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Jhadoo politics...

At the Pujo Baadi on Ashtami day...
Now getting set for Diwali....
To see or not to see.... that's the question. I saw!!!

                    Haider : Boycott bigotry… not movie….
The tragic hero of the desi Hamlet is Kashmir, not Shahid Kapoor.
Admission : I did not love the movie (Bhardwaj’s  weakest in the trilogy). But I still will not advocate a boycott of the film. Nor subscribe to the vicious hate campaign let loose on the actors over assorted social media platforms. “Hum hai, ki hum nahin?” sounded a bit too twee… even arrogant,  as a take- off on the immortal ‘To be or not to be…” line. And that did it for me!  Mind you, this wasn’t  even the worst line in the most talked about film of the year. But that’s not what the protests are about. Those who are urging audiences to stay away, have made their point. Their point  is this : Bhardwaj has made a lop-sided film that projects the Indian Army in the worst possible light, seems sympathetic towards militants, glorifies terrorists, and ignores the ‘other’ picture ( the pathetic plight and flight of Kashmiri pundits). Their strident views have found several takers who believe Bhardwaj pushed his luck by projecting the Indian Army in such a sadistic light.  He has. There, I said it. That’s his prerogative as a film maker -  it is his perspective. His decision. Hamlet / Haider  does not matter. Kashmir does. It is an unambiguously political film. A position has been taken. Political cinema has never been known for its ‘neutrality’ ( that defeats the purpose of making a political film) Perhaps, it is time for us to grow up and take it on the chin – however uncomfortable that makes us.
Crtics have raved about the visual poetry of the movie. But at the end of the film, it is the prose that stays. Tabu, playing the wily Ghazala ( oooof!  Imagine denying the audience the chance to dive into her dark , expressive eyes by getting her to wear hideous, tiger brown coloured lenses – Bhardwaj’s biggest sin), asks her noble surgeon husband, “ Kis taraf hai aap?” when he decides to operate on a militant. Dr.Hilal Meer ( soberly played by Narendra Jha – but I wish Bhardwaj had not blow dried his hair as fussily) relies steadily, “ Zindagi ke…” In a way, that single exchange sums up the movie and its message… and redeems the film from being what its accusers are calling it – propagandist and anti-India. Though, I have to say, it’s hard to overlook the obvious bias that drives the rest of the narrative.
In a bid to soften the bludgeoning of the Indian Army ( for some reason, most of the tough talking officers are South Indians – Ramamurthy being the harshest),  Bhardwaj has added a line or two after the film ends, about the great, humanitarian service performed by the Indian Armed Forces during the recent devastating floods in J and K. Disingenuous… an after thought ? By then audiences have pretty much made up their minds and come to a few nasty conclusions. So what? We can handle nasty! We can, right?
Yes, the film has polarized viewers, generated controversy, and is likely to be banned in Pakistan. It’s fine. Powerful cinema does that to people. Unless , of course, you believe in going to the movies in order to numb your senses. If that is so, forget ‘Haider’.  It isn’t for the weak hearted. As narratives go, it is flawed and self -indulgent to an annoying degree . While Shahid Kapoor gives it his best shot ( too much hair spray ruined it for me) , more seasoned actors like Kay Kay Menon ( superlative ), and Irrfan Khan ( effortlessly menacing), steal the show. Watch it, if only to learn a favourite Hebrew word I use a lot and  love– Chutzpah. Roughly translated, it means a certain audacity to get away with outrageous conduct. If only Bhardwaj and Co. had taken the trouble to find out how it is pronounced (‘ Hoots-pah’ – NOT  ‘ Choots-pa’ as Haider keeps repeating ), perhaps the movie itself would have  felt more authentic.
Next time, guys – get the details right! And that extends to more than just the correct way to say and demonstrate asli ‘Chutzpah’.
Asian Age....
                                             Bharatwaasis – Pick up that broom and start sweeping!
 Trust me, I am feeling really guilty, sheepish vaghera today. I haven’t picked up a jhadoo this morning, and got to work. Not even in my own home, forget the filthy streets of Mumbai. No wonder, I didn’t make it to Narendra Modi’s elite Dirt Squad of eminent citizens who have taken the Jhadoo Pledge. To be fair, I didn’t participate in that other nonsensical pledge either ( Ice Bucket ), so I am feeling a little better. Nine seems to be the magic number these days.  The nation is going to be galvanized by nine inspiring citizens (who just happen to be be popular movie stars, industrialists and sports people). The 9x9 story of Swachch Bharat reminds me of those wretched chain letters we used to get in the mail (when mail existed). Each time I received one, I would bin it, and hold my breath for the next 12 hours. All of them came with dire warnings. If someone was reckless enough to break that chain, awful things were in store for the irresponsible person. But -  aha – if you kept the chain going, you would receive a gift within three days. My friends hated me for breaking the chain and depriving them of the promised gifts. Soon, I was taken off all lists. I have to confess I felt a little left out. This was a form of social exclusion, that made me feel unworthy. Well, that’s how I am feeling right now. The thing is, my low  self worth is still not pushing me into picking up that broom and hitting the roads. I think I need therapy. Not just for the broom lapse, though. I need therapy because I seem to be in a tiny majority that is not quite getting it , nor going gaga over the initiative!  But why? The message is strong and unambiguous. What is there not to get, you ask? Ummm. A lot.
Driving down the hazardous slopes of Mussoorie on Gandhi Jayanti, hurtling towards Dehra Dun to catch my flight home, the car I was in, was halted by a long procession clogging a narrow street. I thought it was Mussoorie’s version of  Hong Kong’s Umbrella Protests. There was a slight drizzle, and the slogan raising jhuloos wallas, were sauntering along at a leisurely pace, protected by umbrellas. I rolled down the window and asked what was going on. The person replied brightly that they were all on a massive clean up drive.  The irony of it all, was that this exchange took place right in front of a gigantic garbage dump overflowing with mounds of rotting garbage. I suggested mildly that they should start right there, with the dump, instead of raising slogans and blocking traffic. I noticed nobody was carrying a jhadoo. But everybody was quoting the Prime Minister. I  pleaded with the placard bearing marchers to let the car pass. When I looked back, one of the protestors had just thrown a paan masala sachet on the road.
Swachch Bharat is a loaded term. We need to be ‘swachch’ on several fronts. Cleaning up our neighbourhoods is a great start… but hello! why should we be doing the municipality’s work ? We pay taxes to keep our cities garbage free. Happy to help and all that, but is this really the job of citizens? Mumbai is one gigantic garbage dump. Visitors to Mumbai recognize the metropolis from its unmistakable stench – a combination of  rotting fish and the usual muck that accumulates when waste management is a low priority. Those of us who live in this kachra, have forced ourselves to ignore it. Or, we tackle the problem by paying private garbage collectors to do what the local government is obliged to do – take care of the city’s sanitation -  but doesn’t.  It is a bit unfair to send India on a guilt trip and keep invoking the name of Mahatma Gandhi.  Unless we implement stricter laws for and impose fines ( like it happens in the rest of the world) on those who blatantly ignore civic responsibilities.  The Prime Minister may be shown sweeping India Gate and other places, on a daily basis, but we will not take the hint and follow his example. You know why? The change he seeks and the awareness he hopes to generate ( both, very positive programmes, I hasten to add), may not progress beyond tokenism. It  may turn out to be yet another , short lived ‘movement’, no deeper than the Ice Bucket trend, which died a swift death once the craze was over. Even so, let’s face it, in terms of powerful symbolism, it has worked brilliantly.
Agreed, India needs to be toilet trained. We can’t go on soiling our nappies forever.  A smallish start has been made .  Abhi nahi, toh kabhi nahi! For decades we have merrily ignored that catchy slogan, “ Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Most of our temple courtyards remain revoltingly filthy. If  we cannot keep places of worship clean, how can we possibly transform neighbourhoods?
Poor Arvind Kejriwal must be feeling really short changed right now. He no longer has the monopoly over the jhadoo - the one thing he was clinging on to, when all else had been snatched away. This is India’s Sauchalaya Moment. In more ways than one. If we get this one thing right, the rest of the crap we are dealing with, will also follow. Keep the faith, Bharatwaasis.  A solemn promise to clean the country has been made by the Prime Minister. We will hold him to it. As for me, I will take my time to give a ‘Jhadoo ki Jhappi’  to the municipal janitor. That is, if the person shows up at all!!
Just checking -  Is it true there are plans to rename All India Radio to All India Modi?
Mumbai Mirror...
                     Mimlu Sen : “ Born to be wild…”
The annual Lit Fest madness is upon us! Not that I am complaining. But the recently concluded Apeejay  Fest in Mussoorie stands out for more than one reason. For one, it is intended for a specific audience – strictly no outsiders, no press. And what an audience! Hosted by India’s premier training ground for all those scarily brilliant men and women who keep the wheels of bureaucracy moving ( or not!) across the country, the LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration) saw a terrific mix of writers, thinkers in dynamic sessions with young India’s best and brightest brains – the Probationers! Three intense days packed with interactive seminars, interspersed with chai /coffee breaks, and ahem… disco/ dandiya raas evenings, made it a memorable experience all the way. But for me, the most fascinating participant by far was Mimlu Sen – musician-author and life partner of  legendary Baul performer Paban Das Baul. Mimlu’s life is worthy of a bio pic ! Yes, it’s that riveting. Take a look : Born into a very ‘bhadralok’ ( educated, sophisticated, ‘respectable’) family in Shillong, Mimlu, who said she was ‘born a wild child’, ran away from home at age 11. Okay, she didn’t get too far and was dragged back by concerned neighbours. Not that it stopped Mimlu from exploring her wild side at a later date. Product of the mad and wonderful 60s and 70s,  studying in Kolkata and participating in street protests demanding an end to a distant war in Viet Nam, Mimlu got drawn into radical politics and revolutionary movements that led to her being jailed for what were described as Naxalite activities ( she has written a book, aptly titled ‘Black Maria’ about that period ). Sick and tired of a bourgeois existence, she fled to Paris (where else?) where she was living happily in a ménage a trios, with two children -  Duniya and Krishna – when a powerful voice altered the course of her life forever. By chance, she happened to hear someone singing songs like no other… drawn to the music, she met nomadic Baul singer Paban… and instinctively decided to become his life partner. Today, so many years later, they are very much together, though she hastily clarifies, “ He belongs to everybody, not just to me.”
 In Mussoorie, I got the chance to meet Paban and hear him sing. I recalled listening to him more than a decade ago. He was a different Baul then. I guess, living in Paris and doing gigs across the world, from Mexico to Africa, has changed the nomad. He still prefers to speak exclusively in Bengali, his Hindi is charmingly kuchcha, and he leaves English to Mimlu, who plays the cymbals and translates his songs for international audiences. It is quite a story. Apart from being a most remarkable partnership.
 I read an earlier interview of Mimlu, where she said she was attracted to Paban, because he (like all the Bauls ) practiced Prem Sadhna ( Tantric love ). It is a profound , philosophical way of life that is deeply rooted in being in sync with the elements.Watching both of them together, was an education. Mimlu’s husky accent goes from French to Bengali, as she fluidly interprets Paban’s passionate lyrics. Along with her key role in Paban’s performances, Mimlu remains deeply political (she participated in a volatile debate “Naxalism, Then and Now -  A Continuum?’ With the likes of Sumanta Banerjee and Gautam Navlakha). But, over and above any of this, her involvement and concern remain focused on Paban – making sure he gets his sleep, eats on time and has the necessary back up on stage. Someone asked her about Paban’s habit of chewing tobacco, and she answered naturally and  lightly, “ You have to understand, Paban is a villager – he cannot do without chewing tobacco.”
The original wild child is now a subdued , wise middle aged woman. It made me think of how loosely and foolishly we throw that term ( wild child ) around to describe starlets, rock stars, painters who  take  slightly unconventional paths – perhaps colour their hair purple or shave their heads. But here’s Mimlu – a woman who had the guts to follow her own path… to listen to her heart…. to pay the price… and never look back. Mimlu can well afford to say about Paban, her frail, wooly haired ‘Boshtomi’ ( life partner), who sings about life as only a Baul can , “ Paban lives on a Planet called Mimlu.”
It is not a boast. It is fulfillment.


WhencutGoddamn said...

My Haider Review:

Love you Shobhaa! big fan! do check out my blog and tell me what you think! you inspired me to put my opinions across and create a blog - almost been more than three years now and i love it!!! am an artist studying in parsons, new york but totally desi and i want to know what you think of the blog!!!

Pooja Rathore said...

Maa De you look full Bengali with the big bindi on your forehead(nice pic).
mimlu sen ...sweet post!

Renu said...

About haider>.nothing is worth it if it demoralises our army...and glorifies terrorism..India has more of masses who cant analyse everything intellectually like you, so movies like this make strong impact on them and make a bad image of army..can write so much but kya fayada..aap nahi samjhoge..

Nirnaami said...

Problem is not with Indian Army but various political parties of India who have not been earnest enough in looking for solutions to problems in Kashmir. Indian Army carries out whatever the establishment asks them to do.

It is movies like Paan Singh Tomar,Company (Ajay Devgan),
Ardh Sathya
that give us an insight into the other side of the story.

Most of our politicians are not known for probity. A better approach would be sublimation of the alleged militiants' energies by offering employment opportunities.

Nirnaami said...

Terrorism perpetrated by one's own relatives , teachers in schools , allopaths particularly psychiatrists , adulteration of food , ragging in colleges , gender biases , torture by mother & sister in laws- these are accepted & condoned by hindus calling it 'karma'. Why pick on muslims alone is my contention.

iii said...

yes i am appreciate with you. all politics are eating man.

Ashwini Sane said...

M'am,the Indian Army has always played a role in helping out,and giving their life and limb for their country.I can tell you cause my own husband has done such rescue operations.And such ,movies are like a slap on all the wives who spend months without their spouse in border areas as well as peace stations. The army is not a hospitality industry is it? Tell me which army is so correct and truthful? The people who serve the army are flesh and blood humans also and not aliens- without any flaws of character-they come from our own society. Let me quote from the Drama Shakespeare's Julius Caesar-the evil that men do lives after themselves and the good is oft interred in the bones-.

As for the Clean Up campaign-I hope it makes a difference. It took a lot of effort by Gandhiji to push all people of India to fight for their freedom, this clean up drive will also be just a difficult task. Just imagine the shame that we Indian/Asian were the ones who taught the world of taking a bath and we ourselves haven't followed our values and the Westerners have adopted cleanliness to perfection.
Isn't it time we wake up and take pride in being Indians and being proud of our culture- I have hope in the new generation they are more confident than us.

Anonymous said...

ur the best i've ever seen Shobha...........

Sitender said...

Everyone has their own point of view. What is good and what is bad? It is a relative term. it changes with time and place. Something which is good for you att one time and place may be bad for someone else at another time and place.

J said...

Helo Shobha ji, I loved the movie haider.. but yes your observation at the image of Indian Army is damn true and we all felt so.. But your critics comments are way too much at times .. don t you think so? However i love reading you. :-)

Jogeshwar said...
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Anonymous said...

All India Radio used to be All Indira Radio once. Then it became, All India Rajiv's. The acronym stayed. Now, if it becomes All India Modi, should the acronym be AIM?

Anonymous said...

It is a nice thing that you were not invited to join the Swatch B bandwagon. Obviously, you wouldn't be seen within a 5-mile radius of blue-beard called Shashi Tharoor - isn't it?

Ady said...

Dear Shobhaa De,

I have been an avid fan of you for many years and have read almost all your books (except the marriage one, I think)

Usually I like what you write, mainly because your views aren't necessarily populist. But there have been two times when I haven't agreed with your views. While you are entitled to them, I would just like to share my view as well.

The first time was when you wrote about women and why they should'nt drive ( Super quick synopsis : your daughters drive rashly, it scares you, you don't have the skills, you think males are better at driving) While I agree with you that as a majority, men tend to be more skillful on the road compared to women (They have good instincts) it is rather unfair to discount women who are skilled drivers.

Regarding the Haider article, I think you are being a little unfair because I feel that it affected you more as a Patriot than a cinema lover. As much as I think that the Indian Army does an amazing job, you can't take away the fact that it is an army and not everything is always about singing patriotic songs and killing the enemy. Sometimes it's good to graciously accept that these incidents did take place. Not liking the movie is one thing, using the political messaging to pan it is another.

Please don't assume that I am writing this comment to prove a point or be arrogan, I just wanted to share my opinion with you as I usually enjoy your writings, esp. in a country where as a women you are not entitled to have an opinion, you do and a very verbal one at that.

Adeline D'souza

Nirnaami said...

Totally agree with the comments of
Ady (Adelaine D'souza) posted above.

Nirnaami said...

Shobhaa De ,

We the intrinsically guileless few have been CONNED with consummate panache by modi-amit shah-hemamalini-rajnath singh-sushma swaraj indootvaa swadeshee conglomeration.

These THUGS pestered people like me to compulsorily learn hindeeee GODDAMNED hindi..but modi the hummmble chaaiwala without choking on his self made chaayos chaai said "Paaavayed" for paved roads. Who actually threw his legal wife Jashoda asking her to "get some education".

Has cleverly thrust designer broomsticks ( no swadeshee shoddy stuff) in the hands of various modi kool aid quaffers the kiron khers-priyanka chopras -aishwarya rais-kamalhassans. So "paavayyed"
roads shall remain pipe dreams . Period.

Modi the hummmmble chaayos-chaaiwalAA has been making endless sorties on helicopters provided by adanis -ambanis in suspended animation NOT on paavayed roads and /or jhadoofied non paavayed roads.

Aaymaamalinis are asking hapless widows in Mathura to " GET OUT".
This tambram SLUT often gets ogled at by mahesh bhatts to "bahana azmis" ( thanks to Shobhaa De the wordsmith the pseudo shabanaz deserve much worse )as the "liberated indian Naaree". The brand ambassador of grotesque looking baba ramdevs is this tambram SLUT hemamalini very much into dynasty politics with her two hideous looking ILLEGITIMATE carcasses spawned forth by her reckless unpardonable FORNICATIONS with dharmendra who is the heartthrob of many including jaya bhaduris once upon a time( allegedly).

Sonia Gandhi's Rome Rajya is much more DECENT. Unpretentious.

Nirnaami said...

Shobhaa De ,

We the intrinsically guileless few have been CONNED with consummate panache by modi-amit shah-hemamalini-rajnath singh-sushma swaraj indootvaa swadeshee conglomeration.

These THUGS pestered people like me to compulsorily learn hindeeee GODDAMNED hindi..but modi the hummmble chaaiwala without choking on his self made chaayos chaai said "Paaavayed" for paved roads. Who actually threw his legal wife Jashoda asking her to "get some education".

Has cleverly thrust designer broomsticks ( no swadeshee shoddy stuff) in the hands of various modi kool aid quaffers the kiron khers-priyanka chopras -aishwarya rais-kamalhassans. So "paavayyed"
roads shall remain pipe dreams . Period.

Modi the hummmmble chaayos-chaaiwalAA has been making endless sorties on helicopters provided by adanis -ambanis in suspended animation NOT on paavayed roads and /or jhadoofied non paavayed roads.

Aaymaamalinis are asking hapless widows in Mathura to " GET OUT".
This tambram SLUT often gets ogled at by mahesh bhatts to "bahana azmis" ( thanks to Shobhaa De the wordsmith the pseudo shabanaz deserve much worse )as the "liberated indian Naaree". The brand ambassador of grotesque looking baba ramdevs is this tambram SLUT hemamalini very much into dynasty politics with her two hideous looking ILLEGITIMATE carcasses spawned forth by her reckless unpardonable FORNICATIONS with dharmendra who is the heartthrob of many including jaya bhaduris once upon a time( allegedly).

Sonia Gandhi's Rome Rajya is much more DECENT. Unpretentious.

Nirnaami said...

All said & done I WHOLEHEARTEDLY thank often maligned Shobhaa De for publishing my HONEST observations(comments).

BJP indeed is ruthlessly FASCIST.
Niticentral kanchan guptas & various modi sycophants have RUTHLESSLY MUZZLED most of my BRILLIANT comments. MOST indian men & women are heartless & ruthless.
Be they the notorious diasporAA spread all over from mangalyaan inspected MARS to blah blah blah.

Honourable Chief Minister of Jayalalithaa should ally with few good men from Congress party (Kapil Sibals etc etc , Mulayam Singh Yadavs , AMERICA & CHINA) & enlist the help of none other than Sri.Dawood Ibrahims to pulverize various dangerous indian TERRORISTS.

I am more than WILLING to offer them (CHINA)entire Arunachal Pradesh in return for this much NEEDED SOS HELP.

Nirnaami said...

Apropos the petulant tantrum of ARROGANT commerce minister another alleged tambram read my comments that have not appeared in ndtv site.


All of us are equal right? A lot of us face various glitches like delays,
missing baggage, prolonged powercuts etc etc. Before this twitter mania inundated good for nothing Indians we endured by sighing calling it our "karma".

This bjp NAUSEATINGLY takes the name of "naked fakir" ( Sir.Winston Churchill)
MK.Gandhi who is well known for attending some Round Table Conference in UK weraing just his jockstrap / thong / loincloth whatever you want to call it.

Why could this ultra sanctimonious Nirmala Seetharaman NOT attend the scheduled meeting wearing whatever she was wearing ?? Who is interested in one's apparel??
Only IDIOTS would be this besotted. But tweeted & tweeted booohoooing.

NOT a SINGLE indian questioned this atrocious IDIOCY. Of holier than ALLL bjp.
It is the same Nirmala Seethraman who screamed volubly on the poooooovAAAR (poor)masses of India while spurning WTO Treaty.

All the jingoistic indian carcasses / IDIOTS were jubilant that she had snubbed AMERICAN John Kerry:-((

If modi the pretentious pm made a big show of existing on sipping ONLY hot water during his entire stay in AMERICA this nirmala seetharaman came up with this petulant tantrum.

Do we not often wonder how British PM took the train like rest of the people Sweden's Leader drank a cup of coffee without any airs quietly paying like the Abraham Lincoln did not hesitate a second while rescuing a pig that had fallen into some pit thus soiling his suit.....Did Abraham Lincoln tweet & tweet??

The PEERLESS Ramana Bhagavan NEVER asked for any kind of assistance like fetching a pencil though many devotees were ever willing to offer any kind of help.

As a minister she must be getting lot of things FREE FREE FREE in India. Free gas cylinder , free air travel blah blah.

Westerners are not CRETINS. They look for SUBSTANCE. Why did so many Europeans undertake arduous travel seeking Ramana Bhagavan who was sans ARROGANCE , sans VANITY , sans this lugubrious paaavertyeee (poverty) dirge...all balderdash ?

We all know this bjp allocating crores for a statue of Patel & having soorpanaka hemamalini uber rich MP making boohoo noises on pooovertyeee & pooovAAAR farmers third world blah blah is the most outrageous LIE.

Me- the hummmble -tea seller -Modi is so fond of changing his attire exactly like bollykolly poltroons providing immense comic relief for WISE people of this world. "I eat nothing save boiled bittergourd once a week" baba ramdev is apotheosized as a "renunciate" by the IDIOTS of india.

It is precisely such idiots of India that pamper all these celebs mentioned above. What a mutual admiration society:-((

Unknown said...

hello mam ,,,my blog is

Nirnaami said...

Btw , modi quaffing / sipping ONLY hot water in AmericaaAAAA thus stupefying all Americans (allegedly) to exclaim "what-a culture-what a vegetarian parampara navarathri daandiyaa rasbusdusboos"
at once brought to my mind almost forgotten Thomas Hardy's 'Mayor of Casterbridge".

Thank God for enabling me in learning ENGLISH. God BLESS ENGLISH , ENGLAND , AMERICA , Europe , CHINA , Jayalalithaa & her mother Sandhya who had the foresight & insight to send her daughter to one of the best Convents in Tamil Nadu.

Right from her birth Jayalalithaa has been anything but an IDIOT.

dick_lingam said...

I have been Your Avid follower since I laid My hands on the first issue of Stardust with The Only Phenomenon Superstar RAJESH KHANNA on the cover in Oct.1971...Thus began à fairytale romance where we met each month after I paid a princely Rs.3.50 to intake Your filmi gyaan as each word spilled from Your Pen on the Pages of Stardust was the gospel truth for this cumming of Age 13 year old teenager who was crushed between the Good MuMu, DIMPLE KAPADIA,NEETU SINGH, ZEENAT AMAN, PARVEEN BABI, the Bad HEMA MALINI hated Her disgusting nasal twang and MOUSHUMI CHATTERJEE to the (then) Ugly REKHA and the Hideous ROOPA nee REENA ROY...It did not take long to become a Stardust addict...Even if shelling out a princely Rs.3.50 back then was a luxury that was mostly unaffordable back then but what the heck...Neeta's Natter was a luxury for which I was willing to beg borrow or Steal...I even well remember the Nov.1971 issue of Stardust had ZEENAT AMAN on the cover and had to virtually beg, borrow and take a Diwali loan in advance to get a copy of that issue...Such was the Stardust mania generated by SHOBHA who was back then a RAJDAKSHYA or was it KILACHAND?.The love affair with Stardust continued long after SHOBHA left but the addiction was over when She turned Her back on It... but it faded totally when BINOY THOMAS took over he was too much of a pseudo tomcat to digest,...Discovering SHOBHAA DE the novelist was like reviving a childhood crush turned one sided love affair all over again with SHOBHAA in a new Avaatar and reading Her Bestsellers like Socialite Evenings or Starry Nights once again had the blood pumping in the veins as We tried to guess the identity of the Page 3 Socialite or Bollywood nymphomaniacs or Studs littered in these Bestsellers...Now reading Madame SHOBHAA tongue in cheek columns is like having a one night stand with the grand lady...What a truly Lavish Circle.. Life with the Ravishing SHOBHAA DE has been.., Wanna give the Lady a standing ovation for making Such a huge difference in My Life.,..Will the Lady take a Bow puhleeeez?!!!
PS: Back in Oct-Nov 1971 shelling out Rs.3.50 for an inaugral issue of Stardust was a luxury this 13 year old teenager cud not afford but in 2012, I actually shelled out US$ 350 for the same issue of Stardust on e-bay without even flinching when the former Superstar RAJESH KHANNA passed away..How Life changes but priorities remain unchanged....Huge Thank You SHOBHAA jee!!

dick_lingam said...

Just want to connect with @Nirnammi...As I find the thoughts expressed Unique, Bold & Blunt as as Original in Content...Wud love to share thoughts With You!!

dick_lingam said...

Truly lovedYour Blog on Haider and found it a rather over the top disturbing film which I guess it was meant to be and credit for that goes to VISHAL BHARDWAJ for being successful in shaking up the audience with His knee jerk handling of a sensitive subject that has so far been handled with kid gloves...What keeps Haider several notches below the league of The cult classic Ardh Satya is the lopsided pseudo jingoism He indulged in with His Armed Forces bashing with the AFSPA danda...
wonder how someone as astute and smart as SHOBHAA cud possibly fall in the VeeBee 'Chutzpah' trap? Surely SHOBHAA DE wud have realised that the particular pronunciation was actually deliberate catering to the (no longer) front benchers so that the emphasis is deliberately on CHUTZ-PAH to ryme with AFSPA as a veiled abuse by frustrated and mostly disgruntled anti-social elements against the Armed Forces...It's done all over the world by the Suppressed.. What makes Me believe otherwise is How SHAHID KAPOOR went to town on various channels repeating the joke while explaining what it meant almost feeling like Newton as though He had discovered Chutzpah

Nirnaami said...

@dick_lingam ,

TRUTH is something I VALUE the MOST.

Hence the compliments for my comments belong EXCLUSIVELY to none other than Shobhaa De herself.

My upbringing being in a very orthodox family of Brahmins (authentic Brahmins are ONLY my late Father S.Janakiraman & his Parents
VP.Sivaramakrishnan & Rajam (Varagur- Prasanna Vaenkatesa Perumal & Alarmael Valli Thaayaar). The rest being audacious LECHEROUS GLUTTONOUS RAPISTS , THUGS & Lady Macbethseses.

The one & ONLY BRILLIANT brother of Rajam called Varadharajan with a very beautiful well groomed wife Savithiri (died of breast cancer) who was setting the question papers for advanced students level in Statistics Institute in West Bengal( highly prestigious) in addition to having been the Engine Driver also of various Trains in Chittaranjan Locomotives , an excellent Bridge player , tailoring was something he could teach to even someone like me effortlessly & do with eyes wide shut ( he was so tranquil & quietely plucky somewhat like Bruce Lee my late brother J.Prakash , myself & my father stood transfixed & looked forward to his presence always foregoing meals & everything)very articulate in English ( had travelled to Scotland etc also with his wife doing something near a weighing scale that came up with Fortune Cards thus instantly making many Englishmen & their wives instantly admire him & rejecting the weighing scale altogether then & there )Tamil , Bengali plus excellent culinary skills , enormous wit who gave up everything Seeking a MUSLIM Guru called Saalai Aandavar in Meivazhichalai.I have lived there for a fortnight wearing a saffron scarf & praying sitting on sand & even made vermicelli payasam in that mud stove inside their hut ( I CANNOT do it now)all under Savithiri & Varadharajan's kind guidance with terse instructions. I do not KNOW how I managed to take regular baths also inside that hut without getting ogled at & RAPED by ANYONE.

Among so many multitudinous IDIOTIC ASININE womenfolk & men in our huge chaotic "joint" actually thoroughly disjointed & mutilated families it was this Savithiri ALONE who asked such a potently EXPLOSIVE question (like Sherlock Holmes's Why Did NOT the Dog BARK) to my Paternal Grandmother Rajam about my Lady Macbeth mother Jaya( suddenly would declare she is actually Jayalakshmi!!) who successfully CONNED everyone & MURDERED my NOBLE Father with the active connivance & assistance of her first son Mohan plus many in family circle , neighbours , Office ( my Father worked in various Jute is what happened in Budge Budge I remember VIVIDLY & whatever happened fast successively in various Jute Mills )& eventually poisoned & KILLED in 22B, Nakuleshwar Bhattacharya Lane thus dying while allegedly being "interviewed in Brabourne Road blah blah where the power cut was DELIBERATELY done to disable the elevator forcing my WANTONLY ENORMOUSLY OBESITY induced FATHER to climb s...l...o...w..l..y...& His Body cut into pieces in PG Hospital by mohan's paramour called Lakshmi Raman with this DIABOLICAL EVIL mohan standing & inspecting each & every part of my Father's mutilated body... (daughter of DK.Raman SNI big shot blah blah) all macabrely orchestrated by s.arunachalam of Mehta Padamsey his two sons a. chandrashekar & a.chandramouli ( who RAPED & RAPED me in the most protracted MALICIOUS ways.......)..

I had to overcome certain sharp angularities like wine drinking , sleeveless blouse wearing....partying AIYO AIYO cobwebs ( AWFULLY Sorry Ms.Shobhaa De) which could be accomplished ONLY because of such BRUTISH BESTIAL bruisings by the nine yard sarees , vegetarian brAAAAAminnnnn & women included...)

Shobhaa De's recent one on why no woman would want to marry modi ( it goes without saying amit shah is also equally LETHAL) gave me the much needed strength of CONVICTION. Right from the beginning I did NOT LIKE this modi AT ALL.

Call them INSTINCTS.

Nirnaami said...

dk.raman was some big shot in State Bank of India then. But died soon. His wife looks EXACTLY like a brothel owner . Not just looks like but is PRECISELY that.

Whether she is alive or dead today I do NOT know). But the rest of the RAPISTS & GOONS are very much alive called "aam janata / innocent ..pooovAAARr....".

Nirnaami said...

In my childhood days spent in
13, Pandithya Terrace Calcutta ( Kolkata)Primary School level it was somewhat mandatory for a lot of us to buy at leastttu VONNNN (one) "copy note book at least to start with " & write
Sri.Rama Jayam with utmost PIETY & DEDICATION ( after taking very "serious" bath blah blah facing East / the same bathroom where many get routinely raped . bludgeoned....abused.....LOL).

Some obeyed....many could not care less.

It was during one such serious "vaak tapas" oops "likhit Tapas" Penance that this
MUSLIM-BRAHMIN-TAMIL- AUDACIOUS Varadharajan snatched away the note book from one "respirating carcass" ( actually it is from UPANISHADS...I have only translated into English...which STUNNINGLY was lauded & lauded by one AMERICAN.....indians found this too blase...accusing ME instead of pedantry...she is a show off..proudy peacock...ARRRRRRRRROGUNTTTTTTU womannnn....all these I have always been bombarded with like Nana Patekar fulminates at Pallavi Joshi in 'Trishagni')
and said the following :-

" " ராமருக்கு என்னிக்குமே ஜெயம்தான்......நீ எழுதினாலும் ...எழுதாவிட்டாலும்.....
நீ என்னடா கிழிச்சே...."

god's word for man said...


Nirnaami said...

VIRTUE can never co exist with vice. Period.

I have written in detail about the heavily notorious diabolical evil intentioned LECHEROUS TYRANT cum MBBS Dr.Sambasivam of Tiruchirappalli in detail elsewhere.

The DESPOTIC ways he treated his wife Seethalakshmi giving her TUberculosis of Spinal Cord ( she was bedridden for seven years at home). One of her sons called Swaminathan was brutally snatched away from her by that TYRANT Sambasivan & thrown in the sanatorium in Thambaram for allged "tuberculosis". He was quite healthy. The tyrant took his revenge this way as Swaminathan liked his mother period. Till her death she was NEVER allowed to meet her son. He did very well in his life going to Singapore marrying some Chinese woman I heard. The affluent son was also denied access to his mother. Imagine the depths of cruelty.

As in Macbeth prying into future to unfold blah blah often have very GRAVE consequences.

Jaya my mother NEVER liked my father at all. My father & his parents ALSO NEVER went seeking her. My father being my father was very candid matter of factly always. He said it was one Rajalakshmi among his acquaintances ( or distant relatives circle I am not sure one Panchapakesaiyar I recall)that he wanted to marry.
She was his cup of coffee.

But things went so awry Jaya was thrust on my father.

Quoting my mother's own words reierated MILLION times to me:-

" I NEVER liked your father....
when mohan was born to my eyes he looked so once I wanted to pack up everything & leave for my opulent house in Tiruchirappalli living with Sambasivan ..watching movies & eating...having a ball thus".

She did LEAVE. And did not come back.

My father's life was so devastated it was S.Janakiraman who took gammaxene & was almost going to die. What happened then I was never told.

THis jaya who was sexually molested from a young age by this maternal grandfather sambasivan ...soon having an affair with her own maternal uncle called Sekar also ( LMF meaning Licensed Medical Practitioner) actually started enjoying this kind of incestuous SEX. Atrociously debauched family.

I gathered all these facts with excruciating tardiness. Obviously who is going to tell the TRUTH in this world.

When PRAKASH the second son was conceived by her as usual she travelled to the same sambasivan.
It was SHE who insisted on leaning on this sambasivan for her delivery...pre natal care blah blah. And JUSTIFIED it too.

In Tiruchirappali they consulted some soothsayer , sorcerer etc etc & to their HORROR were told
" this SON going to be born will be DIVINE....". At once sambasivan along with rest of the family jaya's Lady Macbeth mother R.S.Thangam....sivaprasad..etc decided to make the heavily pregnant jaya board Rock Fort Express alone having planted some explosives etc in tracks or where I do not know. They thought all would die along with jaya & this BABY.

sambasivan was standing with jaya at the station when The Rockfort Express came. At once jaya underwent severe labour pains both could NOT get into the train. The train left & many would have heard about the serious tragedy of Rockfort Express.

Nevertheless the CRUEL intentioned were undeterred. When they calculated & saw Rohini was my brother Prakash's birthstar sivaprasad ( another wannabe doctor being assiduously groomed by sambasivan now in New Jersey as an internist a paunchy raunchy asshole) & sambasivan decided to KILL the BABY Prakash. jaya my mother ALSO wanted him KILLED.

I had not heard the word sodomy blah blah. But all that I heard was that jaya came to S.Janakiraman my father handing over Prakash who had his entire rectum . large intestine coming out glibly CONNING my HIGHLY INTELLIGENT father by telling:-

" all of us got food poisoning....he may be dysentery...that is why....i cannot wash , handle better kill".

Nirnaami said...

When I was sitting much later in a clinic ( Homeopathy Clinic) as usual my DEVIL mother having snatched MY BABY from me attempting the SAME MACABRE ways of KILLING MY ONLY SON was casually recalling & said the following:-

" the devil are exactly like your father...ADAMANT....homeopathy...homeopathy.....I was going to KILL Prakash with some tablets given by my daaktar sambasivam...but your HITLER father HIT me so hard....booohoooo always hitting me......very jealous of my ravishing hitting me.....but சும்மா சொல்லக்கூடாது எல்லா diaper துணியும் தானே தோச்சு தோச்சு.......homeopathy என்னவோ குடுத்து....ராத்திரியெல்லாம் உங்க நானம்மா ( Rajam my father's mother was called thus .நானா & நானம்மா (Telugu) நானா முருகன்ட்ட வேண்டிண்டேன்னு ஒரு கூத்தடிச்சு......ஹ்ம்ம். பொழைச்சுட்டு...இன்னிக்கு நீங்க ரெண்டு பேரும் psychiatry கேஸ்....என் பிராணனை வாங்கிண்டு........".

Nirnaami said...

My Paternal Grandfather before leaving his Native Village Varagur gave away for FREE whatever land belonged to him. All UNJUSTLY usurped by his DIABOLICAL brother sooriswaminathan who MERCIFULLY lost his eyesight yet did not die.
He spawned forth all the EVIL carcasses called arunachalam , krishnamurthy , balan , vaithi blah blah. The ONLY daughter called Sivay
( this is how these useless tambrams mutilate good names also.
She was called Sivakamasundhari but everyone made it Sivay. Tremendously indomitably spirited woman. But her life was made a veritable Inferno by all these arunachalam , krishnamurthy devils.

After coming to West Bengal (Howrah)VP.Sivaramakrishnan worked in some Police Station as a "writer". I presume it means someone recording details of all complaints being received at the Police Station. He is (was) the ONE & ONLY Graduate in that illiterate family of BARBARIANS.

With his OWN self earned money purchased a plot in Selaiyur Chennai. That was UNJUSTLY usurped by none other than DMK THUGS notorious for land grabbing.

No lawyer , no relative NOBODY bothered. Eventually I started writing giving details in various blogs.

The Indian TERRORISTS ( hindus overwhelmingly) belching fire & brimstone at me with "no-personal stories -please-only national issues" thus deleting all of my reportings of various egregious crimes & misdemeanours however SHAMELESSLY stole my words & self styled expressions thus improving their useless communication skills & useless English. IITians & silicon valley colonizers included.

I shall remain ETERNALLY Grateful to AMERICA , AMERICANS & their FBI ALONE. Hillary Clinton met Jayalalithaa & soon things started moving.

It is Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J.Jayalalithaa who invoked Goondas Act arresting one criminalized dmk land grabber of Selam Constituency having two wives "officially" & more "unofficially". However enjoyed VIP benefits as it is DMK that is still influential WITHIN prisons all over Tamil Nadu.

No need at all to waste a single tear for that DMK THUG. It was actually Jayalalithaa who cured his hitherto incurable skin disease permanently. For the first time in prison he stopped fornicating various concubines & wives eating nutritious food SUPPLIED by the Jail under the administration of Jayalalithaa. Watching tv & living contentedly.
It was that DMK thug who himself admitted it. However characteristically did NOT give the credit to Jayalalithaa.

DMK's stalins & karunanidhi the UNMITIGATED CROOK created problems on a daily basis screaming:-

(sic)" murder of democraceee....braahmin JayalalithaaAAA dare this AmmaAAAiyar ...." aei..vairam pada nayagiyae...vaaiyai moodu" kind of unprintable blasphemous gobbledygook. The media of India is INCAPABLE of profound cogitations. What it does is no journalism.

CHO Ramasvamy has brillianty summed up Indian media that lacks ethics in one of his excellent plays 'Vandhey Maatharam".

CHO plays the role of a BRILLIANT human being whose profession is that of a Lawyer ( modelled on Charles Dickens's creation in A Tale of Two Cities) & I rate it one of His BEST.

Point being these judges of contemporary India are NOT AT ALL fair minded & NOBLE like King Solomon , King Vikramadithya , Mariyadhai Raman .

Hence the recent "arrest" of Jayalalithaa by VICIOUS 'cunha shunha' is most UNFAIR. It is TRAVESTY of JUSTICE.

The chameleonic subramaniam swamy is hell bent on reinventing himself hounding Jayalalithaa. As it suits vested interests WITHIN & WITHOUT India.

Jayalalithaa is TRULY Educated.

Modi who has suddenly discovered Swami Vivekananda hurriedly undertaking fasts christening them "sadhbhavna fast" (this sickening halo manufacturing outsourced to ill bred ill informed kanchan guptas) is NOT educated in the true sense.

Nirnaami said...

Instead of frittering away precious time & energies on debating this ACCURSED psychiatry drugs I strongly suggest all the votaries should take a cocktail of lithium , tegretol , haloperidol , sodium-valproate , mellaril , ativan , trinorm , trinicalm plus blah blah PLUS undergo ECT - ALL that my Precious Brother J.Prakash & myself were subjected to.

Among a host of incurable ailments unleashed by them INSTANT GROSS OBESITY takes the cake.

This suited my faux husband S.N.Ramachandran (965-97201449) a cfo in Kuwait today in a company called Fouad Alghanim Industries. Driving a German made authentic Auddy & luxuriating in all those trappings of power fixing jobs for many apathetic EQUALLY unscrupulous indians , egyptians, syrians, lebanese blah blah. Generates huge profits allegedly clinching lucrative contracts for the company ( like power projects, gas turbines , swanky cancer hospitals etc. As in GODDAMNED india here too it is alleged these corporates wield substantial clout in gorement , ministry.. (read government...not my mistake...for DECADES the leftists of india thundered thus ...hence I have to exert myself in "unlearning & relearning" (Alvin Toffler).

I have tried my utmost in bringing all relevant details to the OWNERS of this company...When GODDAMNEd GODFORSAKEN indian embassy itself spurned me ( yes one upadhyaya ( gujarati???) was UNPARDANOBLY callous & what transpired in the indian embassy here in Kuwait made me so ALARMED.

I am MOST CONVINCED we need LOTS of Preet Bhararas who alone can have a clear grasp over intricately nuanced issues. Not yashwant sinhas , sandhya jains, kanchan guptas , shadow warriors, his sanman the sycophant( utterly good for nothing NRIs) who were mulishly defending khobragades & mouthing ill undertsood inanities like diplomatic privileges , immunity yada yada.

Not a SINGLE Kuwaiti Policeman has SLAPPED & ARRESTED him to mete out the punishment commensurate with his several attempts at murdering me & my child. I am not marshalling the details of brutal physical violence unleahed on us with the assistance of assorted egyptian men & women , Kuwaiti Policemen , egyptian quacks , converted christian dangerous nurses & quacks. Who know NOTHING AT ALL about ETHICS.

Who mutter nothing save "ulOOOO madum ulOOOO madum...haen haen....insha allah...bukra badein bukra...dhookthur dhookthur ( means doctor)....rajalAAAA we will RISSUTRAY.y.y.AY...NE ( means restrain)yooooo...rajaLAAAAAA ( this is how these insha allah egyptian DEVILS in the guise of nurses pronounce my name Rajalakshmi when I ratiocinate thus SEVERAL times. I have always been handcuffed , dragged out vrutally , stripped naked & thrown inside worst concentration camps called "psychiatry hospital / mental health clinics". In india also the same.

Nirnaami said...

This faux husband S.N.Ramachandran the cfo ( 965-97201449) is quite foppish having an insatiable gluttony for BIGGGG "boobs , buttocks belly buttons" listening to the vaginal cacaphonies of his various sluttish indian indoo & converted christian floozies ( who he calls my thangacheeZ) but without fail STEALS my Viveka Chudamani Books, recorded CDs , Cassettes , DVDs PLUS Bhaja Govindham of SAME
Aadi Shankarar:-(((

Today he can give one big lecture on Vedantham setting up one more ashram like asaram bapus , nithyanandas , sssrs. No jokes.

Hence he & my sisters , sisters in law ALL of them GLOAT when my "bum vispote" does not take place.
That is my ungainly adipose tissue on my posterior is what that sustains them.

Whereas a tiny sliver of adipose tissue on their bums makes him "worrried & konsurned" (concerned). As always steals my ideas of "bum vispotes" successfully helping them all accomplish their collective "BUM VISPOTES".

And ridicules me " look at you uGGGleee...not at all sexy...go vanvaas Ram I am going to go away". This is the priceless joke this cfo came up with several times. And is respected till date wherever he goes.

Nirnaami said...

Hamlet's 'To Be or Not To Be' reminds me of BRILLIANT S.H.Venkatramani from the same Calcutta , worked as a reporter in MJ.Akbar's Telegraph later joined India Today who could compose many good poems in English & Tamil , having excellent debating skills, well read (T.S.Eliot was one of his favourites) who came up with an unforgettable pun on this Shakespeare's quote.

In Calcutta those days there was this exceptionally dilapidated looking very very dirty double decker bus with the number 2B. It was much in demand as it was the only bus commuting to a particular place. Its frequency was so limited many would stand dejected should they miss one.

Which made S.H.Venkatramani say:-

" I stood at the bus stop staring ahead & wondering 2B or not 2B".

Nirnaami said...

Shobhaa De ,

Indian Embassy Official told me he can do nothing if the Kuwaiti Owner decides to shield this CRIMINAL cum BLACKMAILER- MURDERER faux husband S.N.Ramachandran(965-97201449).

Much earlier I sought the help of RSS's S.Gurumurthy over the telephone as he is extremely close to Narendra Modi. He also wrung his hands telling me " is difficult to get Justice".

Various Indians all making money here in Kuwait marrying , giving birth to children , fixing rich grooms from Singapore ( one Panneerselvam in HEISCO did precisely that. He got lots of increments , bonus blah blah from S.N.Ramachandran. Both violated all rules by recruiting most of Panneerselvam's relatives & acquaintances hailing from the same place in Tamil Nadu. Thus Panneerselvam managed to buy lots of GOLD in Kuwait to fix a groom from Singapore for his daughter. The other son called Sendhil was also brought in who got married soon bringing in his wife. One Kamalakkannan was given employment who brought in his wife also asking for a job. BRIBE offered ? a Tanjore Painting to S.N.Ramachandran. As all these indians stand to make such mutual benefits they are BRUTALLY APATHETIC to my plight.

This Panneerselvam told me instead:-

" Why don't you go to some ashram, shave your head & do some seva".

The Vedic Priests I spoke to ALSO shockingly are so anti-women. They condone every wicked act of this S.N.Ramachandran including this faux marriage. He gives them "donations" ( dinars converted into rupees amount to a lot) & they bless him encouraging him to continue this TORTURE.

When we went to Varanasi he bribed some security peronnel INSIDE The Temple asking to kill me. He twisted my head so violently. By Lord Siva's Grace I am alive to report. But others could not care less. He was planning to kill me & marry one of his converted christian paramours( married with two children..who was a teacher in Goa YET came to Kuwait as told by her father called Sequira working in the same company. Foryunately on the same day she was run over by a car & died instantly.

But S.N.Ramachandran has got various other paramours to choose from as he sports a FREE Rolex & FREE Armani making 3000/- Kuwaiti Dinars a month.

Nirnaami said...

I overheard him apologizing to a Tamil speaking psychiatrist paramour who was furious with him for not having killed me yet. He assured her telling " ..give me two days time..with the vaastha of the Owner Fouad Alghanim I will just DRAGGG her out of the apartment , throw her in psychiatry ward & finish her off...please please don't get angry with me...don't be upset with me....she is very ugly...மூஞ்சியோ மோரையோ ..whole night I had such a jolly time with you....".

I sent for my son in Canada who went & reported to Fouad Alghanim's son Mohammad Alghanim.

For the FIRST TIME this Kuwaiti LISTENED. Gave his word that I would not be dragged out of the house & incarcerated thus.

However the CRIMINAL S.N.Ramachandran has not received ANY punishment. I asked one Sampath who was working in SBI ( Kuwait India Exchange) here now in Chennai having retired. He said :- " If you were in London UK you will get instant India very difficult".

This is one more reason I am least bothered about black money / Swiss bank deposits blah blah.

Jayalalithaas , P.Chidambarams did NOT wreck my life. Jayalalithaa , Priyanka Gandhi , P.Chidambaram , Kapil Sibal , Mulayam Singh Yadav did NOT plot my murder as S.N.Ramachandran did.

In the same apartment in Chennai( Sampoorna Apartments , Kalki Krishnamurthy Road , Thiruvanmiyur there is one Sathya ( tambram hindoooo) in the V Floor who has branded his wife "mad/ insane" feeding her psychiatry drugs making her grossly obese. Rest of the people do not CARE. He got some throat cancer & they worried . doted & prayed for that Sathya.

Such is the state of affairs.

Kaanchi Paramacharya IS THE AUTHORITY for me. He has stated categorically:-

" There is nothing called mental disorder / psychiatry disorder...those labelled mad do NOT tell lies & hence are DEAR to God...this is their last birth...leave them is the psychiatrists who require treatment".

Shobhaa De ,

Please HELP me.

Nirnaami said...

This CRIMINAL S.N.Ramachandran was thrust upon me as husband in this faux marriage by my own mother Jaya & her first son Mohan ( now in Canada London Ontario with an equally unscrupulous wife called Vasudharini having a dubious background. Her father Nagarajan who died of malignant malaria had no job save horse racing , financing of porn movies,tax defaulter with nexus with ULFA militants.

It was AFTER this faux marriage taking place in Calcutta on 31/march/1982 he casually remarked he had provided fake alibi for some bengali naxalite who wanted to blast some boms in Kasba area. S.N.Ramachandran took that naxalite's school final exam as his impostor.

Where do I go & complain ? Whatever I say gets disregarded as they show this certificate calling me "mad/bipolar". In Calcutta itself he attempted to involve some Bangladeshi criminals in abducting me & my child.

In Kuwait also Mohan though a CFO pursued his side business of porn movies. I did not know. S.N.Ramachandran was actively involved in this porn movie business with my brother Mohan.
It so happened I overheard one Gururaj ( karnataka brahmin with two sons now in America IIT blah blah I presume) bragging to all
" Mohan has the largest collection of porn library in ENTIRE KUWAIT".

I do not speak Arabic . I am a housewife. In Kuwait also many Bangladeshis are actively involved in prostitution business. One such brothel is right beside my building. I did not know. S.N.Ramachandran bribed one such bangladeshi ( he speaks fluent bengali like natives has mastery over lewd words too)asking him to abduct me thus.

Rest assured NOBODY is going to bother . NOBODY is going to report me missing launching investigations. They are profit chasers.

When local Indians themselves are indifferent why would rich Kuwaitis bother??

Nirnaami said...

S.N.Ramachandran while working in a company called HEISCO in Kuwait bribed one Policeman asking him to
"rape me". He came with another policeman carrying a gun & told me
" Tomorrow I am going to come & rape you...after that arrange for you to be sent to Canada to be with your son".

It is Ramana Bhagavan who saved me that night. He did not come the next day.

When I reported this to the very President of Ramanashramam they were UNFAZED. Did NOT report to Indian Police asking them to arrest this CRIMINAL s.n.ramachandran. Instead told me
" why don't you come & live in India..let him conntinue working in Kuwait...."

Would they have said the same if their OWN daughters were in a similar predicament?

Nirnaami said...

Right from my childhood my mother was extremely SPITEFUL towards me. Except my Father & my Paternal Grandparents & my brother J.Prakash (who is no more) all were extremely SPITEFUL forever cursing me " it will be so difficult to get you married off....such a are not tall enough , not beautiful . cannot sing , sew , cook , cannot get along with diplomacy ...very sensitive....blah blah....what to do...such a burden ...have to dispose you off......" & SIGH & sigh heavily every day.

That there is something called 'marriage' "married life' & then "happily married / not happily married " all these cobwebs were not sought by ME but the others who kept bludgeoning on my head with all these.

It so happened the FIRST Person who I really wanted to marry was one S.H.Venkatramani ( worked in Telegraph etc). Instead of telling him , I went & told my Lady Macbeth mother. Without even informing me she went behind my back & God alone knows who she met & plotted what , she told me one day " cannot marry him....i found out his birth star is Ayilyam. If you marry him , i your mother will die....i am sure you would not do something that would cause my death ....without me the loving caring mother as your crutches & backbone how can you survive...." .

Her mother another Giant Lady Macbeth said " ....he is dark complexioned.....all your children will be born dark....we don't want that".

J.Mohan duryodhana brother never passed up a chance to ridicule S.H.Venkatramani. Always threatened me " he has no professional job...just writes some poems , takes part in debates....what will you do by becoming his wife......I will find some professionally qualified person & only that you should & Prakash are mad bipolar...schizo....sabyasachi nandi & MM.Mazumdar have certified. so cannot think for yourself....I will think for you both...I will decide for you both....otherwise GET OUT OF THE HOUSE". My mother & sisters etc approved of this daily intimidation.

Then for the first time I heard & saw Swami Dayananda (of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam)
in Calcutta explaining Bhagavad Geetha. That very evening I came home & told that Lady Macbeth mother:-

" I have made up my mind. I want to marry Swami Dayananda".

She screamed " are you can you marry a Sanyasi....i have to increase the dosage of lithium etc etc as the psychiatrists have warned me any mention of God or listening to music , chanting of Prayers are all warning signs of no more entry into Puja Room....".

That a man / woman CAN choose to remain SINGLE instead of seeking this thing called 'marriage' was NEVER an option presented to us by them. They wanted us DEAD.

It so happened I heard one well known Upasakar ( not bad but REALLY good normal) had come to Calcutta. Many were seeking His counsel etc & the feedback was positive from many.

I went to Him & found him alone. Did not know what to say or ask. Just sat there. He asked me to name a flower. On hearing my answer in a rhyming way answered
"... you are looking for a Husband who would look after you.....come tomorrow....I will give you ......every day apply that & pray to Lord....whoever you have in your mind will become your husband".

I prostrated & left. He did not ask for any money. I did not go the next day. For the simple reason I had no one that I wanted to become my husband. Those two men I proposed were vetoed by my mother. By then S.H.Venkatramani also got married to one Uma.

What to pray before God applying.....?

So I did not go & felt extremely relieved. Even today I feel GRATEFUL towards God that I had NONE in my mind . If I had had someone , imagine what a miserable life it would have become...because what did I know of anyone or what do I know of anyone for that matter......that I could go authoritatively towards God as matchmaker & dictate.

Nirnaami said...

S.N.Ramachandran's date of birth is FORGED in his passport. I NEVER wanted to get married to him. But he FORCIBLY married me on 31 March 1982 in Calcutta with the connivance of my brother called Mohan (now in London Ontario with a wife called Vasudharini whose father Nagarajan had nexus with ULFA terrorists , was a tax defaulter etc etc.)

Took all the money I EARNED while working in a bank PLUS my services like cooking regularly , cleaning , washing etc etc. Plus giving him blowjobs whenever he ORDERED as he said my breasts were not BIG enough like various film actresses of Andhra & Bollywood to turn him on. Often he would smoke cigarettes gazing at nude pictures in magazines like Penthouse etc that he never BOUGHT but pilfered from his office 9Woolcombers in Calcutta which closed down eventually) belonging to someone else. To bring an erection. When he failed blamed it on ME that I was not sexy enough to turn him on. My mother & sisters etc also supported him & said because I went around the fire I became his wife & so HAVE to fulfill his needs. Thus this blow job was THRUST on me.

I was not PAID anything for such demeaning acts done on him who was no HUSBAND proper to start with. To put me to death also force fed lots of psychiatry drugs plus ECT.

YET he is still ALIVE employed as a CFO in the same company driving a German made Auddy with lots of people willing to do his bidding.

Nirnaami said...

When S.N.Ramachandran my faux husband (965-97201449) first came to Kuwait in 1992
by SUPPRESSING the fact he is the brother in law of Mohan who was working in the same company of Basam & Kutaiba Alghanim.

NEPOTISM was STRICTLY forbidden according to company rules. But the INDIANS belonging to all religious denominations clubbed together in this COLOSSAL CHICANERY of hoodwinking the very KUWAITI OWNERS.

Hence let us always keep Swami Vivekananda's succinct " Judge a man by his VIRTUES not his religion" in our minds.

J.Mohan's Goan converted christian secretaries were sisters. Their own brother called Loy was SFA in the same company. His wife crypto christian with the name Sivajyothilakshmiparvathy had MULTIPLE passports. She had huge properties in SriLanka , Trichy , Kodaikanal , GOA also. She was my faux husband's secretary in Kimmco-Kirby. And lots & lots of Indians all related to one another were recruited as employers & ALL of them amassed HUGE amounts of money , gold , DIAMONDS etc eventually obliterating the very company into extinction. Engendering rivalry animosity between the two Kuwaiti Brothers Basam & Kutaiba Alghanim by prying into their sex lives etc etc. Indians are GALLINGLY UNSCRUPULOUS.

No wonder RP.Goenka group of Calcutta had a strict policy of NEVER employing any female as secretaries , personal assistants. Women are COLANDERS. Incapable of maintaining any confidentiality. And sexually exploitative manipulative etc. I am referring to Indian women as I know only them too well.

The Indians had no LOYALTY , GRATITUDE towards the Kuwaitis. As they unanimously have this BLIND HATRED towards MUSLIMS based on past history of Babur , Humayun Hyder Ali etc. So they presume everything in this world belongs to them. So cheat , deceive , bribe , backstab , betray & when CAUGHT blame everything on UK, Moghal Dynasties & AmericAAAA plus China ANDDDD Paaaaakistaaaannn.

There you have this holier than thou HUBRIS filled indians character split wide OPEN. CHINA alone has been plucky enough to say this. Richard Nixon tried but Indians till date tear him apart for rightly calling indians "SANCTIMONIOUS BASTARDS".

Vasudharini was CFO in Bader-Al-Mullah. She herself was one BIG COLOSSAL SLUT with insatiable lust for porn movies & sexual orgies. Hence the "repartees" exchanged between Vasudharini the wife with husband Mohan ran thus:-

" Hey....mohan by now you must have got HERNIA...with both FAT GOAN christian UGLY secretaries sitting astride your HOT HOT LUSTFUL thighs loins groins & FUCKING you....ha haaa haaa both laughed "you blimp" & this was called "wonderful understanding between liberated husband & liberated modern new age indian worrrrrrking woman". Lot of IDIOTIC indians stood stupefied at vasudharini's English BUT my brother J.Prakash & myself KNEW she plagiarized all phrases , sentences , metaphors , verbs , adjectives , adverbs etc from AMERICAN GENIUS P.G.Wodehouse.

" mad as a coot"
" looked fat like a harpooned whale...heaved herself/himself up like a harpooned whale"

"looked like something that had just crawled out of the stones"

She just downloaded all of P.G.Wodehouse's ORIGINAL expressions into her IDIOTIC swollen head. I still cannot figure out which expanded the MOST her CUNT or her head as she had stuffed lots of gold inside her VAGINA when Iraqis invaded Kuwait & she escaped with them all.Most indian women did this STUFFING of GOLD inside their VAGINAS. But sanctimoniously fingerpoint at Sri.Dawood Ibrahim calling him a (sic) "terrorist, gold smuggler" yada yada.

Nirnaami said...

This s.n.ramachandran before coming to Kuwait in Chennai , Andhra Pradesh, Calcutta & Nagpur was doing nothing but FUCKING frenziedly several sluts. All of which was suppressed & I was the one FORCIBLY handed over to him along with MONEY , FURNITURE , KITCHEN UTENSILS etc etc .

I have always seen it is the female secretaries enjoying proximity in offices that offer SEX. They are not VICTIMS. Married or unmarried they offer sex readily. They know thus their jobs remain secure. There is no responsibility involved like cooking , household management & upbringing of children. They satiate their LUST for hanky panky sex. Just before coming to Kuwait I saw him slobbering all over one allegedly married secretary called Manjula who he seated beside him in the car bought with MY PROVIDENT FUND. Both were so randy they walked into my house in Sadar Utkarsh Nirman Apartments where I was living with my son. I was ALWAYS given a cocktail of LITHIUM , TEGRETOL , HALOPERIDOL etc etc & my son was ALSO given the same TOXIC poisons. Thus we would be lying in bed retching writhing in pain due to headaches lasting FOR EVER. YES HEADACHES throughout our lives & VOMITTINGS. Premature menopause , thyroid disorders etc. Thus hoping to KILL successfully.

That Manjula was freshly recruited by this s.n.ramachandran. She wore a saree & a sleeveless blouse with the entire cleavage & big breasts popping out. The saree was so transparent her navel , midriff everything was visible like bollywood film actress Sridevi. Both were shamelessly satisfying their ravenous sexual urges in front of me & my young child. I remember he ordered me to make curd rice & feed him in her presence. And then both got into the car & left.
He told me she was a Goan converted christian. But she had a plastic bindi on her forehead.

This has become a lucrative profession for these indian SLUTS. Become pregnant & extort money & gifts. Better "drink yourself to death" as Al Pacino says in "Righteous Kill".

Anonymous said...

Nirnaami! Here is your first response.

I have been reading all your stuff.

Firstly, what do you expect Shobhaa to do?

Secondly, your writings betray a mind that seems to have gone bonkers

I am much more aware of sanctimonious humbugs who masquerade as guardians of Hinduism like the Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati. That is besides the point.

I am an investigative journalist and have begun empathising with you.

Write to me in detail without the rant.

The email:

Let me see what I can do.

TSV Hari a.k.a Thuglak Venkat

Nirnaami said...

Decades ago one of the sisters of my paternal grandmother married a veterinary doctor in Chennai. After marriage he insisted she should learn hindi ( many yuppies of Tamil Nadu had this hindi craze) cycling ( those days learning to ride the bicycle was akin to someone driving a car today) , wear her saree in a stylish way blah blah bringing in one Jaya to teach her all these. She had borne him two small boys also. Yet caved in to his demands only to discover that Jaya was having an affair with her husband. She was so shocked committed suicide by swallowing her own diamond studs (brought in as dowry). The heartless husband at once married that J hoodwinking the young boys ( one a toddler , the other an infant) their mother died a natural death. Nobody did anything to punish the culprits.

While marrying he accepted her as she was. After marriage why torture thus ?
An Indian woman just cannot walk out of a marriage. The men have always done it. Society condones such men. Our society always has no empathy towards the legitimate wife.

Nirnaami said...


Not interested.

I have already presented all facts.

And you chip in calling yourself "an investigative journalist" blah blah.

I have repeatedly mentioned Ramana Bhagavan.

Shobhaa De does not brag. But I know she is very sharp, unprejudiced & is inherently full of EMPATHY.

I did not ask you to sit & judge as you have the gall to call it "rant" & my mind according to you has gone "bonkers".

Whatever I have shared here have all been written by me elsewhere too.

Police do not care. I am praying some Good Samaritan would care enough to take action.

Do not bother to reply.

Anonymous said...

@ Nirnaami While I understand your frustration, the angry words generated by it, we journalists do not take anyone at face value.

Have you noticed that Shobhaa has not responded to your writings?

If you write your stuff cogently, narrate the case, be specific about the reliefs you seek, perhaps some Good Samaritan would try to help. By this method, you are not helping yourself and you are actually spoiling your cause.

Notwithstanding your insult [we journalists get them all the time] I still think you have a serious issue. Write cogently, produce the evidence ... may be I could be the Good Samaritan you are seeking.

TSV Hari

dick_lingam said...

Like it or not @Nirnammi but the fact of the matter is that at the end of the day what You doing over here is Heavyduty Spamming on SHOBHAA DE blog..When You feel so strongly about the injustices meted out to You then the right place to spill out all the venom is on Your own personal blog..Not only shall You get sympathy as well as respect for it and who knows it may even lead to delayed justice You crave...No matter what Spamming is just no Solution to pour out Your woes...Last but not the least @tvshari is only offering You genuine help so stop snapping at Him...See the writing on the wall, smell the kaw-fee and wake up...Do what You must but on Your Personal Blog not on SHOBHAA DE celebrity Blog

Nirnaami said...

It is Shobhaa De's blog. And she has every right to decide whether to call it "spamming" or otherwise.

You were the one asking for link to my blog ///ust want to connect with @Nirnammi...As I find the thoughts expressed Unique, Bold & Blunt as as Original in Content...Wud love to share thoughts With You////

I am least interested. Subsequently my comments followed.

If you & TSV Hari have read attentively whatever I have stated above would not be asking me to "produce evidence".

I never solicited any help from you two.Period.

When I wrote my comments on Haidar movie followed by Commerce Minister's missing suitcase I had no idea I would be writing rest of the comments which you call "spamming".

This is nothing new to me.
NitiCentral said so & deleted most of my comments. It has been a blessing in disguise indeed for me. I realized soon there is nothing hatke about Modi.

In Varanasi when I sought the help of the Caretaker of Kaanchi Matham he assured me he would pass on the details to Kapil Sibal. He did not take any of the hindutva names like MM.Joshi , Advani , Modi etc.

When I heard Shobhaa De & Tavleen Singh taking totally different approach over Preity Zinta I found myself agreeing with Shobhaa De.

Much earlier in some televised debate Shobhaa De said " It is often the elite who become the convenient punching bag for all".

Similarly I resonated with Shobhaa De when she wrote how the little girl's life selling newspapers animatedly talking about medals won by some Indian boxer , Abhinav Bindra is noy going to be impacted any way for the better.

Rest of the readers pilloried her calling her "cynical".

I find there is a lot of truth in what she says over many issues.

"Yatharthavaadhi Bahujana Virodhi".

No wonder many react violently.

When Police themselves are unwilling to help it gives me lot of solace to see at least Shobhaa De has not deleted my comments.

That is IMMENSE succour for me.

I repeat myself LOUD & CLEAR.
I am NOT seeking any help from you both AT ALL.

Anonymous said...


After reading one more rant from you, I have realised that you need urgent psychiatric help.

You need to understand the following:

[1] Virtually everyone in the world has problems with someone or other. Yours isn’t unique.

[2] While I do not know how much of reading dick_lingam has done, I have carefully read your writings.

[3] Thirdly, your writing a blog full of typos isn’t evidence enough for anyone to espouse your cause. You can continue yelling your head off in print [oh boy, what an expression] and none will take any notice.
There are many who spam in Shobhaa De’s page – hawking jobs, fashion apparel and even gigolos and female commercial sex workers. The late Khushwant Singh, one of the best known journalists of India used to carry occasional rants like yours – written to slam what appeared in the magazines he edited. It simply served a purpose – improving the circulation – for people like enjoying others’ excruciating predicaments, expressing sympathy ... and the whole thing becoming conversation starters in cocktail parties. Nothing less, nothing more, I would carefully add, and I had heard it from the great man himself.

[4] Of course, you are right in saying “it is Shobhaa De's blog. And she has every right to decide whether to call it "spamming" or otherwise” but silly girl, she must not even be reading these boohoo and letting them be because the spammer and/or hate-mail generator would be circulating the comment amongst his/her contacts – which would increase the number of visitors, period..

[5] I was amused and sad at the same time when you stated, “If you & TSV Hari have read attentively whatever I have stated above would not be asking me to "produce evidence". I never solicited any help from you two. Period,” Perhaps you are mentally living in the mythical city of fools called Gotham, and now battier than those get thrilled by Batman comics because of your suffering at the hands of various individuals. Rants in a blog aren’t evidence, ma’am. You are spreading your own verbal diarrhoea-type output and your endeavour to spread it has begun stinking. Well, if you aren’t begging for attention to get help and/or tch-tch comments from readers, why do you keep writing? Are you penning some school imposition in the form of blogs or what?

[6] My snide remarks apart, I still think you may need help. After this, I will put you and your comments on ignore. Good luck, lady, and I pray may God bless you and rescue you. Only divine help would be able to do something because you are convincing everyone who are trying to be sympathetic to you by your pathetic raving and ranting that many may have come to the decision that you are the kiss of the devil.

Nirnaami said...

////I will put you and your comments on ignore////

At last some good news to cheer me up.

I read Shobhaa De herself writing in her blog that she reads each & every comment of readers.

Often I have seen among Indian bloggers most of the indian readers commenting are of very low intellectual calibre.

This is one more reason I am convinced India can NEVER become an America , Germany , UK.

Nirnaami said...

The first time I learned to log into Internet it was one swollen headed Indian NRI IITian called shadow warrior that I started commenting. The lacklustre Rajeev Sreenivasan very close to kanchan gupta & Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation.

That time itself I forthrightly called art of living SSSSSRS a charlatan. At once that IITian & his sycophants screamed :-" Not a word against hindu gurus....kalyani I am going to delete". ( I chose the name Kalyani then).

Eventually it took a BRILLIANT American & some other equally brilliant non indians like one Yunus etc to rip him apart calling him an "avatard". Indians who went ballistic soon started stealing that American's thoughts & arguments recycling them as their own. Soon many close disciples of SSSRS were so disillusioned they started writing in detail about his misdemeanours.

I recall that IITian NRI ensconced in San Fransisco ALSO used the same word "rant" to describe my comments.

AMERICANS I have noticed have no ego hassles. They are extremely magnanimous & full of GRACE.

Another Indian commenting confessed his / her English was not good enough & that he had a lot to say about SSSSRavishankar.

That American assured him / her that was no big issue at all as long as what he had to say was the truth.

Mona said...

Wow Shobha De. Now this is what i call a BLOG! Rants and fights and spam et al. And all this after comment moderation! Whew! Hats off to you ( read blog)

Mona said...

Beautiful picture Shobha! I came back since I realized that I got so lost in the comment box, I forgot to comment on your post! ( Opps! that's what I call a blog threatened by the 'hyper real')

Anyway! I agree with your views about the movie 'Haider' It did have a bad translation and gross misuse of Hamlet's fourth soliloquy.

Shobhaa De said...

Read and absorbed ALL the comments. I must clarify that I do not delete any comments. Perhaps there is a net sensor doing that job!!!

Anonymous said...

Read your comment done at 2013 hours. Great!

Excerpts from my October 26 2014 comments to a female who had identified herself as Nirnaami:

"There are many who spam in Shobhaa De’s page – hawking jobs, fashion apparel and even gigolos and female commercial sex workers. The late Khushwant Singh, one of the best known journalists of India used to carry occasional rants like yours – written to slam what appeared in the magazines he edited. It simply served a purpose – improving the circulation – for people like enjoying others’ excruciating predicaments, expressing sympathy ... and the whole thing becoming conversation starters in cocktail parties. Nothing less, nothing more, I would carefully add, and I had heard it from the great man himself.
Of course, you are right in saying “it is Shobhaa De's blog. And she has every right to decide whether to call it "spamming" or otherwise” but, silly girl [Nirnaami], she [Shobhaa] must not even be reading these boohoo and letting them be because the spammer and/or hate-mail generator would be circulating the comment amongst his/her contacts – which would increase the number of visitors, period."

Now I know I was wrong. I apologise. Sorry. Now, I know better!

Am reading Shethji. A wonderful read, I must say.


Unknown said...

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