Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bloggers of the world unite...!

Guys, this appeared in Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle on 28th March. I am bleary- eyed after Dubai, since the flight gets in at a disgusting hour (2.45am). Lots to report from Dismal Dubai - but break ke baad!!

Blog…. and be damned!

It’s come to a sickening point : I blog, therefore, I am! I am hooked. Seriously. I don’t remember the last time I experienced the same sort of rush from writing. And I write, have written, shall continue to write etc etc etc. But, even after reams and reams of the stuff over so many years, blogging has hit the sweet spot like no other medium. It is freeing…. hugely liberating… and entirely satisfying. I asked myself what it is that I so enjoy about blogging. Take a look at the downside – I don’t get paid for it. The reach is fairly limited as compared to newspapers. The comments posted are often vile and abusive. I don’t even know who is abusing me since the senders remain anonymous or hide behind silly names. So, why do I blog? For precisely those reasons. Since nobody is paying me, I can set my own agenda and deadlines. There is zero editorial intervention. And the responses are immediate. It’s a space I control and I like the autonomy that gives me. Plus, I have made some great ‘friends’ – I call them ‘blogdosts. I have no idea who these people are. Chances remain high we may never meet. Their real identities are a mystery. But I’ve discovered I have more in common with these strangers than I do with real ‘friends’ from the real world. My Blogdosts make a lively bunch of sardonic critics who keep me on my toes. They bitch, crib, trash and praise in equal measure. I value their comments because they come minus baggage or prejudice. It is an equal space. A democratic space. And that’s what makes blogging special.
I have several observations on the sort of reactions Bollywood stars generate in the blogosphere. There is a pattern to the reactions which suggests the stars have somebody monitoring blogs and responding to them in an organized fashion. Bollywood is big on blogging, even though the ardent bloggers who set the ball rolling a year or so ago, seem to have run out of words, steam or lost interest. Today, that space has been taken by the likes of Shilpa Shetty, who use it well, even if the syrupy content ( like the Jane Goody g’bye) gets a bit much sometimes. Fans who follow Aamir Khan’s blog will notice how well timed it is. Aamir is the master of timing – even when it comes to mauling SRK, Aamir makes sure it is done at a perfectly calibrated moment that generates enough controversy in the press to push his own movie or affect his rival’s. If a co-blogger (me!), writes about this tactic, several comments get instantly posted , defending Aamir in a civilized, well argued, literate language. All of them sound like Aamir himself. But even a single critical line on SRK will generate a torrent of filthy abuse, cursing several generations of ones kin in graphic detail. Most comments will end with a taunt , “ How much is Aamir paying you…?” The language is crude , rude and strewn with gutter level gaalis. Most of these comments are from Dubai, as is evident from the cross references in them. With Salman Khan, the reactions are equally swift, but childish in the extreme. Like Sallu bhai himself. Even the abuses are kiddish. His fans are most protective about their hero, and I imagine they are as juvenile as their idol. Criticising Mr. Bachchan even mildly, results in an immediate counter attack– directly from him on his own blog. It is well considered, pedantic and stiff. Praise is generally ignored! Akshay Kumar doesn’t bother. Maybe he doesn’t read. The rest don’t matter.
But it is when one posts something negative on Narendra Modi, that the fun begins. Modi obviously employs several people whose job it is to monitor and respond to everything written or said about their leader. His minders send torrents of mail filled with a detailed deconstruction of why some sections of the media are so prejudiced against this guy who has done so much for Gujarat. The arguments go on and on…. and if one analyses the tone , vocabulary and content of the comments, it’s clear they originate from America.Perhaps Modi’s many supporters in the U.S. trawl the web in search of anti –Modi references which are promptly repudiated. That’s the Modi efficiency for you. Raj Thackeray’s critics ( millions of them – going by the response) never tire of sending me hate mail by the bushel. They also bombard my space by posting links to an interview I’d done with Karan Thapar a while ago, which they insist shows me expressing my ‘support’ to Thackeray (utter rubbish!). The last person to generate heat on the blogosphere is, of course the latest brat on the political scene – Varun Gandhi. I came across a Pakistani blog that took him to the cleaners - but in such a witty way. Since he’d been clubbed with Modi (why not?), the blogger from across the border, urged the world to watch out for the new fascist on the block. Interestingly, his comments’ column is filled with entries from outraged young Indians expressing their admiration for Big Mouth Varun and defending his hate speech. Just this morning I received an impassioned defence of this Gandhi, which attacked his critics and put up an argument accusing his Chaachi (you-know-who) of orchestrating the campaign against him. He quoted from her infamous “ Maut ka Saudagar’’ speech and pointed out how it actually worked in Modi’s favour! Said the staunch supporter, “ The same thing can happen for this 28- year- old brave, young politician called Varun. If a Hindu defends his religion, he is called communal. Why is that so? How come it took 16 days after that speech for the cd to surface? Why is the EC picking on Varun when so many other politicians have said far worse things? Varun had the guts to give a voice to what millions of young, patriotic people feel. We are proud to stand behind Varun.” Makes one wonder about the state of ‘hate marketing’ – someone is obviously doing a good job out there!
Then came this message from a blogdost who pointed out that Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s death anniversary ( 23rd March), was totally ignored by the media. He sounded genuinely agitated by that, and understandably so. Wrote this person, “ A hot- blooded, dynamic, aggressive and brave patriot’s martyrdom was overlooked by all, while an irresponsible, crude and arrogant nobody like Varun Gandhi hogged the limelight with his obnoxious utterings. We should be ashamed of ourselves.” Are we??


Anonymous said...

Hi Shobhaa -

Big fan of your writings, and I'm glad that you've taken up blogging now. My only wish would be that you'd "blog" instead of posting your columns from the other papers..

PS: Have you seen AB's blog? He's already put your column up there with a small, but snide remark... :)

Ashma said...

Dear Ms De,
For me, blogging has become an obsession, a gripping fever. I tried to ban myself from it for a while and couldn't last one week!

I've admired your extremely candid writing style for a long time now.. Which is why I've taken to following her blog. I don't always agree with what you write, but I can rest assured that what you do have to say is never, ever boring. You use the most fascinating analogies, and always provide riveting commentary, whatever the topic of debate - Desi politics and Bollywood clearly being winning favourites.

I do have a question (something I've personally been thinking about a lot recently): Has your love for writing ever dwindled, because you get paid to do it as a career, because it has the 'work' tag and no longer remains a hobby?

Thank you :)

Parth said...

I never understood what problem you have with narendra modi. Come to gujarat sometimes. You'll see better roads,better administration and happy people even in times of reccesion. He brought the prosperity in gujarat and what good marketing skills. Minorities have always occupied a soft heart. And majorities disgusted . Let it be a girl child being praised in class . Muslims being mentioned as 'peaceful exploited class of people' and if somebody dares to speak for majorities he's bombarded. Even if modi's wrong at that point(although he's not) he's far more better then other corrupt idiot ministers . Look at the better side. How many other chief minister have brought this level of prosperity to thier states in recent times

The Great Brown Experiment said...
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चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

I had already gone thro' this article in DC.
"Lots to report from Dismal Dubai - but break ke baad!!"
uffff break kab end hoga:)

Funny Times said...
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Arjun said...

This was an interesting post. Criticism is a far better measure of a blog than praise, and you get enough of it too( Not forgetting the adulation).

Ashok Subramanian P said...
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Funny Times said...

I came from Amitabh's blog. I saw your blog interesting, but still it has commercial touch in it. I wish you could write as if you write to your friends or talk to them. This way you will connect to the people and make more blogdost's otherwise it is just another platform for your writings.

Ashok Subramanian P said...

I guess it's a mass feeling that Varun Gandhi's speech is given way more importance by the media than it deserves. It was just another charade before the polls and it really leaves a smirk on my face when I think about politics in our country. Raj Thackeray's tirade against the North Indians, communal speeches by the BJP and Mayawati and her Dalits, Indian politics can be a rich source of daily humour, not that it's not exploited as one!

admin said...

Hi ! Nice to see that you've also started blogging .. You mentioned that you are not getting paid for blogging. That's a myth .. The kind of popularity your blog has gained will definitely earn you some money if you want to do so .. This is done by a service known as Google Adsense which pays you for placing relevant ads on your webpage .. Do consult your web-guide(the person who consults you in the matter of technology!) and do that if you wish .. Regards and all the best..

A BlogDost !
Vishal Chopra

Zlaek said...

There you are ma'am
As good as ever :)

You've written this with great passion, haven't you?
Blogging IS very liberating and satisfying.

My mom tells me, you're a HIGHLY HIGHLY responsive lady. Most energetic..

The celebrity blogs are a mess, really... Feedbacks don't make a difference there, and like u said-- "There is a pattern to the reactions which suggests the stars have somebody monitoring blogs and responding to them in an organized fashion"
Surely. It's one doesn't even want to read what they're saying, leave alone care to extend a feedback!

Way to go Shobhaa aunty :) :) :)

Anil Kumar said...

I have been following comments from Amitabh Bachhan for past couple of months. My conclusion is that as a person he is very very ordinary. If I send a comment on his blog and it's of critical nature, it never makes it to his blog. The fan base of AB who write almost 400 comments everyday are individuals who will praise everything he says whether his comments have any substance or not. In other world there is a blind faith in whatever he says.

My biggest regret is the use of his father's lines which says
"mein hoon unke saath...Khadi jo rakhte seedhi reed". To me that is a joke since people like Amar Singh are his friends and Jaya is also part of the same political party. And anyone who has some common sense know the way Amar Singh changes colours every 2 weeks by making other political parties friends and enemeies as it suits him.

I think it is a disgrace that he has put these lines from his father's work and for some reason can't disassociate himself from this crooked political figure.

Ifrah Fatima said...

The conclusion has taken the cake! :)

Anil Kumar said...

Hi Shobha,
I was reading your comments regarding rape cases. I think your response to them was a natural one. I expected people like you to have some courage and give a deep thought on who is actually creating an environment for such crimes.

As we all know that the worst kind of crimes are erupting against women and they have increased many folds in last 10 years.

THE SIMPLE REASON BEHIND THIS IS OUR NEWS it NDTV, Star News, Aajtak or any other news channel. Bollywood movies and morally bankrupt serials programs also have limited effect.

A man is a stray animal by nature unless he is taught the family values. But just look at our news media on TV. It's never short of repeatedly showing the bollywood actresses in provocative dresses...discussions on which bollywood actor has kissed how many bollywood babes...And even who lost their virginity at what age. This is all being shown on TV every single day and 24X7.

This creates havoc in the mind of even those MEN who were brought up with family values and are taught to respect women. After watching this day in and day out even a descent man would think about experimenting and his fantasies will be sky high. And, at the back of his mind is, that he can get away from law, which is true 99% of times.

The atmosphere created by news media gives a platform for such heinous crimes.


Everyone can see the fruits of media's labour in the form of tonnes of crimes and specially RAPE. Now there are lots of rapists who are school teachers, priests in temple , group of young men forcibly taking women into their cars in broad daylight, their own fathers and so on....

90% of news in Indian electronic media and print media is related to Bollywood, fashion designers, Cricketers and BJP/Congress fight over who is more communal since it's election time. JOURNALISTS DO NAKED DANCE EVERY SINGLE DAY IN FRONT OF TV WHICH AFFECTS MASSES.

This educated class of India who are in News business are making it very difficult for an average person to raise his/her kids in a healthy environment. People who have money can afford to protect their kids most of the times. But those who have to do the so called menial jobs have to leave their KIDS at home and at the mercy of fate. The result of this NAKED FILTH BEAMED BY TV CHANNELS HAVE CREATED A MONSTER SOCIETY IN INDIA AND NOT EVEN FAMOUS JOURNALISTS ARE OPPOSING IT BECAUSE IT IS VERY CONVENIENT TO THEM.

If the role model of today's girl is Aishwarya Rai Bachhan who didn't hesitate to give kissing scenes just before her marriage and if a society thinks that it's OK and "sub chalta hai" then those in the media should not shed crocodile tears when crimes occur against women.



Zlaek said...

Shobhaa ma'am, if possible, do a post some time on the insides of your media world. A rough idea about how things work in the system.

@ Anil Kumar

Anything ha!
What baseless remarks.

Unknown said...

good one.

Maddy said...

I am waiting to read your ""dismal Dubai"

Since you have mentioned “But, even after reams and reams of the stuff over so many years, blogging has hit the sweet spot like no other medium………….. I value their comments because they come minus baggage or prejudice. It is an equal space. A democratic space. And that’s what makes blogging special...........

You won’t be paid for your writing in cash but in kind, which you admit that you are enjoying. Looks like you have done research on the comments you are receiving, especially on bollywood stars. Criticism is not new to you I guess, So don’t say its come to a sickening point. People will think that you admit your defeat.

Cheer up lady. Though I started reading your blog some 7/8 months back as celebrity blog, but not any more, because I considered it as another blogdost’s writing for which I need not pay.

NB: You always have an option here to publish comments only after your approval. So if you are drawn to a sickening point exercise that option....

Another Kiran In NYC said...

Arrey arrey Dismal Dubai... just when I was in the throes of planning a trip there just before my hijira to the motherland!!! I suppose I can atleast stay at a fancy hotel in Dubai for cheap if they are hurting so bad! Cant wait to hear all about your trip there.

I love all your reasons for blogging, even if I cannot boast they are mine... yours truly not being a paid writer or celebrity and all that. I think what makes your blog a very effective means of communication is that you do engage with the people who comment. You dont talk down to them or use them as mere tools or treat them like tools (american slang for really disgusting folk)! There is a dialog however abrasive it may seem sometimes. That is probably the most important aspect of blogging.

Bapu (AB) is extremely pedantic in views and operation and very excruciatingly painful in trying to be erudite, so not much to be said about his blog. Ho Hum!

Your view on Aamirs "bloggus operandi" seems spot on.

The rest of the bollywood bloggers are just also rans. Ho hum again.

The Gujrati Chanakya who shows such little concience and makes everything else an amoral issue, certainly seems to have his cyber army in tight formation.

The strings that control Maneka ka Ladla, have loosened a bit. His mouth gag has also slipped. Controlling hands have not yet wiped off the crimson mark of shame that marks his sweaty brow. His finger wagging needs more work to be more effective. By and by all that will be either corrected in jail or in the opposition benches. Take your pick of location.

Meanwhile Desh ka Ladla's strings are still holding him tight. They are usually loosened just enough for him to lay himself down on a rope charpai in some remote UP village. His mouth gag continues to stay in place long enough for his dimples to show. He is also perfecting the regal hand wave and dexterity at catching the marigold garlands just before they land around his neck. Thus his training to lead us all seems complete! We are indeed fortunate.

A pity about Bhagat Singh being forgotten. When we have forgotten the reason for being independent, why should Bhagat be spared?

Double Seven said...

I think why Bhagat Singh is not remembered as much as other freedom fighters is because of his anti-Gandhi take to freedom struggle. Gandhi and his followers are credited for our independence but not Bhagat Singh because he believed in violence and 'a tooth for a tooth' approach against the Brits. Since the foundation of our independence is very much based on non-violence, this man got to be spared every year (and I regret). Same with Veer Savarkar, and same goes with Chandrashekhar Azad and Bal Gangadhar Tilak among several others, who played little but pivotal roles nevertheless in disturbing the British monarchy at that time.

Jai Hind!


Theyoginme said...

Shobbha, I had read your last book with interest. I appreciate your perspectives, please be yourself and write more vs repost your articles. I came here from Mr. Bachhans site. So you have to thank him for bringing readers to you :)

I am one of those desi's who escaped from the homeland as a late teen to the land of milk and honey.. Well right now its a land of debt and YUY&%$%$^&... I have rediscovered my roots and reading blogs from you and Mr. Bachhan just keeps strengthening those roots.

All the best to you...


Sidhusaaheb said...

Welcome to the Club! :)

I don't read any Bollywood blogs.

The supporters of Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi that you mention are educated Hindus who hate every Indian who is a follower of a religious faith different from their own, whether Islam, Sikhism or Christianity.

India's education system, which seeks to instill secular values amongst pupils, has failed miserably in the case of these men and women.

They, when resident in India, form part of a captive vote-bank not only for the likes of Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi, but also those like Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar. When they live abroad, they express their support in the manner you've already experienced.

hems said...

Dear Ms. De,

This is your new blogdost. I have been following your blog for more than a month. I enjoy reading your blog. Your style of writing is so natural and ofcourse bold.

Keep writing. It makes me happy.


Anonlee said...

@Anil Kumar, your statement is false. I have posted negative comments on AB's blogs and they are accepted. He has not responded to any of my comments but he has responded to some other negative comments.

I read both Aamir's and AB's blog in addition to this one. My conclusion is Aamir's blog is a marketing too since he does not post on a regular basis unless he is promoting a movie or product. AB's blog is more stream of conscious since he talks about whatever he is feeling - sometimes interesting and sometimes boring.

introspection said...

i just did

introspection said...

i had written a 500 (atleast) word comment on this blog twice. First time the power went off just before I hit "publish your comment"
The second time round, I actually typed it all and even previewed it before sending it. and it is lost. that's carzy.
It has'nt appeared at all.

Anil Kumar said...


Just post following on Big B's blog and see if you succeed. I could be wrong but that has been my experience.

Dear Big B,
My biggest regret is that you are using your father's lines which says
"mein hoon unke saath...Khadi jo rakhte seedhi reed".

To me that is a joke since people like Amar Singh are your friends and Jaya is also part of the same political party. And anyone who has some common sense know the way Amar Singh changes his colours every 2 weeks by making other political parties friends and enemeies as it suits him.

I think it is a disgrace that you are using the lines from your father's work and for some reason can't disassociate yourself from this crooked political figure.

Raza Rumi said...

Shobhaa ji

This is the blogger from across the border. I must say that you are a star even in blogging - the first few lines of your post are great. Indeed blogging is a 'liberating' experience and the rush to write is just terrific.

Looking forward to reading your posts regularly...

test 2009 said...

Shobhaa ji,

You may be a great writer. But why are you using Big B's and Mr. Modi's name to get visibility? These people have done so much for the country and society. You're not even done 0.000001% compared to them.

If you have enough skills, you should use your own creative writing instead of commenting on other popular ones and ride on their popularity. This was disgusting move for such a renowned writer like you. If you don't know how to write, better shut up and do some social work from all the money you made by influencing people in the wrong direction by your dirty writings.

Navin said...

Hi Shobhaa...pls write some spicy stuff about the "real" lives & activites of Bollywood stars...u were the editor of "Stardust" at one point after all..i know that magazine has become too 'thakela' these days...mumbai mirror has spicier stuff than abt a book or TV serial on such kind of an expose??

Dr. Ally Critter said...

Please post them links !!

Dr. Ally Critter said...

Oh and Mr Bachchan, whose blog I find very mediocre( certainly compared to the celebrity he is) has reacted to your post.
I wonder Ms De, why do people write as if it were something they HAD to do, why can they not be witty like you( well mostly?)

Unknown said...

I think Aamir Khan has stopped blogging regularly because he had become politically incorrect whenever he opened his mouth. Remember his comments on Black and Dog? So he simply sticks to his films and their promotion. For a really busy person, it is not possible to write a daily blog. Amitabh is behaving like any old person behaves talking non stop and he has a lot to explain as to what he preaches and what he practices. He almost blackmails his detractors by publishing their email ids and allowing his followers to attack them. SRK behaves like a spoilt kid most of the times. Modi and Varun are just using the hindu card to get hindu votes.

Sameer said...


Liked reading your blog about blogging and blogdosts. I do agree that blogging is liberating and gives you instant feedback. Also from blogdosts' perspectives I think it gives us a sense of what kind of person you are (because in your blogging you write about lot of stuff which you might not write in your professional write ups.) Blogging can show a 'gharguti or gharelu face as well to the society and that is really very cool. It can connect with so many people instantly from different parts of the world at the same time (unlike newspaper and books). Reading the blogs has broadened my world very much. Thanks for including blogdosts in your writings.

Gajendra said...

I think the word fascist is too strong a word to be used against varun gandhi shobhaa. It shows his juvenile nature, but fascist ?? a bit too much.

Unknown said...

aamir is the bist and the biggest...ur comments always hav a srk-propaganda madame...r u another karan or farah...aamir doesnt need u or anyone anyways...the real kinng!!

Unknown said...

Hello Ms De,

I love what you write. In a way it reflects what we want to write about but never land up actually writing it. I am glad you are there, to put into words what we are thinking. Do keep writing, never mind the critics. We are there with you. Love all your opinions.

Unknown said...

helllo Shobha...

waiting for ur post on Dismal Dubai..!!! was it that bad?????????

Pooja Rathore said...

dear shobhaa de,
I liked your article on varun gandhi...goodone last to the same effect was rahul mahajan and his wheel chair.
I respect and admire you for your wisdom and sureness.

krish said...

Dear De

i liked your article ....on a personal note i hav got addicted on yr blogs in a big way.....hence miss them when not posted.......agree with this full hoopla about varun .....he shud be dammed.

The pity is no one wants to talk abt India - Mumbai...slums ....bad roads...gutters...beggers....bec end of the day the politicain wants us to stay poor as for he gets easy voters from the poor ......just a silly promice to mak about giving free cable tv connection and thr he gets a few thousand votes .its high time we refine our wants from the system i dont want roti kapda ..i want a world class city /country with the best infrastructure .

Luv u


Jogeshwar said...

Hi Ma'am,
I follow your blog regularly, I enjoy reading it. I look to learn a lot of new things.It is quite interesting to know there is a pattern in comments.
looking forward to reading your posts regularly
Thank you:)

Sakshi Arora said...

We should be ashamed of ourselves.” Are we??

Most of us, i'm sure, are.


athi said...

Wow.. now look at that rush of comments above!! Praise, Sarcastic, Dirty, Threatening!! Proves right everything you have written there. Love to read what you write.. not because I agree with everything you say , but I respect someone who is as fiercely independent as you. Also witty! :)

Amit Goel said...

After a long time, even my enraged heart got some good feel that people like me still exist. it felt so goos that there are people who still remember Bhagat Singh martyred himself on 23rd march 1931. Forget the news channels who is looking for TRPs and TRPs dont come by the mention of Bhagat Singh. TRPs comes only with Mahatma Gandhi and Munna Bhai.

I don't know the truth whether Varun Gandhi spoke about Hindu and Muslim divide. but even If he spoke, it was just a speech. Nehru (Read: congress)orchestrated the division in 1947 and we are still suffering because of that. Did anyone ever thought of booking him under NSA? No, we worship Nehru... Its an irony, We only vote for people who play double standards.

Anonymous said...

Mam' blogging have given us voice. it has given a platform to pour ot 'bhadas', to share, to criticise. Indeed now i would be remembered even after my death with my thougts and actions. Blogging have blocked my negative thoughts, negative actions.
It has given me an opportunity to interact with the lady, shobha de, whom we have admired on our TV screen and newspaper articles, and the gr* lay taking reference to my comments on Varun Gandhi....
i'm just feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling gr88888888888888888888888888 and honoured !

muthu said...

Blogging is liberating and there is not doubt about about it and you are right on the mark.

And if blogging is about expressing yourself, I don't see any real expressions jumping out from the blogs of the actors. They simply lack the heart and the stuff.

and sometimes they even border on childish silliness. How else can you explain AB's post during the bombay terrorist attack.

-- he simply blogged that for the first time he went to his bed with a loaded gun under his pillow. Now thats silly even 4 him. Here we are, with tears in our eyes and at outrage at this atrocity and the big B is talking about his insecurity. Wow, this guy is really nuts.....

And the lack of media publicity about Bhagat Singh simply re - iterates the fact that media today is driven by what people take a fancy to read rather than what s essential......

vC said...

Hey..I m one amongst your I-donno-how-many blogdosts.I like the way U wrote and the best is that U criticise people using other people's words(u play safe) one of my blogdosts said:"Bhagat Singh was ignored.."
Sahi hai..enjoyed reading...specially the timings of aamir and Akshay-doesn't-read thing

Harish said...

You know De, i toh loved every post of yours. And those abuses you receive as comments play a vital role in enriching my Hindi and Marathi.

People may say that you should delete those comments, but just by letting the comments be there you are able to let the world know how cheap some people could get. You express your views in a democratic country and in a democratic medium like blogs. People have every right to disagree with you, but they need to be sensible and matured enough to disagree with decency.

The funniest comment I read was when someone stooped to the level of impersonating as your daughter Avantikka. (Wow! that was creative)

when someone uses sweet words like "bhen!@#$ you have no culture..." The world can decipher the culture of this commenter.

Keep the comments about yourself, even the nasty ones. And keep speaking your mind. We love you for that and more.

Karan Bhardwaj said...

yes! m ashamed that we overlooked Bhagat Singh! Infact, annoyed !!

n ya, i liked ur opinion y u write here!! u don't run behind money..dats grrt!!

n ya, u can have trust on us, atleast on few!! we are genuine and unbiased like u!

Ritu said...


Your blog is interesting though you remind me of Khushwant Singh at times. Just like in KS's writings one has to wade through a sea of needless pronography to get to the point, in your blogs one has to wade through a tiring deluge of life-style details before we get to some point. But the points by themselves are interesting and refreshing many a times.

Talking of celebrity blogs, one of the first people to start blogging was Shekhar Kapoor and his blog to date remains a bench-mark on celebrity blogging. He is totally unself-focussed profound and honest in this writings. He is a blogger of substance and sincerity. I would send the Bachchans and Khans of the world for lesson in blogging to Mr Kapur's cyber abode.

Unknown said...

ya good writing....

Work from home India