Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Skimpy Dimpy ki ajeeb kahani...

And to make matters worse, Dimpy's pictures have surfaced on some random porn site. Such is life in the shallow end of a dirty swimming pool.
This appeared in The Week....
Beating the retreat….Rahul Mahajan style!

Nothing is more telling ( or damaging) in cyber space than instant messaging that mocks a celebrity through clever limericks, as it happened in the aftermath of the ludicrous Rahul Mahajan tamasha. The SMS doing the rounds went like this: “What is Rahul Mahajan’s Facebook status? It reads : ‘Give me sunshine…. Give me rain… give me another wife… to beat up again’.” This was right after wife number 2. Skimpy Dimpy went public with her bruises and bumps which she claimed had been inflicted on her by an enraged Rahul who couldn’t access the locked keypad of her mobile phone. 21- year- old Dimpy from Kolkata managed to escape ( with her phone, of course) in the dead of the night. And what was the first thing she did? She called a tabloid reporter and posed for pictures. She didn’t call the cops and she didn’t file charges. Instead, she invested her time wisely by appearing on countless television channels talking about Rahul’s brutality and wowing publicly that she was done with him and their farcical marriage (solemnized on tv as the finale of a reality show). That was the cue for wife number 1. to join the fray and revisit her own tabloid past in which she too had gone to town flashing her wounds ( no guesses – same man, same tactic). Next to pop up on the small screen was a former girlfriend who spoke languidly about being battered by this brute. All three women took the tabloid route to air their tales of woe. Just as the media campaign was gathering force to go after the villainous man and pack him off to jail (again!), Skimpy Dimpy did an about turn and went back into his arms after damning the ex and hurling accusations at her about phone stalking her wonderful husband. All this would pass for amusing gossip if the issues were less serious. Rahul Mahajan sounds like a serial wife beater. A man whose record for domestic violence ought to be taken note of and addressed. As of now, we seem to be watching a carefully orchestrated audition for yet another mega bucks reality show starring the abusive Rahul and his docile wives, plus sexy ex-es.
If we allow as important a subject as domestic violence to be thus reduced to a perverse form of entertainment, we will be committing nothing short of a crime.A crime against millions of disempowered women in our society who are at the receiving end of the most abominable abuse and remain powerless till the bitter end. Not being dubious celebrities, the media ignores their plight, and families watch helplessly from the sidelines, unable to come to their aid due to social\financial pressure. What is alarming is that the number of abuse cases seems to be climbing, not declining. Women appear to be far more vulnerable today than they were even ten years ago. How come? Take a look at the headlines – stories of stabbing, burning, hitting, battering defenceless wives and girlfriends are on the rise. This nasty phenomenon cuts across class and the easiest targets seem to be young working girls, who are perhaps the prime victims in our cities. Social historians examining the data may have a different point of view, but I believe our society – men , in particular – are simply not ready to accept independent women. When the frustration levels of such insecure men rise, they resort to the one weapon they know most women cannot shield themselves from – physical violence. Urban society expects men to respect the pressures on career women and make the required adjustments, given the financial contribution these ladies make to the family kitty. This doesn’t happen. Unable to deal with a woman who has a mind and money of her own, some men vent their rage by hitting out… secure in the knowledge that most times women will lump it ( women are such suckers!!!).
Perhaps we should revisit some of the more in-your- face reality shows that are raking it in by manipulating our pathetic, vicarious thrills seeking selves. Skimpy Dimpy , Payal Rahtogi or even Monica Bedi were nobodies till they attracted attention on these grotesque shows. More fools us for getting conned. ‘Aal eez welll,’ declared a smug Rahul hugging his estranged-for-a-day wife.Oh yeah? Tell that to the marines – better still, announce ‘Rahul Ka Samjhauta’. We deserve nothing better.


Akshay said...

Top notch as usual...

Unknown said...

Couldnt stop laughing at

Dimpy managed to escape (with her phone, of course)


anamika said...

He he..i have such great observation power..i thought Dimpy was genuine this time..

u r so clever woman

Divya (Virmani) Chadda said...

Rahul is something man...always in news for something or the other!

And Dimpy, I fail to understand how she thought of marrying him in the first place...?

'Dimpy managed to escape (with her phone, of course)' LMAO

Latha said...

You know that they are fooling us. Then why do you give them so much publicity ? One day he hits his wife. Next day, it is his ex girlfriend's fault. If you find it funny, fine. But do not bother to give them more publicity knowing that they are living life on camera to gain attention by fooling the viewers.
These people have nothing to contribute to the society. So this is the only way to stay in the limelight without doing anything constructive. At least Pramod Mahajan worked hard during the election for his party. These people are up to spoiling his name. Rich kids. Rather pampered kids.

a hindu seeker said...
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UjjwalRaaj said...

Rahul Mahajan is a loser. period.

Dimpy Mahajan reminds me of an ex girlfriend somehow....maybe it's the stupidity and lack of self respect. No I did not beat her up.

Men accept the independent woman. But not all do.

We live in interesting times. We live in India. Double whammy eh?

Anil Kumar said...

That sexy old desperate bastard Prannav Roy of NDTV should be awarded MEDIA RATAN AAWARD for allowing programs like

Rahul SLUT le jaayenge (multiple times) and
Raakhi ka swyamwar/VAGINA up for sale...

They can make even mentally retarded people as stars and STUPID indians watch them with curiosity.

As long as the ELITE BASTARDS in media who have come down to the level of PIMPS working at the redlight districts of Delhis GB road for quick money have their ways, things will go from bad to worse.

The sheer number of SLUTS mushrooming through TV programs in this country has increased CRIME against women. The results are already out. Besides the bollywoods RAANDs like Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Mallika who are bent on showing their DEPLORABLE ASS and happily do roles where they are REPEATEDLY NAILED DOWN from head to toes by their male counterparts to show their OOOOOMPH factor and enjoying orgasm will CREATE more SLUTS in society.

A man's male organ is waiting for an opportunity and it gets deflection in split seconds. After watching this tamasha on TV and movies thinks that every women travelling with western clothing and tight jeans in metro train or bus is Mallika Sherawat and they have too many fantaasies. Most of these men come from background where women of their household still follow PARDA system. In such a society where their is huge difference between societies and constant focus of MEDIA to show WESTERN clulture are producing countless sluts.

I still have to see programs on TV which actually educate people about what is right and what is wrong...what is acceptable behaviour and what is not...MEDIA is not building a society...its making a NANGI/NAKED society every single day.

The DAMAGE done in last decade by Aishwarya Rai, Mallika Sherawat, Kareena Kapoor and other sluts has indeed generated MOST DIRTY and filthy kind of crimes against women...Amitabh Bachhan may say that CHANGE has come and embrace the change...But I think the GREED of money has lowered down the panties of women at home and hence increased the crime against them.

Writing Buddha said...

Nice one mam...

Anonymous said...

Ill gotten money goes down the drain...........

nakul gulati said...

beauty got engaged with a bastard i guess

Vivere said...

With the ideal 'bhartiya nari' rushing back to her husband's arms after the whole debacle,who cares about domestic violence anyway??

It has become a mockery now, a publicity gimmick,pushing aside the matter which mattered the most esp for all those wives who get beaten up in the confines of their snug homes, by the men whom they call their life partners.

Reality is not that funny afterall.

Good one!:) said...

nice to know..I didn't have a clue about this story!

Anonymous said...

well said

wise donkey said...

its not easy to respect the woan in skirt because its not easy to respect the man in skirt.

women are comfortable with the pant and skirt but men will accept women as equal, only when we stop looking down on the skirt.

domestic violence is such a serious issue, its now become a joke thanks to these "celebrities."

Priya said...

Anything for publicity. They know how to be in news every morning.

SoftTouchLenses said...

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Another Kiran In NYC said...

Rahul mahajan is just super creepy. No longer an entertaining clown, his actions appear criminal.

However, when we start off by attributing planning, purpose or cynicism about domestic violence to the women who surround him and are his alleged victims.... our disgust of the horrors of his intrinsic misogyny is diluted. Lucky him, at this rate he will never be punished for his actions.

Radhika Gupta said...

i don't a person like rahul mahajan deserves so much of attention...he's actually a loser...

Delhi Goon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Delhi Goon said...

Along with you Ms.De, I agree in part with most of the folks on this page. I have been "inspired" to pen these words -

I did not want to be evil
But I also did not want to be dull
So I hit her for fun
Now I am on the run

BTW I know for a fact that women can beat the crap out of most men. No, I am not speaking from experience :D

wise donkey said...

thinking about it, its not fair to ask why dimpy didn't trust cops.
maybe she felt rahul wouldn't get intimidated by a cop he could bribe but would worry more about his media image.
after all didn't apollo hospital give him a no-drug certificate?

Sidhusaaheb said...

Though the statistics probably do weigh heavier on the other side, one does tend to wonder what motivates the perpetrators of domestic violence (emotional and psychological abuse also counts as that according to the law) from the other side i. e. from amongst women.

Is it because they are unable to deal with a man who has a mind and money of his own or is it because women are simply not ready to accept independent men (as against hen-pecked husbands)?

In any case, they are probably secure in the knowledge that most times men will lump it, courtesy Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, which can be misused with impunity, in addition to the social pressure to 'be a man and get on with it'.

As for Mrs. and Mr. Mahajan, how can they possibly keep the dough rolling unless they create such controversy and, as a result, get reported about in the news-media? Who will invite them to be a part of one television reality show or the other unless they do that?

Neha said...

Maybe its high time the media stop covering people like rahul mahajan and his personal life because he and his wives are getting what they want..publicity.. and viewers should stop watching these rubbish shows that make a mockery of marriage and women!!

Buzzintown Blogger said...

looks like this whole episode was a media gimmick ' Rahulji we don't have any news today plz help us....' hahahaha

Good one '‘Aal eez welll,’ declared a smug Rahul hugging his estranged-for-a-day wife.Oh yeah? Tell that to the marines – better still, announce ‘Rahul Ka Samjhauta’. We deserve nothing better.'

Question is seeing his past why on earth did Dimpy choose to marry him?

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Joseph said...

Dimpy Mahajan reminds me of an ex girlfriend somehow....maybe it's the stupidity and lack of self respect. No I did not beat her up.

Men accept the independent woman. But not all do.


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Water Engineer said...

Poor, poor skimpy Dimpy. Could not afford enougyh cloth to cover herself. On top of that being forced to pose in semi nude aka in skimpy dress.

Rahul's tamasha went on for months, and Dimpy was whole hearted participant. Poor, poor Dimpy. Kept in dark about antecedents of rahul. Rahul and male dominated media hid his wife beating past.

Poor, poor Dimpy was bashed in middle of night. And like an (un)empowered woman walked out at 3 am. But withind 12 hours she was back. After all, bad old MCP aka Rahul is sitting on a heap of gold. Seedhi sadi Dimpy.

Was Dimpy deprived of enough cash so she had to go about skimpy.

Who forced her to0 pose 9in skimpy dress? Her husband or some other shutterbug? And WHEN?

Who had hidden details of Rahul's history from her?

That is a start. More questions can crop up.