Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why India needs more Ranchos....

The Republic Day is round the corner.... and the student suicides continue.....
This appeared in the Asian Age \ Deccan Chronicle.
Am dying to share my views on 'Avatar' with you guys. Perhaps in another post later today.... inshallah.Till then... read on...
I am writing this on one of the most auspicious day of the Hindu Calendar – Makar Sankranti. While there are countless, carefree teenagers flying kites across India, there are also those traumatized and troubled kids who feel life is no longer worth living. Something weird is going on in our society and ‘Aall is NOT welll’, I’m afraid. On the contrary, all is falling apart, going by the scarey statistics. Just this morning, I received a call from a senior psychologist who counsels teenagers. She talked about her daughter’s friend , an Indian student at a top American university, who has written a book about his own suicidal feelings. The young man’s life was saved by his caring and sensitive grandfather in Ahmedabad, with whom the student spent time when he was at his lowest. It was entirely through his grandfather’s efforts that his young life got saved. The psychologist wanted me to guide this student and help get his book published. I thought to myself, this boy is blessed – he had a loving person in his life who didn’t give up on him. What of the others who feel isolated and desperate enough to kill themselves? And how can one possibly explain this phenomenon which is seeing a spate of teen suicides?
In Mumbai, the Municipal Corporation has roped in Aamir Khan for an awareness campaign (“ Life is Beautiful”) which is aimed at making children feel more positive about themselves. Several workshops are in the pipeline, which are also designed to train teachers to look out for tell tale signs of depression and suicidal tendencies.Aamir has been picked after much thought, since students like his personality and it is believed that if Aamir appeals to the young to ‘appreciate the beauty of life’, his message will get through. 25706000 is the number of the helpline that has been created to cope with a crisis that has taken society entirely off guard. In Pune, Sri Sri Ravi Shanker talked about the power of Indian classical music and spirituality to heal the wounded souls of our teens. He also talked about the power of yoga and praised the government’s agenda to teach yoga in schools. Some would say, there is nothing new in any of this. But at this desperate point in time, whatever we think can work, has to be given a chance. Whatever.
Perhaps the key to solving the current sad situation lies in this – we no longer know who we are. People take ‘identity’ for granted, even though it is at the core of our lives. If we don’t know who the hell we are, it is safe to assume we are lost – emotionally and spiritually. What the young in India are facing today is a loss of identity ( 42% of India is under 18). Since we are such a young nation, where we have failed is to connect with our own youth. Even Aamir is 44- years -old, and we consider him ‘young’. Rahul Gandhi is the youngest politician to reach out to this segment and he is 40-plus as well. Our other netas are geriatrics whose mindsets are stuck in another century. In any case, their priorities never did include the young – till statistics caught up with them. Today we are dealing with an emergency- like situation that has to be tackled on a war footing if we are to pre-empt and prevent further deaths. Are we upto it?
A metropolis like Mumbai can be exceedingly indifferent, even cruel to anybody seen as a ‘loser’. This explains the success of a movie like ‘3 Idiots’ which deals with the pressures faced by Middle India – the sort of compulsions to compete fiercely and win at all costs, that can completely break a youth’s morale and lead to suicide ( as it does in the film). There is a silly attempt to link recent student suicides to the movie and put the whole thing down to a ‘ trend’ ( ‘Babes, suicides are just so ‘in’ this season – think I’m going to try it. Just for fun!”) with a cascading effect. There is no denying the overwhelming effect of popular Bollywood movies on audiences, but that is not the solo factor responsible for the suicides. However, since movies in their own crazy way do reflect social realities, it isn’t a mere coincidence that along with ‘3 Idiots’, another movie ( this one flopped miserably!) titled ‘Pyaar Impossible’ also focused on failure ( the hero is a geek who nobody but his dad loves or understands), and being dubbed a ‘loser’ by contemporaries. Whether in love or academics, today’s young are unhealthily obsessed with success and winning. The pressures on them are so unrealistically steep, that unless we modify those outdated school\college systems and get them more in tune with today’s requirements, we will be mute witnesses to more such tragedies.
The reason why Rancho ( Aamir Khan’s charismatic character in ‘3 Idiots’) connected big time with audiences is because there is a Rancho in all our lives. Think back on your own school and college days and you will recall a character like Rancho – someone who challenged the system, subverted authority, instigated others to rebel, was hated and persecuted by teachers, and yet managed to emerge a topper – a winner. Such a character is not mythical at all – every generation has a Rancho – which is precisely why the movie has done brilliantly across generations. The trouble is, everyone wants to be Rancho these days! At the end of the movie, even ‘Chatur’ ( the detestable chamcha-student who hates Rancho and wants to be one-up on him in the final analysis) has to concede “Rancho jaisey koi nahi.” If only every classroom in India could be filled with Ranchos, then we’d not have to face the grim reality of yet another youth found hanging from the ceiling fan . The Rancho Effect has only just begun to seep into our consciousness. Now, with Aamir spearheading a multi- media campaign , there is some hope.Life is beautiful, indeed, but alas, it is not a Bollywood film with a happy ending. Here’s hoping our kids recognize the difference.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Emotions aren't that close these days And maybe one of the reason. Independence - The definition has changed maybe, maybe one of the reason. Lack of patience - instant results maybe one of the reason.
And we have to realize emotions are wireless.

The Unsure Ascetic said...

You must retire from all public activities. Rahul Gandhi is 40 plus and your are an octagenarian.


this movie is for those who are in 10th standerd and want to become engineer.Basic concepts of this film are of level of ITI.
So this is basically a comedy movie.
In engineering colleges concepts are much and much deeper for those who want to study and many of the IITans and intelligent students from engineering colleges are able to invent new concepts.There is about 2% of such students.
So it is a inspiration movie for those who are at entry level of science,engineering is a far level thing.
Our movie makers have to know more about engineering before making any movie based on it.
If you converse any of your query related to science and engineering then you will know how much a concept can be deeper and how it should be represented.
This movie shows the level of our millionare's mind .
They make money because they are in the flow.They do not have actual threshold to go to the level of millionare from ground level.
People have to enjoy these movies because they do not have much options.

supriya said...

its sad that youngsters amongst us...are somehow finding the suicidal effects more interesting than the "go get it" attitude..
thats the irony...nothing else..

Anonymous said...

There is no denying the tremendous pressure. Whatever people have to say, i for one believe firmly that movies like '3 Idiots' can only do good for the society. At least the realization happens.

Manjiri Agnihotri said...

Dear Ma De,

Peoples are watching the movie only for entertainment. Nobody can get inspiration.
The best example of this situation is Marathi movie “Saatchya aat gharat.” The picture is super hit but the moral of the movie is super duper flop.
Rape is happened still everywhere.

Away said...

I hated being in college too. My professors were a constant source of DEmotivation and DIScouragement because I was unable to 'learn' despite their repeatedly 'repeating' the same thing.
Our college professors need to remember to (A) respect students and (B) LEARN that the process of learning is complex and subjective. No two people learn in the same way.

Anil Kumar said...

I am not a fan of bollywood movies and normally stay away from them. Seems like 3 idiots can be watched.

The real issue is that out of 1000 movies made in Bollywood, 99% of them DO NOT send a good message to the society. And the TV channels multiply that filth in the 99% of movies many folds to create a DIRTY MIND society which Ms De is referring.

If someone thinks Bollywood's is a solution to the problems of our society then think again. Bollywood is ACTUALLY multiplying problems of Indian society by joining hands with the news channels. There are loads of sluts and Randuave in the news media who don't hesitate a bit to make things sensational.

Boya ped babool ka ttto aam kahaan se hoye???

If you want to have a descent society which one can be proud of then beat the shit out of few individuals (in bollywood and those who own TV news channel). If these Kanjar's aullaadd can be burnt alive then there is still hope of creating a descent Indian society and the number of individuals with dirty minds will shrink drastically.

nishi said...

i kinda agree with hobo here... the question very often is whom to turn to.. whom to talk, whom to open up to! parents arent the answer tat comes to the find first, n as a teenager they are like the last people u look up to cover up for u!

may b more family bonding wud help. a certain liberty to feel free to express one's opinions. depression is often looked aside as jus teenage moodswings.. the situs jus worsen!

Ameya AB said...

"geriatrics whose mindsets are stuck in another century" HAHAHA! NICE!

aNuP__ said...

It's not that bad. As a student, I feel it should be more free and not just result oriented.

But having ranchos around might cause inferiority complex in others. There are actually a 99% chaturs in society. Rancho's would be left alone then if at all happened.

anjali said...

at the end of the article you say, that everyone wants to be a Rancho. but the thing is that our understanding of the character, the students', their parents' understanding of the character is not of someone who is doing and excelling in what he loves and does best, but that he is excelling and so should all our children. i totally did like the movie and being a 20 year old trying to cope up with a course i did not want to enter in the first place, i can even identify, but the "message" of the movie has been twisted by people who have this obsession of being the best at everything. or the students have translated into meaning, "arey padh ke kya hoga?" the thing is the need to win and the parental pressure to on their kids to achieve 1st 2nd places is so deeply seated in our society that we are blindfolded by it. we can not appreciate the truth even if it is there.
having said this i am sure that there are people like Rancho around who have recognised what they love, do it well and achive success against all odds, one of which is the education system.
and by the way i love reading your blog, since i can hardly read the paper here in the hostel.

Jogeshwar said...

You are right pressures faced by Middle India are great. People are very indifferent to anybody seen as a 'loser'. Today's young are obsessed with success and winning because that is what the society positively reinforces. Winners are celebrated and treated so special. A person does not commit suicide by itself but the society forces an individual to do it.
I believe our education system has failed. Education is getting more and more expensive, with degree mills popping up like anything. We are on the verge of a very serious problem. What do you expect the educated unemployed youth to do whose parents have spent so much on their education?? For how long can the parents continue to support their children? Won't these youth create serious trouble for the government?? I would really like to hear your views on the education reforms being introduced by Kapil Sibal.

Ankesh said...

Hi Shobha,

I am engg my self and have done it from one of prestigious colleges of India. What I have seen in the four years of college and around 7 batches that I have seen... there is hardly a rancho out there in the coll...those who actualy remain rancho in there effort.. he dies after the coll... the corporate force him to kill rancho within that person... and take my word no rancho is topper in the college... the system don't allow him to be topper... todays's won gold medal are mainly combination of "ratta maar padai" and doing "chaplusi to prof"... the rebellion rancho who survies in coll as an ordinary achiever in terms of coll this corporate world which makes a talented engg, who worked liked dogs studied PCM as the were only lover, updated excel sheets and do the copy paste work... The rancho never get what he deserve in real life... and please don't go by dis corporate pep talk, specialy these IT sector company that they are giving and promoting talent actualy they are killing them by reducing dem to a mere clerk... this is today's rancho is al about.. and at the end of this fight either rancho suicide or remain a frustated clerk to rest of his life... only chatur succed in todays world... yes amir has done a gr8 job by glorifying rancho... but it remains a fiction only... reality is more close to joye and chatur than rancho..

Pooja Rathore said...

We must do whatever we can to stop suicides. we have Public awareness campaigns on polio and other issues on tv may be for suicides also we should come out with something creative so that we can reach the message labor of love- love life.
It reminds me of your book Speed Post where you tell your children there is more to life than exams.
Congrats Ma de for being featured in the magazine Monocle - National Icon slot.
I liked your post where you mentioned about Ramakrishnan - we always run for that we dont have in that race we forget to cherish what we have we must learn to be grateful of what we have and make the best of it.

Mohan said...

I am a geriatric and I train aspirants who want to get into B schools.It kills me everytime when one among say 20 to 30 kids answers a question and the rest remain mute witnesses. I am not sure if my appreciation has strengthened a Chatur and discouraged other Rajus.I really wish all of them are Ranchos. Have they stopped making them? Why?I am not sure how many would agree.A little more of Humanities for both parents and children and a truly good generation of committed teachers at all levels.I don't think worship of Mammon would disappear.

M. D. Ramteke said...

नमस्कार बाईसाहेब (Madam)
तसं सिनेमा व रँचॊ बद्दल मी फारसं बोलणार नाही.या सिनेम्या बद्दल माझं मत माझ्या दुव्यवार आधिच नोंदवलेलं आहे. पण आत्महत्या मात्र खरच चिंतेची बाब आहे. चांगल्या समोपदेशनाची गरज आहे. विपश्याना एक चांगला पर्याय होऊ शकतो. त्यामुळे आपली बलस्थानं ओळखता येतात व वाईट गोष्टिनी सहज शिरकाव करु नये म्हणुन सामना करण्यासाठी मनाच्या भोवती मजबुत मानसिक तटबंदी करता येऊ शकते. हि सगळी तटबंदी करण्यासाठी मनावरचा ताबा व मानसिक व्यवस्थापनाचा पाया विपश्यनेद्वारे सहज रचता येईल. बाकि शालेय शि़क्षण पद्धती इतकि गचाट आहे असं मला तरि वाटत नाहिये. याच शिक्षन पद्धतितुन कित्येक महान लोकांचा उदय झालाय. शिक्षन पद्धतिला नावं ठेवणारी अति लाडावलेली व आयतं मिळावं ह्यातली माणसं असावित. बरं या नावं ठेवणा-या माणसानि पुढे येऊन त्यांच्याकडे नविन काय आराखडा असेल तर तो चर्चेस ठेवावा. चांगलं असेल तर त्याचं स्वागतच होईल. पण नुसतं नाव ठेवण्यात काही अर्थ नाही. त्यावर पर्याय सुचविल्यास जास्त बरे. बाकी माझ्या मते तरी “ऑल ईज वेल”

Sag said...

The new twist to these suicids are given in Andhra pradesh(should i call telengana)..

rule they follow is :

"whenever there is some movement/aggitation going on.. whoever commits suicide.. did that in support of thet movement."

courtesy: suicides for telangan or suicides when ex-CM YSR died.

thumb rule is : there is nothing
that cannot be made political

Unknown said...

alas, mz de! 12 suicides in 17 days. TZP foussed on the unrealistic expectations parents have of their children as far as academic performance is concerned. the demanding father of TZP has emerged again in 3 Idiots. you cannot blame the schools or the govt, the killing of dreams and youth and childhood begins at home. how many parents tell their kids to do their best and plan for future , build up skills to get a job. when will this demand for highest-most-best end? surprisingly, it is not the mediocre students who are losing their hold on life, but the brilliant ones who know that the best that they do is not enough. middle class dreams have clashed with middle class reality. result? another young life sacrificed on the altar of making it big with limited resources. helplines will never work. spend the funds to start scholarships for students in every school and college. if the population continues to grow, more will die. how can you think of being successful in a country where 10 lakh applicants turn up for 200 positions?

manisha said...

my little fellow is in the first standard, and what i have seen of competitive parents blows my mind away. little kids made to give exams when the school is saying 'let them be', docs are saying 'let them be', but parents - they push them even when we all know that at this age, i.e. first standard, scores count for nothing in life, but play and love does. they all make the right noises, but when push comes to shove, they push their kids and how.

it saddens me to see so many six year olds around i feel sorry for. parents have no time for their little ones. it scares me to think what's going to happen to these guys as they grow...

tiapkhi's telegraph said...

Indeed Rancho is being the inspiration for youngsters today, but Rancho couldn’t be found sitting in every class, school and college. We cannot wait for a Rancho to arrive and challenge teachers and the system. Somewhere deep inside our hearts we all do have a thought to change the system! But we are afraid no matters how “practical and strong“we call us...
Today youngsters are born with stress. Stress to compete! Getting admission in school then +2 then colleges, all through entrance test, they are scared if they are not able to triumph, then what? At the end it doesn’t matter how much you scored in your last exam! It’s about were you able to crack entrance test. If students have to clear only entrance then what’s the need to study for the whole year? The top colleges won’t give admission on the basis of last result; they have CET now days. Here’s were the stress relies. And along with that families play the key role because in our country they themselves decides their children’s ambition.

bhanukaran said...

"Do You Know that the Life of a Human Being is 125 Years, But Most of them die much before their 80's"

Sign your support for Healthy India

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Shobhaa De Says " Increasingly, there is an urgent need to pay greater attention to health. Changing, fast-paced and competitive lifestyles have resulted in greater stress, and heart-related conditions are the most common killers in our country. We need to increase awareness about the various ways in which we can prevent the spread of chronic disease. Regular health-checks are absolutely non-negotiable. This necessitates access to a superior healthcare infrastructure. Quality healthcare, however, is restricted to the elite few. Access to healthcare, while a given in urban India, is still far from optimal in rural belts, where even basic amenities are absent. Spreading awareness about the need to prevent the onset of chronic disease and about making quality healthcare accessible to all is an absolute necessity"

Gajendra said...

I totally agree

Theyoginme said...

Perhaps India should consider the Montessori system of education for primary education, which is sensory learning based. Can you imagine an 8 year conceptually understanding a binomial cube and applying that learning when its time to NOT cram that a plus b square equals a sq plus b sq plush 2ab. Imagine opening up university education to introduce more choices vs putting kids on high pressure tracks of engineering and medicine or whatever is considered a secure carrier based education.

The whole world collapses when they cannot make it in the bloody competitive warfare. I was fortunate to escape this insanity and able to experience the choices and freedom of university education in the west where I was given the opportunity to make many choices of what I wanted to try learning.

bhasker said...

Good morning madam

I read the article written by you “IF ONLY WE ALL WERE RANCHOS...”. It is well scripted and contains all the ideas and possible strategies that should be present in our society to make sure that no youth should hang himself/herself or at least he/she should be entirely embedded with characters like Rancho of “3 IDIOTS”. I also like to thank you for your emphasis on subjects like “yoga in schools” and “never give up”.

Here i just want to add up some points about “the silencer(chatur)” of 3 IDIOTS which you did not cover as you were trying to bring out Ranchos from our society. It is very much appreciable to make our half-hearted or losers to live in hope , but i want to ask till what level and how long. If the Rancho in the movie had been from a poor family , how much chance was there that he also would not had been in immense pressure from his family to at least get a job and support his family? You talked about middle Indian class, right? Yes. And most probably a student cannot be like a Rancho from such a background. You said the movie worked well because every body has a Rancho in him, then let me ask you a very common and predictable question that where was the character at the time when he/she was supposed to behave like Rancho and instead of serving for Government or private firm, he should have blessed the society with his new ideas. There is a well known proverb “ the most traveled path is not always a good path” but to travel on a less traveled path you have to be a wrangler till the very end otherwise you would be in the same situation like one of the character form the movie who hung himself by writing on the wall “I QUIT”.

The character Chatur was a obsequious child. He was following the most traveled path and did manage to get a job and survived himself in this cruel society. lets forget Rancho, but the other two characters were just lucky to have their jobs they wanted but they could not be able to become as rich as rancho, finally. So following the most traveled path at least give a satisfaction to parents and security to child to survive in the society. I am not criticizing anybody who feels like being Rancho but Chatur would be called a more smart person in our present societal structure.

My intention is not to take a deep voyage in this context as i am not either a writer or a great thinker of our society but from being a middle class family student, i feel to be traveling the well beaten path than to choose a less traveled path, so as to secure my future. In my opinion the characters like Chatur and Rancho are entirely subjective and context-based. No body can accept any one of them entirely.
You have to be both time to time when needed by your society.

Harish said...

reel inspires the real. :) Rancho is yet another character that makes bollywood so believable... though the film had some moments that were OTT. I loved the characterization of Rancho...

I feel extremely flattered as I write this... because my friends have started calling me Rancho ever since they saw the film. Hehe... Though I dont feel I could bne even a quarter of what rancho ulf "unsuk vaangdu" is in 3 idiots.

I should say that it is easy to speak about suicides and to dub them as silly people. But the competition is killing - literally. though 3 idiots is an example of what one should be... the suicide attempts are a perfect example of what one shouldn't be. the film doesn't perpetuate suicide...What a funny claim.. this one... very laughable.


I very happily claim.. I have failed for 2 years in my career...And I really wished I had failed for a couple of more years.

Those were the most fruitful years of my life. ahhha! how I miss college.


Kappu (Kapil Sibal) uncles dream for education seem to be ambitious... like that of Rancho.. But given the state of politics in todays times, i wonder though... "If Kappu will Make us Pappu..."

goodluck said...

It is only a film to be enjoyed or not to be enjoyed. The message is to go slow and handle children with care or you will lose them forever. If only parents can provide some sort of financial security and give the children some leeway. I believe some Chaturs have sleeping Ranchos in them and Ranchos have also some moments of Chaturs. As for suicides, it has more to do with internal make up of minds. External factors only give a push.
Our education system is too rigid and unforgiving. The cutoffs make any normal person question the system. It is akin to a horse race. Children are like horses and parents are the jockeys. There is no escape from this self created system. Shortcut is suicide.
Only parents can make changes happen. Give the children more options. Stop comparisons. Respect children and make them respect themselves. Give them responsibility which will make them develop self confidence.
So far, parents, teachers and Media worship toppers like Chaturs. It is good that 3 Idiots made fun of this aspect so that we can see the evils of becoming mere robots getting the choicest jobs and accolades and who in turn perpetuate the system which will have no respect for the less successful in materialistic terms.
Students die because they feel that their parents will be disappointed. Thus parents put that type of emotional pressure on their children which is being felt only by their sensitive wards.
3Idiots is a wake up call for parents. I will advise them not to have children at all if they want them to become only toppers.

Unknown said...

I had seen this article in Deccan Chronicle,Hyderabad last saturday and I am very sorry that you had bothered to go into the continous suicides of the students of Telangana colleges for a seperate state.Nearly 190 students committee suicides through various means.In the agitation for seperate state in the late sixties under the leadership of late Chenna Reddy nearly 400 students sacrificed their lives.Unfortunately the students are the victims and ufferers of agitations for seperate Telangana as the politicians are enjoying their lives.So far no politician,MLA,MP,minister sacrificed their lives for Telangana but enjoyed plum posts in the governments after the all the agitations as the tempers cooled down with the announcement of packages to Telangana but the students are loosing precious academic year.
Inview of this grave situation of environment of self immolations and suicides by the students of Telangana area I humbly request you to highlight this problem and prevent suicides through your good columns in Deccan Chronicle.Please feel the pulse of the youth of Telangana and react accordingly.

JP Reddy.

narayana juluri said...

I think in a single 'frame' you said it 'Aall'. It seems to have crept into almost everything and surrounds like a web.... Even the round the clock 'views' with their weird background scores and toxic signatures. Wish I could write more. Yes, it is indeed scary (from the top), but we get along having created, each his own, sound substratum (or we think so)

kakaka said...

I am going to go totally off tanget, 42% of India's population is under 18. How many of them are under poverty level. The problem is middle class of India is very small and they end up bearing the brunt for the rest. Look at China successfully implementing 1 child rule. Lets just get to it, if India does not curb this opulation disastor, worst things are going to happen. Its simple logic, the place is tooo damn crowded, for jobs, for seats in college for marriage. u gotta be the best to survive. Amir khan needs to go to villages to teach thm about contraception, if you want progress in India. It wont be long when indians start travelling to china to study and better jobs hahah. GO INDIA...JAI HAIND!

In Search Of Myself said...

Hi Shobha ji,

I think the main issue right NOW is that there are youths like me who are thinking seriously of giving up there life after some 'failure', pressure etc and many of them as we have seen have put there thoughts in action. The movie is great, book is great too, yes we need more people like Rancho (who at least follow his philosophy, if not change an entire system).But, the bottom line is youth suicide and how we stop them.

We can postulate lofty ideas on how system should change, parents should change etc. but that will take time (hopefully less time than it seems right now, but it will surely change). RIGHT NOW what we can do to spread awareness to youths?

Fours years back I was seriously contemplating giving up my life too. For months I wrestled with myself. And I received divine intervention from an unknown unexpected source. Where I thought that something outside needs to be changed, things have to be like this or that, this new revelation changed me from inside giving me an experience of the life time.

That revelation was Yes!+. It's a very special and experiential workshop esp. for youths by Art of Living foundation. Started 4 years back by 2 IIT grads with inspiration from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, it has touched millions of lives in 161 country in institutes like IIM's, Cornell etc.

After this tragic news we have planned the biggest ever series of workshops across Pune n Mumbai. Please join n encourage others to join. It's for anyone who wants to make a difference in life and have lot of fun too!!!

Please do yourself a favour and read this and fwd it across it any youth know as well:

And find out more about Yes!+ at:

Thanks for Shobha ji, I really loved your post on Vikram Bhaiya as well! He is truly a god when it comes to music and transporting one to another realm.

~ Ashwani

Rukmini Pillai said...

True Rancho from 3 Idiots caught the imagination of the entire country despite the dark shades in his character - giving away one's degree in engineering to another man who was abusing it, commercially patenting his inventions, teaching children to electrocute male genitals etc. Our country doesn't need such people.

Ms De trivialising suicide the way you do is common and All Izz well till the one we love kills themselves. Having a campaign with the words 'life is beautiful' would only undermine the individual experiencing the excruciating pain preceding suicide. As a popular writer you have so much of power to bust the stereotypes, myths and misconceptions surrounding suicide which unfortuantely you are only reinforcing.

RSD said...
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Debdarsan said...

Am afraid, I'll have to agree that in reality, there is no Chetan Bhagat or Amir Khan... In a novel/movie we get the vicarious pleasure and satisfy our wistful thinking... Ms De should have known better - or, shall I say, one would never know that fine drawn feeling, snapping of taut nerves, when an individual truly becomes an 'individual' - who would be ready to trade everything to just lie down and cease to care. The basic question I would like to ask is: if happiness for all is what we want, are we in the right direction? Til education remains a means to sustenance, with increase in 'cut-throat' competition, this will prevail…
Some utterly stupid, stereotyped comments I hear from the ‘Adult’s: “If only the children knew one or two setbacks are nothing compared to the entire life…” and such bullshits. I just would like to ask the insensitive wisdoms – “why did you cry for your shattered doll? Or, for the torn-up kite?” – they did seem important, didn’t they?

Siddharth said...

I personally did not enjoy "3 idiots" at all. Aamir Khan after Lagaan seems to be presented like a God in every one of his movies and every other character in the movie worships him and Aamir's character never seems even a bit embarrassed while being worshiped like a God instead he seems even more smug. The message that movie was trying to present is a very old message presented in a horrible way. If every amateur photographer starts getting a call from Hungary then more than half of India would be in Europe/America/Canada/Australia by tomorrow.

DEBASIS said...

Actualy 3Idiots is the flim where director/producer made a decent slap to the so called ghada's , who mutilated the taxpaer's money by doing the IIT & then going for the IIM's for a lucrative job .

Shantanu said...
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Shantanu said...

i am not doing engineering but all my friends maximum of them.....where as i have chosen my own way....i have decided to become an interior of course my parents and all others around me opposed me......but now when the 'substance' of that course material has started materializing itself so well that i have started getting my first job offers and first site offers and all my interior sheets and exhibitions and market surveys and all those things impress the same people very much......

the same people had become a head ache for me about some 6 or 7 months back...the situation in my house and friends and locals(neighbors) was so tormenting and it did really torture me to some extent but i had to give my best shot to it.....that was all in my hands......may be this is very soon to say that i have become successful in my attempt but yes of course it will take time yet i have found out my way that i have some profound interest in some thing like i am exactly on the right track......

so what i feel about all this is that every man has a FORCE a special flow he inherits from his soul or god or nature or whatever you call it, and that needs to be brought out of this lovely man(Every man is lovely and lovable in his/her own way)so practice makes man perfect enough to accommodate that powerful flow within and also to channelize and vent that flow very to commit suicide is very simple but to face life and being so successful in whatever your passion is that your opponents may commit suicide out of depression is a bit tough but worth it.....this is the way stick to your own with GOD be like GOD be GOD as you are sons of GOD....or if you are agnostic you are a super man or a RANCHO whatever but the point is try to find your own level best.......inside yourself.......never try and find your worth by comparing to others.....everyone is unique you are unique tooooo but in your own way.....only you can know it, make it manifest, develop it, shape it ,beautify it ,make love with it....and make a mark with it.....MAN IS THE MAKER OF HIS OWN DESTINY very true but it will remain true only if the man remains HIMSELF......not LIKE SOMEONE else who was great....i am sorry if i have written anything out of context over here......but to all those who are in trouble who feel lonely and troubled and terrified may please read this and feel my love for them.....that's all i can do from my side so BEST OF LUCK .....and ALL IS WELL IF YOU MAKE IT WELL......and mind you YOU WILL HAVE TO SQUEEZE OUT WELL OUT OF THE UNWELL SO BE PREPARED.......

Sinful-abett0r said...

findin an Idiot like rancho in todays edu system is like findind a rare bird..its all rat race ..that has been rooted n routed into us by our so called teachers...(pedagouges !!) myself being into Engg have seen this..its like they wil ask u to do something innovative but they themselves have done nothing...ironical rite !! ..well toking bot our current education systems ..i feel the subs a student wants to learn sud be made elective for him...and for those in whum the thots of suicide are creeping in them ..mus give it doesnt end wit one failure taste success u must taste failure first ..coz we dont appreciate something unless we lose it...the destiny is within ur pocket ..jus have to do endeavours t0 reach out there...

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Wel india lack a teen mag! Seriously every country has many teen mags focusing on teen probs but here is ours! We actually ve one but its more of a 'by da oldies, for da teens!'

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