Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who is the asli Marathon Man??

Marathon Man ?? My vote goes to Marathi Mulga Milind Soman. He has fine tuned his body as a lean and mean instrument of fitness. There is not an ounce of fat on that taut frame, and if his fans find that less than attractive, the guy doesn't really give a damn. He has become an obsessisive running machine, and that's how he likes it. He bettered his own record, by slicing a whole half hour off his respectable timing from last year, at the Mumbai Marathon this morning. That is some feat. I get the impression Milind will be spending considerable time on the run this year, and loving every moment of the blood , sweat and tears such discipline requires.
I 'ran' too... well, sort of. As a 'Dream Run' participant, my aim was to raise awareness and funds for CHILDLINE 1098, and we exceeded our targets on both scores. It was a super exhilerating feeling to be a part of something this big - but am glad to report Mumbai pulled it off with aplomb. Hats off to the cops and all the other civic bodies involved in ensuring it was a huge success. The Bandra Sea Link got its due and will henceforth become an integral part of Mumbai's architectural history - an iconic symbol that will be recognised globally. It was a brillaint move to shift one segment of the marathon to the Sealink - a sea of people running across the sea. What a photo op! As for me, I loved every minute of the Marathon... and am gearing myself for the one I hope to run next year.

Milind Soman in the morning... Salman Khan in the afternoon, with John Abraham thrown in between. Sigh!!! It's such a tough life for some women.... hard work.... but someone's got to do it, right? John A is the brand ambassador for the Marathon, so he was right there cheering the runners. I caught up with him in the marquee and since we were meeting after a longish gap ( I remember presenting the 'Model of the Year' to him years ago!) there was much to discuss.He remains the same bloke - a pretty simple and relaxed chap minus those awful starry airs. Today he is in a different league from the rest of his male model contemporaries ( Dino, Arjun, Milind) and has received good reviews for 'New York' - good enough for the likes of Vishal Bhardwaj to notice his potential. " Let's talk," is the current status between these two guys. Which in movie parlance is a pretty positive signal. We discussed the 'objectification' of John in 'Dostana' and he laughed, " I was cool with it. My attitude after hearing the brief was, ' Okay... you want a body... I'll give you a body!" Today Johnnie Boy is in a good space career-wise and otherwise. Since he is a good guy, I'd say he deserves all this and more.
Salman Khan always looks like he has just stepped out of some extraordinary spa after enjoying some amazing pampering! How the hell does he manage to look fresh as a daisy, with his kind of life and schedule?? He was at the Hello! Million race at the race course, and was promoting his film 'Veer' in Salman style. While other heroes shave their heads, distribute dolls\gold, dance in malls, display their resculpted bods, this guy creates mini- history by turning into a jockey and racing with the best. That takes guts. Sure he is a good horseman... but that's for the movies. On the racecourse, he was riding with professionals in front of the public ( no stuntmen around to save his butt if he fell off that mare!). Let's hand it to the guy. I introduced him to the sponsers of the race, David Morris and his wife ( top end Bond Street jewellers who are checking the waters in India ) by saying, " He is much bigger than Brad Pitt." Replied Mrs. Morris, " And far better looking , too!" Salman simpered, pouted and gave her the Salman look, while Jacqueline Fernandes ( just lovely in a pale green Cavalli), tried discreetly to grab his attention. Hmmm .... isn't that how Katrina did it, too??
All in all, it was a pretty hectic day... my muscles are sore, but my brain is in overdrive. More masala tomorrow... it's been a looooooong De!



Anonymous said...

Bollywood joining?

Theyoginme said...

Did you run at all?

ekta khetan said...

Hmmm I have friends who participate in all marathons with a belief for attaining better physical state- leaner and strong.

At the end of marathon, i see all of them gorging loads of fried snacks, bhujia etc and ueah i did not say "plates" as they do not wait for plates to come...start from packets itself.

I wish i too can participate in a marathon for purely non eating quotient:)

Manjiri Agnihotri said...

Hi Ma De...

Back to Athletics?????

Unknown said...

I was having a doubt for quite some time, that Sobhaa De could ever write anything good about MEN.

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Ameya AB said...

HAHA! IT's been a looooooooong De!