Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gulmohurs on the Gold Coast!!

Guys, I got here ( Noosa, Gold Coast, Australia) after an endless flight, with three hours at the Changi airport, Singapore. X'Mas decorations all over and fantastic sales.Brisbane airport has not changed all that much since the last time I was here. But immigration officials certainly have. They are tougher! I guess that's how it goes across the world these days. The Immigration chap at the Mumbai airport became my new best friend after looking at my passport and discovering we shared a birth place - Satara.
By the time we drove to Noosa ( two hours, after a fifteen hour flight??), my knees were buckling, and my eyes half shut. But Sean, the spikey haired chauffeur was in a chatty mood, and kept us awake till we got to our destination, the Sheraton , by the ocean. Billed as the most exclusive resort in these parts, Noosa is indeed very special. Very Ibiza. And with desi Gulmohurs in full bloom all over, being summer here. I loved the mainly Italian bistros along the sea front, and the sexy shops selling hot bikinis ( Mallika Sherawat, where are you??). I'm travelling with my son, Aditya, which is a good thing. He is my calorie counter and rolls his eyes each time I as much as look at food. But I am a sucker for Aussie cuisine, which I consider one of the most under rated cuisines of the world. The produce is fresh and the wines, divine. What more does any foodie want??
I'll keep you updated as and when I get the chance. Tomorrow , we are planning a trip to the Australian Zoo - you know the place, right?? Crocodile Dundee's zoo?? Same one that's now run by Irwin's wife and daughter after his bizarre death ( A sting ray went through his heart!!!).Till then...have a great day, mates.


Unknown said...

Would love to connect with you with my contacts in Noosa, Goldcoast and Brisbane. In fact the Marketing Head of Australia Zoo was in India last week for my announcement as Tourism Ambassador for India.
Do let me know if I can be of assistance in any way.

Enjoy your time in the beautiful tropical Queensland!

Warm Regards
Bangalore, India

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...

how about kangaroos? :)

Mukesh Bhatia said...

Oh thats very pleasant news De! Heres wishing you a very interesting, relaxing, cool, informative & particularly very very happy tour.

Calvy said...

Finally your post deals with my brethren...the animals!

Have a great tour lady!

--The dog

obssesor said...

Australian food sucks if you are a veggie!!

Anonymous said...

Another interesting picture upcoming maybe.

Alex Engwete said...

Wow... Don't forget to take some snapshots to share with us...

pissed with politics!! said...

Akshay Singh said...

god ! you'll stay in Sheraton ? When will I start earning :-(

pissed with politics!! said... check this out for political issues!!!

pdkamath said...

Hi Shobha, happy to be on a celebrity's site and don't know what to comment here except saying Hi to you. Many years back when you were writing weekly articles in Indian Express which were mostly opposite to my views, I was hating you like anything.But now I am a grown up person (at least by age) and believe every body has his freedom to empress views. I am following your site & I will be delighted and honored if you follow mine. Sorry for wasting your valuable time madam.

Unknown said...

I have been visiting your blog for quite sometime now. As usual a truly interesting post but one thing i would like to complain is, "you post almost none pictures/images". Looks as if you are not at all technical type of a person....
Your subscriber base has been increasing at a good rate, congrats!!!
Visiting your blog has become a habit for me now :)

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Sameera said...

Dont forget to take pictures of/with the Koala Bear. Such cuties :)

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