Sunday, February 15, 2009

Three men and a glass of Moet...

Three interesting men. One beautiful night. It doesn't happen often that I find three fascinating people to keep my mind engaged in a single evening. I lucked out at a very glam, very classy dinner at Juhu at a friend's palatial villa on the edge of the sea. This is a venue I have been coming to for over 20 years. I have been to several incredible homes all over the world and admired them whole heartedly. But the Godrej House remains my numero uno - very , very special. There is magic in the air, and nobody remains unaffected by it, no matter how often you've been wined and dined there. The moment you step onto those shampooed pebbles, glistening in the moonlight, and walk past the waterfall towards the glass dance floor , next to the pool, you know you have entered wonderland, where anything is possible. Not a single detail is ever out of place or forgotten. And each person is made to feel welcome . This is a major feat, given that the invitee list runs into 300 or more. Does it matter? Hey, come on, not when there is so much eye candy around.

Back to the men. It started with the host, Adi - a real, old -fashioned gentleman - and how fortunate is Parmesh ! Adi and I always end up talking philosophy. 'Are you an agnostic?" he asked last night. I need more than a glass of Moet Rose to answer that. We discussed belief and faith in the broadest sense, till we were joined by Karan Johar ( black sequins on his lapel - so rock star!), and Anil Kapoor. The topic switched to movies - what else? 'Slumdog', the Oscars and the two current 'talking point' films Dev D and Luck by Chance. Anil announced gleefully that all 9 kids from Slumdog were to attend the Oscar's . But of course. I told him to go ahead and hug Tom Cruise or any other movie star in his path - that's us. We are expressive, exhuberant and noisy. When happy, we give pyaar ki jhappies to strangers, foes, whoever. Why not? Anil is a straight forward, unpretentious guy. I like his spontaniety. Go for it, Anil. He mentioned Jemima Khan had sent him feelers to introduce her to Freida Pinto, as Jemima was keen to dress her for the Oscar's. Hmmm. Who isn't? Anil will be wearing a suit, possibly Armani. He isn't comfortable in Sherwanis and Bandgalas." I am Indian - I don't have to dress Indian to prove it, " he laughed. No argument! Karan and I can talk movies for hours and generally have a similar take on them. His reservations vis-a-vis 'Luck...' were the same as my own - whose film was it? Who is the narrator - Konkana or Farhan? Whose story do we follow?? Got back at an indecent hour.... but what the hell. What are sundays for if not to sleep it off??


Inexplicably said...

Hmmm..Are you being bitchy about Luck by chance ? Or is that my imagination of 'Shobha De' the brand !

Does it matter whose film as long as it engages?

Sidhusaaheb said...

Now either that actually does read like a gossip column or I have missed something...

Couldn't resist being


Anonymous said...

Elements like the 1 2 ka 4 song, Tezaab, Beta created the Anil Kapoor brand for '90s India in the first place. Agreed, he's proved his versatility over the last decade, but the fact remains. The Indian masses have made Anil Kapoor the hero who later moved from the "massy/slapstick/supermelodramatic" genre to "mature" cinema.

Well, I think it would be great if he wore ethnic Indian to the Oscars.What better way than that to dedicate his presence there to India. Why do our actors want to fit in with the rest of the tux toting set?

Why Armani and not Abu Jani? Instead of merging with a sea of blacks he could wear a striking bandhgala and make us proud.

Vee said...

Ah, the same Anil who made fool of himself at SAG Awards. As soon as the award went to 'SM' he could not control himself and almost ran to the podium, realizing a bit too late he need to take the entire cast along with him as the award was for 'Cast'. I don't blame him for that. He was like a Kid in a candy shop. But, I do blame him for the for the idiotic behavior of him on stage after receiving the award. He thanked all but the casting director Loveleen which of course our beautiful Freida did. He wouldn't be there had it not been Loveleen. How could he? And poor Dev was seen carrying a small list in his hands (of course he wanted to thank world). Alas, our little kid in candy shop hogged on all the candies and did not give anyone a chance to yap yap. Freida too had to intervene to speak actually. What a wonderful gentleman he is.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

I love the gossipy tone of this blog entry that actually makes a couple of very important and not-so-veiled points! Love it ... love it. That is the essence your writing style that keeps me intrigued.

That sounds like a fun party. Actually any party with Karan Johar should be fun. If I knew him, he would be on my guest list always. He seems like the perfect party guest. He probably could rescue the most boring, stupor inducing gathering. Sequin lapelled guests who can talk and talk mischeviously and somewhat meaningfully by turns and can call everyone darling so convincingly are GOLD!

So thrilled that Anil Kapoor comes off super real. Even more thrilled that the kids in Slumdog are being acknowledged on a huge platform. Now that is super classy!

And yay on Anil Kapoor wearing something that dosent make him look like a museum exhibit. He is marketing himself as a regular working actor east and west. Work that Armani suit Anil!

Jemima Khan dressing Freida??? Aiyoooo. Run, Frieda Run! Run as fast as you can! Jemima is still dressing herself in 80's vintage Annabels style. Not a ringing endorsement. Almost as bad as Bahu's favorite stylist Neeta Lulla. Almost! Frieda use your regular stylist. Yep, even the person who told you to wear the plastic Chanel dress will do better!

And are you agnostic? Or is pondering the question of being agnostic more fun that knowing the answer?

Harish said...

Im glad to learn that anil has a broadminded approach to thngs. His daughter just called u a soft porn-writer or somethng like that and anil still bonds with you well! I hv seen people who assume the 'man-of-the-house' personality or 'family' personality, anil though believes in having hs own space and views and respects hs daughters too... Though he belongs to the raj kapoor khandaan, ths bear is different. Woh saat din to slumdog... Ths guys is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Kiran (why do you have to write "In NYC", btw?),
you fit in exactly with my idea of a Shobhaa De fan - too much time on your hands & too little brains to know what to do with the time:)!

What did you mean by this question: "Or is pondering the question of being agnostic more fun that knowing the answer?" Not knowing whether you are an agnostic or not! If you don't know what you are, who is going to know it :)?

But, of course, such inanity is hardly surprising in a Shobhaa De fan, who is the champion of inanity herself.

Watch this interview if you need further proof: (

Anonymous said...

you liked anil kapoor even after his daughter called u a porn writer in her recent interview? u replied to shahrukh then why not sonam?

Anonymous said...

Anil Kapoor is famed for being obnoxious. Recently some fans ran into him in NYC and he refused to give autographs or take a picture. He went through a period when he was top dog and pissed off many in the industry with his attitude. Now the attitude is back.

BTW, Freida was interviewed by the LA Times on Sunday and sounded like a pretentious bimbo who is only concerned with designer clothes and accessories. Here is the article -,0,1812146.story

Let's see what she has to say after her 15 minutes of fame is over. She'll be glad to work in Indian cinema then and wear a sari.

Kush said...

You know I have been blogging for two and a half years and there is a certain entity that you could call a "virtual ghost" who hangs by your comment window day in and day out, observing and watching patterns develop, and waiting for the opportunity to strike. It happens even in small blogs like mine. You will soon get used to it.

I do not like KJ. I think he's a gay. Period.
I like Anil kapoor; think he's been cruely underrated and has finally got is due.

SSQuo said...

I agree that Anil Kapoor is passionate, spontaneous and honestly not thoroughly superficial, but I dont agree that he should go falling at the feet of Hollywood! He is excited, and it shows, but keep the excitement to the success of the film rather that what he says is his first array into Hollywood and so maybe 'now' he feels like he's made it?

Awards are great, but do we need that validation from some random talk show hosts/news anchors? I think not.

Your evening sounds like tons of fun!

Anonymous said...

This is Bhargavi Tara from Hyderabad. I really liked your article on "Pink Chaddi". I feel your article should be an eye opener to all the politicians who hardly use their brains.