn peace.

Some leaders desire to exert their military power to display their strength.

war can never earn peace!!! world war I was seen as war to end all wars and bring regional peace but it lead to world war II.

The world without a weapon and tyrants will be a better place to live in.

Adolf Hitler the reason for WW II said,"the plough will be the sword and the tears of war will produce bread for generations to come".

P said...

first of all... "Woooo.. you are a stunner"

admirable sentiments. wish there was something that could be done to dilute people's prejudice in this context. In my opinion its the strong prejudice that is causing more hatred that actual actions.

Gajendra said...

you mean "all I can wish for IS more asifs and less qasabs"


hey...looking absolutely chic

shankar said...

your blog has very less commentators though u write so fantastic and natural. Big B's blogs are welcomed immediately by hundreds of fans. Your subjects are somewhat dry though informative. anyway, carryon your journey of blog. don' stop.

Harish said...

we should put this picture of yours at the border, sab nafrat will evaporate in thin air. I have to tell you without mincing any words. You look very sexy. reluctant model in this pic??? it doesnt look so.. the only time I thought you were a reluctant model was that spa advert of yours with a lotus in hand... you were just too conscious there.

I abhor guns too... i in no way find these macho video games where people shoot each other funny... infact thats where a terrorist is made... violence, either by videogames, or by witnessing slaughter at a young age and getting immune to teh pain of others.

De, you na, are a very exclusive blend of practical and emotional. You went there to enjoy na. And you got lost in grave yards and the oppressive past.

Life is so beautiful if there is no history... hai na?


Bhai from Pak is so nice to read,It is so easy for people to say "Bomb Pakistan". Our states have Moists drama... their whole country has terrorists ka threat... while we do tough talking, we should spare a thought for the people there too... and that no nation is bad, people are.

I am having a lot of fun on twitter...

I, just for fun, started a #TwitBehen contest... where all tweeting girls had to get maximum number of twitter brothers.

Many hearts broke. Hai Hai!

Raefah said...

You can do beyond just 'wish' ONLY Asifs and NO Qasabs... here is my 2 cents worth suggestion...

You can start a "CITIZENS INDO-PAK POLICY BODY" (Does one exist now?) who can promote/suggest/advise both governments about having clean and transparent policies that will serve, help and protect the citizens of both countries. These policies at some point will definitely reach to the people in both countries as this BODY continues to put pressure to make certain policies as LAWS like 'regular schools' a must for kids in Madarassas, exchange program to understand and appreciate culture etc., There are many ways a BODY like this can address and resolve the conflicts at POLICY level which will work by itself provided people get out of the self-defined agnostic-boundaries... This BODY can work with many grass-root organizations in both countries to promote their policies with the government as well as private non-profits !!!

Unknown said...

I like the way Aham comments and compliments you. Aham, another Kiran, introspection and some others make your blog more interesting. Sometimes, the reactions are much more thought provoking while you provide the fodder. It is like reading multiple blogs on a single page. Rewarding.

Harish said...

@kala : that was cho chweet. thank you so much on behalf of kiran as well *WARM Hugs*!

krish said...

hy de

Am so glad to c u and that to with a pic ...........the world hates guns , killking ......but its the politics..of one up man ship that drives nations....people into war....blood shed....POWER STRUGGLE......and yes peace is the most abiding feature for our existance......but with pak and inida its more to do with mistrust.....complete mis trust....which has been further divide by these mean forces....but still as you say lets be positive one day .....hope things wud b better.......damm kasab.



here i 'm said...

That's so sweet of him. I hope for the day when both the nations will also have the similar feelings for each other (which i highly doubt if its possible). Anyways...belated happy rakhi...hope you had your own share of fun and joy of the day :)

nicki18229 said...

I agree with you peace needs to come! Your blog was interesting to me you brought some really great points up too.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The truth is that distance creates some illusions which we substitute for reality. It is not really politics of religion, but religious divide itself is the root cause. History of invasions, clash of cultures and the ensuing distrust among various groups all created this madness which unfortunately end only when mankind itself will end. That is the passion of religion. The problem may seemingly present itself in the shape of Kashmir but Kashmir is only tip of the iceberg. What about thousands of alienated muslims in other parts of India and innumerable hindus who have nagging doubts after every attack by some fringe group? Emraan Hashmi may be right or wrong, but he polarised the two communities further.
Europe experienced Nazism and communism and they left a lot of ugly landmarks. Now they are relatively free of those influences. But can we hope for the same for the sub continent?

abdul hai said...

The post really good

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BGI said...

hey shobhaa

lovely pic...

Sidhusaaheb said...

Well, guns can be and often are works of art. Some pieces are very, very collectible, as is the case with some specimens of other weapons like swords, daggers and spears.

Weapons, including fire-arms, obviously, are necessary as a means of defence, at the very least.

I join you and Mr. Noorani in hoping for eternal peace and friendship between India and Pakistan.