Monday, October 26, 2009

Open letter to Raj Thackeray...

Open letter to Raj Thackeray.... From one 'Marathi Manoos' to another...

Dear Raj,

Wah! Kya baat hai. You’ve done it. Proved a point. And succeeded in your main objective, which - whether or not you acknowledge it – was to ‘show Uddhav.’ Well, you’ve certainly ‘shown’ your cousin Uddhav. Now what? That is the key question. And why just Maharshtra, the rest of India has its eyes on you.So, let me, as a bonafide daughter of the soil, spell it out clearly. Treat it as an important piece of communication from one ‘marathi manoos’ to another.
The main job ahead of you is to de-demonise yourself. Baring your teeth, has served its original purpose – which was to get yourself noticed. And subsequently, to get yourself acknowledged as someone who means business. You walked the talk, went for the jugular, advocated violence, condoned your workers who indulged in shocking goondagiri, and created an ever- widening chasm between ‘outsiders’ and those you defined as the ‘asli’ marathi manoos . You were well aware of the provocative and dangerous message you were sending out. My guess is, that was your intention. Within a startlingly short time, you made national headlines and got India talking about you. From being viewed as just a discarded nephew of an ageing Tiger, you transformed yourself into a terror… even a menace. Civil society across the board condemned your brazen tactics, your aggressive, crude ways. I guess, you had the last laugh …. you had achieved one of your key objectives, which was to stake a claim to Balasaheb’s formidable legacy.You didn’t care a damn what anybody thought or even that your ‘dhamkis’ were being seen as ‘Goonda Raj’. You seemed to revel in the ‘Attila the Hun’ reputation, even as sane thinking citizens reviled you and found themselves reeling at the audacity of it all. Virtually overnight, you became the Gabbar Singh of politics. ‘Kitney Aadmi The’ became a familiar chant, as the body count of defenceless, innocent victims attacked by your foot soldiers went up. You remained remorseless and unrepentant, shocking critics still further. A monster was born.
Aata kai, Raj?
Do you want to perpetuate the Monster’s reign? It would be entirely short-sighted and fool hardy to do so. The ‘marathi manoos’ by nature is not pro-violence. No right thinking person is. A lot of us are distressed, embarrassed and ashamed that the ‘marathi manoos’ is getting a bad name, thanks to a small section of individuals who adhere to these undemocratic methods. Accepted that the legitimate grievances of the ‘marathi manoos’ deserve to be heard, addressed and resolved. But certainly not through the means advocated by you.Your party’s impressive showing in the recent assembly elections should not be taken as an endorsement of your methods. All that the win signals is the fact that in certain pockets of Maharashtra you have successfully tapped into people’s frustrations. But from this point on, people expect you to deliver on basics – and that cannot happen through politics of destruction, exclusion and hate. You are a smart, intelligent, thinking person. You have proved you have the pulse of your people. The same people will now be looking at you to come up with programmes and solutions that spell growth and progress. Think you are up for it, Raj?
After a certain point, your differences and volatile relations with your cousin are non-issues. We don’t really care or give a damn, whether you and he are at logger- heads or ‘katti’. That’s your problem.We are more concerned with the quality of constructive criticism your people will provide in the assembly. The actual contribution your legislators will make.In other words what the MNS will bring to the table in its ‘new’, ‘improved’ avatar. Even the Tiger eventually changed his stripes in Maharashtra. What you may inherit down the line will be a totally transformed party – such as it may exist, post-Balasaheb. A true player knows how and when to leverage advantage. Your time to do that is now. Exploiting fear psychosis serves only a limited purpose, as Narendra Modi has discovered. Exploit your charisma instead. Work for the people of Maharashtra. Win their love, and more importantly, their respect.
You, my dear Raj, have a terrible reputation. But this is your chance to redeem yourself. Don’t squander it.
Yours sincerely,
‘Marathi Mulgi’, Shobhaa


Unknown said...

do u really consider yourself 2 b marathi mulagi, i differ. de demonosing. who labelled him demon, people like u,english press hindi channels.for lalbg/paral marathi manus he is saviour hasn't he showed it legitimately through ballot box.violance,brutal majority of cow belt is it going to listen to marathi cause if not otherwise.much more to say constraint of space

Raj said...

Read this letter in TOI this morning and I salute you for writing this. This has the common man's voice inside and appreciate the same. I think we all would like to see him focusing on growth and development. He needs a rebranding.

R Nair

Unknown said...

ahem, mz de. you are not manoos, the very point he is making. to be one you have to be 20th generation marathi, or maybe 1000th. you have to feature in the line-up of evolutonary human, somewhere between cro magnon magnon and cro magnon. see, you can spend your entire life devoted to making maharashtra a "maha" rashtra, giving it your BSTT (blood, sweat, toil and tears) and singing endless songs in its praise, penning trillion words extolling its greatness. but you lose out in the end. you are still an "outsider", not a manoos or a mulgi. go figure. i am reminded of an ancient ghazal:
"jab chaman ko lahu ki zaroorat thi,
sabse pehle hamari hi gardan kati.
ab ye kehtay hain humse, ai ehley chaman,
ye chaman hai hamara, tumhara nahi"

ashok said...

It was amusing to read the ‘open letter’ from Shobha De in the Times of India issue of Oct 26, 2009. Claiming oneself marathi mulgi and a bonafide (?) representative of marathi manoos is an indication of the opportunistic attitude displayed by another pseudo-elite citizen of India.

I saw a film wherein the oppressed & upright elder brother says Jaao pehala uska sign le aaoo… while replying to his younger brother’s sermons on life. When the younger his unable to see the elder’s point of view, he takes the protective cudgels of mere paas ma hai…. A clear diversion from the agonies of purpose. Providing sermons on civilized ways of behaviour from the protective walls of aristocracy is a sign of feudalistic ungratefulness and are displayed by those who are only bothered of exploiting the situation so as to be close to the centers of power…… a bane of Indian society.

As a normal marathi manoos I am appalled by the attitude of Ms De, in trivializing the issues raised by Raj and camouflaging the non-performance of the people in power by associating the noble efforts of MNS with ‘goondaraj’, usurping the legacy of the respected Tiger and comparing to the Attila the Hun (who’s he?) and Gabbar Singh. She has proved the ‘crab story’ associated with the marathi manoos. Revered leaders of marathi orgin, the great Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji Maharaj, Sadashivrao Peshwa at Panipat, Lokmanya Tilak, Veer Savarkar, CD Deshmukh, Balasaheb Thackrey to name a few in the past and now Raj have had to struggle against both the people in power as well as their brethren to prove their noble actions. The exasperation of Balasaheb in the recent Samna is understandable and pardonable to a certain extent.

Ms De has elaborately criticized and demeaned the success of Raj and MNS but has not given any suggestions or pointers or plans that can be reviewed, discussed and if found suitable implemented. Only sermons and not action plans. Should one question her what needs to be done, I am sure the answer would be - give me power and I shall prove it or lets live with yours, mine & ours. It is a pity that persons of eminence can only find fault with others actions and provide no solutions.

Let her know that only when exploitation becomes unbearable, one gets aggressive and resorts to violence. The marathi manoos has borne the inconveniences for a long time with the hope of improvement with democratic & civilized means….albeit in vain. I am sure Ms De has answers / justification to some of the following questions:
1. If rules for all citizens be same, then
a. why should marathi manoos in Mumbai subsidize the municipal amenities provided to the ever-growing slums in the city, live with water shortage, filth and terrorizing hawkers.
b. why health concerns of Peddar Road residents considered more important than Mohammed Ali Road residents while constructing fly-overs
c. why changes to property tax system are stalled by south-Mumbai residents
d. why No-hawking zones are mostly in the elite areas of Mumbai
2. Why Ambe Valley was created by Sahara in Maharashtra but failed in UP
3. Why Hindi film-industry could not develop and flourish in New Delhi?

I feel the only answer to all these is that the marathi manoos has always been tolerant, acceptable and diligent. These virtues have been misused, exploited and systematically subverted for the benefit of others. So, Ms De, marathi mulgi as you claim yourself to be, if you have any empathy towards the struggles & travails of the marathi manoos then support else let us not call you …et tu brute

Unknown said...

ashok, what are you talking about?
Bollywood has and is providing employment to hundreds of marathi people along with others.
Those who are living in slums are providing various services to Mumbai in various capacities and as such they can be provided with some water and electricity.
Mumbai is where it is today because of gujaratis, parsees, sindhis, south Indians, north Indians besides our own marathis. So everyone has the right to reap the fruits as we are all Indians in the first place. Just because you are angry, you will beat up and kill the helpless taxi driver, vegetable vendor and the doctor. Dont forget that our marathi manoos are also everywhere and highly vulnerable.

Sparkling said...

Good one there!
But I only hope against hope that he reads this and understands it well enough in a smart, intelligent and thinking manner. To be honest, he hasn’t revealed any of these adjectives as of date. Serious! Oh, he has charisma, he sure has! Mainly in that ‘shock and awe’ manner (didn’t mean to insult Danny Crane here!) endured by his poor victims.
Have you ever thought that he just might misconstrue his win as a result of his demonic tactics? The guy is in denial, Shobhaa…he needs a shrink!

But I’ll still toast you to your optimism. Cheers!

ashok said...

kala, b4 making a sweeping statement and just blurting out the oft repeated statements by politicians, it is necessary to understand the focus of the issue and if possible, brood over the questions raised.

One should reap the fruits for which you toil. Dont suck and be parasites.

Babu said...

Hi Shobhaji aka Marathi Mulgi

Congrats! Nice post. In less than 24 hours you discovered that you are a Marathi Mulgi while in your previous post you were wondering whether you are a Marathi? So plz do share this secret guidlines of considering someone as a Marathi n outsider. Now you are safe in Maharashtra.

Regarding the de-demonising of Raj Saheb it looks bit difficult from the previous violence n atrocities...but lets hope for the best.

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Aparna Velankar said...

Kudos to you Shobhaa.
I loved your perception (and interpretation) of Raj when you were talking to Anuradha Sengupta on a television show last night.
This open letter seems to be an extension of that brilliant (and brave) expression.
Post election, Raj appears to be a different (did I say, sensible?) person .
when he shunned all those probing, pregnant question about Shivsena's debacle, I was amazed to watch him on the screen.
Instead of the usual barks and roar, he was (again sensibly) talking about the MNS's future course of action and the blue print in making.
It seems to be a welcome change.
You predicted something last night on the same TV show.
A future of Raj, the phenomenon.
You said, he is a shrewd person and will shed his violent skin after he is done with MAKING HIS PRESENCE FELT.
I wish you luck, Shobhaa...May you be proved right.

Another Marathi Mulgee,
-Aparna Velankar

Unknown said...

Only shobhaa is safe. But her children by de are half bengali and may be only half safe. That is the equation our marathis will be discussing. Purity of blood and ethnicity. When we die and if at all we go to some other world, we must ensure there are separate places for separate creeds and one big place for the mixed ones like me and Shobhaa's 2 children. Clean up operations and then everyone can live happily everafter.

Gajendra said...

I beg to differ with your de-demonizing statement and also the "work for the people of maharashtra" statements.........

I feel his motive cannot be questioned at all....

I am with him.

The media is an arse !!!

Anonymous said...

Ok Intelligent people ! hold your horses down and stop wasting your time here in typing essays, whatever you type here is not gonna make any difference at all, This is India meri jaan. :)

Renu said...

After a long time a hard hitting true post!..The divisive personalities should not be encouraged anywhere in the country..India belongs to everybody.

The day Mr. raj asks all non maharashtrians to go, he should be prepared to take back all the maharshtrians living in other parts of the country...otherwise its like India Pakistan Partition only solving no purpose.

Sameera said...

Good Post. And very apt to suggest he use this time to reinvent himself and work for the masses even if in the name of Marathi Manoos!

But saddenned to see other educated folk take such a narrow standpoint and support regional politics and elicit a divide. I lived in Maharashtra for almost 3 years and can never forget the spirit of the people or place. It was a pleasure.

People like Raj Thackeray thrive on media attention, just like any anti-social elements and the best way to kill this is not provide it with any attention. The whole thing eventually either dies or the people at the helm of it re-think their ways and adapt themselves.

parwatisingari said... in my blog mee marathi..? i have it all.

uthamanarayanan said...

First I appreciate the courage of writing , that too a writing about political personalities, however bad the path and trajectory of the persons concerned, since we have seen how a news paper can be burnt down and the enquiry, cases,..... atlast lives lost innocently is lost for ever.This is demockery..... sorry madam democracy.
In Tamil Nadu one gentleman by name E.V.R.Periyar was responsible for the upliftment of suppressed class whose followers are ruling Tamil Nadu still... this gentleman was a Kannada speaking man.One of the past Chief Ministers shri.Omanthur Ramasamy Reddiar was telugu speaking man.M.G.R is known to all who was a Malayalee by birth.This is Tamil Nadu and we are the real Indians not the Hindi speaking sectarian or Marathi speaking narrow minded so called leaders.We have here a large population of marathi speaking people who even not visited Maharashtra once in their life time, they know only to speak marathi in its own variation with mixed tamil.People are innocent and this idiotic leaders think people are ignorant ..... which is not a fact.

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

"And why just Maharshtra, the rest of India has its eyes on you."

Please dont spread the canrad of hatred in other states... as it is, we have enough of divisions on the basis of caste, creed.... and even sex:)



Nagesh said...

@ ASHOK -- First of all I applaud your unparalleled writing skills with a touch of frustation. It pretty much depicts your sufferings since possibly your chidhood. May I ask you that where the hell were you before Raj Thakre came into picture. Its a pity that well educated people like you have been falling trap to this politics .May I ask you some corresponding questions in response to your utter stupid list of questions
1. Why is Indian Parliament not in Mumbai
2. Do u think Mumbai is a legacy of morons like u, If u think so then have a seperate nation and Erase Part III of Indian constitution from ur so called MArathi constitution and please dont call yourself Indians, Rest of India will be happy to see you as Marathis, isolated and happy in ur own backyard.
3. People from Mumbai and so called cities , when they go abroad they call themselves "DESIZ" .. and that Desi behaviour is more of a North Indian UP Bihar behaviour... stop boasting of sth that u r not worth of...
Live peacefully .. or may be just go and join MNS and strive for existence...

Unknown said...

well well it was interesting reading. i still stand upright for my Me Marathi stand. AT THE OUT SET LET ME SAY PROUDLY THAT I AM INDIAN AND DO NOT HAVE DEVISIVE IDEAS[that's not viable technically that apart] 'STILL'! i uttered my first words in marathi way back in 50s. that is my window to the world. expression of my very being.i came to know about india i.e. Bhaarat when i went to school at the age of 5. after a huge gap of 365 into 5 days. in those days pakistan was East and West. there is no East Pakistan now. Neither is USSR. did the languages change because of that.In Bangla Desh people were same culture was same,On the contrary very division was on the basis of De's sasuralwali language!the point is :'NATION IS A CONCEPT, LANGUAGE IS REALITY'
example,i say INDU VATTU KARMENA!
if said accented every body will vouch that it's MADRASI.No each word has different meaning. INDU in Gujrati is egg, VATTU in Kannada is number, KARMENA in marathi is I am ill at ease.the point is: for phonetic utterances created by larynx using different frequencies, culture gives the meaning that dates back to why should not i be proud of it. MY CULTURE IS EXTREMLY RICH. and if my marathi interests are scuttled in conglemeration i.e. india i do have every right to fight for my right whether in assembly or on streets.


Well Lady, what you are saying is that immaterial of the environment in which I am born, brought up, educated, worked and retired, it is where my parents have originated makes what I am? Then please go back to the GHATS lady and stay in the deep jungles and please do not join a civilised society

ashok said...

Mr Nagesh....You have proven my point which i mentioned in the 2nd para of the post about diversion of topic when flummoxed.

Nagesh said...

Mr Ashok ... I thought u are doing the same .. u need to be a bit more thoughtful .. i m sure u possess a high degree of intellect .. but using it is highly recommended

Harish said...

Mazhe Priy Marathi Mulgi De,

mala tumhi raj la pathavlele patra aavadle. visheshkarun, tumhi dillela sallah, ki atta shaitaan naahi maanus banun jantechi sewa kara.

dhanyavaad, amche manogat mandoon, rajchi PUNGI vajavli.


TamBrahm Marathi Maanus Harish

krish said...


Am guilty of not being so regular on the blog spot now for sum time ....missed ya anyway loads of catching up to do.......hope you are in good sprits.....

Comming to this topic .....i agree when u say this was a ploy by Mr Raj to be noticed and talked about in the public domain......every political guy has done it over the years.....but whats more important is how they correct their ways after basking all the glory .... ....many still dont wann change their old ways ...........and about actual contribution of the to be seen.....About mumbai ..i love this city as you do....and my heart bleeds to see the way its geting molested day in and out...........lets see if Mr CM can deliver at least 10 percent .......sory to be cynical but thn you knw how the system works......

Promice to be regular ........and yes wann know about your date with miss sawant..... luv and luck


Hussain said...

you written what a common thinking ,
these type of family politics and regional politics will affect common man's life , as a citizen of india we know inida is one its not maharastra or some other state, no one should divide like we have right to work to live any where in india..
thank for writing this message



Because it does not have the premise of right to life and its defence. It remains only as a weapon in the hands of whoever holds it for the moment. Why will Mr.Raj Thackeray for whom the premise of existence does not exist at all throw it away? Without NON MAHARASTHRIANS he will be a ZERO.

санжог said...

I don't understand why are some people so angry about Shobha's post.

As a matter of fact her post is quite optimistic. She just wants to point out that it's time to move on...asking the powerful politicians to use their powers wisely for benifit of all and for greater good. Now that they have proved their machoistic point," nobody can touch us".

I don't know much about politics or anything..but I see her point. It is our duty to remind the politicians in a positive way to not forget their objectives.

Anonymous said... it!!

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Raj does need to step up to Phase 2 in his climb up the ladder. No question about it.

As a marathi mulgi I ask that everyone who lives in Maharashtra and wants to call themselves Maharastrian atleast learn to speak good Marathi. Support the language. Then I might atleast begin to consider you a Maharashtrian. Just living in a place dosent cut it. At least make the attempt! And schooling is no excuse. A language is alive when it is spoken... so speak it.

It totally disgusts me that so much pride is displayed by the denizens of Mumbai... in saying they speak no marathi or poor marathi and that marathi is only for thier bai log... and that for them Bombay could never be Mumbai. Is that being Maharashtrian? Yeah close friends and intellectual people who should know better and lecture others about the symbolism of culture and politics and film tell me that. But then they swear that they are Maharashtrians when the topic of MNS rears its head!

What the hell is this? The Russian Czar's court where the aristocracy took pride in speaking only French. Yeah, we know how that ended up.

Atleast honor the culture that you want to claim by way of any success.

Did you know that in recent years there are whole villages on the Konkan coast populated by Bengali speaking fishermen? Are they Maharashtrians too? This is not just anecdotal evidence, this is statistical!

Recently in Pune I was in a Rickshaw and gave directions to a Rickshawala in Marathi. Hey in Pune, I can speak my mother tongue if I want to. The man turns around and says to me... "Hum Mohammedan hai. Hum Marathi nahi bolengey. Tum Hindi mein bolo." I asked him where he was from and how long he has been in Pune and working as a Rickshaw wala. He said he was from Ratnagiri area and has been a rickshawala for 12 years in Pune. And he wont speak Marathi in a majority marathi speaking area in a customer service related profession? Hello! And the idiots among us, actually give in to those demands and think its either fashionable or patriotic to do so.

Language is a big part of the culture of success. So just living in Mumbai doesnt cut it. Live the culture of success!

ZB said...

I have no words, but salute your courage. If i were to write this it would mean nothing. But you have guts. Thanks SD, really appreciate your thoughts.....We love you for nothing.

maglomaniac said...

Hi Shobhaa,
Now this is what we call a wonderful post.
Actually you made me wait long enough to read such an insightful post.
I totally completly wholly agree with your interpretation of Raj Thackery.
Marathi manoos,what the hell.
And not only him I am pained at the countless educated "INTELLECTUAL" people even here in the comments section who revel in this Marathi Manoos stupidity.
Fools have you people forgotten that there are already enough reasons for us to be at war with ourselves.
have you people forgotten the usless Babri masjid demolition,the Godhra carnage,subsequent Gujarat riots,attack on pub going women.
Are these not enough to increase animosity,that you want to create enemity even on the basis of place we were born.
How stupid of you to say that people are using Mumbai's water and resources,cause there would be your children too going to other places to study and for other reasons.Should they be labelled outcasts???
Or rather killed stupidly by a raging moronic mob withot a head but an even more stupid leader at their helm.
A Marathi manoos or an aam manoos all would be right if we are at peace with ourselves and believe that we are human beings first even before being Indians.


T.ARVIND said...

Sub: - Your article in TOI dated 26.10.2009 –Open letter to RAJ.

I am not surprised by the contents of your article. The use of Word like “Gondaraj”, “Dhamkies” etc. clearly shows your prejudice towards the issue raised by the MNS. Expressing discontent over issues affecting survival does not mean Dhamkis/ goondaraj. I hope you must aware of the Darwins Theory- fittest survives. This is battle is for survival for ordinary people of Maharashtra and we are not expecting any thing from intellectual people to support our struggle to counter lobby of the north states. This is battle for scare economic resources and there is nothing stupid in the same.

Before commenting on your article, I want to make it clear that, you are living in the Society mostly termed by us as High Class society , wherein , people use their contacts/influences/status, in case of difficulties, to get rid of problems. We term this as “Arm twisting tactics” or “alienation tactics” “grudge” adopted by your society towards local people. We treat this as DADAGIRI/Dhamkis by so called high class people of Mumbai. You must have received lot of congratulatory messages for this article from your friends and admires.

It is fact that even after independence of India in 1947 and adoption of constitution of India in 1950, the level of development (Economic/social/cultural/equal distribution of resources) attained by the north states of India is dismissal. People of Maharashtra worked hard to achieve overall growth. We got matured political/social/cultural leadership, that helped us to direct efforts to improve welfare of people of maharashtra. The provisions of constitution are equally applicable to all parts of India. Then why these states failed to achieve growth achieved by western states. “We the people of India---“mean constitution. But conveniently we mean Maharashtra and not lobby of North India.

However, the lobbies of these states are using constitutional provisions to prove that MNS is anti national. The MNS wants development for people of maharashtra as per constitutional provisions but these lobbies portrays the demand as anti constitution. This is ridiculous. We will appreciate and help them to achieve higher and more equal growth rate using same constitutional provisions. Bur Political/Social/Cultural leadership of these states never wanted to achieve equal development in their states and clandestinely following the feudalism and ensured concentration of power and wealth. To distract attention from these hidden agenda, there is cry that MSN is anti national.

The poor people of these states have to migrate to other states just to earn source of living. Are not these poor people Indians? What steps theses states are taking to provide source of livelihood to its own people? We will appreciate your efforts in this area , to educate your society that people living in these states are also have right under constitution, to live as proud Indian and not as slaves of feudalism. Political leadership of these states wants control but not responsibility towards its people.

The failure of political leadership is these states will harm overall development of India. MNS wants to achieve “fifth generation” growth in Maharastra and certainly people of Maharastra will be their priority and there should not be any objection from intellectual people lto this agenda.

I just complete the reply abruptly. But try to understand that the north states failed to offer quality standard of living to people staying in these states (Who are also Indians) and instead of trying to achieve growth, they are trying to control economic resources of Maharastra and certainly this is not acceptable.


Nagesh said...

Mr ARVIND ... Please stop boasting abt Maharashtra as a developed state .. U must peep out of your misconception ... your policy equally justifies the racist attacks these days in Australia, only the victims are different .. stop writing such long pointless essays and work for India ... Please Please Please dont identify any region by race ... Maharashtra belongs to Tamils and Biharis as much as it does to Marathis ... and so does the rest of India ...

sRs said...

Ms Shoba De
It will take a bold and powerful man to fight back. Politics is Dirty , Rotten it is filled with people who are poorly educated - greedy, hungry for money - they wear white clothes because they know how much black dirt and filth is behind the white cloth. It is a shame that in the land of Gandhi we still tolerate religious fanatics like Raj who can kill a family for a flat and provoke communal violence to get noticed. I am an Indian living in Miami Beach - Florida and i dream of an India where people have more love and less hate- they help each other - the government truly work for people and Income Tax department knocks on the doors of Politicians too, Equal treatment for men - women - gay - lesbian - blind - disabled -
I dreamed of a country of conscience

Sushil Sawant
Miami Beach - Florida




Sumeet Tyagi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to enunciate my point of view in the manner in which i have been brought up (apparently in Delhi ) and my recent relocation to Maharashtra, city of Mumbai.

To begin with i completely agree with Kiran about migration taking place not just in Mumbai but in the whole of Maharashtra. I recently travelled to a small village called Shegaon taking halts at almost every village en route such as Khamgaon, Bhusaval and so many of them in between. I changed buses at every stop. And guys, i was stunned to see UP-ites, specially muslims and Gujars travelling between villages. For my Shudh Hindi and well dressed attire, i interacted with many of them en route not revealing that i am Maharashtrian. Most of them had shops or were working in small factories. As a maharashtrian, i fee this is a very very serious issue. People are already witnessing migration in cities such as Pune, Nashik et al. I will come to Mumbai later. And i do appeal to Gov of Maharashtra to carry out a census immediately although its a centre subject. When this migration is right or wrong i will have it presented in my next post.

Unknown said...

I'll keep it brief:
1) In a democracy, do people support any party which they feel is against their demands/desires? NO
2) Did Marathi people supported MNS in big numbers , inspite of it being such a new party and no track record so to speak of? YES
3) Does points (1) and (2) mean that Marathi people do have some pressing needs which are not fulfilled by present governments? YES
4)Are media, news channels, celebrity people, including marathi mulgi Shobha De , harboring more on Raj's personality rather than the issues he has raised and which Marathi people have supported in Maharashtra? Sadly, NO

The crux is, noone is talking about what the people of Dadar need. Noone is talking what is disturbing people from Nashik. And noone cares what the Thane residents are facing bcos of these problems.

Until we delve into the mindsets of Marathis, understand their problems, solve it amicably, generate balance and harmony again........

Sidhusaaheb said...

"Politics of destruction, exclusion and hate" is the Unique Selling Proposition of Raj Thackeray, Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi, among others.

Where would any of them be without that?

Nowhere, as far as I can see.

Latha said...

Very apt & a tongue in cheek letter & at the right time.
It is very heartening to see that there are people who think in an inclusive & pluralistic way - in short as Indians. I think that's what real education is all about.
You say he did all that he did to get noticed. Does it justify killing people, destroying the livelyhood of poor taxi drivers who serve people by honest means, unleashing vandalism on their properties, who are soft targets, who mind their own business - just because they are migrants & not born in Maharashtra ?
Next time this 'Bhajan mandli' of Raj Thakeray goes for a haircut or catches a taxi to take the wife for a delivery or to admit their parents in the hospital on an emergency, let them check whether the service providers are Marathi manoos or just human beings who want to serve people & make an honest living.
I love you for this article of yours. I may be having many other differences with you. But this was simply superb.
Hats off Shobhaa.

Unknown said...

Migrants are everywhere. Tamilnadu has lots of telugu, malayalam, kannada,marwaris and others who conduct business, who work in offices and they never feel threatened or killed. The state is only concerned with social justice. And religious minorities feel quite safe there.
In Karnataka also I found people of all other states living happily and without fear except for some sporadic incidents which is extinguished quite effectively.
In Hyderabad hindi and urdu speakers are abundant. And no one compels anybody to speak in telugu.
Madhya Pradesh is truly hospitable to bengalis, maharashtrians, south indians and others.
Maharashtra is the only state which is competing with Kashmir making the migrant issue and indulging in arson and violence.
Let us see how far will they go and how much violence they will let loose to prove that they care only for marathi manoos. Then India can grant freedom to Maharashtra and allow them to do whatever they want after making arrangements for the safe exit of all the migrants. Afterall life is more important than business. Jaihind and Jai Maharashtra.

Unknown said...

ok now, point by point.

a) A maharashtrian living in Delhi - Born and Brought up in Delhi, i would like to point that i have travelled length and width of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Haryana ( have stayed in Faridabad for 3 years ) etc. I was brought up in Delhi in an area called Karol Bagh. relatively peaceful, comprising of South Indians, Gujratis, Maharashtrians, Punjabis, Upities, Biharis and infact, from all of India, then in 80s, Delhi was a majestic place to live in. People were warm and very very helpful. I still have a lot of memories of that area which i will treasure for my lifetime. Over a period of time, as we moved into the 90s, as we grew from lower middle class to middle class, i saw majority of South Indians choosing to move out of Delhi. We too moved in a Maharahstrian Society in West Delhi. And by late 90s when NCR (Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad ) were opened to Delhi, We saw the mix of people vanishing and Delhi more or less, being felt as home for north Indians only. I seriously saw, people getting agressive and crime rate going sky high. And most important of all in my opinion, eve teasing was being visible almost everywhere you looked around. I swear to god, there was a time when i was in college, i use to actually see a case of eve teasing every day and i really mean it. Believe you me guys, just take a walk to CP or a mall in a not so high society area, and i will be surpised if you don't see rowdy guys around trying pass on lewd comments to say the least. I was involved in a case as well when i dared to complain about a person from a certain community trying to molest a girl in a train. Police were terribly dissapointing as expected, the guy was out of police custody in a couple of hrs. To conclude my first point, me being brought up in Delhi has been an experience from nice to horrific over a period of time. At the same time, i must say that i was also proud to speak Hindi where i went, ate north Indian food apart from home cooked Maharashtrain food, also spoke Marathi, but only at home.

Next point in next point - courtesy shortage of space.

Unknown said...

2) Relocation to Mumbai or Bombay ( i don't give a damn ) - I arrived in Mumbai about an year ago as part of my Transfer in an MNC i was working with. Initially, my arse burnt almost everyday. Delhi was so convenient, travelling in Car, easy office timings and a laid back life style, Bombay to begin with was not my cup of tea. Three months down the line, i realised that this isn't too difficult and should you be regimented to yourself, you actually can really enjoy being in the city. I started meeting and making friends with people. One of the most striking facts that i felt was non-existance of Maharashtrian food in the area i stayed in. That is Khar West. I looked out in Bandra and found none. I was used to eating Marathi food in Delhi and this was indeed difficult. I did not though make a fuss about it until recently. Nonetheless, i realised, although Life in Mumbai was tough, required thorough punctuality, at the end of the day, i returned home as a happy man. Concluding my point 2, Bombay was the best thing that happened to my life, but likewise, i feel, it is the best thing that can happen in anyone's life.

View About Raj Saheb and plight of Maharashtrians- To put it in a nutshell, I think he is a lesser evil than his political rivals such Mulayams, Mayawatis, Lalus. Most Gujjus, south indians, Marwadis, even some Punjabis i have interacted with speak Marathi in Bombay. I know people from UP and Bihar as well who migrated to Bombay long ago, like years ago, speaking Marathi and adopting pure Marathi culture or what i call Bombay Culture. The problem, the way i see it, is the amount of migration that is taking place from these two states and YES I REPEAT NOT ONLY IN MUMBAI BUT IN PLACES LIKE PUNE, NASHIK and yes even in smaller towns and villages. WHY WHY??? Because Maharashtrians are the most tolerant people to deal with in India. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY because they understand and speak good Hindi. Is Chennai not developing? is Bangalore not? why do i see only 5% migrating to Bangalore and 95% to Maharahstra? When i recently travelled to Bangalore i could't see one hoarding which did not have its name in Kannada? and yes corporates including MICROSOFT and DELL had the same written in Kannada? Media creates a hue and cry when Raj makes people only some people do it? Offlate same set of people which migrate to Delhi migrate to Maharashtra? and all those, specially women, who are saying India is one and this that, just try stepping in a small town of your choice in UP or Bihar, in a moderate attire and get a taste of their medicine. On the contrary, do this in the choice of your town in Maharashtra, and atleast for all i know, a Marathi Manoos will least bother you.

Ofcourse, i shouldn't be generalising but its a sheer fact.

Unknown said...

Question - Who stops Marathis to migrate to Bihar and UP and work there?
Answer - Yes, I know there are n many who have done this, my parents did in 70s to Delhi. But they spoke Hindi and made sure i did too. I was happily brought up in a north Indian environment - school, college but at the same time i made sure, i am well versed with Marathi culture too not at the risk of disturbing any local culture.We migrate,yes, but we speak the local language wherever we move. Can some one here who's cribbing about Maharahstrians tell me how many live illegally in North India? I will tell you!!! Almost none. There are about 3 Lakhs Maharashtrians living in Delhi, none have occupied Govt's property, none have settled in Slums, none have committed any crime - please google this till the 100th page for your reference.

Question - Who the hell stops a Marathi Manoos to work in Mumbai?? specially Labour class.

ANSWER - I must admit, the labour class Marathi Manoos is slightly laid back. But why is that the case? Because, when a migrant is coming to Mumbai from UP and Bihar, he's not coming along with his family in most cases. Mahrashtrians give due importance to family time and culture. I strongly believe that this has to change. He has to be strong and work overtime and be in system which truely emphasises "the survival of the fittest" philosophy. He has to develop a business mind much as similar to gujjus. And this is where i believe Raj Saheb must come into play. Instead of just inciting the lower end Marathi Manoos to volience, he should also exercise his appeal to communicate these pivotal characteristics that a common Marathi Manoos should develop.

Bombay vs Mumbai and Mumbai without Maharashtrians - Tell me guys, how many people in Media call Chennai Madras these days?? How many do call Kolkatta Calcutta?? Almost none, because no one is cribbing about it much. Raj Saheb, the way he has gone about this Non-issue has led people to literally hate him. Also the way, he did not spare even Big B was completely horrendious. I think he has a lot to learn from the Tiger. The sooner he does this the better because i really see the Entire country now hating Raj saheb while i do know he is as much as an Indian first as much as anyone like you and me.

And regarding Mumbai without Marathi Manoos, their contributions et all - the day you will have north Indians being inculcated into BEST and Bombay police, the day all those Non Maharashtrians in mumbai will realise, hhhmmmmm - this city almost feels like Delhi.

QUESTION - Do you subscribe to throwing of North Indians out of Mumbai??

ANSWER - Not on earth, but i will be happy to teach them Marathi? Anyone interested?

Jai Hind
Jai Maharahstra.


aNuP__ said...

Only if we provide support for the newbie in Politics, he can do well for Maharashtra.. He already know what is good for marathi people and what can cause him much publicity. Claiming him to be a demon isn't helping anyone.

Unknown said...

i like to congratulate you shoba de.i mean i didnt know u care so much for marathi i woke up and what i found suddenly shoba de thinks she is marathi mulgi.i wondered what might be the reason for this.
OK let me come straight to the point you call yourself marathi mulgi.what have you done for people of maharashtra marathi or non many people look up to you whenever they have any problem.i mean you are famous and you can help others right marathi and non marathi.
Mam its very easy to criticize others.let me make one thing clear i do not support violence what happened with taxiwalas is a shame.
but today people are looking up to mr Raj thackeray.Not one, two or ten at least thousands of them.why?

Because these all marathi people and when i say marathi i mean all(bengali,marwadi,gujrathi,tamil ...etc) who respect marathi culture,living here from many years,and having respect for marathi language.people thinks that he is going to solve their problem and not because he is a goonda.

So my point is if u rally want to do something for common man.then start doing something constructive rather than sitting in air condition room and writing articles on blog.

Vish said...

Have lived in Mumbai all my life.Not in south mumbai or central mumbai like the "elite" cuban-cigar spewing,red-wine drinking(and getting their oesophaegus operated by Muslims and yet hating them)THACKEREYS',but a commoner from the suburbs.SS showed potential in the late eighties but lost it all in the nineties.No vision,no agenda..only goondaism.Say the word SS and the commmoner is afraid.Mumbaikars dnt admire them,they fear them.And such narrow-minded zealots shd be rightfully kept out of power.coz it vl corrupt them even more.If Thackereys were so concerned about Marathi why send their sons and grandsons to "Bombay Scottish" to study with the elites.Why not send them to a Marathi speakin public school?Ha!!Gotcha!!Have only got one request..Live and let live...An Indian first and a Mumbaikar second(and a former SS-BJP sympathiser)...sayonara....

Gajendra said...

shobhaa...I went through all the comments...and I think we can safely decide that there is DIVIDED opinion on the issue.......


Unknown said...

When a maharashtrian lives outside, he wants peace and tolerance. When he comes back, he joins Senas and finds every fault with outsiders. Every person has some grievance. He or she cannot commit crimes to redress griavances. Justifying criminal politics is criminal. All biharis are not goondas. And all maharashtrians are not saints. Every state has got its sons of the soil criminals. Every other person is family oriented and loves to be with his family. Hate begets hate. Maharashtra's problems cannot be solved by intimidating people. Pursuasion, though it takes a loner time, is the option. In Karnataka, DMK parties are allowed to contest and elect their tamilian members to represent them. Can it ever happen in Maharashtra?

Unknown said...

Kala @ U r statements r not only biased but indicates u r single digit IQ!

Nobody is commiting crimes to justify grivances. In fact we are only against North Indian culture (criminal?) which is alien to Maharashtra!

Unknown said...

I cannot understand as to why a lot of Maharahstrians here are pissed off for what Shobhaa De has written? I mean common guys, give her the due credit she deserves!! How many Maharashtrians - academicians, Cricketers, Singers, actors and other Page 1 and Page 3 people have come out in the open and spoken about this issue? If you ask me, Shobhaa De has almost risked her image in the Media and I salute her whole heartedly for the guts she has shown without giving a damn to the Times people she writes for.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Her views are totally opposite to majority of Maharshtrians of Mumbai.

Shobha De is non-entity as ar as ordinary Maharshtrians r concerned!

And it views of marathi ppl which counts and not ppl like Shobha De or anti-marathi media (pro-hindi media).

I just happened to see comments that Maharashtra should be separated out from rest of India.
U think India will survive without Maharashtra? Most of non-hindi states will also demand immediate seccession.

India will then be only a Bhaiyy-land ..... worst than any other African country!!

Unknown said...

@kala - i do not agree with your view point at all. Raj Saheb, if you do intend to read his interviews has praised Gujaratis, Bengalis, Marwaris and many other non-maharashtrian communities who have chosen Mumbai and Maharashtra their home and have beautifully blended themselves with the local culture. Thats not the case with most of the people from UP and Bihar. FYI, Political Parties such as CPM, SP, BSP are all alien but still contest here and their members do get elected!! Some many gujjus have got elected in Mumbai?? To conclude - its happening in Maharashtra more than anywhere else in India.

suhail57 said...

Criticism is good for transformation, and taken in the right spirits. Well why do we need leaders to fight for the cause of Marathi manoos? They are just too busy to fullfil their own aspirations and gain wealth. Once a leader has won the elections in the next year when their assets are declared it has grown multiple fold. When the same politicians are working for the common man where did they find the time to labour and increase their assets. Guys it is high time we should understand and elect clean folks from society has a background of serving the community without personal interest. Lest we can do is educate people around us.

Unknown said...

Gujjus and north Indians BEING elected joining National parties is not equal to a regional party of another state getting its members elected in another state. DMK, ADMK etc. are extreme regional parties of tamilnadu.

Unknown said...

And CPM, SP are national parties. I am waiting for the day when MNS candidates get elected in Bihar. Then it becomes a national party.

Unknown said...

Nilesh, I am not bothered about my IQ levels. How can you say that no crimes took place against innocent people in the name of marathi manoos during the last 2years?
It is nice that Raj praises the contribution of others and it will be nice if he adopts more acceptable means to protect the interests of maharashtrians.
And there is a difference between parties like CPM, SP which have presence in more than one state and other regional parties.
If maharashtrians themselves are talking in hindi, acting in hindi movies, singing hindi songs etc. etc. what to say? In how many marathi movies has madhuri dixit or Urmila Matondkar acted? Only Lata Mangeshkar did it in a considerable measure.
Even if one is fluent in marathi, it is not enough, it seems to be a bonafide mumbaikar. One should have authentic maharashtrian parents as well. Is it not what Adolf Hitler wanted for Germany? Purity of Aryan race. And the consequences.

Unknown said...

Kala @ [i]And CPM, SP are national parties. I am waiting for the day when MNS candidates get elected in Bihar. Then it becomes a national party.[/i]

Once again I would recommend to check u r IQ! I bet it will not be in 2 digit number!

MNS does not see itself nor has any ambition to be a national party. It just wants to improve Maharshtra and marathi ppl. It sees itself as maharashtra based party limited within Maharshtra borders.


I hope u r punitive brains understand this simple thing!

pari said...

This obnoxious goon Raj has so obviously been propped up by the Cong/NCP mafia. The millions of fellow Marathis have fallen in to the trap. These utterly stupid and bigoted lot have not learnt any lessons from the Lok Sabha election voting patterns. God save the Marathis.


Bhat Nahi Katam hoga!!!!!

It is a never ending story of existence by hate.

A bandh by Uddhav Thackeray and counter bandh by Raj Thackeray. Better you mark copies of your advice to both of them.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

God has already blessd us maharashtrians.

and we wish God also Bless Bhaiyyas (and Bhaiyyannis) like u.

Instead of poking nose into Maharashtra affairs, why cannot u Bhaiyyannis do some thing about u r rouge states like UP / Bihar?

Unknown said...

its funny how its only Non Maharashtrians who are calling it a foul...ballot and democracy shows something else....i think is time people to face the reality and get some self respect. the truth is out there...MNS is in! in jsut three years!

pari said...

Nilesh for your information I too am a Marathi and that is precisly the reason why I am so appalled at the bigtory of my fellow Marathis directed at fellow non-Marathi Indians.I am first and foremost an Indian and every Indian has a right to go to any corner of the country to settle and earn a livelihood. In any case have you ever thought of the enormous contribution made to our State's economy by the Gujaratis, Sindhis and Marwaris any many many other fellow Indians.

Unknown said...


If u r marathi, do u c injustice melted to fellow marathi by hindi ppl in our own state?

If bhaiyyas come in hordes into mumbai and try to change demographic balance, surely there is something wrong some where. Do u advocate keeping quite and turn Maharashtra into another Hindi speaking state?

Regarding other Indians contributing to State's economy ... They r not doing charity here. Maharashtra provides them a platform to do business which their own state failed to provide! and they did not come with money ..... but made money here in maharashtra. Any way most of communities who r here for longer period hv assimalited here and r now part of composite Marathi culture. We hv nothing against here.

But UP / Bihari bhaiyyas simply refuse to communicate in marathi and continue speaking in Hindi in Mumbai. They do not pay tax, do chatt puja on beaches, dirty the places, live in slumps, hv criminal culture, try to get UP / Bihar leaders like lalu, Mulayam. Amar, Nitesh.

We hv right to oppose them, dont we?

pari said...

Did you say that they are not doing charity Nilesh? Just see the enormous charitable contributions made by Parsees and many many other Gujaratis to the State. Just open your bigoted eyes.

Unknown said...

I hv normal vision and can c that u r no marathi.

Do u understand business management. The charity is only small fraction of the profits they make. Even Multi_national or any business house do charity. It is a moral responsibility of any successful business house any where in world.

The point u r missing (or unable to comphrend) is that they make money here in Maharashtra ..... and they could not hv in their own state (That is why they migrated in first place).

Regarding Parsis & Guharathis, most of them hv alraedy assimilited into marathi ethos and are well conversant with marathi ethos.

So we hv problems with only dirty & criminal minded bhaiyyas!

Unknown said...

Pari and Nilesh,

Probably you can debate in much more peaceful way.

@Pari - What Nilesh is trying to pin point is the fact that there is a huge cultural disconnect. Maharashtrians in Delhi almost between 3-4 Lakhs do not even make our presence felt. We pay taxes, Do not indulge in crime, no question of slums... And the point i am again and again trying to emphasise the fact that migration is just not restricted to Mumbai. There has been no census done after 2001.. And i am very sure, if someone takes this up seriously, Data shall be mind blowing..

All must go through what Raj has replied to Indian Express

@kala - the problem with you guys, you are simply not willing to look into the matter from a Maharashtrian's perspective. I am more than happy to have north Indians come to Mumbai so long as they adapt to Marathi Culture and not necessarily adopt Marathi Culture.

As we debate, just take a look at the crime against women in Northern belt in the past couple of days.. It says it all.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

We can respect a culture. We can speak the local tongue. We can enjoy the festivities. And even go ahead and marry the local as it is happening. But if there is someone with a gun on our heads always, then what type of culture are you talking about?
Crime in the northern belt is publicised and crime in southern belt is not publicised that much. Just like north Indian news makes headlines while south India's news is much below THOSE HEADLINES or not at all. Just like bollywood movies hog all the limelight. There is a misconception that south India does have a mimimum crime rate. I lived practically in every state of India and I know the ground realities.

Nandinikakoti said...

Some mistakes can never be corrected.. Raj's birth is one such...
No M not Maharashtrian but Indian and above all a human...

Unknown said...

@kala - I have lived in Bangalore and have been to Chennai twice. Honestly, i saw a huge difference between the way people talk to you in comparison to people in North India. I am sure there would be crimes which go un-noticed by the media in South, but for a person who has stayed in Delhi/NCR would take any state in India as a blessing other than UP Bihar. I have been to Punjab and Uttarkhand as well on numerous occasions. They too come in Northern part of India but people are much more honest and most of the towns in these states are safe.

And common, who's keeping a gun on your head?? Over 10 Lakh people from North India Live in Mumbai, they live in no fear..

Anyways, i do not want to keep explaining the same thing again and again. If people are intelligent and do take a couple of minutes to read what Raj said on Indian express, probably they will realise that he isn't entirely in-correct.

I wish one and all, the very best.

Unknown said...

Shobhaa, I will rather call myself India ki beti or even universal daughter rather restrict myself to any region or culture even if it is the culture I am born into.

Unknown said...

Interiors reflect the real state of affairs and the criminal activity I witnessed are too gruesome to recount. Small towns, villages. I know about Bihar and UP and even Delhi where crimes are committed under the very nose of the elected representatives and what to say when some of the elected representatives themselves have criminal records. But there is the better side of the picture as well even if it is small. Everything is not black and white. There are some greys too. Proper education at all levels is the only hope.

Unknown said...

If we dont tolerate and love our own people, how can we expect better treatment in Australia, Europe and other countries? There, we are all branded as brown people or Indians.

Unknown said...

We have to live with double, triple or multiple identities. One as Indians and one as belonging to some language group, some caste group, some religious sect and some sub sect. Cannot we all live like human beings for a change?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Kala @ U r missing a very Imp point.

We want to emphasis that India is multi-lingusitic, multi-racial, multi-religious yet we are all Indians. But we also hv our own distinct linguistic state eg Maharashtra. All linguistic states make our concept of India.

But mass migration of Bhaiyyas to Maharashtra is destroying marathi culture. Not only Mumbai but practically every where in state u c Bhaiyyas. Maharshtrians r now minority in Mumbai and even in state percentage is going down.

We do not want Maharshtra to be marathi minority state. That is not our concept of India.

If Indian Uniom is failing to protect Maharashtra culture in Maharashtra ... that is not our concept of India.

We will oppose that 'India' in which Maharashtrian become minority is our own state.

We are for that 'India' in which Maharashtrians r majority in our own state!

Our concept of India is multi-lingistic, multi-religious yet having their distinct states like Maharashtra.

dk said...

That is how politicians are making fool of us since so many years. Deep inside no one is bothered about any Manoos, be it Marathi or Panjabi or any other. All these great speaches and thoughts are there until they get Power. Once they come to power the only thing they remember is; how to stay there and how to meet next election. All these Ideologies are just to get the power.
Its same like selling tooth paste. One company says; they have Mint in their paste so the other company has to find somthing else. Then other company will come back saying they have Salt in it. Someone else will say they have Babool in it. This way the fight goes on and they all are able to sell their paste.
The exactly same every politician is doing no matter Raj or any other.

Unknown said...


You are absolutely right.


We yet have to see if Raj should be branded in the same league as all failed politicians. Let's not generalize.


I'm tired of hearing that gujjus and parsis have contributed a lot towards Mumbai..etc. Indeed they have, however, that doesn't automatically qualify them to be the owners of anything in Maharashtra. They developed because they reaped profits out of it in an environment not available in their individual states. And finally, Maharashtra doesn't need development from other communities if they cannot help the lower class Marathi Manoos rise with them also. Better, they can do these developments in their own states.

@ All Marathi Manoos
It's time for all of us to be united and revive the rich Marathi Culture. Speak only Marathi in Maharashtra and Mumbai in particular. Show preference to Marathi people, help them grow, motivate them, watch Marathi movies, open more Marathi short be a more culturally stronger community.
We all need to understand one thing - MAHARASHTRA IS WHERE INDIA STARTS. It was Shivaji Maharaj who spread the Hindavi Swaraj and it was Mr. Ambedkar who wrote the constitution of India and it was Mr. Phalke who made the first Indian film. So if anyone says being Maharashtrian is not being India, well,infact, being Maharashtrian is being true Indian.
Jai Maharashtra!

Unknown said...

Piyush @ We all need to understand one thing - MAHARASHTRA IS WHERE INDIA STARTS.


Unknown said...

dear MRS DE, ur writing skills are amazing, but its without any knowledge of the real facts. i hd luved ur writing alwys, but my suggestion is u better pen down fiction stories. Have u ever applied 4 a job in any company or opted for competitive exams. Then without understanding the problems of marathi manoos, not making any elaborate study on d subject, u wrote an open letter, bcoz i thnk attending page 3 parties and writing are ur hobbies. And do remember supporting MNS does not mean people r supporting violence. if a group people aim of making some changes for marathi manoos, and they being tolerant for many years violence cums out in their action naturally, r they worng??


Ravi Patel said...


Unknown said...

see the venom in writings of non marathis against marathis in their own state

Unknown said...

why should thr b sch venom in writings of non maharastrians residing in maharashtra. why shud they b insecure if one political leader talks of some beneficial things to marathis. most of my frnds are south indians , gujratis and othrs. my life is incomplete without them. but ths is also a fact that mumbai is the most populated city in the world now. stations are crowded, al places r crowded. if the loads of u.p people cumin daily mrng to mumbai is reduced isnt it gud for everyone as v already hav lot of them. unfortunately violence ws the part of mns action. non- maharashtrians shudnt b insecured or violent if 1-2 or many political leaders talk of beneficial things to marathis, afteral u r in mahasrahtra- mumbai, quite obvious.


Unknown said...

@ Shobha De

I am happy that you are not unlike the other Marathi public figures who don't have guts to stand for their own language and people. May I say its the fault of those Maharashtrian public figures in their attitude towards the culture?

@ Ravi

It looks stupid in short run, but perhaps it's not. MNS's 13 MLA's will be more powerful than SS's 70+ MLA's as opposition. But noone can be sure at this point. However, giving MNS a break does mean that SS will realise that they failed in fulfilling the real desires of their own people. Either they will work smarter now or join hands with MNS; either is good for Marathi Manoos.

@ Punam

Yes, these are the tests which brings out the thought process of non-maharashtrians towards maharashtrians. There are various reasons and one I can think of is bollywood. Always showing Marathi as a villain or corrupt policemen and always a punjabi as the lead hero doesn't really do good to our image. (When was the last you watched a bollywood movie with lead actor having a marathi or bengali or south indian as his name in the movie?)
Secondly, Marathis aren't assertive enough. In name of patriotism towards India, we have come to think that Hindi is more important than our language, sadly so. Either both should be same or Marathi should be more imp. Bcos its not just an issue of language but with it is attached a culture of 5000 yrs. No language, no culture.

sohm said...

To those who oppose Raj's anti-outsiders(read bhaiyya) issue:

First go & remove the plank on your society gate: "NO PARKING FOR OUTSIDERS"

Unknown said...

i thnk the topic is over, but again it started ths mrg for me. today is my bday and i wnt to templ, took sum biscuits for poor children nr our office flyover. i get down at parel and wlk for 10 min to reach office. buses also go by the same route. mny tims buses dnt move and wait for signal and i ws wlking beside a bus which ws halting. one bhaiyya(i cn recognize bhaiiyas properly and will not hesitate to call thm bhaiiyas nw) spitted out frm the bus window and somhow i managed to get bck, so not much damage he hd caused to my dress. im a calm , quite person but at tht moment i felt like pulling him down and hitting him. i scolded him bt he turned his head othrside, nd strted making fun of me wid his frnd-sch a low respect 4 women i havent seen in any othr caste.i dnt knw which caste amongnst bhaiyas ths people belong, tht thy roam on staions, trnvl in buses and thnk that government property is owned by ther fathers. And everytime thr is sch spitting scene nr our office its a bhaiyya doing ths. if thers is not a mistake cumin here for livelyhood, whts my mistake then?????


Anonymous said...

Good to know u read comments.

Baat khatam nahi !! hua and now raj thackeray has been promoted by marathi ppls to fight for their rights in Maharashtra itself and hope he will do that

Unknown said...

well,miss de
please dare to write the same kind of letter to the politicians who are going to divide the country on the basis of reservations,on the basis of cast...And what i want to tell u neutrally is that "if u r thinking that country will awake by ur letter and sudden change will occur then its nothing but the bullshit".Because due to such letters u r proving how Raj Thakre is important for the media.and the next thing is that 3 days before MNS has got power as a regional party.Its all because he got more than 1/10th sit of the assembly.That means he is geting votes because some percent of peoples are unhappy by the way the government is being run and also that percent of ppl feels that Raj is expressing their feelings related to U.P and Bihari peoples in Maharashtra.Another thing is, show me a single speech of Raj Thackre where he blames on Punjabi,Marwadi or Rajasthani or South Indians.I bet u u'll never find such a speech from his party origin.This North India based Media make him villain of NORTH INDIANS.And i feel sad to say u that u r a part of it.Please try to write another letter to all UP AND BIHARIS who are not respecting MARATHI culture inspite they are living in MAHARASHTRA.SO THINK ABOUT IT IF U R MARATHI MULAGI?(so called)

CB said...

Open letter to Shobhaa De:

Dear Shobhaa De,

We need more people like Raj Thackeray to teach a lesson to those people who adopt double standards and start squealing about similar issues when it affects their cities/states. Please do not bark and adopt double standards. Majority of the people in Madras do not consider Hindi as their 'national language'. Try speaking to the locals in Madras in Hindi and expect a reply in 'English' or a expect a 'dumb-look' from the other side. They do not consider themseleves a part of India and was shocked to see the hate they have against people from North India in general. Go figure!!

While in USA, I realized that a large proportion of Indian professionals in USA (85%) resort to fradulent ways like submitting fake resumes, fake interviews, evading taxes, hiring only Indian professionals by intently disqualifying the locals (USA citizens, Permanent Residents) or by posting advertisements on only Indian networking websites. Those working in the Information Technology sector very well know what I'm referring too. The whole hiring scene in USA has been disturbed and all well-running, successful employment/hiring practices have been ruined by such influx/inflow and the whole IT profession has became a third-grade profession due to these practices. Immigration/influx is good as long as it's helpful and results in well-being of all. People migrate for better living and earning their living and every one has the right to earn his bread and butter. Mumbai has already reached it's capacity with stagerring 1.40 crores population (God knows what's the unofficial figure not included in census) and those who think Mumbai/Maharashtra cannot prosper/develop without them, go back to your states and use your so-called 'skills', 'itelligence' and 'ingrained-entrepreneurship (or unethical business ideas)' for the upliftment of your own states. Those states need it badly. Don't indulge in the development of Mumbai/Maharashtra. You are actually converting it into a hellhole. People from other Indian states are not that humble and good-hearted to leave their own states and relocate to Mumbai/Maharashtra just to develop Mumbai/Maharashtra. They relocate just to earn livelihood and it doesn't matter to them if they resort to nepotism, fradulent hiring tactics and unfair means to earn their living. People here had been more tolerant to outsiders and accepted them without grudge. It's only when these people started taking undue advantages and resorted to fraudulent tactics there was a rebellion like the one in 50's and 60's. So only immigrants in these countries or states are responsible for the development? Wrong!! Immigrants relocated since the natives were tolerant and opportunities already existed. Lou Dobbs is playing the same role which Raj Thackeray is playing in Maharashtra. Please also start referring to social, helpful deeds managed by him and his party (ambulance services, blood donation camps) which are open to all. Raj Thackeray feels for 'Mumbai/Maharashtra' in the same way as other politicians/ministers feel for theirs. If you are not fine with that idea and not ready to adapt to local culture and taditions, please move out of Mumbai/Maharashtra. You very well know why you can't go back to your states and develop them with your so-called 'intelligence (nepotism)' and 'ingrained-entrepreneurship' (fraudulent businesses with no ethics). Verify the largest number of financial frauds committed in India: Gujrathis, Marwaris, Sindhis the list. God knows how many are still in-progress or never transpired.

Either you're really hungry to get the maximum hits on your blog or you changed your stance like politicians. Google your interview with Karan Thapar and see how you were convinced of Raj's ideas and theories earlier. Writing a partial, one-sided letter might help you in gaining some favours from the Page 3 society in general but it doesn't classify you as a 'Marathi-Mulgi'. You are 'Marathi Mulgi - Shobha Traitor'.

Satish Kulkarni

raghu M said...

Hi All,

WhatEver Raj Did, I just dont support the way. Buttttt!!! The Issues with he is, are 10000% perfect and correct. Some one told Mumbai is because of Gujrathis parsis etc... For his info .. earlier state was MAHAGUJARAT. And presence of Gujaratis is there means not a big deal.... And its Marathi Tolerance levels allowed Bhiaris and UP people to mke there vote bank. I Just Dont Understand Why All North Indians "Feels" When it Happens in Maharashtra, What About South States, Does Any Body Seeen Numbers of Taxi drivers in Chennai, Bangalore, Kerala? Why? ? No body is saying a word abut it. Is it a language Problem. MAy be!! But the Regional Language is what is preferred. So its difficult for them to survive. Count the No. Politicians in South who are from North India in 4 south sates. and Count in Maharashtra. Surely More in Maharashtra. point is Marathi peoples Tolerance level is lot higher!!! than South people or Harayana, Himachal etc. Shivsena in Maharashtra had used Sanjay Nirupam, for vote bank I feel. And they are now facing the consequences. What is the need of Vidhansabha of Maharashtra to work in Hindi??? Why..not in South states?? Why Our Home Minister even dont know how to talk in Hindi? even APJ too sadly so. Point Is Mr. Raj is with Correct Issues and the ways he had handled are wrong. One Last Point Which is Most Valid i Feel..... India have achieved independence in 1947 and all the states including BIHAR & UP, (Correct me if i am wrong), Then Why other States Like Maharashtra, gujarat, Karnataka, AP, Tamilandu, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan,Kerala, and so on..... are ahead of These 2 states Bihar and UP. We had Independence at same time but still so drastic display of developments. Even though most of the Important ministries are almost belong to North. why..????
Unless the attitude of these peoples state doesn’t change towards developments and Gundaraaj..bahubali politics, The Migration of poor people from these state will not stop. So many boys /girls from these states who are working in diff MNCs in other cities India, are not willing to work in Bihar, At least in today’s scenario. They would love to do so..but can not. And only can go Home for vacations n festivals. Let these states show the way to India, the growth of new era. UP & Bihar has the land of most Productive soil available on Earth.
We had worst flood in History of India, in Bihar, what those people have got from Government, which has leads to more Migration.
Bihar n Up is serving like Service Industry to Other states, which exploits them (Labors) to fullest extent.


Unknown said...

nice letter....

Work from home India

Abhishek said...

Good one, Ms. Shobha.

I seriously appreciate your writing skills.

I need an answer from you to the following. Have you read Nov 08's Maharashtra Times (or any other newspaper) mentioning about "Shivaraj Singh Chauhan does Raj Thackerey in Madhya Pradesh"? If not, here's the link, Now Hindi speaking states have also started talking against UP/Bihari's. Are you going to ask them the same questions???

I agree that every Indian has a right to go anywhere in India, settle down there and things. But this does not mean they should cause any problem to localites.

For your info, I'd like to share with you an incident happened with my mother a few years ago. My mother was travelling towards Nashik from Mumbai by Kurla-Patna Express. She got into ladies compartment and somehow managed to get a seat. On the next station (I guess it was Kalyan), a group of Bihari ladies got in and they suddenly started pulling out all Maharashtrian ladies and grabbing their seat, saying the train is meant for only them and not others. Do you have anything to say on this? I have many incidents to share like this.

If you know "marathi manoos's" history, आपण मराठी माणसे कधीच युद्धाची सुरुवात करत नाही, गळ्यापर्यंत येते तो पर्यंत ठिक, डोक्यावर बसुन नाचलेलं खपवुन घेतलं नाही, घेत नाही आणि घेणारही नाही....

I know you are just going to smile at this reply after reading it, but if you dare to do, please come outta your fiction stories and page-3 parties, and experience and face it like a common man.

I know it won't come anyway, am waiting for you reply.

एक मराठी मुलगा

Unknown said...

Raj Thackeray is a hooligan. He was quiet about 'marathi manoos' issue till the time he was with his uncle and Shiv Sena. Shiv sena and BJP fought elections together for a long time. The issue for him then was 'hindutava'.
After being chucked out he has come up with this new issue. To everyone who supports raj's agenda, you live in the Union of India. maharashtra is a part of it. Raj Thackeray thinks the other way round. People have total freedom to move within the union, its a constitutional right.
British divided india and ruled for 200 years. It's very unfortunate we havent learnt anything.

I live in London and i feel Raj is just like Nick Griffin an MEP from British National Party also known as the 'British Nazi Party'. This guy and his party wants only indigenous brits to live in UK and everyone else to leave. A large majority of voting British people think he is a racist, and BNP candidates lost every election barring one seat. but in Maharashtra people support Raj Thackeray. What a shame.

Rahul kumar jha said...

Wow.....for a change the socialite has taken a social issue.....needless to add
to pretend as a 'responsible' celebrity.
Of course not every reader is as gullible
as it seems. Till they learn.....have a
free run

Rajnikant said...

When I read above article first day on 26th Oct, I was also pleased and thinking that India will get one more version of Modi. But see what is happening in to vidhan sabha..

4 MLA's act on first day it self. For what so ever the reason that was not the way they did. Completely wrong way to oppose someone. This defiantly not a way to earn publicity/faith in peoples heart/progress or proving them self for any reason.

Yoda said...

We are an utterly 3rd world country where warlords like Thackeray can have a private government in one of its most urbanized, educated, policed cities.

To put that in perspective :
if you can consider the US democracy a modern human being, we are not even Neanderthal yet, we are still chimps hanging upside down from trees and eating each others lice and raping the weak females (excuse the racial analogy, it was too good to pass on)

You can get death threats and physical abuse in this country for calling Bombay Bombay. WOW!! The sheer absurdity is staggering.

Anyways, enough of the problem. I am the solutions guy, here's one -

Since I am sick of the government failing to protect my so called 'fundamental right' to free speech, allow me do it myself.

I should be allowed to bear arms.

So next time an MNS/Shiv Sena activist/gunda threatens or imposes his Marathi nationalistic whims on me or my family, I can shove a Colt in his mouth and politely ask him to mind his own business.

Once they know I can blow their brains out in self defense, I have a feeling they will think twice..

doesn't matter if you are Shivaji Maharaj himself, if you are so convinced that Bombay is Mumbai that you are willing to kill for it, I will be more than happy to kill you back..

the government should get out of the way and let the citizens police their own free country.

QM said...


आधी चार वाक्य मराठीमधे बोलून दाखवा. तुमच्याच पुस्तकात तुम्ही लिहिलं आहे की तुम्ही मराठी बोलू शकत नाही, मग कसल्या डोम्बलाच्या 'bona fide' मराठी???

QM said...

just to follow up on my previous comment for those who do not understand marathi:

Shobha, herself, has stated in her book 'Selective Memories' that she cannot speak marathi comfortably. How can she call herself 'bonafide daughter of the soil' in that case?

AshIsH said...

Hey.. this is really nice & my most fav. topic! As Ms De has mentioned correctly, its not a virtue of Marathi ppl to be violent or "pro-violence" to be specific. I totally agree with this. But being Marathi Mulgi, she should also understand there is limit for each and everything. When that "limit" gets crossed not only marathi, any person will be aggressive. Basically the issue is that, people who talk against Raj's attitude are having their source as only HINDI/English news channels, and apart from that Raj always talk in Marathi, these ppl wont understand his points really well or may not be able to understand what exactly his ultimate aim is. Hindi/English news channel always show whatever they "want to show", by adding more and more spice to it.. anyways thats different topic for discussion of how much socially responsible our Hindi Media is.

Lets talk about Raj's points. While putting these comments, I have been going through all the interviews, rally of Raj Thakre, and I have also seen the news shown on Hindi/English news channels. He always mentions, "We DO NOT have any problem of people who are coming from other states (by this he MOST OF THE TIME MEANS UP & Bihar and not the NORTH INDIANS). Its an image created by these news channels like, he is opposing "NORTH INDIANS". So by saying this, "He doesn't have any issues on ppl coming from other states, but while living here, they shouldnt disturb or disrespect or destroy the property/culture of that state, where they migrate." Do you really think this happens by these UP Bihari ppl? Have they ever tried to learn marathi anytime by heart? and that too after staying so long in this state? Being "not pro-violence" Marathi ppl adjusted with these as well, but now its crossing the limits. There is so much of crowd in Mumbai, same is happening in Pune, Nashik, nagpur etc.. Shobhaji, should we wait till entire maharashtra being overcrowded and be like Mumbai? While you are bombarding at Raj, have you ever written a blog on Nitish Kumar or Lalu Prasad yadav for NOT DOING ANYTHING for their state development? I being a common man, asks, WHY WE SHOULD BARE THAT BURDEN? and that too of those people who doesnt respect Maharashtra? Marathi ppl are not arrogant neither aggressive by its nature, but I dont know do you travel by local trains? that too in second class? Again being a common Mumbaikar or Maharashtrian, I have a question, WHY MY PARENTS HAVE TO TRAVEL IN SUCH CROWDED TRAINS? Since other ppl are coming in here, should localites move out? We have all our relatives here and we are born and brought up here, moreover we luv mumbai, maharashtra and its culture by heart. Why we should bear such terrible life here, and that too because of ppl living here illegally, stealing water, stealing lights, being burdon on the resources? Today its happening in Mumbai tomorrow it will happen in Pune, then Nashik, then Nagpur, Kolhapur everywhere! I am not denying we all are indian, but you tell me one thing, being "Marathi Mulgi" will you not try to respect other localites if you are going to that state? Will you stay illegally anywhere? will you steal electricity/water illegally? These are not characteristics of Marathi ppl. I again ask you one more question, "WHY ME & MY PARENTS HAVE TO LIVE UNDER LOADSHADING?" I dont know where you live there is a loadshading or not, but for me and my all "MAHARASHTRIAN" ppl this is big question. Dont you think there is serious need to take action on these things, to control the population of the cities like Mumbai etc? so while controling population of Maharashtra, will you control the Localites tor the one who are coming from outside? I am really a common Mumbaikar, struggling daily even to walk through the daily increasing and pathetic crowd!


AshIsH said...

This is the condition as of now, have you imagined condition after few years? People who are coming outside, will move to different cities as there is no more place or no more resources left after few years down the line, where should localites go? Who have all their family roots here, who all have entire relatives over here? Dont you think this is just a serious exploitation of the motherland without giving back anything to it? Raj always says in his interviews/Rally's does our existing Mah Govt MLA's fight for maharashtra in delhi Parliament? When the maximum tax goes from Mumbai to entire Nation, I never saw any positive steps for its betterness in last 10 years atleast. Today UP,Biharis are coming here, building there "Matadarsangh" tomorrow Lalu will stand from here for election and will win as well. I dont want ppl like him to Lead my maharashtra who doesnt have even enough information about what and who maharashtrians are. Today ppl are from there, tomorrow leaders will be there, who will make rules according to them e.g. I will have to put a nameplate in UP or Bihari of my shop! At that time I may not react on it being "non pro-violence" or agressive or rather being "Adjustable". I dont know what you think, but I can not bear this.

Lets talk about the politics. Our current ruling party, "Congress" what it has done for well being of Maharashtrian ppl? Our Central minister of Energy is from Maharashtra, i.e. SushilKumar shinde and maximum load shading is in Maharashtra!! Our central minister of Agriculture is Sharad Pawar, and maximum suicide of Farmers happening in Maharashtra, what a tragedy. I always see packages being announced but are those packages being drilled down to the bottom most level properly? and also announcing packages is not the solution for this problem, its just like, giving tablets when you are having fever, but not removal of virus from its root. I didnt see any kind of developement has been done atleast in mumbai by this State govt over the years. I dont see any reason to vote or support these kind of parties, who are just good enough for politics and getting "chair" and who is just supporting slums and illigal migrants just to gain votes. If Raj has to gain ONLY votes, he could have fight for Hindutva, like BJP or Shivsena to attract all Hindi ppl as well, but as he has mentioned in his very first rally, his ULTIMATE GOAL IS ONLY MAHARASHTRA DEVELOPMENT, he is not at all interested in going in Delhi parliment just to do butter polish of "High Command". He also mentions, whatever his ultimate goals are, ultimate points are, if these existing parties are implementing, he will seat at home, which I really think is correct.

I read one of the comment, where that person was saying, this mumbai is being run by all the Bihari,Hindi,gujju speaking ppl and Mumbai is developed by them. They have made the Mumbai etc etc.. I seriously hate this line!! I have simple question, if Mumbai was not developed, Maharashtra wasnt developed, would these people have come here? And lets assume, Mumbai was not developed initially, and these ppl developed it, then why dont "THESE" ppl go to UP & Bihar and develop a new Mumbai for their own? We all are OK with this. Even Bihari's will not have to leave their own state and hence relatives. Its a simple request for THESE ppl, go and develope new Mumbai anywhere they want. If not, STOP SAYING ONLY BECAUSE OF THEM MUMBAI IS DEVELOPED. Do you have enough guts to go to South india and say this? Those ppl will not make u stand overthere, if you dont know their language. anyways, in short what i mean is that, People are coming here, because, Mumbai, Maharashtra is already developed. If that wouldnt have been case, then same number of people should be going towards Bihar as well!! Go and develop it!


AshIsH said...

About "Gundagardi" of Raj and his party leaders. I agree with you. Its "gundagardi". But I would also like to hear an alternate way, which will not be a "Gundagardi" but will also give the "same result at same time". Word "Same time" is very important, as delayed justice is worse than Injustice.

Lets take an example for this. There is a rule of putting all the name plates in "Local Language" in all the states. This is being followed mostly everywhere across India, then its a rule here as well in Maharashtra. Raj had asked Govt in writting to implement this rule, but we never saw the result. Initially he didnt use his so called "Gundagardi" after seeing no response, he put an counter of few days to make this happen. Within few days, most of the nameplates were shown in Marathi. For others it may be useless topic, but I really felt nice when I saw "McDonald's" plate in Marathi. So tell me, if anyperson who is true maharashtrian will not obey these kind of rules on his own? Why these ppl need such "Counters"? Why these ppl can not abide to rules on their own? in short, in marathi there is a proverb, "Chadi lage cham cham, Vidya yei gham gham" its similar kind of situation here.

Lets take other example of "Abu Aazmi". I am sure you must be knowing background of Abu Azmi verywell. For common readers, we can google by name Abu Aazmi and will get all the information about kind of Scams etc he was involved in. There was killing of 2 policeman in Bhivandi, and Abu Aazmi was the person who was protesting for those killer's as a Human rights. He was involved in MultiCrore shoe scam. There has been petition filed against him for being in a close association with India's most wanted Don Daud & Chota shakeel. All of these may not be true, but we should also note, such things are not being said for everyone. Ok, now after being known the background of this man, lets talk about this incidence of being slapped by MNS. Before this oath ceremony, Raj had issued one letter to ALL THE newly elected MLAs. you can go to and check the actual letter. In that letter he requested everyone to take a oath in Marathi to respect it. And the he was insiting on this very much because this year being the "SuvarnMahatsavi varsh" of Maharashtra. Now knowing this and being a MARATHI MULGI, what would you have done, if you would have been in Abu Aazmi's place? Mind you, he is staying here not for few years, but for more than 25 years!! Cant he take oath in Marathi just to respect Marathi and Maharashtra? MNS slapped not to Abu Aazmi, but his arrogant and disrespectfull attitude towards this. There is no point in saying on one side, I respect Marathi I treat it as Mother etc etc and not to speak even few lines and that too after getting elected from Maharashtra!!! Here also Raj and MNS didnt follow the "GUNDAGARDI" at start, but Didnt Abu aazmi provocated or challenged everyone? I dont see anything wrong here, as it was Right Vs Wrong. If hitting a wrong person or a person who is doing wrong things even after explaining him, is Wrong or Gundagardi, then we should treat our god Ram, Krishna also Wrong or "KHUNI" as they also killed ( we call it as "Vadh karne") Ravan, Kaurav. This analogy might be to heave to digest, but think from this point of view, I am sure you will agree. If not, even if you dont, I dont give a damn.


AshIsH said...

After being strong supporter of Mr. Raj Thakre, I agree only to one but MOST IMP point mentioned by you, "Ata Kai, Raj?" I am looking forward towards Raj as a agressive, result oriented leader with particular Vision. I am very much eager about the "Blue Print" on which his team is working on as he always mentions. I am hoping that whatever promises made by his party, he will work on it towards Final implementation and not just to start on. If this doesnt happen even after he gets an opportunity, I am sure, I will add him in the same line as of other leaders and will not support him. I support his final goal, i.e. Maharashtra Navnirman, and I dont care what way he chooses. But if he is not moving towards his ultimate goal, he will loose atleast one supporter, Me :). I hope everyone will take this as an "Healthy Discussion" and will convince themselves, if they really agree to these points. As there is saying "Zoplelyala uthavta yete, Zopeche song ghetlelyala nahi". Go through all the videos of Raj Thakre on youtube, I am sure, anyone who really loves Maharashtra and who ever is true maharashtrian, be marathi or gujju or hindi by language, will understand his points. Even if ppl doesnt agree to it, we dont care :).

a Maharashtrain Mumbaikar.

Theyoginme said...

As a desi living in the US, I am proud of my culture and my language and I try to pass that pride to my children. I can understand as a concept the need to preserve ones culture, language and traditions and promote them. BUt in a secular society you cannot impose such a thing, or use devious means to accomplish it especially violence. Kudos to Shobhaa to speak her mind against this lunatic. even his marathi only interviews on TV have words of english jumbled in.

AshIsH said...

Hey thanks for reply.

First of all, staying in US, you will not feel the actual heat over here. As person who is actually in that situation suffers a lot. And my point is also same, when person from other country or other part of india comes and sees the condition of People living in mumbai, they ask me, oh is this a place where you live?? So crowded!! So much of dirt!! people cant even walk properly. which language they are speaking? Whenver u come here back, pls do visit Maharashtra, esp city like Mumbai, and try to do a check on ppl who are spitting, throwing garbage, living in slums, living illegally, I am sure, you will find 90% ppl will be from other states and mostly frm UP/Bihar. solutions for this.
1) Control the population.
2) Enforce the law & order strictly (like in US).
3) Change the govt, which doesnt have any kind of affection or willpower to change or improve these things.

And about his interviews, Thanks to him, as he use few words in english, otherwise ppl will not understand even that, as they dont understand what exactly his points are. Atleast ull understand few words of him! ppl only c whtever is being shown on HINDI news channels/or on news websites!

AshIsH said...

I missed on one important point of imposing it by "voilence". I would really like to know an alternative to this. And I would luv to implement it. Please suggest one. Currently he is just saying to all Maharashtrian (not just marathi) ppl to speak in Marathi, and he is following it first. He is asking for Marathi Language (local language) to be tought in schools atleast as a 3rd language, AS ITS BEING DONE IN ALL OTHER STATES. He is asking to publish the Ads/news of employements in ALL newspapers, including local ones. He is asking for Nameplates of all shops in local language, WHICH IS FOLLOWED ELSEWHERE IN INDIA and no one has any objection to that and most imp, its AS PER THE RULE OF OUR SECULAR SOCIETY!. I dont see anything wrong here. And if no one is listening to the protest or to written communication, please help me with other good options you think of. I am really not a blind with my mind, I am also looking for solution to this. My question here is, as we follow all the rules on our own (e.g. we dont even dare to drive the car without getting insurance on it) why ppl dont follow these rules on their own in Mah? u might be aware of the slogans of Mayavati(CM of UP) "UP Hamari hain, ab Maharashtra ki Baari hain" :) I know wht kind of person she is, i dont think much abt this slogan etc, but ultimate aim of these politicians of other states is this only. I dont want any leaders to rule my state who is wasting few THOUSAND CRORES rs on building statues and sending their poor people in other states. Today ppl are cmng, tomorrow leaders will come! (e.g. Leader of Congress party for MUMBAI is Kripashankar Singh!!) Dont want!!

Smita said...

This article of Shobhaa mam doesnt make sense to me. If Raj is aannouncing according to law that there shoud be marathi signs in mumbai and he is giving ample time to make that changes. Still many shopkeepers didnt bother to obey the law. Then what should he do? Do Gandhigiri with so many thousand shops. 5 shops everyday and work on it for his entire life?
If Bhagwad Gita justifies killing of cousins of Arjuna by his own hands then why not Raj's action. He is following his heart and performing his Karma. What do you do Shobhaji if you are in southern state and decided to deal only in Marathi? One side their is a famous slogan about India is "Unity in Diversity" and on the other side TOI, Aaj Tak made popular slogan like "Gundaraj" if somebody is trying to keep that diversity. To every action there will be reaction, its your heart and swadharma that leads you to do certain things. Keep it up Raj..You are following your heart at least there is one of the very few person in Maharashtra will say after his or her death Hey..I truly lived the life in this selfish, opinion polluted rat race..
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

Unknown said...

Shobha , I wonder what your age is ? If you have some idea about what is going in realize that Mr Raj Thackery is nothing more than a Pimp for Congress Party. Raj Thackery is the creation of Congress. He has no ideals other than , swing the Shiv Sena Vote to his side so that congress can break the Saffron Stronghold created by Sena. Raj Thackery is a man without principles. He has not muscle of his own . All he can do is talk some gaffe and leave. That is not what a man does - that is what Hijras do .
If you hear the nuances of his speech , you can infer in between the lines , that he is here to protect moslem interests. What he really is doing is taking the Saffron front away from anti-nationals and moslems which Shiv Sena had at least apparently done ( but in depth there is a hate love relationship with Shiv Sena Bal Thackeray and Gangsters too as evidenced by the meeting of javed miadad and bal thackeray . midad is the son in law of gangster dawood ibrahim. ) and directed it against north indians.
If you have Seen God Father Part 3. Raj Thackery EXACTLY FITS the role of Joey Zasa, a pimp for somebody more ulterior - the congress party.
If at all you want to hit out - Hit out at Congress. That is the SOURCE of all the mischief. I wont be surprised if the death of the 3 DCP's ( on 26/11 ) including Kharkare was with full awareness of moslems - congress politicians.





Indian said...

Hello Shobhaa,

I really see that multicultural bug in you that needs to say what he has to say. Well, FYI, I got that bug too & before I get to my real point may I ask what makes you think you are Marathi mulgi?

When was the last time you even spoke Marathi? I have seen you speak on TV & take my word but my milkman who delivers milk at my doorstep who originally is from UP speaks far more better.

I respect you for who you are. You are a great writer & possibly one of the best authors in India. That doesn't however mean you could speak on behalf of 'Marathi manoos'.
What do you even know about the common Marathi person? Have you traveled in the second class compartment of local? have you ask any 'Chanawala' for directions? have you been to a place where speaking Marathi is considered 'vernacular'? I have been there & been through what you can't possibly imagine. I find your perspective foolish, amateur.

Let me tell you one thing, Mumbai is what it is because of Natives (parsi's & Marathi's). I wouldn't want any tom, dick & harry coming to this state & judging me cause I make him welcome by speaking Hindi with him. not on my watch.

Just so you know, I don't give a rat's ass about you or what others think about my take on this issue but I think I owe quite a lot to this land & will not let's stupid bhayyas or bihari's vandalize it in any way.

WATCH ME & hire one Marathi teacher. Thanks god India wasn't communist & I wasn't into politics. I would have made Marathi compulsory otherwise.

Unknown said...

@ Indian. Tuzza nav jer Hoi Me Pakistani kimvaa Iranian thevlela aastha ter bara hoote. Karan tu "Indian Nai"
Bombay or Mumbai - whatever you called it was a Gift of an Island and developed by British as commercial center. Guju or "Mahrashtrians" or Punju have nothing to do w/ its progress. Personally my experience w/ Biharis was medieval. I studied in Mumbai and fought w/ an Bihari student trying to wrest w/ me but that does'nt mean I get even on every bhaiya and Bihari. They are doing a service by providing cheap labor. If your drive the B & B out ( Bihari and Bhaiyas ) out ,Gujus will follow and then it will be really Aamchi Mumbai.There will be unemployment. More grunts from the Marathi Labor class and Raj Thackery will be lap dancing with an innocent "Kolhapiurchi Porgi" sipping an imported Foster and will upgrade his Rs 30 Lakh Audi to a 1/2 Crore Lambhorgini. That is because HIS GOAL IS TO KEEP U HUNGRY LIKE HUNGRY DOGS.THE MORE HUNGRY U IDIOTS ARE, THAT MUCH MORE HE IS "TENURED" IN THIS JOB.SHIV SENA COULD EASILY BE DOING THIS ALL THIS TIME BUT THEY STOPPED AFTER SOMETIME BECAUSE they realized the importance of migrants.A, " B or B" plumber,dhabawalla or doodhwalla is NOT asking employment from BEST , BMC or some other monopolistic all Maratha Organization ( and BTW all these "All Marathi" employment hubs are the biggest centers of inefficiency
BEST - they want bonus every 2 months.Jacks up the bus fare.Extortion weapon of common man .
MTNL - crap service. Even privatization has not changed their efficiency and that is why TataIndicom , Reliance, Hathway etc have made good inroads into its market .
.He is a small scale enterpreuner.
Personally I do share some attitude with them but you cant color everyone w/ the same blanket. If U R a MNS party worker- tell ur boss he is a big Hijrara for Congress and Raj Thackery amongst other congs will meet the same fate as Joey Zaza - the aggressive pimp.

Shirish said...

Shobha De seems to have some empathy for Raj. She tries to make her criticism as constrively as possible, for which she invokes her "MARARHI MULGI" image which she had never used anywhere else otherwise.

There is a letter to Raj Thackeray also on this blog:
You can may another way of looking at RAJ THCAKERAY.

Shammi Sayed said...

Just one Question..

Has Raj Thakeray and his MNS never indulged in violent protests and destroying public property ?

And by his definition is only the Marathi manoos who is a Maharashtrian ?
What about the millions like me a Muslim who were born in maharashtra and are also proud of our Maharashtrian Legacy ?

This is politics of Isolation..
grow up Raj..People like you thrive on sectarian politics..please do not divide Maharashtra by your rheotrics..

Jai Maharashtra

An Outsider in India ? said...

Raj thackeray is a Congress govt. sponsered Bully to bifurcate the votes of Marathi and non Marathis.... Raj thackeray is too have the ancesters form Bihar..he is too a outsider in Mumbai...and fooling Bholey Bhaaley Marthis. If only out siders commit crime in Mumbai the Raj thackeray tell me who r the Vijay Jadhav of mumbai gang rape case and Dawood Ibrahim ? r they insiders or out siders ? and Mumbai is the economic capital of India not raj thackerays ancestrol property. so MInd it !

ikjay said...

Thackeray's only gave us fancy slogans like 'Marathi Manoos' , 'Me Mumbaikar', etc, etc. But we got nothing. We still travel in over-crowded local trains (in sub-human conditions), We still struggle to make ends meet.

Whereas, Thackeray's have really prospered. They move around in expensive SUVs, Own prime real-estate, Stay in sprawling Bunglows, etc.

Balasaheb, came from a very poor family. His father had to pull him out of school because he could not pay his school fees. When Balasaheb worked as a cartoonist he did not make enough even to support his own family.

The 'Marathi Manoos' just got a raw deal in all of this. Just hollow slogans.

Also surprising is the fact that they claim to be champions of Hindu Rights, but they don't think twice before asking a Hindu from Maharashtra to bash-up a Hindu from UP. Are really champions of Hindu Rights or are they creating a wedge between Hindus of North and Hindus of Maharashtra.

Unknown said...

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