Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ganpati Bappa Moryaa...!

Wah! Wah! Salman Khan haat jodo-ing in front of Ganeshji was a great photo op... and a strong, positive image to send out in these ridiculous times when other Muslim Bollywood types are shouting themselves hoarse about being discriminated against in Mumbai. Mumbai!!!Salman's mother Salma, says a news report, is a Saraswat Brahmin. Okay. So am I. And I don't keep a Ganpati at my home!That the Khans celebrate the festival with so much gusto, sends out the best signal. I mean, let's face it, there must be several people out there who might phone and 'advise' Salman not to be so visible during the aarti, or not to participate as enthusiastically during the visarjan. But it is to Salman's credit that he chooses to follow his heart and ignore such warnings.That's the way it should be for all of us. There was a time in Mumbai when each and every festival got its due and people participated without self consciousness or fear. I was a regular visitor at Bhendi Bazaar during Ramazan. Eating malpuas after feasting on kebabs and biryani with several Muslim friends. It has been years since I went back to my favourite streetside restaurant. But this time, I am determined to do just that.Iftaar at Bhendi Bazaar ranks high on my list as a unique and wonderful Mumbai experience.
My Date with the Lalbaug Chha Raja is also fixed, thanks to an obliging top cop - Javed Ahmed, without whose kind intervention, I'd be stuck for hours in the dhakka bukki that inevitably occurs when there are thousands of over enthusiastic worshippers pushing and shoving to catch a glimpse of the majestic moorti - now in its 75th year. I remember watching its slow and stately progress down a narrow road in Girgaum, well past midnight, and being moved to tears by the sheer fervour of devotees thronging the procession. Some would hold up new born infants for the Lord's blessings, while others would prostrate themselves on the road, uncaring of the dirt.Unlike other Sarvajanik Ganpatis, this one would roll past in dignified silence, minus a clash of symbols or any other noisy accompaniment. Believers would stare.... awestruck and speechless. The journey from Lalbaug to Chowpatty would take 7 or 8 hours. But such was the draw of Lalbaug Chha Raja, that nobody minded the roads being blocked to enable Him to reach the sea.
Then came the Ganpati Raves - also fun. The grooviest Ganpati procession in town featuring dj's and hip Goa groupies grooving to fantastic music near Babulnath Temple. How I love the Trance Gannu. He is just so today! And in tune with changing times. Anybody and everybody is welcome to join in and dance.
Now for Navratri and beyond. Eid is but a few weeks away. How I admire people who can fast. Like Herman Hesse's Siddhartha says simply, " I can think, I can fast, and I can wait..." Profound and beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. I am reminded of my own medocrity each time i recall that line.


*Aham* said...

De, you speak my mind re.
From lousy pyaar to jhakaaz PR... the BT picture was a nice move by Rowdy Khan.

Jab kisi aur baat se baat na bane toh religion ka sahaara.

I cant believe this was Rowdy's idea.

This irresponsible nut can never think of such a fantastic act PRgiri.
You feel people against this, I feel ulta.

People might have advised him to take refuge in religion as thats the best resort for an image makeover.

we need to appreciate Sallu as for once he harms no one and sends out a positive message. (apart from those soulless charities that he occasionally engages in after slandering a few humans).

Shabana Azmi’s maternal house has been celebrating holi and other hindu festivals with equal or more enthusiasm as Eid. And she doesn’t engage in any gaudy display of her godliness, yet she is the soft target every time, probably because she is a liberal Moslem. She celebrates his birthday on the 17 September again with a unfulfilled dream of owning a house. Wish ganpati and allah help her in her endeavour. Hey Waaheguru,

“For Christ’s sake let the Hindu Moslem religious fanatics leave her alone”

Regarding ganpati festival, I used to love the festival, have spent my childhood looking at RK ganpati’s and other ganpati’s in matunga signal. But now, I don’t enjoy the festival when I know that there are some pollute and zilch regard for the environment, and sound pollution… deafening.

Anonymous said...

De, u really need to check the facts before u write things like Muslim bollywood types shouting themselves hoarse first of all why the integration of profession and fate, it is almost as if u are mocking them and then correcting urself later in the post...?
Please check the facts and then write..go speak to people, see for urself what goes on and then write about it..i don't know why u seem to see urself as the end all and be all of jornalism in India..

Anonymous said...


Double Seven said...

Trance Gannu!? What the F!?


Double Seven said...

Do you know the significance of Lalbag Ka Raja?
I don't understand why SO MANY people have such deep 'manyata' towards this particular sarvajanik ganpati over other sarvajanik ganpatis...
Is it because of this crap- "jo-yahaan-pe-kuch-paane-aata-hai-woh-phir-khaali-haath-nahin-jaata"?!

Does that also have something to do with its long standing history, that this year's being its platinum year since inception?
Or may be because of the location- the 'vaastu' factor playing its usual unbelievable role- the positioning of almighty's idol or something?

anyone is welcomed to give appropriate answer to all this- open to everyone, and anyone!...

De- and you're a true "jhholler'! I must say that for keeping contacts as far as in the Mumbai police! Aapne toh police ko bhi nahi baksha lol- and see right on where this contact is going to help you in the Lalbaug situation... Simply smart networking. lol.


Indraneel said...

Shobhaa, your point of view in this case should be appreciated as Khan irrespective of civilian credentials at least somewhere still has good values. This should be brought up as you have and shoud be made a case in point to drive home for those caste politics bulls.
However having said this there's absolutely no need for one to express any solidarity to Khan as his misdeeds far outway the Land Rover case.
I still wonder and laugh with humliation at our judiciary for convicting Arun Nanda but letting go Khan....:(

shrey said...

Hey double seven,(this is a reply to ur earlier reply to my comment in the previous post)

Let me tell u something first - human views,expressions,opinions are like human waste(shit)…everyone has to give it out at some point or the other.Now there is a difference between giving it out alone privately or just shitting it out around in public openly!

I have nothing personal with De but I just don’t approve or appreciate the fact that being such a prominent celebrity she is just using all her creativity to downgrade,defame or insult other people in public…and all this is very much visible in most or almost all of her writings!
Im sure u certainly wouldn’t approve of anyone simply just calling you a ‘born loser’ for no might say “I don’t care what he says,its his opnion” but….inside it does hurt a bit atleast.

And one more thing you are noone to tell me what to write about De and what to not!

And if you think this argument is about having the last laugh…no it isn’t…I want you to reply me back once you read this.

neha said...

@ Double Seven - Kindly check my reply to ur comment in the previous post as well. It will do you some good...Hope sanity prevails soon rather than blind faith.

Double Seven said...

I saw it and look for my reply thereto. Soon.

shrey said...

double seven,
another one for you in the previous post!

Double Seven said...

I am running a little busy right now. As and when i get time I shall write something to reply to you... soon!


Shobhaa De said...

Hello!! What's with you guys?? Chill out. Let whosoever say whatsoever. Does it really matter? I put my opinions on the line. Always have. Shall continue to. Regardless. Why quibble? And get petty? It is so much easier to take pot shots hiding behind an assumed identity or a pseudonymn. To go public with ones beliefs?? Now we are talking...have fun.

Double Seven said...

Shobhaa some people have petty thinking not everyone!.. that's why the war of words.
I just don't understand that if they don't like you then why would they follow your every post day-by-day?
Is it difficult for even your non-believers to stop doing this to you now? lol.


Double Seven said...

And that's why we follow
It's because you don't hide behind an identity like many of us... we believe in you because we think you're an established brand in this field; a world traveler, with a million different experiences of sorts. And plus your beauty at 60 is again another factor that makes me (atleast) cling on to you... hehe. "jyaada toh nahi hua na?" (:


Kris Bass said...

I'm an atheist to start with and really De, I can't understand why people would dance to cheap bollywood and other tracks whilst marching with their idol. I find it extremely irritating that such people can clog up the roads without any permission any time they want and us gays need to work for 2 months to get our permission to hold a rally to fight for our rights. And we don't make a ruckus.

Double Seven said...

I agree with Kriss whole-heartedly!
They dance to cheap bollywood songs after having been drunk and drugged and with gutkhas in their mouth.
And the drummer would ride on a vegetable cart... It is very funny to watch and at the same time as kriss has already said very very irritating also.
They easily get permission to hold such processions because most (if not all) of the sarvajanik mandals are backed financially by political parties, namely the MNS and Shiv Sena. So they don't find it hard to do all such crappy stuff... I am not a atheist and even then I hate to tell you that I am not an ardent follower of this particular festival!



Kanupriya Sindhu Ramrakhyani said...

Hi, agreed! I think it was a good gesture on Salman's part to participate in Ganpati festival so enthusiastically. In an era where certain set of people make crappy noise about weird issues like bollywood stars shud not smoke on screen as it creates a negative impact on younger generation, hopefully with examples like this such people shud understand that bollywood stars can leave positive influences too!

Devotion in the time of Bollywood cholera said...

Show-bha aaji:

How I wish I knew this Javed Ahmed dude for guaranteed fast track darshan of the Bappa!

On Trance Gannu I seriously don't think it will wash with the spirit of Ganeshotsav but again, to each his own.

Not your average Girgaum Joe said...

Trance Gannu is a bit much. Then again, I suppose it is in keeping with the irreverent times we find ourselves living in today.
I am prepared to bet you my bottom rupee that a Trance Gannu would have Bal Gangadhar tossing in his grave never mind he wasn't CoE. To my mind Trance Ganu is as out of context today as a parent coming in a swimsuit to the PTA meet.

Anonymous said...

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