Friday, April 17, 2009

Boley toh...konfusion ho gayaa

I watched Varun Gandhi's Jailhouse Rock, and asked myself, " Yeh kya bakwas hai, boss?" The guy gave the Black Panther clenched fist salute before clambering into a waiting SUV. Perhaps he thought it was a pretty cool symbol of defiance, but get real, honey. Amrika has a Black President now. Malcolm X?? Who dat? What dat? Besides, behenji certainly won't get the significance of that dramatic gesture, so what's the point? She was quick to respond, and didn't mince her words when she ticked him off and made it clear exactly how she'd deal with him if he tried to act funny in future. You definitely don't want to mess with this mama.
Qasab has got a new lawyer to defend him, and Abbas Kazmi has started on a controversial note by asking, " Is Qasab Pakistani?" Huh? What's that supposed to mean in basic lingo?? Granted the cops have messed up on the dna samples (tch. tch.) sent across the border. But for Kazmi to question the terrorist's nationality? Boley toh... aapun ko kuch golmaal ka doubt hai.
I leave for Ahemedabad in a couple of hours - minus laptop. Am hoping to go to Gandhinagar tomorrow morning avec Mallika , if our respective mad schedules can be co-ordinated. Would love to drink Chhaas with Narendrabhai... but I doubt he'd find that an enjoyable experience. All the other bhais and bens I'm likely to meet will no doubt extoll the virtues of their state and sing Modi's praises. I'll concentrate on the aamras-puri and stay chhup. But hey... it may turn out to be an entirely different story when I'm 'shaping those young minds.' Watch out.
The best ad on idiot box features Aamir Khan as an old sardar. It is for TATA SKY, and is brilliantly scripted. Amir is unrecognisable, which is the best part - that's how authentic his get up and portrayal are. But it is his assal Punjabi accent that takes the cake, croissants, macaroons and everything else in the pastry shop.Much as Aamir annoys me on certain levels, he is by far the most gifted actor in India today. Digest that, you guys.
The IPL starts this afternoon - but I don't sense the slightest excitement . It is distant for anyone to connect with a ball-by-ball tempo. And so far, none of the bars and restaurants in Mumbai has come up with anything unique to get the customers in. Talking of entertainment, Yves Carcelle, the top honcho of LVMH was in town and the Taj had organised a divine soiree for the Emperor of Luxury. The number of invitees was just right, and the decor was a stroke of artistic inspiration, nothing short of genius - the magnificent Crystal Room was divided up into sections with ceiling-to-floor screens of fragrant summer blossoms - mogra and tiger lillies. The ambience itself was so heady, who needed Moet?? Aaah... ummm.... some of us did. Next week, the legendary chef Gordon Ramsay will be in residence, and I shall reveal all after I've sampled his cuisine. Till sunday - aavjo.


The abstract scientist said...

Gordon Ramsay, Legendary?Oh yeah! and Aamir the most gifted, somebody has definitely lost her mind.

Anonymous said...

But it is his assal Punjabi accent that takes the cake - I disagree.

cmpershad said...

"She was quick to respond, and didn't mince her words when she ticked him off and made it clear exactly how she'd deal with him "
When intellectuals like u support NSA for such acts, then why blame common man.....?

*KHUSHI* said...

I have read full post, but your last word aavjo make me htink.. that you r pure Maharashtrian and I am pure Gujju.. but love to read this simplw word , which push me to bookmark ur blog..

over to ur blog, Aamir is just him in any kinda role...

till sunday yete huh ki.. :)

kala said...

I could not recognise Aamir first. I thought that some old, cranky, irritating sardarji is grumbling. Then something familiar struck me. He somewhat resembled his getup as an old muslim in Andaaz Apna Apna. He is the best though he is too upright and stiff for comfort. Actually, we must appreciate his wife for being able to put up with a perfectionist 24*7. So Varun has come out Mayajaal atlast coutesy SC. Now it will be interesting what he will say and what he will not. Come out of IIMA. You will see dusty Vastrapur, calm camels, calmer cows and women dragging heavy camel carts in the heat and dust of Ahmedabad.

Gajendra said...
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Gajendra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gajendra said...

Shobhaa...I still don't understand why all the well educated elitist go against guys like modi and varun, why this hatred towards them ?

I mean....what about "the greatest good for the greatest number" theory ???? we are a hindu nation and it should stay like that, what the hell ?? I agree with all the "against humanity" arguments, but hey, its how the world survives, the nature survives, Darwinian..!!! Its human nature.

So you have a problem if the guy clenches his fist ???????? helllooo ???

so what if obama became president ?? what are you implying? we have had muslim leaders in the indian constitution long back(in the top most positions), we are much ahead in the race(aeons ahead), Please don't compare our great civilization with the US of A and thereby insult india..!!, so please dont drag obama into this.

This reminds me of a program on NDTV where the gentleman vikram chandra reacting to the argument that "valentines day" is not our culture he asks naively "what about technology? shouldnt we also stay away from technology? the cars, the dressing attire?", coming from such a person who unfortunately will be seen by crores of people on TV, absolutely naive..!!!!!

I mean how could he comment like this ??? we have adopted some good doesnot mean that we have to adopt all the BAD aswell ??? OMG..!!!

A. K. said...

I don't whether the show Hell's Kitchen was a already fixed reality show or not but i hate Gordon Ramsay's attitude on that show.

Rajesh said...

I do not understand why each and every post related to Gujarat ends with Modi??? looks like Modi has entered the subconcious mind of all the self proclaimed "Intellectuals"...

Sumon said...

Madam IPL starts tommorow afternoon and not today!!

Rajlakshmi said...

I really Appreciate Amir's knack for perfection...

what does Bad refer in your post... Are you calling Valentine's Day BAD!!!!!!

Parv Kaushik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Parv Kaushik said...

ppl like u.... page-3 socialites and self claimed intellectuals... who swear by calvin klein and gucci and other exotic names.. the more unheard of the better... convent educated english speaking humans who'll ape anything and everything WEST..

Whether its Obama or Desperate Housivies... they'll swear by what happens in beverly hills and curse everything that talks of nationalism or Hinduism.. those men who speak of such things are half-beasts by your standards..

They according to u arent fit to live an eat with human beings like us who pay holy homage to Armani and Lacoste..

Anonymous said...

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athi said...

Hehe.. some people are growing contempt trees with daily manure from each post of yours!! :P

Amir's ad awesome. He has definitely no match in India. One passionate guy!

Bertie said...

Haha.. another post dedicated to Varun Gandhi and Narendra Modi(I know you'd like to refute the claim right at the outset) But, the fact that you are so 'disturbed' by the mass acceptance of these two speaks of you "affiliations".

Doesn't matter. A sure-shot way to stardom is unheralded criticism of everything 'right' and 'Hindu'.

But, let me tell you a civilization is strong enough to overcome the criticism by self-styled pseudo-intellectuals.

As for your contempt for anything Hindu, doesn't come as a surprise when you're so fond of Shrimati Sarabhai.

You should have been a Gujarati.

After all, Gujarat has a history of producing the finest goddesses of secularism: Medha Patkar, Teesta Setalvad, Mallika Sarabhai.
You could have found a good companion in them.

P.S. Modi would love to have Chaas with you. But then he needs an intellectual for his time and not a pseudo. :)

Anil Kumar said...

I saw gala parade of IPL owners who happen to be clowns from bollywood. They were trying to smile in front of camera and clinching their fist like Varun Gandhi.

Looking at the number of spectators in the parade, it looked more like a funeral procession of an unpopular political leader.

What name have you given to these bastards from bollywood and Daaru selling owners who have hijacked the game of cricket and substituted it with cheap nangi aurat dancing as cheer leaders...some of them specially imported from washington or Idaho.

@lankr1ta said...

This is not very germane to the issue here, but I think yours is the only Indian celebrity blog worth reading.

AmitASH said...

@ Get a life living in some kinda stone age or what..? your way of thinking needs some polishing.
India is evolving lately and so are the Indians, there should be absolutely no place for such divisive politics and the politicians who earn their livelihood through those tactics.

There's a difference between educated and literate,..dunno which category you fall into !!

AmitASH said...

@ Gajendra
The previous post was meant for that guy named "Gajendra"

Christine said...

Hi Shobha,Gordon'n another of my favorites( you top the list tho!) I hope to meet him someday too.I'm sure you will enjoy his creations :) maybe you could ask him if the drama on his reality cooking show"Hell's kitchen" is rigged as alleged by some... (oooh, I hope not..)

introspection said...

Vow, this post is interesting. Compared to the last few, that is. And Shobhaa you have more negative comments than positive. But hey, a debate is a debate. my comments:

@ Anil kumar: thank you for refraining from the word 'Sl*t'. see, I told you we can understand each other even without resorting to that kinda language.

@ Gajendra: you still living in ancient society, my friend. India has already moved on. aap peeche reh gaye. This is global India, where sladering by racial issues, and fundamentalism are passe. This is an educated democracy and accepts what is goood for all. Religion is a personal belief; and should be practiced in privacy of a home, heart and family.
If religion becomes a social, political and then national (courtesy Modi, Advani, Varun, mayawati, etc) democracy dies. Which is what these guys are doing. They don't care a damn about religion, region or anything for janta; all they care about is their personal wealth and power. Even if it comes at the cost of dividing, killing, destroying, ruining, terrorising, rioting, any thing et all. So what are you talking about ...?
@ AmitASH: I agree with you...(get a life man...)
@ Parv Haushik: excuse me...???

Shobhaa I so agree with you. Varun Gandhi is bad for the country. In fact the Congress protege Rahul Gandhi is also bad. Probably worse. He is a spoilt brat, and almost delinquent. God save India if he takes over. IPL has become more of an umbearable pain than any thing entertaining. Thanks to SRK, Mallyna and some others.
I wish you could spill some of that Soiree at Taj on your blog. Did they give away some LV stuff to invitees (which were just right you said)?
Hope you enjoy chaas with some one if not Moads..! Give us a knock down of the IIM bonanza, and hope enjoy all the theplas and khakraas. My only favorite is Dhokla.
As for Kasab scene; it's a pain. Not this angle now pls. Can't take it...! aapun ko kuch golmaal ka doubt hai...type. boley toh, iss country mein kuchhh bhii ho saktaa hai.
We are an unforgiveably strange lot.
Have a good weekend..!!

PS: why are you so obsessed with all things Bollywood. we can live one or two posts without it shobhaa.

Anil Kumar said...


I am glad you got the essence of my arguments. Does word "Kulta" sounds appropriate substitute for "sl_ts" ..:)

Coming back to IPL gala parade, the reason there were hardly anyone to watch that parade is because no one from South Africa is interested in watching Indian "kulta Naari" from bollywood. South Africans are way ahead of India in terms of quality and deeds of "Kulta Naari".

Majority of spectators in India, who actually go to stadium to watch a match are there to get a close up of Kulta Naari (both desi and videshi).

I am very keen to see each IPL match if Mr. Mallaya and other clowns can do a special show during each match and REPLACE the professional cheerleaders from west and our own desi "mahangaai ki maari" cheerleaders WITH WOMEN FROM THEIR doesn't matter whether it's Sharukh Khan's mother or sister.... Mr. Mallay's wife or daughter ...Fat or ugly...Old or young....gori aur kaali...Sub chalengi...all these women have to do, is to try the same cheerleading routine in skimpy dresses and also do provocative dance on bollywood's songs like "Beedi jalaaye le" .

Will Shobha De pass this idea
to our beloved franchise owners and Barkha Dutt...our award winning journalists start special program to discuss the finer details of it??

introspection said...

I am sure that even south african men are also way ahead (read evolved)of our desi men in their choice and quality of expressions of their women folks.

@ Mr Anil Kumar: Definitely got the essence of your arguments; as well as the essence of the level from which desi men really THINK ..!
(hopefully not all of them).

Anil Kumar said...

Exactly...When truth is told in black and white it looks blunt and seem low level but people do react to it and make informed decisions.

By staying politically correct all the time, our democracy has landed in the hands of goons and culture with those in bollywoods and TV media.

In Shobha De's terminology democracy stinks and is resembles more like Burkha Dutt's butt and she wish it to be like John Abraham's butt.

Sorry I keep using her name but then she is our award winning journalist.

Anonymous said...

Varun Gandhi says he was tortured in Jail. Next he will say it was by those very people whose hands he threatened to chop.

Oh how the mighty fist clenchers cry.

AmitASH said...

Heard that our Advani ji has claimed the 'joota' lobbed at him was an Italian one..most probably of Rahul Gandhi's ;-)

kala said...

We have to ban unnecessary bandhs, not harmless things like Valentine's day.
We must stop using offensive language. We can make our point effective by decent language.
I am a woman and it hurts me if another woman is called names. That woman may be a filmstar, model or even a call girl.
We can criticise a person but we need not hate him or her.
Whenever fundamentalists of whatever faith impose their views, it is the woman who is subjected to all sorts of torture. So out with fundamentalists of every color and creed. We need lots of tolerance, secularism, justice and decency in order to make this place liveable.

Nandini said...

IPL IS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER FOR THE GAME OF CRICKET! Must say, very few people know how to enjoy their wealth. And what's with the cheer leading?!!
There is no sense of originality. I just hate the fact that all these half knowledge wannabees get opportunities!

Also, fanaticism is wrong, but I don't think "globalization" should allow us to conveniently forget where we come from. It's important to have a house, & not just a home. You mean to say that once your backyard vanishes, your so called "globally friendly neighbors" will allow a portion of their backyard for your garden?
Keep Dreaming!

obssesor said...

Gordon Ramsay is legendary for his infidelities!

Anil Kumar said...

I don't think anyone should feel hurt if a man or woman is told her true character in the society.

I will have some sympathy for those who actually become call girls or get into flesh trade. Their circumstances could be anything...May be it was forced on them or have some severe financial difficulties or addicted to drugs or something else.

But I have ABSOLUTLY no sympathy for those in the business of bollywood, modelling and media who have sold their souls for quick money and crossed all limits of descency and deserve name calling and should be hounded. Be it Shilpa, Preity, Kareena, Aishwarya or hosts of anchors who do bollywood programs on TV...They all belong to same league.

As I said before they change their colours on different ocassions. For 360 days of a year these women force the "nanga Naach" on Indian audience. The TV audience include kids as young as 5 year old. And for the remaining 4-5 days of the year they become "Bhartiya Naari"... on occassions like Diwali, Karua Chauth.

Shilpa Shetty allowed molestation of her cheeks by a foreigner and TV media had a great time for few days. She even had the courage to say why are you making it such a big deal.

This is where our youth gets confused. They get the signal that it's ok to molest a woman. Most likely an ordinary girl, who becomes a victim, does not belong to Shilpa Shetty's category. While the western man knew that he has to stop at some time because laws in their countries are strict and are applied as well. He grew up in that environment and knows the consequences of it. On the other hand our desi youth knows that laws are meant to be broken and 999 out of 1000 times you can escape punishment. This is how they know the law in India. Because of this difference in two societies they end up commiting crimes like rape which begins with molestation. The same media will spend whole day covering the rape story and with more resources, if a foreigner is involved. An innocent college girl, foreign tourist are in headlines every few days.

That's why I say there is no need to feel hurt when a Kulta is called a Kulta if she is involved in a career to influence and make more Kulta. Their actions and vulgarity put at risk millions of women, who happen to be poor or don't have the kind of money to safeguard them in this evolving morally bankrupt society and evergreen "NAPUNSAK" system.

NDTV has a new program on Rakhi Sawant's swayamwar. A woman who has a dubious character is going to find his life partner on TV program. Rakhi is more like Pamela Anderson of west.

I can't imagine the imagination power of NDTV Imagine owned by PRANNOY ROY. His mother is German if details on some web page are correct. Did his mother inspired him for that??
Is Prannoy Roy going to show something similar to fighting between male dogs for a bitch during mating season. Or the contestents will tell the story about their unfulfilled fantasies.

Many people call one has to accept CHANGE including "Amitabh Bachhan" on his blog. But I just feel pity and lack of vision of many educated and elite people. May be he is trying to cover up Aishwarya Rai's deeds of past.

Change is necessary and will always occur. No doubt about it. But the kind of change India is witnessing is more like a "Baal Vivah" of India. Without a MATURE transparent and honest system of police and judiciary our media is throwing filth at masses in the name of entertainment and CRIME REPORTERS have a field day.

Sometimes I want to be on the side of those in the bollywood and media. I would love to go one step ahead of Hollywood instead of copying them.

Instead of wearing a 2 piece bikini, I would like the elite fashion designers to be more creative.

Instead of bra, there can be nipple caps. Similar to the caps used after filling air in a cycle tyre. Why bother about bra when that cap will do the job. Just to give you the flavour and endless possibilities to be on the forefront of world rather than following Hollywood. Barkha Dutt and others can take over from their.

Unless we beat the s..t out of the bollywood clowns and media and force them to be responsible we will lose what is or was unique to us.

kala said...

Anil, I understand and I completely agree with certain points raised by you. We imported this cinema culture and we add our own vulgar elements to it. These models, film stars(Mandira Bedi's latest dress code in redff,com)who says that they are exhibiting their well exercised bodies is making the ordinary girl's life miserable. She wants to emulate the idols thinking that it is alright forgetting that these starwomen are out of reach of the common public whereas she has to travel in local transport. If anyone says the truth, they are called the moral police. Respectable media also wants to make money by calling themselves progressive. None of them have the patience or understanding to go deep and avoid joining the so called progressive forces. But why should we use such words and soil our tongues?

Sidharth said...

well wrote ma'm...

Making Indian weblife a comfortable journey...

kala said...

Even if you use the choices gaalis, these star women wont give a damn because they get lots of moolah, glamour and fan following. Then what is the use of going after them? We have beautiful ,dignified and attrractive women who are highly successful without exposing themselves. They are obviously outside show business. The show business by its very name expects exposure in the name of glamour.

jafu said...

hello sobhaa mam,
actually i am misusing this plattform just to thank you!
it was lovely hearing you yesterday at 'Shaping Young Minds Programme'...i admire your thoughts, but frankly speaking you havent replied properly for some of the questions, may be you were trying to be politically correct, rather than giving blunt answers, say for question related to politics......
I m really glad to have your autograph & photograph......i still cant believe i actually talked with you!
Thank you

kala said...

I read your blog in TOI in support of so called spoilers. Let spoilers bloom but not at the cost of a stable government. Manmohan is not against literate, intelligent , class women per se. He is worried that votes will get divided and spoil the chances of Milind Deora. Thats it. Why dont you understand this simple arithmetic of party interests which has nothing to do with the class, education or upbringing of any high profile woman? The thing is that the target by default happens to be a high profile woman. Ideology is different and practicality is different. I expect that as a mother you express some anguish about the 11year old Delhi schoolgirl's tragic death also? Whatever their faults maybe, I congratulate the Times News for highlighting this matter throughout the day.

cheeko said...


What does avec mean in English?

"Am hoping to go to Gandhinagar tomorrow morning avec Mallika..."

French use it but i'm not sure what it means in either language -English or French.

Sidhusaaheb said...

I am a Punjabi and a Sikh and I can tell you with absolute certainty that Aamir's Punjabi accent is fully, perfectly and completely fake.

If Aamir really is the perfectionist that he is said to be, he should have worked harder at getting the accent right.

I wonder how many Punjabis you really know and whether your own knowledge of Punjabi accents goes beyond portrayals in Bollywood movies.

Knowing me personally wouldn't have helped much, I suppose, since I don't have much of an accent.

Anyway, I would recommend more research before making such definitive statements.

Gajendra said...

@Rajlakshmi :
No, I am not saying valentine's day is bad, I just took the reference of what was
being debated that day on the show, and all I said was "if we have adopted some good
doesnot mean that we have to adopt all the BAD aswell".

Dude, your keep your bigoted opinion for yourself. Your argument sounds like the
stupid "India shining" campaign that the BJP proffered. I am least concerned about
what an average imbecile politician is doing, be it divisive politics or whatever.
If you have a mind of your own, you would know that all this divisive politics bull
shit originates only at the political level of our democracy, the persons concerned,
i.e., the average indian knows no such shit and people live in harmony. Atleast that
is what I have been witness to. And if "getting a life" means that I have to live
in between such bigots, I DONT WANT A LIFE DUDE, coming to which, you dont have a
goddamn right to play with the dignity of others, as you have done in my case, all
the right you have is to read the comment that I have posted. Period. If you have
an opinion keep it to yourself, you have the right to read my comment only entitles
you to form an opinion only. I feel bad when I am talking(or reacting) to a person
and a third person gate crashes, you know what I mean.
And presuming you have indeed "got a life", be happy and gay about it. I will not
be privy to what is happening around me, you can continue to be happy with whatever life
you have got. I think you know what the ostrich does when it senses danger, need I say more?
There are readers and then there are readers mr AmitASH, seems like you need to
awaken from the india shining campaign, go through this for a start,
Ignorance doesnot help, be a vidhwan before you start orating, or else, all that you
speak will be such junk which you have posted in the above comment.

Lastly, I respect mrs de, and that is the reason I come here and try to learn from a learned
person, am not here to debate with kids who "think" (ONLY think) that they have
seen and heard all, which is not always the case as you have proved. My comments are only
for mrs de to be comprehended and debated about. I am not one of those fortunate people
who have direct personal contact with mrs de, so sadly I have to use this forum and
I dont wish to be devalued here, so your attack on my dignity is uncalled for, if you have
an opinion, keep it to yourself or find a forum where you can go chest beating about
your pseudo opinions and values and try and change india. Please let me be.

mr, you guys (you and AmitASH and people who have similar opinions) need to stop
watching all that gibberish that is doled out by our so called harbingers of change and
infact the people who are doing the actual moral policing, the great
journalists. All that the so called educated journalists from our electronic media dish
out is biased opinions that they hold. Its not real my dear friend, get out of your
drawing rooms and see the real india, go travel the length and breadth of any place
in india and you will know whats going on.
"This is global India, where sladering by racial issues, and fundamentalism are passe.", OMG,
where are you living mr introspection ?? wohoho, my god, you seriously need to come out of your
drawing room dear friend. Seriously..!!!!
You keep forming opinions that everything is passe and keep subverting all the issues
and happily while away time.
I will NOT!!
I think you guys need a little bit of eye opening to do. go through this if you
really believe all the pseudo religionism and divisional politics has to stop.
This is just a small example of what you guys are yet to KNOW.

I think you guys need to read what mr Anil Kumar's posts have to say. He has a case.

Amita said...

he is by far the most gifted actor in India today>>>Surprised to read this. AS couple of years back, on national telivision, you declared him the most over rated actor. wondering if you ate words along with cake, croissants, macaroons and everything else in the pastry shop.

AmitASH said...

@ Gajendra
First thing first if you're offended by my words I sincerely apologize for that though I must say I had no intention of doing so. I'm quite upfront when it comes to manifesting my own opinion which I feel is right.

Having said that one should surely be open to criticism. There's no two way about it.
n Yeah I don't give a darn if it sounded to you like BJP's one of those phony campaigns..Thats quite a lame comparison.
Now if any third person finds another third person's opinion to be offending for he's not merely THINKING but he's doing his every li'l part to create an awareness about this futile fanaticism which serves nobody's purpose except politicians..then this Third person has got to crash in, you know what I mean.

Its the parties like BJP which has sowed seeds of discord among two communities by raking up the Ram-Janmabhumi issue and taking the lead in demolition of Babri Masjid.
The role of Modi in Gujurat riots will remain in the annals of our country's political history as the darkest chapter. Even the Supreme Court passed strictures against the Modi government and hauled ministers and officials for their role in the communal riots.

If different religions & communities involve in fomenting mutual hatred through provocative and uncultured statements India will soon become Ram Rajya, they think. You are suggesting that they should do the same thing to free themselves from their sins! Does the Dharma teach that? Let the Swamijis who know the Vedas and other Scriptures talk about that. Let politicians talk about what they can do for improving civic amenities and infrastructure.

Its sad that they get those gullible folks by their side by sheer salesmanship (Modi and Advani are the best examples) but its outright mournful when the educated people out there got influenced and are at one with their s**t !!

This hatred, this feeling of repugnance..? is it really going to benefit you by any means ?

introspection said...

Hi, I am back for a second comment.
@ AmiAsh: I opted out of this fruitless discussion when I realised Mr Gajendra started quoting Francois Gautier. I have been reading a lot on the internet about FG, and here is what I am told about him.

".......Francois Gautier is a well-known Indophile and Pro-Hindu Anti-Muslim Anti-Christian campaigner. How a Frenchman found that niche for himself I do not know but he belongs to a particularly rabid breed of people who blow things out of proportion and simply cause divisions amongst people on the basis of religion (whether or not they themselves have one). It's people like him that go out of their way to dig out the wrongs of history to distort the present and cause discord where otherwise none would exist. When someone writes or speaks eloquently, people have a tendency to listen to them because they sound like they know what they are talking about and thus save themselves the bother of having to think for themselves...."

If Mr Gajendra agrees with the French writer, and wants to contribute his bit to FG, I am not a part of his dialogue. For all you know Francois Gautier may be a hired (by politician) writer to start trouble in our country from outside India. And of course to spread plagiarism among youth of this country.

This place is for healthy debate not for mud slinging. The least we can do (vis-a-vis each other) is to use polite and decent language, and keep debates as positive debates; without blowing every thing out of proprtion.

I for one am not interested in responding to filthy language and trolls.

If Shobhaa's blog is going to be full of such pathetic discussions, I am happy to forego her post.

Gajendra said...

Offended ? !!! Yes a little bit, I think my lengthy comment says it all :).
Dude, I told ya, I will not be privy to whatever you are preaching, frankly I don't give a damn. All I am requesting you is to give due respect to ones dignity. PERIOD. You may have your views, please go find a forum where you can browbeat. Pleaseeeeee let me be. I am not here to pacify you or throat down my views on you. I have my views and you have yours, I respect that, and I expect the same from you.

I am not contributing to anything bro, just open your eyes, wake up boss.

Firstly read properly what I have written.
"This is just a small example of what you guys are yet to KNOW."

if possible read some of these authors as well.
Prafull Goradia
S L Byrappa
Arun Shourie,
you also need to lookup and read some of the Marxists as well.

why am I doing this,....oh forget it, its fruitless anywayz.
Now dont start googling to get info about these authors, you need to read with rationale, this is not GK.

Oh..and you call this
"@ AmitASH: I agree with you...(get a life man...)" healthy discussion ????

In your definition of "healthy discussion" you go around preaching people to get a life ?
seems to be quite healthy boss, good luck to you.

you guys seem to be gyaanis. I think you guys shouldn't be bothered about me.

And which portion of my comments did you find filthy brother ??

Sorry, I think I should heed your words and let be.

Gajendra said...

oh and on more thing, talking about the media, the only person of some credibility left is ARNAB GOSWAMI from times now. About the others, the less said the better.

Gajendra said...

if possible please look up AYN RAND too guys..

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