Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sita Sena. Join now. Speak up!!

This is the beauty and the power of blogs. I read the reports of fresh attacks on women in Bangalore and felt sickened. This has to STOP ! I said to myself . The idea of launching a Sita Sena to counter the Ravanas in our midst came to me in a flash. I communicated it to my dear, dear blogdost Aham, who immediately swung into action and created a site. His plan is to congregate at the Gateway of India on March 8th, International Women's Day, and raise awareness, but even more importantly raise voices against this abominable trend. Harish needs volunteers. As of now, there is no specific agenda but to communicate the idea to as many like- minded people as possible. It has to be peaceful and it has to be strong. Nobody should take law into their own hands or respond via violence\abuse. But a plan of action has to be formulated urgently. Perhaps an SOS line? Women who find themselves in that demeaning situation, outnumbered by men hell bent on humiliating them and ignored by the police, must be in a position to alert others who can rush to the trouble spot and help them. I would greatly appreciate suggestions - practical ones - that are easy to implement in an emergency. Spread the word. Get as many men as possible to join up and extend their solidarity. If we let these assaults go without articulating our anger, the Mangalore\Bangalore model will catch on in other metros. And soon we will have several Kabuls sprouting up all over India. Shame the men. Show your contempt. Speak up!!


Sidhusaaheb said...

Thinking of another name should be in order, first of all.

The name suggested in the title doesn't go too well with tanking up on booze, I suppose.

To be fair, the name the other party is using doesn't go too well with beating up women either, even if they were tanking up on booze when the attack took place.

Best wishes for the venture, anyway!


Serendipity said...

An SOS line is a great idea - thers already one for children 1098 i think.

Should check on if there is one that already exists. And, A Facebook community wil spread the word..far and wide. However, objectives of said initiative need to be outlined clearly, else will be stuck with thousands who'll turn up, with no defining voice.

There's a lot that can be done certainly. I volunteer, for any actionable cause that this initiative works towards.

Could also look at volunteers to counsel/ set up a unit for counselling women who have undergone torture/assault since the post period is often the most traumatic.

Harish said...

Thank you so much BlogDost De.

Guys I would be at Gateway of India on 08 March 2009 in my shortest shorts...

Would anyone like to join me?

yes, there is no agenda as of now, just thought of being present in my shortest shorts... and probably carry a placard saying.. "Im Obscene. HIT ME TOO"

we men getaway with everything... i love John Abraham, but his arse could get away but not the bosoms in screen... men could wear lungis and showcase their 3/4th naked body... but women cant wear mini's... why?

smiles :)
Aham (alias Harish)

Anonymous said...

. . . and invite your dear friend Raj Thackeray to lead us!
Here's our "brave" madam defending Raj Thackeray:

Shobhaa De said...

What's with the Raj Thackeray rubbish that this space is cluttered with ? Please go ahead and watch the interview. I stand by every word. It has nothing to do with my being a 'supporter' of Raj Thackeray... or anybody else, for that matter. I have always been a fiercely independent voice. I do not align myself to anybody, least of all a politician. I say what I believe in regardless of other compulsions. I am proud of the interview. Go ahead and publicise it as much as you want to.

Anonymous said...

Some suggestions -

Let us first find out/counsel why our policemen are so demotivated to be up in arms against such goondagiri. Let us equip our policemen, starting from our constables with 'bloody' ammunition, and lathi does not
qualify to be called a 'weapon'. We need the policemen to know that they are the custodians of law and that we need them, any city needs them. They are the only poeple we can turn to when crimed upon. They may not be drawing salaries commensurate to software engineers, but these engineers will never command the respect their uniform does. Our city needs honest, motivated, committed policemen. Policemen are important poeple, they need to be made aware of their importance. They should know the responsibility of being custodians of law and order, they shoulder.

Let us urge our women to carry pepper spray, or any sort of self defence (even a deo)

Let us spread awareness of such incidents among the common men. Let us tell them what to do as bystanders in the event of witnessing such incidents. Being muted, passive bystanders is not acceptable - their wives, sisters, girlfriends, friends could be the next targets.

- DK

Rajesh said...

Hello Shobhaa...

Your idea is good... but calling Mangalore\Bangalore as a model for such things is really absurd... Bangalore has never stood for such things.... might be some goons or thugs have done it... so don't paint the city with the same color... Bangalore is always cosmo and it will be need to understand that goons and thugs are everywhere...

Rajesh R

Harish said...

dear DK,

suggestions are plenty.

the whole issue is that we expect that others should take the step a

kindly start the initiative world will join you.

smiles :)

Anonymous said...

[] you MUST read this post because it's humourous and really well put.

Balvinder Balli said...

A good idea but why use another great name. Some of them have already been tarnished by these self styled Senas

Harish said...

thats the point balwinder...

we are not tarnishing the name of the women... but protecting women.

a symbol of purity...our women. this name just fits in best... we opine so.

Inexplicably said...

I beg to differ Shobha and I am a woman. I do not think this would be good way to fight out the menace thought my instant gut reaction to the idea is "YESSS! Lets give it to them".

But its going to blow back in our face. Nothing is ever achieved by going on the defensive. If at all lets plan an office. I shrewdly calculated, emotionless, foolproof plan. Something that even the low middle class, Delhi6 kind of ladies could also identify and support.

When I first read about the Pink Chaddhi stuff I was aghast. I could imagine a more intelligent man than Mr Muthalik is ( can i be sued for libel ?) to be delighted by this response. Because what the campaign would do will be to shock and antagonize the cliched middle class family values. Exactly what the Ram Sena guys wish for.

I thought he would collect the panties and do a press conference to thank the 'loose and pub going women' and then donate them to a women's cause NGO. That would have made him a small time 'gulli' hero. But he just blew it up ( thank god) and said he would sue and beat and burn etc. LOL

I do not know if I am making my point ? Lets get a group together and lets get a non controversial, non religious name. Then lets get on our side the people who matter and those who have a louder voice. Film Stars, Lawyers, Shobha De, The President, Mayawati ? Do you get the drift ?

Lets get good PR and if we want to rouse emotion lets plan it well and in plan in advance. Though I love my drink, I'd also suggest not to make the drink the bone of contention.

The idea is to bring out the real regressive, villanious face of these new age 'Rams' to the 'real' Janta of this country - the middle class. An elitist battle for the right to go to pubs may not be easily won.

Inexplicably said...

Oops ! Too many wrong spellings in my over excitement ! Just what I am preaching against. I do hope you will understand my comment despite the spellos !!

Pl read, "If at all lets plan an "Offensive" indstead of "office"!!

Kush said...

W.r.t. the Raj Thackerey interview: I did visit that page on behest of this poor "virtual ghost" and saw the interview and De must have if not more, at least twice, said clearly that she does not endorse Thackerey. She said that she can understand that Thackerey is exploiting what clearly is a dissapointment of the locals.

Anonymous said...

(Karan Thapar: Shobha De, a Bombayite or a Mumbaikar?
Shobhaa De: I am an Indian.
Karan Thapar: You are ducking the question.
Shobhaa De: No, I am Indian, first and last.)

Are you sure? Are you really an “Indian, first and last”?
Then why are you worried that people from UP & Bihar may have pushed Maharashtrians out of Mumbai (despite the facts & figures quoted by Karan Thapar & despite the fact)? Why are you so concerned that you cannot hear Marathi in Mumbai?
(Karan Thapar: Another issue that Raj Thackeray has raised in a big way is that Grade 3 and Grade 4 jobs – particularly because they don’t require specific education qualifications – should be given to local people of Maharashtra rather than finding recruits from other states. Do you agree with that?
Shobhaa De: I agree with that. Because very state seems to follow that policy and issues are raised. It seems to be just Maharashtra where the last people to get those jobs seem to be Maharashtrians.
Karan Thapar: Tata Institute of Social Sciences points out that between 75 to 90 per cent jobs in organised industry in Maharashtra are held by Maharashtrians. In fact, in the important construction industry, where you have the single largest component of daily wage labour, the figure is as high as 65 per cent. So facts suggest that Raj Thackeray’s concerns are not borne out.
Shobhaa De: But if you go to any construction site, chances are people on those sites – I passed five myself on way to the interview – there’s not a single Maharashtrian in sight.
Karan Thapar: Isn’t that a false impression? Facts suggest 80 to 90 per cent jobs are held by Marathis. You may not notice them.
Shobhaa De: You don’t hear Marathi in Mumbai anymore. You just don’t hear it. You try and ask for directions – stop anyone on the road – and chances are they’ll say we have no idea because we’ve come from UP or Bihar or wherever. Where are the Maharashtrians? Have they been pushed out? )
Why are you worried what the world will think of Raj Thackeray? (“Being a Maharashtrian myself, it’s distressing to see what the general audience – internationally and locally – make of this.”)

Why do you say: “when someone does speak up he is dubbed communal”?
Why do you say: “it’s the pride of Maharashtra that’s at stake”?

Maybe you don’t realize (as any unbiased viewer/reader would ) that all the above amounts to supporting Raj Thackeray! Or maybe you do realize that but you lack the honest courage to admit that!

Inexplicably said...

Renuka Chowdhary is the ideal person to lead this initiative. Even in her official capacity she needs to ! If we can quickly draw up a list of 10 firebrand ladies who will stand up and speak lets then lets approach them to condemn the Taliban Sena. It will take a well written e mail to Aaj Tak, India TV, NDTV and the rest to get them going on the 'story'. The agitation that gets reported on the front pages is the loudest agitation of at all.

But if the guy is smart he will go on about the alchohol issue. Now if some smart journo was to get him talking about his views on things like working women, western clothes, equal rights etc...that should give us a poten salvo !

Your site keeps asking for word verification since it does not recognise me ! Pl can you introduce us !

Zlaek said...

Ma'am, who are we kidding?

What's going on??

YOU SAY we must offer practical suggestions.... and work on em?

Don't we deserve to spend our own time the way we like?

Talking about acting responsible and all that...... WE HAVE CHOSEN PEOPLE OUT THERE FOR THIS WORK.... AND THEY'VE ACCEPTED IT.

Our job is to live free and do our little bit as persons belonging to our land. We have families, we have exams, our own lives waiting to be shaped and lived.

I don't mean we can turn a blind eye to this--

Only it HURTS when all our creativity is wasted in joining broken peices rather than constructing something.

*Aham* must realize he doesn't really have to do this....and though I admire such an act... something makes it seem all incorrect..

Do you mean to say we've gone so miserably wrong somewhere?

Kush said...

Again Gargi Dutt, you are quoting only that which serves your purpose. Albeit I do not recall where, but she did say that she does not endorse Raj Thackerey's violent methods.
In that wholly De is opposed to Thackerey.
Now I don't see how De can support what Thackerey is exploiting and not sound democratic enough to you. She is voicing her opinion whatever that may be.
It just so happens that she understands what she is saying more than Thackerey who wouldn't be so much as interested in understanding the issue completely so long as he can exploit it. In any case, that is beside the point.
Now, there are people I know -- Maharashtrians -- who are with Thackerey on this one and they like De unnerstand wholly that Thackerey is exploiting an issue that IS ever present -- a problem that IS there. That a politician is exploiting a problem is an unofficial testimony to its unacknowledged presence by society at large.

That India is a democratic contry and all its land belongs to one and all is an overtly simplistic argument that belongs to children's textbooks alone.
FTR, I am not a Maharashtrian. I was born, bred, buttered in Lucknow.

Anonymous said...

It's a good effort mam. Apart from abuses women are subject to in public places, i think there should be an SOS line to combat domestic violence. In this regard, NGOs and other women organizations should take calls from victims of injustice, make a visit to their homes (pretending to make a routine visit or a practice which NGOs follow) and threaten the perpetrators (which in most cases are the husband and husband's parents). What do you think?

Kush said...


Anonymous said...

Well written, Gargi! Marry me! One small addition:
You wrote: "Maybe you don’t realize (as any unbiased viewer/reader would ) that all the above amounts to supporting Raj Thackeray!"
I write: any intelligent unbiased viewer/reader

I wonder if Shobhaaaaaaaaaa will be woman enough to give a reply :o)

Anonymous said...

It is my democratic opinion that Narendra Modi was justified in killing 2000 Muslims . . .

esprit libre (Srividya Srinivasan) said...

Do check this link. Some action atleast thats working!!!

Anonymous said...

I finally saw the interview today and I must say I agree with Gargi Dutt. Shobhaa De does appear to sympathise with Raj Thackeray!

Kush said...

Yes, of course, didn't you know that kiling ppl in the name of reliion is the closest you can get to being democratic?!?!?!
Bose, Dutt, I replied vis-a-vis your argument that De is a Thackerey supporter. Now seeing that your argument doesn't hold watre you are going wayward. But then again, being a "virtual ghost" you naturally assume you are allowed that license.
Well, let us drop the argument, shall we?

Living Rich said...


Start New Sena. Afterall it is the Men who are responsible for all this crap.

We men need to know that women are not any objects, they need to be treated equal.

Its a good idea to Demonstrate Half Naked to invite the so called protectors of Culture to take some action against half naked or Fully nude men.

* Why do not we call some sufferer women also to join the protest,and if possible NUDE to demonstrate the nudity that the protectors of culture did to them.It is common in west, so why not here ??

* We can also call some theatre personals to enact some act like beating women and maltreating them .

* Ask women to burn some symbolic clothes at the demonstration site.

Hope we can initiate a change.

Indian Home Maker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Piper .. said...

Love the idea! But not the name :(
Anyway, do let us know how those of us who arent in the country,can contribute.

Sushant said...

Dear Mrs. De,

You are one of the popular icons in India. One of the big public figures who have the power to influence people in masses. You want to start a Sita Sena to counter the dangerous influences of Sri Rama Sene and like. But how effective is this going to be? Will it actually solve the deeper problems of violation of democracy and moral policing? The extremists start with women and then move onto other areas and before we know it we are in a dictatorship.

Anyways, you want to protect Mumbai and other cities; what about the ones already affected? You can reach the masses at one go. My intent on writing to you is to show you another (an even more horrific) instance of moral policing, discrimination against women and violation of democracy. I implore you to please visit the link below and read this one small article and the handful of comments and then think about how deep this problem actually goes and the proportion of movement required to dissuade future moral and religious extremists from surfacing in this horrific manner.

I beg you once again to just read this small post and include it in any future calculations.

Best regards,

Spirited Mannequin said...

Sita Sena??? what the...So much for some imperative title!!
might as well as put the name as "the Mother Teresa Jawan Front"
but more than the nomenclature(Jhansi ki rani ki sakhiyo ki liberation Army ,would be better)its good that a step has been taken in order to taliban err ram..err wateva the thing ,obviously the pink chaddis havent made quite an impact as necessary!!so its time for some alternative method to be put forth for reiterating the stand...and who is this guy "and if possible NUDE to demonstrate the nudity that the protectors of culture did ....It is common in west, so why not here ??" as if every little people to the west of the western ghat is now to be looked upon and imitated!gr8 thats what the ppl need more nudity and lots of digital snaps to be taken free porn on the streets..its time that one realize protest should cease and build a path for awareness and lets say less ignorant and closed mind society...keep up the work anyway..all the best

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I watched the Devil's Advocate interview just now.
Madam Shobhaa De, it is people like you and Raj Thackeray who give us Maharashtrians a bad name.
The least you can do is acknowledge that you made a mistake and not try to defend yourself bullishly!

kaleidoscope said...

Thanks De for spearheading this. Thanks *Aham* for stepping up and protesting. I will be there in spirit. I have always believed in the strength of rhetorical action.

How about "men" wearing "pink chaddis" at the Gateway of India instead? They needn't be women's chaddis. I am sure, there are pink colored men's undergarments available as well.

That will continue the symbolic element started last month and at the same time, present it in a completely different light.

After all, the purpose is to continue the thread of protest and to continue making noise for the right reasons.

God bless!

Nandini Rao said...

Yeah, I'm willing to join the movement. But let's come up with something significant that will counter the enemy on the spot. I'm not sure as to how much press publicity the Bangalore incident has gathered. Call in the press. It's always an effective means to emphasize the need of the hour.

Change the name though, it sounds a bit repulsive for those who may want to join.

Anonymous said...


Have you seen the movie Lajja' I loved Madhuri Dixit in it. She is a stage actor in the movie and she refuses to agnipariksha, when asked to. She says 'I was away from and Ram was away from me, Both of should give agnipariksha to prove our purity.'

Terrific performance.

Rahul Nair said...

I don't honestly think this initiative will go a long way. The initial excitement will die down and women in India will go back to their normal lives as usual.

The best option for women in Ram Sena Circumstances is to hit back with the chappal at least. Its the time for women to be strong by heart as an individual...

Uma said...

Buy pepper spray and forget the rest...can disable up to 7 men for several minutes with severe inflammation, what else does a woman want ;)

hitch writer said...

how does one join this ?

Prabhash said...

While a move from inSENEty to insaniyat is welcome, our right to wear Pink Chaddis or Booze till Kingdom come is infinitesimally small compared to the basic right to life and education that the Girl Child (and other Children) are struggling with. Let us not shift focus.

I respect all rights but would like to prioritise them right now. IF Aham and others must stand at Gateway wearing shorts - I wish they would do so for the for Women far less Independent than the ones we are talking about - Women in Dharavi, Women in Kamathipura, Women giving Birth the 5th time because the other four children were..well..girls!

Harish said...

Agreed Prabhash.

Reforms in both areas is the need of the hour. and the debate of whose pain and woes are bigger is never ending.

I work with equal passion for the less independent that i do for this.

Harish said...

im speaking to some NGOs to initiate an SOS line...

im just thinking aloud... how about having a SENA of WOMEN to Protect Men In Distress. (and also fellow women)

Wouldnt that be a very positive message that we send out..

we could have sita seniks-- that are area specific... it could be completely voluntary... and no money or funds or anything.. just pure voluntary service?

Inexplicably said...

Aham, if I may please say my bit - Sita is a popular symbol of purity across India - as purity may be interpreted by Indian MCPs. It is therefore a symbol of regression, servitude and everything that you are fighting against. The Sita is the ever suffering, devoted Indian woman who must resign to her fate - the 'abla' nari. While the symbol of Ram is of the dude who got it all right - Maryada Purushottam. The ideal Alpha male. You cannot counter a 'Ram' sena with a "Sita' sena. It has to be a chandi sena or a Durga Sena - the vindictive, unforgiving, menacing and powerful symbol of infinite power of a woman. The second more intelligent point of view may be that Sita is also a symbol of reverence - Sita is 'mata' etc. You can do without a backlash from the Ekta Kapoor's army of female audience who will object to the modern day jeans and shorts clad Sitas. You may have got the interpretation right in your head but you cannot get it right with a collective presumption. Is there a non judgmental, non offensive and neutral way of saying 'get real' ? :)

Harish said...

before the issue takes a relious turn... and the real issue takes backseat....

S.I.T.A is an abbr for Sensitivity In True Action

Inexplicably said...

I bow to thee ! Bow to your brains !!!

Power to the S.I.T.A. Sena ! Jai Ho.

*Salutes* and recedes.

sp said...

Great Idea.

Needs a great execution plan and a great leader for sure who can be as shameless as Mr. Mutalik and Mr. Raj Thakerey.

Name Sita is very effective politically or otherwise i think. Wise thinking.


Harish said...

heheheh! regarding your Dev D post... i know... we all do such galti's on our blogs... i commit more typos on my blog than anywhere... for me its a space for expression and i express actively

I agree with you... Pepper Spray and Kung fu/karate isnt the answer... Citizens need to be protected... Men Woman Kids... all...

We need to send a strong message against our beloved molester brothers. And what better way than to tell them that women are strong and no more the abla naari. The she's can very well bhajao Tablas of people who act smart and touchy.

I am going to be in shorts and ask women to join in to protect me from bottom pinching and cat calls.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the only option, so that we do not turn into the middle east

Dr. Ally Critter said...

I like this idea. i would prefer a more militant name than "Sita" but what is in a name, after all.

Sameer Shaikh said...

Sita Sena.... wow how funny people can be in this world.. and this Sena will do what? wait on the roads and corners and watch the Ram Sainiks to molest girls?

Boy Grow up..... If you gotta do something go and get some protection to the girls who are molested and dont know how to face the world...if you want to really do something stop making Sena's cause each of these sena's started with some good thoughts behind before they turned vulgur enough to hurt people one way or the other....

Embrass the molestors... why not find them and put anonymous hoardings pointing the molestors photos across the cities.... Well the molestors maybe shameless when it comes under a cover like SOME SENA AGAINST INDIAN SANSKRITI... but when they have to face this molestation themselves.... I am sure things would change...

Anonymous said...

being the true indian that you are, if you have some time to spare - i hope you raise your voice against the injustice happening right under your nose in Maharashtra. the shiv sena goons beating up 'outsiders' on repulic day in Maharashtra somehow didnt make that much news because it is all routine, isn't it ?

Sameer Shaikh said...

Dear Anonymous,

It is as painful to hear that a fellow Indian is getting hurt in our very own land as it is to find a girl molested open on roads for wearing western attire...

But there are 2 different agendas behind... One talks about JOBS and EMPLOYEMENT preferences to locals the other is about something called SANSKRITI....

Anonymous said...

Aham & Ms.De:

This is interesting. I just read another piece on similar lines by Aditi Nadkarni on the Desicritics magazine about such a movement. It is titled India's Post-Independence Fight For Freedom:

Her blog says she is based in the US but she has listed concrete ideas about a youth/ citizen movement that could be started in India.

Personally I think that such a movement has to be more serious and a lot more organized. The Pink Chaddi campaign used humor and that was great. But now that the attacks and assaults have taken a serious turn, our protests should too.

Ms.Nadkarni mentioned in one of her comments to that article that she will be doing a follow-up post with details of certain ideas. I think if we all get together we can have a much better, bigger struggle. In her comments you will see the amount of support that such a drive could receive. Her blog lists her email id and she has invited commentators to contribute with ideas. This wave should not subside.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sobha De,
It is 2.23 am in the morning and I suddenly chanced upon your blog while doing some research work.
It is worth mentioning here that, when I first started my blog a couple of years back, I thought that I was the only exotic species at that time. Now I see lot of blogspots coming up here and there.
Anyway, are you trying to create another Ram Sene in disguise and sensationalize some issues?? Ram Sene was right in the Mangalore Pub incident, only that they have made a mistake by taking law in their own hands. Everyone in a free country has the right to protest against any thing that they do not approve.
I think you should join hands with me to free India of drugs and alcohols. I do not understand why you are bent on making India a Pub Factory. Please do not mistake me as a Ram Sene activist—I like you do not belong to any camp.
Suman Mukherjee

Anonymous said...

I came to this blog after I finished reading an article in the 'New York Times' on the workings of female sexual desire and biology of female sexual pleasure. Then I came to this blog and realized that we Indian women are fighting for the right to drink beer in a pub, let alone claiming a righ to sexual pleasure like American women are doing. Maybe the comparison isn't very evident, but it saddens me to think that Indian women have to fight fo choices that women in other parts of the world take for granted. The right to have female children for instance, even women in Afghanistan aren't denied this right, but millions of Indian women are forced to abandon female foetuses. When our society does not even want to grant girls the right to be born, then why do we wonder if other rights are denied to women? India is one of the worst places in the world for a women, right on top with Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Somalia. Maternal mortality and female malnurition in India is one of the highest in the world. Mutalik may claim that Indian culture respects women, but the statistics tell another not-so-rosy story

Anonymous said...

Yes you are rights girls are fighting hard to drink and booze. But I think that is past tense now. I hope with the able guidance of Union Ministers like Ms.Renuka Choudhury, women can have sex inside pubs also apart from drinking. The ultimate freedom of women race from the shackles of masculine gender, a type of enlightenment or emancipation or should we call “Orgasm”.
Because if we go by what Mr.Mutalik said, "Woh Bachche sab nanga nach nach rahe the" (Those children where dancing naked in the pub).
You do not have to take permissions from anyone. Ms.Renuka Choudhury has said na long back, "The girls were sitting there (and doing all illicit things) due to constitutional rights". So who are we to guide you, when a Union Minister asks you to have cerebral as well as sexual pleasure inside pubs....
Please invite me also so that I can film those events for my upcoming documentary (before coming to stock market, I was in Bombay Film industry), titled, "Pub Main Nanga Naach".
Byebye and looking for your invitation.
Oh!! I forgot to mention: You must be belonging to the UBI (Unfortunately Born in India) category. Am I right??!!
Best wishes,
Suman Mukherjee

Anonymous said...

A technological solution to the problem exists which I have listed out in detail for non-GPS devices.

BTW a service like this is a part of the Indian Law for granting licenses but Indian cellular companies will not cooperate to provide this service since there is not much moolah in it.

How do we know said...

i second the idea of Durga Sena. The tagline will read "Yada Yada hi dharmasya.." these times need a Durga Sena.

Unknown said...

Yeh Budget Anal(ysis)tumhe Shobhaa (nahi)De(taa)

gaia said...

I ve got a lot of stuff to say about this...Hopefully it won't sound as if I am digressing but if it does, I'm sorry...Call it the freedom express. Make its leading board men and women who know how to respect each other and protect themselves. Make them join politics or start by raising enough funds to tackle issues about women, men and children in urban india..then expand it to rural india...make the ideals clear...please put them up so that everybody knows what exactly you mean and they are joining up for. An SOS line and a 24/7 channel only dedicated to how ideals are shaping in India are great ways to tell everyone to move out and work away the women woes. The government of Rwanda has more female legislatures than men...So, I guess Africa does have somethings going right, which we as a society seem to forget during election time... :) If you choose gateway of India...I don't think many people will be able to come other than those living nearby...So, please make this an event live on the internet as well...with proper videos and do rope in some channels...Even though they might potray the event in a way which suits them, atleast India will know it actually happened. The importance of this is keeping up the pace after the 48 hour news expiry date is crossed. The enthusiasm should continue for years if this movement is to be serious and do some damage to illogical conceptions prevelant in our times...And are u really serious about making a difference? There are intelligent and tolerant people in India galore, but unlike their jobless and unruly counterparts the former don't have the time to make the cause their entire life. What will this event establish that is worth travelling to the gateway for? I live far away and don't have the money but would love to come. So, please make clear your objectives and expected results...A blog will soon disappear, where many interviews and long fights of women and ngo's in this country have. What we need is proper media, monetary, political, legal and people support, which captures a whole nation for as long as it takes. But it will take even a Gandhi superhuman effort to do so alone anymore. We are more diverse now, and it is no longer a foreign and physical enemy. Ideals live longer but are harder to fight for. If the first boulder is removed all the rest of the rocks will tumble away by momentum, so it is a must to get political support of the right kind. It is a must to spread awareness among majority of people to choose a honorable and effecient politician. This requires a large number of volunteers, who need money. Who gives that? I took this blog too seriously. And all these questions erupted in my mind. I want to have a sena. But I want it to be Filled With Like Minded Individuals Regardless Of Gender. We are all humans, and I want some men and some women to get that. I want to make India the leading ground again for spiritual and intellectual equality. America isn't the best place to go if you seek freedom, India is...that's the message we, as the future of this country should give. Solving militancy, punishing inhuman and violant acts, and abolishing the 'Sita myth' is something we should be working for...So, make this 'sena' and you will see by default women will be in large number in it...But I believe men will be there too...and so, its name should involve both identities. And if you really are serious, can I join up? And how do I? Can you help me, if I want to start such a NGO in my town? And thankyou for reading this post...heaven knows how much crap it was... Peace.

krishta the feminist said...

let the women speak now to make our country a better place to live

Sanjay said...

Errr... "Sita Sena" for protecting the right of women to wear mini-skirts, show their breasts, tank up on booze and gyrate their backsides to ogling men well past mid-night? The name actually should be "Rundee Sena."

Unknown said...

Mangalore pub incident has drawn more attention of press than all the gang rapes and other crimes against women put together in the last century.

Also notice this anomaly..

Why is everyone quiet about the hundreds of incidents where "some" people have actually saved young teen age girls from running away from their family, getting gang raped etc?

I myself know of incidents which rarely get publicity where sane people (not the sena people) intervene in potential hazardous situations when they need not so that a family is saved.

Streets of Our cities like Mangalore are safe even today since there are people among us who are willing to take risks to save our women from exploitation, even if is an act of getting involved.

You will find it harder to find a pepper spray, chilli powder spray in India than in America since there is lesser need for it in Our country.

I am still against use of violence against women or men in any circumstance, and against taking law into own hands and attempting to curtail another human being from expressing his freedom.

But where do you draw a line while expressing freedom? Can all the feminists in this country make a joint statement regarding how much freedom you would like to give to our young teen age gullible girls in our society? Is it like a blank cheque? Are there any Don't dos?

It will be very interesting to hear from Shobhaji on this..


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