Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shraavan Ka Mahina

Lovely! The holy month of Shraavan (and fasting) coincided with Ramzaan.Two of my close girlfriends, Raeesa Husain and Naazneen Karmali will give me 'upaas' company, though Naazneen did say she wasn't sure about keeping rozaas this year. I love the month of Shraavan - my only regret is that all the best gourmet outings seem to fall during this month, along with three key celebrations - my wedding anniversary,and the birthdays of two children. I love vegetarian food, and consider myself more vegetarian than a meat eater, but after the first few days of feeling virtuous nibbling on beans and carrots, I start missing fish. Mondays are the true tests since I observe a kadak fast. This year two of my daughters have decided to join me, so the three of us are suffering in style. Given that here are weddings galore this month, we feel most deprived, but tell ourselves this annual detox routine is good for the body if not the soul.
Imagine trekking to the Novotel ( Juhu) on Arundhati's birthday , settling down to a sumptuous Chinese banquet ( went straight into heavy duty nostalgia - the Novotel was once Holiday Inn), and watching the others enjoy the creative chef's outstanding preparations. 'Sampan' retains its original charm and menu. The long grain pot rice with shitake mushrooms is an absolute winner. Tonight we'll be at 'KOH' tasting New York based chef Kittychai's new menu. But I am not feeling at all deprived - the chef has been warned there are three vegetarians at the table. And Thai cuisine is versatile enough to circumvent that 'problem'. Fish sauce? Hmmmm. Shall warn him!
Remind me to share my thoughts about Owais Husain's current show, aptly titled 3 WORLDS.
Owais is M.F.Husain's youngest son. I'll try and share some of the images. Failing which, I'll definitely share his poetry. Ciao for now....


a hindu seeker said...
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Divya (Virmani) Chadda said...

Always look forward to Navratri's. Enjoy the delicious food at 'KOH' and wishing you a very happy anniversary and a very happy b'day to your daughters in advance!!!

God Bless :)

anamika said...

Mushrooms in rainsssss...I eeelikkkee that De ;)

Unknown said...

Why the MFer Hussain's son is back in India. Let him enjoy with his dad in his "freedom" land wherever that is.

Akshay said...

@krunal...ya dude same here

चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद said...


UjjwalRaaj said...

I tried fasting friends being what they are dragged me to a bar and shoved down huge amounts of beer and lays cream and onion, to knock some sense into me, to 'celebrate' the fast coming to an end.

These days I just keep it to myself.

Alpana Verma said...

Really... It is nice to know that you keep Shravaan fasts..[i thought you are not religious.]
Here in this part of the world this holy month of fasting is really beautiful.
if you talk about restaurants/shopping malls/supermarkets...nights are more brighter than day.Days are usually quiet.

Theyoginme said...

After personally meeting BKS Iyengar and his equally amazing daughter Geeta Iyengar a few days ago in their very simple house in Pune (they are pure vegetarians) I decided to become vegetarian when I got home - well mostly - as there is egg in a lot of our Yankee food... I think the inspiration was "live simple". Perhaps adding a weekly one day fast would be even better.

Sweta said...

I am fine with keeping fast, and I keep many.

but yes most of the time it clashes with some or the other's treat :)

Jyostna said...

down south we celebrate all fridays of sravaan n we worship goddess lakshmi. interesting to know that u fast in spite of ur busy schedules.
I enjoyed reading posts of both Dimpy and always in awe of your writing style..u write in a way that we cant afford to skip even a single word. Waiting on ur reviews abt Aisha n Peepli Live. I have read a bit of it in NDTV reviews..but am so bored of such complicated reviews..the writer tries to explore his own writing skills rather than presenting intended appealing content.

Buzzintown Blogger said...

Hmmm if you are fasting why do you need to publicize this even? Truly a page 3 celeb tactics...

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Joseph said...

Here in this part of the world this holy month of fasting is really beautiful.
if you talk about restaurants/shopping malls/supermarkets...nights are more brighter than day.


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