Friday, September 3, 2010

Shraavan ends next week. On one level I am glad it does - I confess I've had my cravings for meat, fish and a glass of crisp white. But then again, the self imposed discipline makes one feel virtuous ( and SLIM!). I have dropped weight visibly and am feeling lighter. Shraavan is a great way to detox... all that fruit, all those veggies! Each time I felt hungry, I'd drink warm water and think of my waistline - ha ha! It's a good thing my mad travel schedule was comparitively restricted this month. I can tell you it's totally frustrating to be at gourmet destinations and watch other people enjoy an unforgettable four course meal while you stick to limp salad leaves. I am plotting and planning my 'end of Shraavan' party. I've picked an old fashioned restaurant called 'Gaylord's' at Churchgate. My family is most amused. Why that of all places, they've been asking. Well...for one, I am sick of starving at over rated, over priced smart restaurants specialising in so called fusion cuisine ( very few places get it right). 'Nostalgia takes me back to 'Gaylord's'. I grew up within walking distance of this classic place, which used to be the favourite hangout of old Bollywood stars. The food was brilliant then... and is equally brillaint now. Delicious, hearty, sensibly priced stuff sans frills. Besides, I've been dying for sizzlers and very few places serve sizzlers these days. Shall report all next thursday - I am counting the hours! As I write these words I have polished off a plate of diced cucumbers and carrots. Am feeling like an over stuffed rabbit!
Waiting to get my hands on this year's hottest title - 'A Journey', which is Tony Blair's 700- page tome - by all accounts a racy, naughty, sexy read! If any of you guys has read it, do share your views and reviews. I am delighted Britain's former Prime Minister has taken the risque route. I'm sure he has lied through his teeth - but that's half the fun of penning a political memoir. Now that we know Blair is 'an animal in the bedroom' ( his boast... but must check what Cherie feels about this!), why was he such a mouse in the presence of George Bush????
I did promise you a comment on 'We are Family'. Let me just say my tear ducts were in overdrive, especially post-interval. Does that make it a good film? I dunno. I was moved despite myself. After years and years, I cried like a baby while watching a film. Maybe I am a sucker for Mommy Movies. You go watch and give us your verdict.


Rajesh Shetty said...

I was really waiting for your comment before I make up my mind to see "We Are Family". Well, the one line comment says it all. Thanks

anamika said...

Why does Karan Johar only make movies which make us cry now.Last I remember was Kurbaan and now this..

But now when U r confused I got to invest money into it :)

Unknown said...

don't like the way julia's or kareena's character is portrayed in the movie, major flaw in the screenplay. She's reduced to a glorified nanny and the chemistry between her and arjun's character fizzles out in the first half and never really redeems.

Radhika Gupta said...

'end of shraavan'...sounds pretty interesting... n as far as ur views on "We are family" are concerned...well..mothers are mothers after all!! i was planning to for the movie soon...hope it wud be nice watch!!

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

" I am sick of starving at over rated, over priced smart restaurants specialising in so called fusion cuisine "


Anonymous said...

If tears drop that is a good sign for single theater owners. At least smaller cities/towns crowd will watch the movie specially ladies.

sonal said...

women will watch the film, no matter what though i think its more a film for urban audiences than small towns.Give the small town folks, hum dil de chuke sanam and hum aapke hain kaun.Family films and desi at heart!

Sidhusaaheb said...

Tony Blair, along with George Bush, shall always be remembered for the unnecessary blood-shed caused in Iraq. Any number of books that he may write are unlikely to wash that away.

Theyoginme said...

my vege only diet lasted a week, you didn't mention the warm water part, perhaps that and no travel would have made me stick..:) its hard to remain vege in yankee land especially when travelling through airports, where all you can get is limp and tastless salad as the vegetarian fare.

aaryan said...

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Harish said...

gaylords! yummy. and then cross the road for chai at tea center.

khaavanu piyaanu majja nu live.

We are Step Moms.

while govinda and raveena.. do akhiyon se goli maare..

Karan manages to do - Akhiyon MEIN goli maare.

I saw the film, and had gangaa jamuna and godavari flowing from my eyes.

Actually like all other people, i am also hypocritical. , i dint like the film as much, it could have been so much better. like the scenes where they did the photo album bit for kajol in the end, i was expecting some KJo type of dhamaal. It was disappointing.

I for a change dont blame the actors, it was just poor direction. how does kajol lose her hair and has it all intact when she is in her death is the 8th wonder of the world or what?

If directed well, this could well have been Kareena Kapoors price winning performance.

shreya could have been the new geet.

but khair, shreya's character received step motherly treatment.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Very fine and strong display of emotions in "We are family". It so beautifully manages to show the circumstances we all humans happened to get into our lives and how do we decide to face them and accept them..Well said - "Adults are complicated"....Performances wise Arjun looking dashing,Kareena managed to act well beyond her age and Kajol has stolen the show...her performance was grounded!!!