Saturday, April 25, 2009

Link to Asia Spa Diva

Frankly speaking, I am both - deeply embarrassed and a little tickled - by this clip. But what the hell.

Oh, the birthday bash turned out to be a total let down!! I reached just as 'God Save the Queen' was ending, and restless natives were straining at the leash to attack the bar. As it turned out, the bar had already run dry, and the booze was sponsored! Worse, The sponsor, Vijay Mallya himself, was running out to make that flight to Bahrain (Formula One) to cheer his drivers. His IPL team (at that very moment) , was playing in Durban, South Africa and getting thrashed. But Vijay was pretty cool on that front. We ran out swiftly ourselves and headed to 'Wink' at President Hotel for a decent drink and some wholesome food. We got both. Chef Anando has really stepped up the blah cuisine at the popular Trattoria. I enjoyed my lamb shank, my husband tucked into a scrumptious duck and our daughter Anandita polished off the Kobe steak. I went to bed staring at the ceiling, thinking of the Queen.


A Jhakaas of A Yuckker(A.J.A.Y) said...

Shobaa Aunty, dunnno why I am here?
'Babe-Watch' in TOI abt a month back was awesome.

But nothing can beat this

I guess you must have read it by now.

If you have slightest of interest in cricket and a little more belief in the power of words you ought to be there.

In fact the guess game is on about the author. And you are one of my personal suspect esp after Babe-Watch.

Whatever, just go there once.

Priyadarshini Karanjai said...

if you have it flaunt it and you definately have it!

cmpershad said...

"restless natives were straining at the leash to attack the bar"
Now you know hou thirsty our NATIVES are!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Your book "Superstar India" has inspired me to write a blog in the first place!!
In the simplest of senses...YOU ROCK!!!!
Plus, I'd like to know whether you are working on another book. I'm really sorry for asking this question in spite of knowing that you despise talking about your work in progress!! curious me!! ^_^

pooja raathore said...

Dear Spa Diva,
YOu look strunning...i am very happy for you..God bless you!

Ms.R. said...

Youtube and your tagline seems to be the same I guess...

Broadcast Yourself

kala said...

Is Mallya really cool? He thinks his players are horses. I saw how SRK, Shilpa, Preity, Ambani were there for their teams. Losing is not cool for the players. Spa Diva is for starry eyed teenagers. Not for cynics like me. It seems they wanted publicity and what better way than choosing you? You are a Diva anyhow, but definitely not a Spa diva. Your heart is good and thats what matters most.

Anonymous said...


Theyoginme said...

Shobhaa I saw some acro yoga happening in the background..Have you been to Soukya? Have you given a shot at those poses I suggested? I still owe those videos.. on my list, but I have been busy with my own battles against corrupt special interests. The article on Mallika Sarabhai was great.

Shaunak said...

Yoga's definitely the thing to do when it comes to relaxing. Shavasan's proven that to me. Too bad my belly disagrees for the other asanas.

Live life kingsize with Queens said...

shobhaa ,are u on good terms with all the actors/actresses you called out in the rapid fire round....just kidding....[:p]
I just wanna know how people from the film fraternity react,after reading your honest opinion about them??

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