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KJO and S.DE unplugged in GQ


SELL: She’s got India’s most outspoken mouth and she’s not afraid to use it. Best selling author and columnist Shobhaa De talks about why good-looking men are the most boring, why Mumbai socialites make her laugh, and why real men don’t cheat on their wives.

Shobhaa De and I have been bumping into each other at parties and events for over a decade, and when we chat, it’s invariably an energizing conversation. She has a perspective that’s youthful, and is always brilliantly honest and brave. She’s the kind of person you either adore or loathe, but there’s no way you can ignore her. She’s out there with her comments, and has an opinion on everything. I love that about her because people without opinions scare me. It’s also why she’s one of the most feared commentators in the country. She isn’t afraid about taking anyone on, and speaking her mind. The interview took place in my office and ended up being an absorbing discussion about modern marriages in India, Bollywood and society in general. I had interviewed Shobhaa for my television show in the past, but I thought she was a little guarded in front of the camera. At the end of the day, Shobhaa’s domain is the world of print, and the GQ interview format allows us to exist in the space she most thrives in. There’s no question that her piquant personality comes across in this conversation.

Karan Johar: Your opinion on John Abraham’s butt, Shobhaa?
Shobhaa De: I’m waiting to see it in your film [Dostana]. There’s a lot of anticipation. There is a lot riding on his butt, let’s put it that way. And I am sure he knows it, too.
Who else’s butt excites you? Do you think men in India have nice-looking butts?
Are there interesting men in India to start with? We’ll get to their butts later.
You tell me, you’re the authority.
Frankly, the answer is no. In fact, men don’t interest me, generally speaking.
A good conversation stimulates you more?
But it’s hard to come by. And frighteningly good-looking men are generally pretty boring because it’s all about them and how wonderful they are. It’s a kind of narcissism. I’m sure it goes both ways – I’m sure men find that about women as well. But I’ve met a lot of smashing women, really gorgeous women who are not boring, not one-dimensional, not full of themselves. Most good-looking men are all about “Aren’t I the prettiest?”
We associate vanity very strongly with women.
Men are much more vain.
Maybe the ones who are really good-looking stand out much more because they’re rarer.
That only happens for homo sapiens. Whether it’s four-legged creatures or birds, it’s always the male of the species that’s much better-looking because the courtship rituals are very different, and I don’t see why that doesn’t work for us. It should, actually. Men should just be trying that much harder to grab our attention and, in this century, to be able to grab an interesting woman’s attention takes much more than a great-looking butt. So I hope John knows that.
You’re a columnist, an author, an opinion-maker. Have you ever taken off these hats and found out who you really are?
I’ve always known who I am, and I’m all of this. I can’t separate myself and don’t see the need to. It’s like I’ve been marinated in a certain discipline and it’s been mine for over 40 years. I must have emerged from my mother’s womb with a pen in my hand because I’ve always written for self-expression. I found my diaries from when I was 12 and 14 – tiny little plastic diaries – and all the entries are always an opinion. It’s never about, “Oh, that boy didn’t wish me today”, or “I’m crying because my sister pinched my cheeks”.
So not the regular day-to-day girly problems.
Not at all. First of all, the diaries are not girly – the entries are very gender-neutral. Generally it’s an observation, it’s about something I’ve seen on the street or a movie or a person I’ve met . They are acutely observed comments. So it was always there. I don’t think there is any other me. This is it. I cannot be separated from my writing. Don’t wish to be…
Are you saying you were born opinionated?
Yeah, I think my entire family was. Maybe the rest of them don’t get paid for their opinions but when we all get together…
Sounds like a very scary evening.
It’s the best! It’s the most fun because it’s always about bouncing observations, bouncing comments off each other. It’s a very articulate family, and now I see it in my children and that’s getting… well, it’s like there are too many of us with all these opinions going back and forth – but it keeps us on our toes.
Do you sometimes feel compelled to be opinionated about things?
No, never.
Do you let something just pass by without having a thought about it?
Very rarely. Everything registers.

Do you have to deliver an opinion on every occasion?
It’s not that I have to deliver. I do deliver. There’s no compulsion.

But do you get stuck in a loop, because that’s what’s expected of you?
I never perform, I don’t have to. I don’t need to pander. I say what I passionately feel at that moment if I feel like saying it …. or I don’t. In the presence of a much older person I would hold back an opinion because I think it’s very rude to challenge someone who is much older, even if I disagree violently.
Can you be objective?
There is no such thing as complete objectivity. All opinion is subjective by definition. A writer aims for objectivity to the extent that it’s possible. I don’t think absolute objectivity is either possible or desirable.
Sometimes the people you write about are the people you meet on a daily basis. How tough is that?
It’s not tough at all. People know what I stand for. I think over the years I have made it perfectly clear that my space as a columnist is sacred to me and I will not compromise –take it or leave it. If they don’t want to be my friends after that, it’s fine. I will not short change my readers or my credibility to favour a friend. If I’ve been unduly judgmental about or harsh to someone, and if at a later stage I’ve seen a different side to that person or seen quality being delivered, I have never hesitated in setting the record straight. My pen is not for sale!!
There’s so much focus on fashion and couture in the media today, it’s become a kind of mania. What’s your reaction to it?
I think what passes for Western fashion in India is a monumental joke. I think they’ve got it so wrong. It’s pathetically derivative. It’s nothing but borrowed high-street fashion with a bit of zardozi on it, and we grandly call it ‘fusion’. More confusion!
So are you silently laughing on the front row of a fashion show?
I stopped going ! But I’m laughing all the time when I see them in the papers. I was travelling to Delhi yesterday, and next to me was this very chic Japanese lady. We were looking through Mumbai Mirror and the coverage of one of those interchangeable Fashion Weeks. We stared at all these painted-up, Botox-ed, horrifying socialites with bows in their hair. And she said, “Why are these women all wearing teenage clubwear?” An 18-year-old girl clubbing in London or Paris would wear that stuff, not a 40-plus socialite.
Which 40-plus socialites are you talking about?
She was referring to pictures of Queenie Dhody, Malaika Arora and Nandita Mahtani. It was shocking how strangely dressed they were at that event. It may have been the top label du jour, but they did look comical. The exaggerated clown’s make-up, the lenses, the bleached hair, the artificiality of it all, with the clutch being held up in a certain way, so that the photographers can catch the brand. It is acutely embarrassing. It is tragic, and I wonder what happens when some of these perennial party girls go home and actually see themselves without all of that.
Maybe they think they’re looking lovely. Have you ever thought of that?
Of course they think they’re looking lovely. BUT does the rest of the world agree??
So who do you think is genuinely stylish?
You cannot be a stylish person if you’re a label slave. It’s not possible.
You believe that?
Absolutely. The silliest red carpet question is , “ Who are you wearing?”I believe style is about individuality and about having the courage to go against the tide and highlight your own personality, not represent someone else’s version of what they believe a fashionable woman or man should be.
So who is genuinely stylish in this country?
I don’t even like her, but I would say Sonia Gandhi. She has exquisite taste. She gets it right every time. She knows how to dress for the occasion; she knows how to glam up in a way that is completely appropriate for her position. She’s discreet. It’s this whole thing of less is more; we don’t understand that at all. We think more is more.
I’ve read your columns, and I think you genuinely believe that no one in Bollywood really gets their style right, on-screen or off.
They got it right in the Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Sixties. Those brocade cholis with just a hint of cleavage. It was just wonderful, classic diva dressing. The minute the girls got into frocks, it was the end because they can’t carry them off. Even if they turn size zero or minus or whatever, they cannot get it right.
I’m going to list a few names. Give me just one word.
We’re doing rapid fire now? Do I get a hamper at the end of the day?
You get a hug.
I’ll settle for a hamper and a hug.

Okay. I am just going to say the name and you give me your first thought, your general impression. So if I say Katrina Kaif, you would say…
English rose – and as boring.
Sonam Kapoor.
No sex appeal whatsoever.
Deepika Padukone.
Overrated and very average-looking. Any young girl from Brigade Road in Bangalore could give her a run for her money.

Kareena Kapoor.
Hot. She has it. She’s magic on screen. Four generations of talent showing.
Priyanka Chopra.
Very hot. Very intelligent eyes and a body language that is assertive and very today. She’s today’s girl.
Imran Khan.
He needs to trim his eyebrows, to start with. He’s a cutie, but without the mammu factor I don’t know whether he would have catapulted into the Rs 11 crore bracket with just that one film, which was okay. He registered because of the hype, but he could as easily un-register. He’s not the kind of personality that you say, “Oh wow, here’s a talent.” I’m not falling over backwards.
Ranbir Kapoor.
Technically, no looks. He looks goofy but because he’s so confident, so laid back and so easy in front of the camera I think the girls respond to him big time.
So who has impressed you recently in the world of entertainment?
Frankly, after Hrithik Roshan, no one. When he’s on screen, no one else exists.
Your daughter is getting married in December. Do you think there is a faithful man left in this world?
I know I am married to one, and for me that’s good enough. My father told me something which has stayed with me all my married life. He said it’s not a question of temptation. He said it was not that he did not find another woman (apart from my mother) attractive – that’s not possible – but even when he did have the opportunity and his wife would never have known, he believed his commitment to her was more important than whatever he was going to share with a stranger – that defined character… it also defined commitment to marriage. Any relationship outside marriage is not an option. I remind my children - if that is your level of commitment, then get into marriage. Otherwise, forget it.
And in the current scenario, do you think it’s impossible?
I don’t think so at all. I think it’s very possible. I think a lot of young people, particularly my daughter’s age group, have seen too many marriages collapsing around them. I hope and pray that she remains committed to marriage because I think that’s what it’s all about. It’s about believing enough in marriage to say, “OK, this is for me.”
It’s a battle sometimes.
It is. There are always going to be terrible patches, as there are with any close relationship, but I think the C-word is what the new generation needs to rediscover. And if you don’t believe strongly enough you don’t need to marry. In my time, society pressurized girls in particular to marry. It was the norm. No longer.
But you know many people believe that sexual infidelity doesn’t have to be considered infidelity.
What other kind of infidelity is there?
Love. Falling in love outside your marriage.
No. If you’re in love with your partner, then the question of cheating on your partner does not arise, whether it’s sexually, financially or emotionally. To me it’s 100 per cent – it’s all or nothing, and that’s the only way it can be.
And you’re not being over-optimistic believing that?
Perhaps I am.
But I know men who genuinely love their wives and still…
That’s not genuine love.
So you think if you can cheat on your wife sexually, that means that there is something lacking in your relationship?
Definitely. Well, you don’t care enough about that person. You don’t respect that person. The key word is respect. It’s not about being found out or not being found out, it’s about not wanting to do it in the first place.
What about the urge of the moment?
That’s about character. Of course you’re going to be attracted to someone or the other in your life, but what you do with that attraction is what separates the men from the boys.

Okay, say 10 men have the opportunity to cheat. Out of 10, how many wouldn’t take the bait?
Would not? One in ten. I’m being optimistic!

That’s the fidelity ratio?
Yes, it is. But we’re talking about a very elite class.
But it could be rampant in the middle class, the working class…
It’s happening there as well because the day women stepped out of their homes and into the work place the dynamics of family changed in India. After all, men are not having it off with another male colleague….well…. most of the time.
Well, of course they are.
They are, but most of the time I would say it’s with a female colleague. Women did not exist in the work place earlier.
But what’s your opinion of women who hang on with bad marriages because they feel they can’t leave their comfort zone?
I have very little respect for women like that because I think it’s a very selfish thing to do. You and I must know at least 200 women who hang in there because of the perks of being married to who they’re married to, and the comforts they’ve become accustomed to. My sympathy is often with guys who have found true love and want to move on honourably. They want to settle their wives, marry the ‘other woman’ and live the life that they feel they are missing out on.
But they have a sort of guilt hanging over them.
No. There’s a petty little woman at home who says ‘I will not give you a divorce’. Often, There are grown children who are begging their mother, saying, “Come on, you’re just being such a bitch… He’s going to be looking after you and us. It’s not about the money, it’s certainly not about us because we’re OK with dad taking an independent decision on this, so what are you being such a… female dog about?” But that’s how it is. And I think that’s horrible. Spiteful and nasty.
When you’re at a party, watching people mingling, air-kissing, chatting, the wives interested in others’ husbands, the husbands interested in others’ wives, the lovers floating around, gay men in denial, gay men married… This is pretty much the society we’re living in. When you see this happening, what do you think?
Thank God it’s there ! How boring life would be without these colourful creatures. It has never really touched or affected me. This whole nonsense of taking sides. I say I’m on the side of God and my family, and that’s where it begins and ends. I think what’s happening in our society right now is what F Scott Fitzgerald captured in The Great Gatsby. We need someone like him to chronicle this moment. It’s really about too much new money and decadence… and a very low level of moral standards in every aspect of life, whether it’s towards your spouse, your kids, or money or your colleagues or your business associates.
The fantastic thing is that we can stare at these people, go back and have a good laugh.
Or a good cry sometimes…
The two key words are entertainment and indifference to the social scene…?.
I have always been very detached. I’ve been the eternal insider who’s the ultimate outsider, so it’s suited me very well.


Remember guys, you asked for it. I hope it amuses you on a desperately dull and searingly hot sunday. One more joota attack . This time on Manmohan Singh in A'Bad. Sensibly, the P.M. ignored the shoe thrower.... so should we all.

53 comments: be filled in with bits and pieces as i go along said...

You truly are something else!

Heres hoping for more people like you and like Mr Johar in our part of the world!

obssesor said...

frankly loved the sarcasm and as for taking names, I'm glad you did...the back lash should definetely be worth it! Dont agree with Sonam kapoor but it was by far more interesting than diabetes inducing Karan Johar's sugar sweetness.vintage De.

muthu said...

i have always loved your attitude Ms.De.

positive attittude said...

great article..

himani said...

"My pen is not for sale"
Love this quote sooo much.

you are truly beautiful inside out =D

കിഷോർ‍:Kishor said...

Well done Shobha-ji..

Really enjoyed reading this conversation between two smart & savvy 'media-log'.

Anon said...

Wow dynamite! No more than dynamite its an wxplosion! Loved it cause I totally agree with you on so many issues. What you said about respect in a relationship really touched a chord with me. Been married close to 12 years & totally completely agree with what you say. You are rocking lady! Can't read enough of you. Thank you.

Sumit said...

Loved the humour and sarcasm. An entertaining interview nevertheless. I've always enjoyed reading and having such conversations.

Anonymous said...

I disagree wid you about men finding true love after marriage. Why did they marry then, if they were not sure? When they leave their wifes, they are breakin up a family. How is that okay? Isn't sticking wid the wife and hoping the emotion will pass a better option?

Christine said...
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vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

it was fab
i hv jus started following ur blog
& wid this post i cn really identify myself wid u

Christine said...

Hi Shobhaa. FINALLY someone who is completely honest about the “celebrity brigade”.. the entire article made for delightful reading.Your take on the Bollywood lot was bang one.esp. Kareena Kapoor who I truly believe has star appeal--- even her attitude is for real and sits so well on her persona.
But what took the cake was the comment on the peroxide blondes I follow this blog titled “high heel confidential” and its so amusing how the ladies have this particular stance just to show off their designer clutches to its best advantage!
The 2 celebreties who I feel dress their age and for the ocaasion( most of the time!) are Twinkle and Karisma…. They usually get it right! Thoughts?
Bravo again for speaking your mind… please never stop doing that!
Have a great week ahead.

Anonymous said...

Everyone i know this is lame asking,but i've just started writing my own blogs,can someone(PLZZZ Shobaa Jee)read and comment on it??would appreciate it!!It wud mean a lot..

Rhett said...

It was very nice to read that. Just loved that line abt any gurl off Brigades being twice as good as Deepika. How very very true!
They abound by the dozens here. Kohl lined eyes, white tee and blue jeans and hot as hell!
I so so think she's avg looking.

Sidhusaaheb said...

I agree with your take on the moral standards or rather the lack of such standards in today's India.

I also agree that commitment is the key to sustaining relationships.

Riaz-NJ said...

This is real pungent one! Presume one day, Sonia Gandhi will give you an interview (I doubt so) ? Her advisors will not let her to face you... Looking forward for that interview...!!!

Stillness Speaks said...

Bang on Ma'm. So agree with every word in this post. And your take on commitment and marriage. My thoughts exactly. Wish everyone thought like you!

Jogeshwar said...

you are an inspiration Ma'am, you are way too good, loved your opinions. 'The silliest red carpet question is , “ Who are you wearing?” ' very true, sytle is about individuality!

Nandini said...

I will have to agree with you word for word. Interesting conversation.

Page 3 snaps with people holding a glass in one hand & a clutch in the other,... it feels so routine & rehearsed! Who knows, maybe they badly need help..& are probably screaming from within...

Also, watching people walk down Brigade Road is refreshing, everyone out there seems to love & enjoy their existence.

kala said...

Sonia Gandhi at her age looks good any day than even Kareena Kapoor. It is all about how you choose what to wear. Ranbir is not Rishi Kapoor and Imraan has to prove himself. You are spot on on everything. Marriage blooms when you stress on mental compatibility. A little sympathy, a little love, a little understanding and a little sense of humour. Life is a drama where we play our parts while we reamain as audience as well. Ultimately, is it worth to be as outspoken and becoming enemy number one? They are all waiting to have that last laugh. A case to remember is Devyani Chaubal and what that the most famous actor said about her in one of his blogs. You may be the lucky one.

Gajendra said...

"Are there interesting men in India to start with?"
"That’s about character. Of course you’re going to be attracted to someone or the other in your life, but what you do with that attraction is what separates the men from the boys"

@Shobhaa: Firstly, YES there SHOULD be interesting men in india, or else it would be a paradox of nature..!!! Amalgam is natural and the norm. There are interesting men in india, you only have to look :) For being judmental on beauty, I would again recourse to darwin, its darwinian (quite natural). Survival of the fittest (beauty is another fit 'trait').

I think you are contradicting yourself when you ask whether there are any interesting men in india, and when you talk about the character separation of men and the boys.

But your interpretation of relationships and their inherent intricacies is commendable, we need such distinctions of the right and the wrong from great writers like you, so that the youngsters don't fall prey to neo-modernized stupid outside cultural influence.

krish said...

hi dear

Brutaly honest.........wish i learn a thing or 2 frm you .........



cmpershad said...

"But I’ve met a lot of smashing women, really gorgeous women who are not boring, not one-dimensional, not full of themselves."

krish said...

hi thr

can u psot the link for the ipl blog (you know the one i am asking for) babe...



Heeral (Nairobi) said...


completely agree with you about fidelity in marriage.
Btw no endorsement of tiger hill white wine this weekend?:) sorry had to add that after i read your post on kajus with Tiger hill.

Heeral (Nairobi) said...

Oh and since i'm so agreeable this morning have to say you were spot on with deepika's blandness, kareenas spunkiness and hrithiks deserved super stardom
But dont forget akshays blandness either who seems to having incredible good luck these days

*Aham* said...

WOW! this is fantabulous. But isnt a shocker for your regular blogdosts. I (we) know exactly how you think. and love you for what you are- truthful and Frank.

I appreciate the fact that you understand the genesis of the human mind. No opinion is Eternal. People change. And when the bad becomes good, or the good becomes bad, you no second thoughts about acknowledging that. :-)

So special is our online world and the relations we make online.
You are special. And you are family. And our pride.

Apna BlogDost hai beedu. Naturally Rapchik! :-)


Manmohan shoe throw... ohh! im just bored. What a silly way to protest.. And that too imported idea. Why cant there be better constructive innovative ways.. huhhh! Good the media didnt put the show-thrower on a pedestal and interview them... Thank god!

It was teh show-thrower grabbing attention.. I wouldnt be shocked if in near future, we have Joota-Maari "fixed" by political parties themselves to gain popularity.

Why was this idiot shoe thrower set free??? he should have been arrested! Isnt it...

Is this an act of gandhigiri by manmohan... if so.. it will definitely encourage many more joota maari in parliament.

Roshni said...

It was awesome reading this blog!Thank you mam.

kala said...

There is a petty woman who wont give divorce. Rightly so. There is something called commitment. Commitment to your wife and child. Suddenly the woman becomes petty for demanding commitment. And the ungrateful children also support the divorce because the father promised support in financial terms. And the nurturing mother becomes a Rakshasi for all of them. True love! Another name to cover up adultery. Comfort zone is not only about perks. The men themselves want to have the cake and eat it too in most cases. There is nothing wrong to spite your husband if he finds a true love suddenly. If both decide to part ways, that is good. But if one partner wants to hang on. Let him or her hang on and make the runaway partner's life as miserable as possible. That will be the price to be paid for being unfaithful.

Priyadarshini Karanjai said...

No one as good as you... pretty woman!

*KHUSHI* said...

Wohaa.....!!! Shobhaaji, aapne to jaise itt ka jawaab patthar se diya hai... love to read ur all articals...

pooja raathore said...

Dear SD,
Happy Akshaya trithya! I remember one line from speed post i.e "never ever abuse trust" it will always remain with me. you are my favourite bcoz you are clean and clear from mind , heart, soul and spirit.

Maddy said...

Thanks for sharing this Shobha.

I am wondering what will you write if you have to write Speedpost-2.

Dost...A suggestion....Why do you still need word verification( for us to comment).Will you please remove that setting!

The Dreamologist said...

delightful read! And a huge thank you for being who you are!

mystiquedew said...

Me-thinks its very easy to be self righteous and sanctimonious when one has everything!

Sometimes the title criticism is jus' a veneer for meanness

p:s: How come the pen was very generous to a certain reporter? Especially wen people wid lesser faux pas have been shredded worse..

P:s:2: Bingo on all the actresses..except Kareena, the only Kareena I could handle was on Omkara. Otherwise she is equally overrated

Anil Kumar said...

Four generation of talent in Kareena...

Was that a sarcastic joke or you really felt that way??

If you ask me she is a "chusa hua mango" squeezed by too many men and before it starts to smell really should be buried in ground. Kapoor khandaan ki naak buch jaayegi...whatever was left of that nose.

I was little surprised about your views on divorce and moving on for true love.

What you call true love is actually LUST. This LUST is ignited by your friends in TV media.

Will you ever beat the shit out of people in TV media ...or BIRADAEI waalon ko sub maaf hai??

Let's see what your pen says about it.

Bindu Nayar said...

Ooopps the think Kareena is hot..she is over-rated to the brink...

Sameer said...

Liked the article except Kareena comments. I think she is extremely overrated as well and seems to be full of attitude.

On other note, Karan always mentioned about gays, male body, John's butts. I would have liked to see your (and may be) Karan's take on changing gay scene in India, progressive attitudes etc. May be one day you will be able to help Karan come out of closet. I know there is lot at stake for him, but we need someone from celebrity status to come out to ease the way for others.

Sanket Korgaonkar said...

I'm sorry - was there a point to any of it?? Most of it made me puke.

First of all from his questions Karan Johar has fundamentally proven himself to be a fraction of a Man. I'd rather read an interview you did with Karan Thapar. You wanna know sexy smart - thats Karan Thapar. So first of hang out with the right Karan.

Second of all - Opinions should be made on issues not people - and with the aim of generating honest statesmanship through debate. Else its a soap-opera hour - just drama - nothing else.

On one hand you seem to (and this is a big SEEM) emphasize importance of Character, yet when asked about people, your opinions are so superficial. I think Sonam Kapoor is sexy - but thats not my concern - my concern is - may be this woman has a good bone in her body and does some good for society - have you guys cared to find out??

As to the rich-high class society, it seems their moral compass is so F*ed up they wont be able to call east on a rising sun.

I believe you have the ability to articulate a thought very well - and I equally believe you are wasting that talent by surrounding yourself with wrong people.

When was the last time you travelled in a second class train compartment? Or stood in line to get something done??

Character - you seek - is forged from adversity. I don't loathe morally eroded people who were born with plenty - or who haven't had to struggle. It comes from hardships.

Honesty, Integrity, Fidelity are the only treasures of a lot of ordinary people. As to anyone who is in confusion about what makes a good Man, I suggest you read Rudyard Kipling's 'IF'

I have travelled the world - and I can tell you that a pinot grigio might be good with a meal. But it can never rival the sweetness of my local chai.

It doesn't lie in the beverage itself, its embedded in the generosity of the $10 a day - chaiwala saying - "Babu itna time ke baad videsh se aaya tum - tumhare liye FREE!!"

Stop looking in the wrong places!!!

B.G. Sanford said...

Wonderful interview! Shobhaa, you are truely your own person. I truely enjoyed it.
While I'm here, if I may, I'd like to promote my book, "Beth:Love Along The Way...By B.G.Sanford" and just released by Eloquent Books. It deals to a degree with the subject matter of this interview. It's a beautiful romance, however tragic. A love affair of a lifetime presents itself to Beth during some of the darkest times of her life. She struggles with what to do, knowing fully, what would be morally right. Because of the very substance of this book, it can't be considered "lightweight" by any stretch of the imagination. I hope you get the opportunity to read it as it's an entertaining story that you won't soon forget.
All my best,

Anil Kumar said...

Not the topic to discuss but KKR LOST again...

It was a SLAP IN THE FACE OF bollywood clown who was poking his nose at established cricketers as if it's stage play.

Wonder what NDTV will do now with their partnership with Shahrruk Khand. But I never understood the NDTV bastards of why his views were important on cricketing matters. They all should be nailed from behind. Ajay Jadeja is doing a good job and no more clowns please...Are you listening Prannoy Roy.

I hope you don't have arrogance from your GERMAN mother??

And what happened to 4 captains theory...Did it crash the moment plane touch down in south Africa??

I still have sympathy for Bhookha Naan though.

Anil Kumar said...

Coming back to butts and effects of butts.

It's a universal truth and established fact that our democracy is like Barkha Dutt's butt. I think majority of people accept that. It's in bad shape and need some sacrifice and reforms to bring it to an acceptable state.

From what I gather on this blog Karan Johar is a GAY. I will be fine if he does not come out openly. Those who want to PROMOTE BUTT culture (Karan Johar Ishtyle) in India in the name of their rights forget one IMPORTANT aspect of it which is SCARY.
The abject poverty of this country will make millions of poor men/kids vulnerable to lots of newly created gays when media people start discussing about GAYS. This behaviour will erupt many fold if discussed openly.

At this time it is still a small minority who are NATURALLY GAY. I do hear they do suffer at times but if this evil is kept under carpet then these same GAY people will be doing a great service to million of poors at their expense.

Any discussion on Butt and it's side effects must be one on one and WITHOUT CAMERA until our democracy is mature enough and poverty is not so naked.

I hope NDTV MORONS are listening.

Gajendra said...


About all the film stars,
I disagree with you, sonam is a sweet little darling :), deepika IS beautiful. But I totally agree with you on imran khan and ranbir, hehehe.....goofy, yeah absolutely correct, I used to wonder what the fuss is all about, he looks quite ordinary. Hrithik has a commanding presence.

Banu said...

Dear Mrs.De,

Tat was a superb interview. I would like to say that u are my source of inspiration for having a individual opinion on anything. Thanks for posting it in ur blogs.


introspection said...

The truth is that this interview is a lot of nonsense...! Karan johar : who cares about him...You should not interview with him, but again your problem is you wanna be visible at any cost. That takes away from your writing forces. But I guess your urge for visible fame is too tempting. You can be way above this silly bollywood rapid round tamasha's. alas..!

Comments (some of them at least) are so pathetic, they need to see the real world around them instead of using up bytes and bytes of WWW for just repeating same abusive words. Ironical. I wish such abusive (vocabulary) men would put their energies to better use.

Your posts minus bollywood are so much better.

BTW, Good luck to your daughter & Congratulations for her December wedding. I hope she has your spark, would be great to know more about her & her fiance'. Pls do a post on them...!!

athi said...

Interesting read!

So agree with your thoughts on Deepika. She has a horrible nose.

And totally believe in the commitment word. You can be in only one relationship at a time. said...

shobha ji good aapke chahne wale bahut hai achha hai

glamourous_gal said...

ok....i agree a very good interview! fun read! but my personal opinion....u r a tad bit 'too' much opinionated. talking bout kat sonam imran n esp deepika like that is kinda bitchy n vicious! that was way too personal. i mean u wouldn't like if some1 talked bout u or yr daughters lyk that!
other than this 1 aspect i liked d interview a lot!

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Unknown said...

Listen ms sobha you r not good looking that does not means deepika and sonam are not i think they r very beautiful and hot and will be future of bollywood

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