Thursday, January 13, 2011

'JADE' - but not jaded!!

Blogdosts, this appears in the current issue of 'Jade' , which has taken over this particular market segment ( 'Femina' terrain) in South India.
Right now , I'm on an absolute high after completing the 7km Dream Run at the Mumbai Marathon. Arundhati finished hers in record time ( by her own standards). My own sentiments are different : it's not about competing, racing or winning medals. I run because I want to draw attention to a charity of my choice - I ran with my bachchas from 'Childline' and had a great time, even though the sun was cruel and harsh on the flyover, and I was feeling faint.... dehydrated.
Back in the VIP Marquee, post-Marathon, I attacked the superb breakfast spread, concentrating on the paper thin dosas with onion chutney. Young Siddhatha Mallya was the out and out star of this Marathon, mobbed by fans clamouring for his autograph.... and he's not even a movie star!! Perhaps his movie star girl friend will get a bit of a complex since Sid totally overshadows her when they step out together. Shall we call it a reversal of roles???


manu said...

Hello Ma'am,

Loved to read your conversation in Jade. And about the marathon, it is just magical, as always. I love to be part of the Pune Marathon too, that takes place 1st Sunday every December. Shobha@60 is really Sexy@sixty ;) I hate this cage of age too, and believe in doing what one feels, believes and likes to; without much to bother about age. A much popular saying that I keep hearing here in Pune - 'Vay kaay, vagtaaye kaay?' - annoys me (this comes especially for girls n i am myself tired of these comments passed on me for my biking, enjoying with friends or even participating in the marathon sometimes.. aata tu mothi jhaliye, khup maja keliyes... n all) and i think it comes from people who themselves need to get a life! I too wish to keep 'living' my life in the true sense even as i grow older :)

Unknown said...

jeez...whats up with your neck? please start wearing turtlenecks to hide your 70 yrs