Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What chance does the Aam Aurat have in 2014??

Oooooops - I completely forgot about this column which appeared in The Week...
                             Will the Aam Aurat win in 2014?
Are we being optimistic, upbeat… or plain foolish and naïve? As I write my first column of a brand new year, I want to stay positive and think about good things. I am one of those who genuinely believes if you start the year on a high note ( literally and metaphorically!), the mood lingers and influences various aspects of your life in rich and marvelous ways. The Aam Aadmi is on a roll. But what about the Aam Aurat?  For far too long, the Mango Women of India have been left out in the cold. Now, all of a sudden, they are pinning their hopes on just one man – their superhero, Arvind Kejriwal. They are expecting a lot out of  him, starting with making women’s issues central to his party’s agenda. We, the women of India, demand nothing less than a firm handling of the dreaded ‘C-Word’. ‘C’ for Corruption. Well, in my head and heart, the fight against corruption unambiguously and unequivocally, includes a fight for women. Historically, women have always been the ultimate victims of a corrupt system. Arvind, therefore, is morally obliged to get far more pro-active when it comes to women’s issues. If he does that, and really quickly too, the female vote will automatically go to him. As it is, women in droves have expressed their confidence in the new kid on the block. Now that he is in the gaddi, we expect him to announce several long term policies that will transform the lives of women across the country. For starters, he can make sure the Nirbhaya Fund that was announced with such fanfare, is actually disbursed where it is most needed. The women of Delhi (as, indeed, the women across India) want to experience change that is real, that is tangible, that is effective. We don’t need to be fobbed off with empty promises and grand sounding programmes that go nowhere. We want to step out of our homes with a feeling of total security. We want assurance we won’t be attacked / raped/ murdered / molested / kidnapped / harassed / taunted / teased / touched / abused. Is this too much to ask? Surely not!
The awful  truth is that post-Tejpal and post-Ganguly, the work environment has dramatically altered. This is an unpleasant development. Most men are openly declaring they don’t want to risk their reputations by hiring women. While in offices where women in impressive numbers are already present, men are making sure to marginalize them. Men are also hiding behind a new persecution complex and playing victim! Imagine the absurdity and irony of it all. If that’s not bad enough, there is a campaign underway urging men to hang together as team players and exclude women. This is just one small part of the double discrimination. 
Here’s where Kejriwal can play a crucial role. Previous administrations have failed the women of Delhi over and over again. The all important “mindset change” we keep referring to, has not happened. If the police do not see violence against women as a major crime, the message simply will not get delivered. If Arvind makes sure his cops behave and do what they are obliged by law to do ( protect women), chances of  such crimes diminishing are pretty high. Police who fail in this duty must be severely punished, even if that means suspension or sacking. If Arvind can demonstrate that he means business, he will earn the gratitude and respect of countless women.
The Aam Aadmi is in a good spot right now. That spot may not last forever. Arvind has a few short months ahead of him to establish his credentials as a serious player on the national scene. Women are an important component of his constituency. As Kejriwal takes his show to other states and gets further emboldened to stake a bigger claim to national politics, he’d do well to court the ladies! The long neglected female vote is finally getting its due. 2013 has proved to be a watershed year. The worm has finally turned. Sorry, but no amount of laceration, penance or self-flagellation can compensate for centuries of  bad behavior. The Aam Aurat doesn’t want excuses, nor is she willing to ‘recuse’ the guilty. Arvind has a tough job ahead of him. A quiet revolution is underway. All Arvind has to do to woo us is set an example himself. The AAP must get more women on board. And the message has to go out loud and clear : Crimes against women will be dealt with swiftly and strictly. Once that happens, the Aam Aadmi and the Aam Aurat can live together happily ever after!

Have a superlative 2014, readers!


LadliBegum said...

I don't read your stuff regularly but I did since Sunanda's death. How disappointing!! You are Shobha De. You have pensmanship and a readership and all you can say is 'hire more women'. Uggh. YOu speak about wanting to be safe and Kejriwal to make it safe for you. Really? Do you think one man can do it?? YOu are smart enough to know that society can be regulated by governing it can't change. Ever wear chappals to a mandir?? YOu don't Kejriwal, or the police to tell you off. People regulate that. Normal people. The Indian society needs to be sick of rape and harrassment. Period. I really feel bad that you guys like Barkha dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai , who have the mikes, who can criticise and who can change, are not owning your positions. Pity!! YOu can bring change, you can be the change and yet you use the pen to TELL Kejriwal to 'mean business'. India won't change. You know why? The faceless are voiceless. And the likes of you have a voice would rather defend Hrithik's divorce and praise Sunanda's luxurious death than write something worthwhile. Yeah glamourizing Su's death was uggh too. She dies lonely without her kid. That is sad. No matter how cushy the duvet of Leela be, it was sad. Not glamourous. Yeps, I do feel let down by this blog. Sorry!

Vishwam Prakash said...

Mam could you please share your opinions on my blog post.I am really sorry for the trouble.


Latha said...

I agree with everything that you have written. But to make life safe for the aam aurat Kejriwal needs the cops who are still under the HM, Susheel Kumar Shinde. Let all the aam aurat vote for him in the Lok Sabha elections & make him the PM. He'll work wonders, I'm sure. Until then the aam aurat will have to look over her shoulders every time she gets out of her house (or gets in as well perhaps !)

tadepalliprasad said...

Iam an avid reader of your articles that appear in DC, "the giant pigmy". The Indian democracy,the political parties riddled with corruption, nepotism,favouritism......,reminds me of the comment made by an ex-ambassador of US to India while leaving the country after his tenure as "functioning anarchy" and the alleged apprehensions expressed by Sir Churchill in a discussion in house of commons just before granting Independence whether "Indians can rule themselves"!!!

Anil Kumar said...

The kejriwal has answers for each and every problem as he has exceptionl managerial skills. The simplicity with which he sends
his message across with very simple sentences which masses can understand makes most TV journalists look FOOLISH. His political opponents will no doubt try their best to raise bogus issues.

But the BIGGEST challenges for Arwind Kejriwal and for HONEST people of aam aadmi/aurat to make Indian Democracy REAL are the the traitors lik Jai chand's in our media (Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghosh, Nidh Razdan and so on) and Jai Chand's in intellectual class like Kiran Bedi, Harish Salve and lately Chetan Bhagat.

The MEDIA is guilty of bringing only one side of story and spends more time on bogus questions which lack honsesty. While some so called elite class think that our society should behave like American society when the foreign nationals . Chetan Bhagat calling AAP as item girl shows how disturbed he felt since foreign nationals were involved in crime of drug and prostitution.

The day India is cleansed from these Jai Chand's whose self interests and NO SHAME in telling lies non-stop 24X7, India can certainly achieve democracy. And I must say Arwind Kejriwal has given some hope for aam aadmi like me. Earlier I used to think that only bloodshed and chopping people limbs left and right can only change this country and huge bloodshed is required to cleanse this country. But Kejriwal has shown that even Dharna and blunt messages and by swift actions you can change this country.

People who don't live in Delhi only think about Luyten's Posh Delhi and they get the impression that its not that bad. What they dont see is the WEST Delhi,east delhi where the residents face multiple places. Sheila Dixit didnt spend money on these neglected portions of Delhi.

Since Kejriwal has come I can give few examples of what has changed by his swift actions and strong messages-

1) After suspension of police officials on sting operation carried out by street vendors, there is drastic change in their behaviour. I don't see any one openly taking money on the road. Some people who run businesss have told me that they are not taking 100 or 200 rs from trucks a they enter Delhi border. There is FEAR factor right now.

2) After suspending dozens of Delhi Jal Board employees, the agents have disappeared from the the corridors of govt offices.

3) There used to be no traffic police personnel earlier.at busy intersections. But now I see them managing traffic in nice uniform. I don't know if they were hired recently OR its Kejriwal's STERN message which brought them from out of their burrows.

4)Last but not least the latest episode in Khirki extension where blacks made life HELL for local people. The media darlings like Barkha Dutt and somewhat idiotic behaviour of Times Now's Arnab Goswami and Chetan bhagats of the world who only focussed on how badly foreigners were treated. When you look at the 8 video released by AAP it shows completly difffernt picture that \nigerians and ugandans made life for families living their like hell. They cant take their kids out for walk as the prostitution was going on in their neighbourhoodand in one footage a black man was running naked on the busy road during day in full day light with traffic at its peak. Thes shameful CHUTTAD bastards of the likes of Kiran Bedi, Chetan Bhagat, Harish Salve and TV channels like NDTV and Times now repeatedly showed how poorly these black folks were treated by Somnath Bharati. When in reality, Mr. Bharati was arguing with Policce to take actions as they refused to do anything when he personally went their to check if there is real problem reported by locals or not. Prostitution and drugs do not odccur in broad day light but our non-stop media was so appaled that they were taken to AIIMS in the middle of night for urine test.

Anil Kumar said...

Sorry for the long post....continuing

IF Barkha Dutt, Arnab Goswami, Harish Salve, Chetan Bhagat and other scores of people are so concerned about foreigners breaking laws then why dont they ask their wives, childrens, sisters and other female relatives to live iin Khirki extension for few months and get to know these poor foreigners who were subjected to such inhumane behaviour from law minister. The presence of Arnab Goswami's wife living with these druggists will actually help them get over the trauma they faced. The daughter or sister of Mr. Salve can certiainly give the nigerian folks in Khirki extension some comfort. After few months let Harish Salve, Arnab Goswami come on channel and share the experience of their wives and children on NDTV/TImes now.

I hope that reverse counting of Jai Chand in this country has started. IF AAM AADMI gets relief, AAM aurat automatically get relief and remember his dharna for bringing police under Delhi govt was due to 3 cases involving women- The 5 hour rape of Danish woman in Cannaught place, The burnt body of a girl where police refused to file FIR and drug and prostition in Khirki extension. ALL THREE ISSUES were related to AAM AURAT.

Salute to Arvind Kejriwal for changin a person like me that this country can be changed without violence if the leader is decisive and fearless.
God bless him.

Anil Kumar said...

I posted same views on www.medicrooks.com who happen to be give by Ms De last year. The blog is written by Mr. Ravinaar and he raises issues about the behaviour of media. Initially I thought that he is doing a good service but then I realized he is not some independent voice. HE is a BJP agent and since AAP's spectacular success in Delhi,his commenetary has changed from media bashing to AAP bashing. THIS GUY IS WORKINF FOR BJP and not what is good for the country.

I wrote similar contents on his blog (www.mediacrooks.com) 6 times and evey time this mediacrook guy Ravinaar deleted it within 5 minutes. One of the strange thing was that my comment was deleted by Mr Ravinaar but in response to my comment, omeone posted a reply. So there is a response addressed to me but my comment is missing.

Mr. Ravinaar if you happen to read this blog of Ms Shobha De, learn something. She actually encourage free speech and NEVER deletes a comment from AAM AAdmi even if its not to her liking. I have to give Ms De full 10 out of 10 on that.

So Mr. Ravinaar of www.mediacrooks.com if you stay selective adn only keep comments from hardcore BJP followers then I think you are also a crook. Thank god you are not anchoring any TV channel and only has a blog.
Because you are only fooling yourself and BJP with your blogs and actually neutralizing the good work done by Mr. Modi for the development of Gujarat.
Dont be afraid of Kejriwal effect in Lok sabha elections. Whoever wins will be 100 times better than congress rule where Sardar Manmohan Singh has become a symbol of stigma in her own sikh community and in India.
Grow up buddy.

Aniket said...

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Sinta said...

It would need to set up a commission special protection of women in your country and provide security to women, such as rape me with news in india really menyedihkan.semoga it does not happen again in the future.

G Swaminathan said...

If wishes were horses!!!!.

Lot of hope.Lets wait and watch what he does

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