Monday, April 20, 2009

Lift Kara De...

This was published in Bombay Times today. Pardon my childish enthusiasm ( let's call it the Anil Kapoor Syndrome ), but starting tonight, you can catch me on Editor's Verdict (ndtv), most weekday nights between 8. 30pm to 9pm. The others on the panel are Vir Sanghvi, Chandan Mitra, Shekhar Gupta and N. Ram. I am in exalted company!It is Sonia Singh's show, and if today's debut is anything to go by, this is going to sizzle. I am planning to have great fun. The only downside is that the studios are at Worli Naka, and it takes me nearly an hour to get there. But, I'd say it's well worth the trek. Today's topic was about Coalitions, and whether voters are sick and tired of these 'arrangements'. My view was that these marriages of convenience would be slightly more acceptable if the voter was in the know about the existence of a pre-nup!!

The shocker of the day was the 'Slumdog....' child actor being 'sold' by her father to a Brit journo posing as a Saudi sheikh. Little Rubaina, all of nine years of age is already a prime cut in the meat market. How very tragic. Of course, Boyle is no longer morally or financially responsible for these kids... even so, one can't help but wonder whether or not they have been used as so much tissue paper - chucked into the nearest dustbin once their use was over.

Adnan ko zaroor lift kara de…

Never a dull moment in the entertainment world – thank God! Someone or the other is always getting beaten up and these days it’s cat fights that rule. The latest one involves two feisty women punching and scratching each other, pulling hair – and get this – one of the women baring her breasts to taunt the other one ( a new twist to the old ‘mine is bigger than yours’ game played by men). The man these ladies are battling over is not the standard filmi stud ( unless we are missing something?), but a once portly singer from Pakistan who shot to fame with several catchy hits including ‘Lift kara de.’ So, what exactly is going on? And why is their midnight slugfest considered important enough to make it to the front page of a well respected national daily? Don’t ask. The details are pretty sketchy, but from all accounts, Adnan Sami’s estranged wife Sabah came home late one night to find Pooja Bedi on the couch, with Adnan’s head resting dangerously close to her lap. This is the official version. What followed sounds straight out of a comic strip. But it did result in all parties filing police complaints and trading charges. Lagta hai, the whole fracas is actually over money and property. Love has very little to do with the drama. But what continues to fascinate me is the power Adnan seems to have over a series of lovely, sexy, foxy ladies from assorted continents. It isn’t just about his wealth (there are far richer men in Bollywood). It isn’t about his girth ( there are far fatter men in showbiz). It isn’t about his voice ( there are far better singers around). So… what is his special charm ? Why do beautiful, buxom ladies fall for him, marry him, divorce him… and remarry him?? Adnanbhai, aapke strike rate ki raaz kya hai??

South Mumbai votes ten days from now. This is the first election in which the internet has played such a dominant role. Every single day my inbox is flooded with mailers that bitch out the candidates using language that is most unparliamentary , to put it mildly. The senders have clearly done their homework and their foot soldiers sure have worked overtime to dig out the dirt on rivals. Why not? It’s war! Nobody is talking about issues that need to be tackled… the only ‘issue’ being discussed is who’ll win and at what cost? However, just the fact that such lively debates are raging in the first place makes one believe people in South Mumbai have finally woken up to their responsibilities and are keen to actively participate in the political process which used to leave them soooooo cold earlier . In fact, it is rather amusing to eavesdrop society conversations these days, since all those amazing ladies with amazing clothes and amazing make up and amazing everything, are discussing the elections with so much earnestness. Names that get tossed around (“Tony”, “ Milind” , “Priya” or “Meera”), sometimes confuse the unwary – are we discussing potential M.P.s or the guest list for the next champagne soiree? Nobody mentions Rawle or Nandgaonkar. Cho sad!
Qasab has already been branded a ‘Cutie’ after his court appearance. His every grin and grimace was gleefully noted by mediawallas who are well on their way to making him another twisted celebrity. It happened with Abu Salem. It is happening with Qasab. And it is not good. In fact, it is disgusting and dangerous. Qasab’s cockiness in court is nothing but a reflection of the level of indoctrination he has undergone. Today, he has demanded newspapers. Tomorrow, he may demand more. Saddan Hussein’s trial for whatever it’s worth, was clinical, swift and perfectly conducted given the nature of his crimes. Can we not expect and demand the same for this devil who cold bloodedly killed so many of our people and remains remorseless to this day?? Can the media show better sense, not to mention sensitivity? There are still patients in our public hospitals being treated for injuries received during the bloody carnage – some may never walk, breathe or see normally ever again. And we want to fawn over their tormentor??


introspection said...

Will look out for you at NDTV. I have watched your Koffee with Karan show long time back. I think you were pretty new then.
Good luck, and I hope you won't be always politically correct on TV. Be your writer self; aggressive self or bitchy self, as that is your best avtaar. Nothing else comes even close.

The Slumdog shocker blew me away, I was hoping it was all cooked up. But I think such bad news is rarely wrong. Well, it's for her family, to guard her from harm, but here is the slum part. It's an ironical state of affairs.

Adnaan stuff is very boring. My only interest is what you wonder too: "But what continues to fascinate me is the power Adnan seems to have over a series of lovely, sexy, foxy ladies from assorted continents." I think he fascinates a certain type of women.

South Mumbai ki taraf dhyaan laga rahegaa, until the D day. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Yes, Kasab ko twisted hero bana hi diyaa. It's frustrating the way media goes on and on about such things. I swear it is as frustrating as the desi politicians of India. Some thing's got to be done about this 'mad mad media'. I think joota can do the trick here. I do hope that some one starts the joota pheko andolan against the media persons soon.

good night.

muthu said...

k. will watch out 4 you in NDTV Ms.De. Arguments in NDTV are the best. Did you see We the people last sunday, relating whether God men and politics go together. It was quite interesting.

The subject of being used and thrown away like a tissue paper though in parts is true, it is not so in entirety. Children are illegally adopted, sold and molested in many slums in our country and little Rubaina had a even more bitter end of the stick for her as she has become quite a famous face today.

haha.... I love adnan sami's bheegi bheegi raathan maein and i never thought him to be the Casanova you are depicting him to be. Man I myself need a few lessons in the courting department. May be it's not too late, I should approach him for a quick lesson or something. :)

It's good to know people are discussing candidates in such a public manner. Hopefully this election will turn out to be a positive mile stone.

Independent media was created to keep the public informed about the true state of things but when the same in dependency back fires when people like kasab are glorified to sell a few news papers, one wonders, are there really any ethics in media.......

Zlaek said...

The whole Qasab thing is such a mess!

Adnan's case is.. WEIRD. And frankly, i dont think the public cares.

Looking forward to seeing u on ndtv.

Riaz-NJ said...

Hope someone posts ndtv show in you tube. I like N Ram.

Anonymous said...

"Aware" should form a new party, leader, agenda and select candidates for next elections and start the tour.
Talking directly with people is always good.

pooja raathore said...

Dear SD,
I liked your article no english plzzz...i agree with you indian junta get there fundas right in the know you share one important thing common with our country sunsign india sunsign is capricorn .I agree with your views on kasab. will watch your show on NDTV.

Scarlett said...

On the Rubaina controversy & whether she & the other kid, Azhar, have been used by Boyle & Co. - I don't think they have been used. I recently read that Boyle has made a new investment worth $37mn in the name of the two kids, from the profit of the movies. But Rubaina's parents are upset that the movie hasnt done much for them, i.e., the parents. I don't know what more Boyle can do for the kids, short of taking them away from their parents for their upbringing.

athi said...

Adnan ki toh nikal padi hai :P

Elections seem to be ruling the day. Everyone has something to say and that's great, isn't it? Finally we have people talking, hopefully in later times we’ll have them taking lead or being genuinely concerned. Cheers to good times :)

Anonymous said...

sad day.sad country.sad feelings. father bargaining for daughter.
terrorist made 'cutie' by self-thumping media.
wife-fight over a celebrity husband...
election not conducted on issues bu regionalism and pseudo-secularism...
India is rightly said to be on 'raam-bharose'-

Theyoginme said...

Shobhaa will NDTV put this on Youtube or their own version of Yusomething... Not everyone in amrika has Dish Network service but I would love to watch if its on the net.

Tomorrow I go on fight of my life at a hearing in the Oregon Legislature and will testify for changing antiquated laws that are not in the best interest of children. There is strong opposition, status quo, mulla ($$) special interest group. It will be a test of this new Ohbama wave of change, or the usual chalta hey attitude. I have been inspired by your blog and Mr. Bachchan's blog to stand up and fight

kala said...

Exalted names. Well, the same names go on round and round to sell the programmes and increase the TRPs. Why not some aam admi, a fresh independent candidate without already known stances? It seems we cant live without irritating celebrity names coming through every nook and corner whether they are from the media, politics or movies.
Rubaina is becoming another Freida Pinto in the making. What is so shocking about it?

Rajlakshmi said...

will try to catch up with NDTV...
better minus sensitivity and add sensational with the word Media...

I would agree with your point on execution of Qasab... can't it be quick and without any Movie-like drama... cute looks!!! .. my foot!!! he's is a Murderer ... and that should explain everything...

rashmi said...

I have seen Adnan's spoilt brat of a wife on NDTV.She is the daughter of a rich businessman ( Galadari) from Dubai.
I for one, cannot begin to fathom why she married Adnan in the first place.
She sounded very condescensing about Indian courts.If living away from her "home" country is so traumatic for her, why does she not pack her bags and go back?What is the need to go to court and wash all her dirty linen in public?
If her grouse is his "friendship" with Pooja Bedi,I am sure it's no big deal in the UAE.Then why make such a fuss here?
I think she is looking to leave India, but wants her 15 minutes of fame.
I wish our courts would take a quick decision and allow her to go wherever she wants...

rajat said...

Qasab a cutie...Ask those who lost their loved ones. They would like to make Qasab a "CUTE HIJDA" with a not so sharp knife.

THE HINDU dharam is weakest of all religion.

I would suggest any MEDIA PERSON who take this liberty to call a monster like Qasab a CUTIE to be thrashed in public. And let him lick the same unwashed knife which was used on Qasab...

Then that journalist/anchor will know for sure how cute and sweet he is.

rajat said...

Saddam Hussain was killed not for his crimes but because he decided to stand up against bullying behaviour of Americans.

Unless someone can bring that monkey Bush out of Texas ranch and put him behind bars or along with a chimp in a zoo for the rest of his life only then killing of Saddam Hussain will have more meaning.

At present it's SELECTIVE PUNISHMENT. Jiski laathi usi ki bhans.

Our prime minister Manmohan Singh never hesitated to lick Bush's feet whenever he got chance.

Amita said...

thanks to those page 3 liberals, all paki terrorists become cuties and NaMo becomes chauvinist.

Gajendra said...

"the anil kapoor syndrome", hehehe...good one.

"strike rate" are good.

Regarding the qasab matter, yeah, I have a feeling we will be the laughing stock of the entire world.

Birdy said...

I think media is culprit in making bad things look glamarous..considering Qasab case all the attention its gaining it seems there are no better things to follow..I dont understand why the case shall have so many complication as to defence lawyer getting changed..when everything is crystal clear why not hang the accused.. How can we maintain such a leninent attitude and let the judical process go at such a slow pace.with full media coverage who is all set to turn the convict into hero..

SSQuo said...

What do you think about the operation conducted by the UK journalists in trying to get Rubinas dad to 'sell' her?

*Aham* said...

Rubina's story is sleazy. I assume this is something done by teh family and the press to be in news. I wonder why so much focus on Rubina. There was this older girl tanvi who played the adolescent version of latika, just because she is convent educated, not in any slum, she doesnt get any media attention.

I bet, she would be more famous than the freida's of the world if she decides to take on the path of cinema...

But ki karaa, in dailies and tabloids... poverty is definitely more sexier than the nouveau riche.


Adnan, lift kara de and drop kara de... and i was zapped to find pooja bedi, i mean, pooja bedi be in this drama. I remember her to be bold and dumb during her kamasutra advert days. Then i thought motherhood made her wiser. But now, post the contractor and the habib's of her life... SAMI was least expected.

I believe there couldnt be smoke without fire. But what the media needs to realize is that it no longer intrests the average joe reader to read about celeb link ups and break ups. Following shockers like Aamirs and the Saif's... and recently the pesticide infested Roshan... we have kind of taken it as granted that "long lasting" marriage is a myth. i can understand difference of opinion... and moving off amicably. But its always a new chick or chicken that rocks teh marriage. Abhi toh... bahut ho chuka... it doesnt interest the average user any more. And it is definitely not sensational.

I wouldnt fall off teh roof if i hear that gauri and shahrukh have broken up and so have juhi and jai mehta... because they are Shahrukh and juhi are playing yours mine and ours.

South mumbai! sachii you bet... milind screwed up all my faith and invited my wrath by getting Animal Abuser, Woman beater, Pavement Dweller killer Salman khan.

It is shameless. Absolutely Shameless of salman to walk on our streets with no remorse. And salman supporters! yes, he has engaged in social service. He has contributed to organizations like Make A Wish foundation... He is the one who actually started the trend of charging money for appearances of which all other actor log are reaping benefits of... but does that make him a messiah? Will you forget that the animals he killed have contributed to the ecological damage, and have affected the ecological cycle... ? would you put him in a pedestal even if it was your brother lying in that road under his wheels???

He has been singled out because of his celeb status??? let me remind you! Alister pereira is behind bars... salman khan is still out at large.


Priya dutt and sanjay dutt.. lehh... this is a ploy by samajwadi party and congress... to cry fowl.. to fight and then grab votes basis hate... later join hands and enjoy coalition politics. Priya is sensible and she has maintained her dignity. Sanjay... he is just dumb. i wouldnt want such a dumb politician.


Tony???? yeh kaun hai De?

Meera! Day by day, my confidence on her is increasing. Thanks to your blog that got me introduced to her.

You know, she is meeting gays this saturday to discuss sexual minority issues... thats so cool. As i said earlier, she is very open about her support to the LGBT community... She isnt disguising it under the "hiv should be controlled, hence legalize homosexuality" stance. She is clear. "Equal Rights" "Decriminalization"


Let the drama of Qusab end. We cannot have such negative energy languishing in our jails. He is terribly indoctrinated.

i have played an active role in telecounselling and e-counselling during and after the attacks and i can quite understand teh pain of the affected.

But I also believe that such many Qusabs would be breeding in our country too. I also believe that qusab is actually not a bad person, it is the brainwash that he has undergone that has made him what he is ... a terrible monster.

I appeal, Execute him. there is no way that popular public opinion will be to cure him. So kill him fast. Quick. Lets not seek sensationalism and sadistic pleasure. Lets not ape him. Let him be executed.

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